Thursday, June 4, 2015

The Hidden Gems Of CBS ALL ACCESS

With Big Brother 17 only a couple weeks away, I decided to do some digging and check out what this CBS ALL ACCESS pass is all about. We're all excited about being able to go back and revisit our favorite seasons of Big Brother in their entirety (that would be season 11 for me), but did you realize that it also means we can go back and watch every season of Survivor too?!  Hay day doh dee doh!

That all sounds lovely and divine in itself, but then this appeared before my eyes.

Jericho! If ever there was a show to binge, this would be it. It's the dystopian saga that delighted and captured our hearts before there even was a Walking Dead or that grumpy Katniss ever learned how to shoot her bow. And Skeet... rawr! Watch for the scene where he gets out of the shower wearing nothing but a paper thin towel around his waist. You're welcome.

And I hear this little number is getting a reboot. Here's your chance to catch up and wade around inside David Lynch's disturbed mind. Twin Peaks!

Other full seasons available include The Amazing Race, Elementary, all 85 NCIS franchises, The Good Wife, The Twilight Zone, Big Bang Theory, Beverly Hills 90210 (!!!!), The Odd Couple (original and reboot), I Love Lucy, Blue Bloods, The Brady Bunch, Cheers, The Game, Criminal Minds, Everybody Hates Chris, Frasier, The Mentalist, Person Of Interest, all 57 Star Trek Franchises, Taxi, Under The Dome, Melrose Place (!!!), Family Ties, Ghost Whisperer, Medium, Late Show With Stephen Colbert and tons more.

Even my little blackened heart can appreciate a good deal when it sees one. CBS ALL ACCESS is only $5.99/month for all of the TV episodes your heart could ever desire. I spend more on a Mocha Frappuccino at Starbucks. Not to mention you also get Big Brother 17 Live Feeds and exclusive Big Brother content available only to subscribers. So what are you waiting for? Get binging! I might check out The Good Wife myself. People have been telling me for years to check it out. What shows are on your binge list?

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