Wednesday, July 1, 2009

13th Houseguest

Steven from BB10 made a blog post to his myspace in which he gives some clues to who the 13th Houseguest might be. Let's try to unravel the mystery shall we?

"I have to say I am not impressed with the houseguests. Hopefully they will be more interesting in person then they are in their Bio's. Also Robyn, I am so dissapointed that you brought back another sterotypical Bitchy Fag, I really thought BB had moved past that, I think everyone is really, really over that character!

Mystery Houseguest, LOL... Recycled theme means Recycled Housguest, how boring is that!! And by the way, why is it that my friends such as Jessica BB8, Sheila BB9 and Brian BB10 have mysteriously dissappeared??? If you guys read this contact me I am worried, it is as if you have taken somewhere that has no communication with the outside world????

I was hoping BB would make it long enough to have an another All Stars that I could possibly try out for, but with this lack of originality and brining back those same boring personality types, this will surely be the last year...

LOL he actually thought he could be on All-Stars 2. Liked him but he left week 2. "

I'm thinking that BB is going to be doing a vote of some kind where the public decides who will enter the house as the 13th Houseguest. So far I've heard rumors of Michelle (face like a frying pan), Sheila (starfucker who annoyed everyone), Jessica (helium voice), and Brian (semper-not-so-fi guy). If there is a public vote, who will you vote for? This is an easy one for me. Brian! We lost Brian way too soon last season and I'd like to see what he can do if given another chance.

My gut feeling is that if this is left to a public vote, Sheila will be voted back in. She was popular with the non-live-feed-getting public. Can you imagine another season of her bitching? Stab me in the ear right now because I don't think I can handle that.

Lastly, what's up with Steven calling another gay houseguest a "Bitchy Fag" (he capitalized it, not me.)? Looking in the mirror too much Steven? Jealous much? Pissed off you blew your chance? Go back to the rodeo cowboy, nobody wants to hear from you.


UPDATE: I've now heard Remy's name thrown into the mix.

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