Friday, July 3, 2009

Braden - The Male Butter Face

Alright so it's late... I've had a little wine... I'm making new friends on Twitter, watching Michael Jackson on 20/20, and acknowledging my newfound respect for Johnny Cash on blip... innocent, right? Yeah, until I found this latest creepfest. just released the full length interviews of the new HG's. I'm divulging right now that I have NOT watched them. Let me edit that statement. I've watched 15 seconds of one of them and immediately logged in here to write this post.

I click on Braden's video thinking to myself, "No chance he talks about his foray into the soft core porn world. He'll talk about his love for surfing and that'll be that." Shit. I didn't even get that far. Boy said "Hi" and I ran here.

Have any of you ever heard of the term "Butter Face". It's typically used by frat boys who call each other "brah" and wear Co-Ed Naked Lacrosse shirts. Let me use it in a sentence, " She's a butter face." Translated for those not in the know, this means, "Everything about her is hot, but her face." Gentlemenly, right?

Well, men, back at you I say... back at you! I call foul when I see Braden's video. Boy is a butter face. No other way to say it.

I literally clicked on his video and said to myself, "What the hell happened to his face? I thought he was good looking!". He's not my type or anything (I like 'em dark, tattooed, and in black leather pants), but he was kind of cute in his photos in a surfer kind of way. He was a bit of a sexy little bitch on that most beautiful men webpage. How did he get so bleh? How do you do that Braden? How do you look cute one day and gnarly the next? I'm reminded of that Seinfeld episode where Jerry dated the girl who only looked good in certain light. He had to take her to a strategically placed booth in Monk's where the light would hit her face just right. Otherwise, she was a freak show.

The website isn't letting me post the video directly here, but click on it yourself and tell me if I'm crazy or not. The videos are on the right hand side of the page. Braden's is first.

I'll watch the videos and make some comments I'm sure, but tonight... tonight I'll dream of the magical Jeckyl & Hyde that is Braden Bracha.

Ross Matthews Tries To Interview The Ladies Of BB11

Warning: The inner bitch has made her first appearance. No more Ms. Nice Gal. Game on!

Ross is back with the women this time around. It takes him about 3 1/2 minutes to get the interviews so fast forward if you don't want to see him give out some lame prize. I like Ross and all, but I really hope the rest of the Inside Dish episodes aren't this vapid. The MTV "cut cut cut" editing is annoying.

Every year I divulge my first impressions and every year they're wrong. Remember how I actually liked Dan last year? Yikes! Just for shits and giggles, let's do it again.

First impressions (I should have done this with the men):

Chima - I don't know her, but I know I don't like her. Who the hell does she think she is? Diana Ross? This isn't Studio 54 honey. The blue eyeshadow is played. It never made a successful comeback. Why can I see her clapping in people's faces a la Jameeka?

Jordan - She's cute and it always makes me laugh when girls with boobs jobs let others fondle them, but that voice, that baby talk thang she's doing... Why why why does someone everyone season have a voice that melts my face? My headache from Keesha's laugh only went away last week.

Michele - Seems sweet. Her game play will be interesting to watch. She'll always been thinking. Just hopes she doesn't overthink everything like Natalie (BB9) did.

Natalie - I like her. She's spunky.

Laura - Horsey... oooops did I say that? Alright so her mouth is crazy weird and she's whitened her teeth maybe one time too many (see the Friends episode where Ross' teeth glowed in the dark), but she may just surprise us all. I like that she's taking it seriously and has a bitchy edge to her.

Lydia - She's tattoolicious. Ross didn't ask her a damn thing about the game though! What the fuck kind of sit-down interview was that?

What are your first impressions?

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bitchy Blog's Early Favorite: Lydia

Lydia Tavera, my early favorite, already has a fanpage! Be sure to stop by and show your support:

I really hope she's cool. Like, seriously, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope she's cool. It would be such a drag if she let's me down. I realize I'm overly excited at the fact that she's bisexual, but hey it's been a long time since the lesbian/bisexual fan base really had someone to root for. It looks like I'm not alone in my adoration for her either. jokersupdates is doing an early ranking of favorites and my girl, Lydia, is #1!

I think her cuteness, totally chill attitude, and unpretentiousness has rubbed Big Brother fans the right way. All this from a tiny little clip of her on The Early Show! Come on, you have to admit that the fact that she's a Special Effects Make-Up Artist totally ups her coolness factor as well.

I'm making it official right here and now. The Bitchy Big Brother Blog is officially endorsing Lydia! I'll overanalyze her game play, watch her like a hawk for any girly flirtations, and probably ignore any cracks in her personality for the first few weeks.

Anyone else out there a Lydia fan? If not, which BB11 Houseguest is your early favorite?

Image via jokersupdates

Ross Matthews Does The Men Of BB11

Ross Matthews, hilarious gay who frequents Chelsea Lately, will now be hosting a weekly Big Brother version of his show Inside Dish. Now I love him on Chelsea Lately (and hopefully he'll squeeze in some BB references on his future appearances), but I must admit I've never seen his little dog and pony show. It looks like it'll be on so never fear, dear readers, you won't have to hunt for it. I'll post it weekly here at the new and improved BITCHY BIG BROTHER BLOG.

Speaking of how rockin' the new blog is, you'll notice some lovely ads for your shopping pleasure appearing over the next few days. How official am I, right? Well, click on them you silly kids! If you haven't subscribed for your feeds yet, get them via MY ads and contribute to my wine cellar fund. Totally kidding. I don't have a wine cellar, but hey, that's not a bad idea!

AND hopefully I have another BIG announcement in the very near future. It's super exciting. Alright enough chitchat, let's get this show on the road! Here's Ross Matthews interviewing all the men of Big Brother 11. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Big announcement is here! The lovely folks over at the have agreed to add me to their link list! This is huge guys. They have a GREAT site on all things Big Brother and I encourage all my readers to give them support this season. You'll find them on my Blogroll list as BIG BROTHER 11. Give them a click and check out their site!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Allison Grodner Explains It All

I'm borrowing from a phrase I saw on twitter not too long ago. I'm totally "geeking out" on BB11 today (thanks Hope Davis)! When it rains it pours when it comes to Big Brother. We get zilch in the info department for months and then, all of a sudden, new reports come flooding in.

Courtesy of, I bring you an in depth interview with Allison Grodner (BB Executive Producer). She pretty much reiterates everything we've already heard today with some new juicy nuggety details. For example, an HOH canNOT nominate someone within his or her own clique. Interesting. Also, she never said "jungle theme" when referring to the third room. Hmmm, I wonder who made that up. Looks like America will once again have a big say through online voting. You know I'll be totally pimping my choices for all votes here at the new and improved Bitchy Big Brother Blog.

Enjoy! Thank you to!

You're a jungle theme!

Remember that scene in A Night At The Roxbury where Chris Kattan is playing with Barbies in his night club diarama? His father comes in and yells at him. Chris Kattan's character responds saying, "It's a nightclub with a jungle theme!" Dad replies, "You're a jungle theme!"

Here's the exact scene... in a foreign language I don't recognize... but it's still funny dammit!

Now why am I referencing this scene on a Big Brother blog? I'm mentioning it because I've now learned there is to be a mysterious third room otherwise known as "The Jungle Room". Sounds kinky. huh?

Here is what Allison Grodner has to say about this mysterious room:

Executive producer Allison Grodner teased that one of the three bedrooms, a jungle-themed enclave, will feature a nasty surprise.

“It is a room that will test their resolve,” Grodner said during a recent tour of the newest “Big Brother” house. “I will go out on a limb and say that it is the worst room to sleep in any ‘Big Brother.’ After 11 seasons, that’s saying a lot. This is a special treat for the houseguests. Each week, one group of houseguests will end up in this room.”

Ummm ok so it's a "nasty surprise" that's the "worst room" to sleep in, but it's also a "treat". I say What the fuck Allison Grodner? Can you be anymore confusing? Will they have to sleep with bugs and snakes a la I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Outta Here? Will it be a hot dense humid room with sounds of monkeys in the background? Will young native boys dressed only in loin cloths be fashioning a canoe out of a fallen tree? I need more answers!

Anyone out there want to venture a guess as to what "the jungle room" is?

UPDATE: Here's a link to a tour of the house:

There's NOTHING jungle-y about that third room! Was this taped pre-jungle theme?

Braden Bracha - BB11's Sexually Ambiguous Stud

I love a scandal on the (unofficial) first day of Big Brother season. In the past it took weeks for James' "pooping on the beach" and gay porn videos to surface. Same goes for Josh's cocaine photo. Not this year my dears. Braden has set new records.

Braden Bracha is the 28 year old sensitive poet surfer - Dare I say a younger McConaughey with some Laird Hamilton thrown in? - who likes to collect shells and play chess. I'm not making this shit up. Check out his Most Beautiful Man profile: Anyhow this blonde whale saving environmentalist also has some acting credits under his belt to boot. I've seen the Dante's Cove clip (Hey there big boy!) and now I'm reading he was on something called The Brotherhood II: Young Warlocks. According to, he played Chandler Academy Student #1 in this low budget male version of The Craft. Upon further research, he was not a regular on Dante's Cove. Alas he only appeared in the episode entitled "The Solstice" (hmmm I'm sensing a witchy trend in young Brandon's resume). Clearly, Dante's Cove is a gay tv show (a lesser known Queer As Folk if you will) but is hunky Braden a full fledged Streisand listening gay?
Like James in BB9 (who'll do anything for a buck), I don't think he is. He's not identified as homosexual as far as CBS is concerned and we all know CBS loves it's labels. I think he's a Hal Sparks gay for pay kind of guy (which I love! Straight actors who have no problem playing gay have a special place in my heart.) Did Hal ever show full frontal on Queer As Folk? I can't remember. It doesn't matter if Braden's gay or not folks. All that matters is that he's already got the girls and guys out there in a tizzy. He's somewhat in the industry (clearly he thinks BB will seque into something else) and I wouldn't doubt that he was recruited for the show. Allison Grodner was right. Braden is definitely this years "eye candy".
Since CBS' announcement that the HG's will be divided into cliques, I think it's safe to say that Braden will be in the "popular crowd". No doubt the girlies will be hot for him. My fantasy would be a cat fight for Braden's heart only to have Braden send the gals to the curb and run into the arms of Kevin (this year's gay). Big Brother needs some hot homo loving (no, Natalie and Chelsia's dance does not count) and I'd really like this year to be the year it happens.
Personally, Braden does nothing for me. Men who are that pretty are usually useless lumps of muscle in the sack. I've got my eye on Lydia. I'll ignore the fact that she has a Harry Potter tattoo and I'll keep my fingers crossed that she's sassy, hot for at least one of the girls (who will hopefully be bicurious), and blessed with a quick wit.
You can find the link to Braden's third leg reveal here:

CBS Press Release - Twist Revealed



The Houseguests Will Be Going Back to High School as They Are Divided into Memorable High School Cliques - Popular, Athletes, Brainiacs and Off-Beats

A Mystery 13th Houseguest Will Also Join the Game

House Guests To Compete in House That Has Been Transformed into Green, Eco-Friendly Living Machine

What group did you fit into in high school? That is the question 12 strangers will face on the season premiere of BIG BROTHER, Thursday, July 9 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.

12 strangers will move into the Big Brother house and learn that they will be ‘kickin it old school' this summer, high school to be exact. The House Guests will be shocked to learn that they will be playing the game in one of four familiar high school cliques - popular, athletes, brainiacs and off beats. They will compete for food, safety from eviction and luxury prizes as part of their clique.

They will also be surprised to discover that a mystery 13th Houseguest is coming to the BIG BROTHER house, to join the game and give an advantage to one of the cliques.

"You may have graduated, but the truth is we never leave high school and this summer we are going to prove it," says Allison Grodner, Executive Producer of BIG BROTHER. "From the brains to the jocks to the off-beat, everyone will be able to identify to one of these cliques, giving the viewers a group to root for and against from the very beginning. The division will cause instant drama."

These are the 12 Houseguests, listed across in alphabetical order by first name, who will compete in the 11th season of BIG BROTHER:

Braden Bacha, 28 Santa Monica, Calif. Single Surfer
Casey Turner, 41 Lakeland, Fla. Married, Dad Fifth Grade Teacher
Chima Simone, 32 West Hollywood, Calif. Single Freelance Journalist
Jeff Schroeder, 30 Norridge, Ill. Single Advertising Salesman
Jordan Lloyd, 22 Matthews, N.Carolina Single Waitress
Kevin Campbell, 29 Chula Vista, Calif. Single Graphic Designer
Laura Crosby, 21 Atlanta, Ga. Single Bikini Model
Lydia Tavera, 24 Torrance, Calif. Single Special Effects Make-Up Artist
Michele Noonan, 27 Pasadena, Calif. Married Neuroscientist
Natalie Martinez, 24 Gilbert, Ariz. Single Tae Kwon Do Champion
Ronnie Talbott, 30 Belpre, Ohio Married Gamer
Russell Kairouz, 24 Walnut Creek, Calif. Single Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

The houseguests will live and compete in a house that has been transformed into a mean, green, eco-friendly living machine. The interior walls of the house are covered with a reconstituted wood panel product made from re-claimed wood flakes. This eco-friendly material reduced the amount of new lumber used to build the BIG BROTHER house. For the first time ever, the Houseguests will be made fully aware of the amount of waste they create, and will be required to sort, recycle and place all food items in an outdoor manual compost center, as well as an indoor automatic composter. The Head of Household Suite feels like seaside in Big Sur, Calif., where actual driftwood hangs on the copper patina tinted walls while a working waterfall, using recycled water, trickles over stacked stone to serve as a headboard. Zebra wood columns (all faux wood) press into the room framing a contemporary window that overlooks the "surf."

Following the premiere on Thursday, July 9 (8:00 - 9:00 PM ET/PT), BIG BROTHER will be broadcast three nights weekly, beginning Sunday, July 12 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT), Tuesday, July 14 (9:00-10:00 PM, ET/PT) and the LIVE eviction show, hosted by Julie Chen, beginning Thursday, July 16 (8:00-9:00 PM, live ET/delayed PT).

BIG BROTHER is executive produced by Emmy Award winner Allison Grodner, Rich Meehan and Scott Einziger, in association with Endemol U.S.A.

For more information on the 11th season of BIG BROTHER and the 12 new Houseguests, log on to

Big Brother Cast On The Early Show

Here's what aired this morning on CBS:

Lydia is MUCH hotter than her photo, right? Grrrrr Lydia!

Naked Houseguest... already?!?

Well, that sure didn't take long. We've got our first naked video scandal. According to, Braden Bracha, the pretty boy, has a full frontal video clip already in circulation. Here's the link my horny readers (it's most definitely NSFW):

I've seen the clip and it's Braden walking down a hallway taking off his pants. He reveals an ass shot as he's knocking on a door to someone's room. A male answers the door and we see Mr. Braden's johnson in all it's glory. I've got to hand it to the kid. He's hung.

According to Wikipedia, DANTE'S COVE is ... "Dante's Cove is an American LGBT-oriented horror television show. The series airs on here!, a premium gay-oriented network.
Created by
Michael Costanza and directed by Sam Irvin, Dante's Cove combines elements of the horror and soap opera genres in telling the story of Kevin (Gregory Michael) and Toby (Charlie David), a young couple seeking to be together and overcome the dark mystical forces that conspire to separate them. The show debuted in 2005 to a mixed critical reception. The third season ended on December 21, 2007. here! has confirmed that a fourth season will be in production in the fall of 2009.[1]"

Interesting. Is Braden gay for pay? Why couldn't I find him listed on Imdb? Has he changed his name?
As soon as I hear what Braden's story is, I'll post it here. Stay tuned.
UPDATE: Here's a link to all things Braden Bracha:

13th Houseguest

Steven from BB10 made a blog post to his myspace in which he gives some clues to who the 13th Houseguest might be. Let's try to unravel the mystery shall we?

"I have to say I am not impressed with the houseguests. Hopefully they will be more interesting in person then they are in their Bio's. Also Robyn, I am so dissapointed that you brought back another sterotypical Bitchy Fag, I really thought BB had moved past that, I think everyone is really, really over that character!

Mystery Houseguest, LOL... Recycled theme means Recycled Housguest, how boring is that!! And by the way, why is it that my friends such as Jessica BB8, Sheila BB9 and Brian BB10 have mysteriously dissappeared??? If you guys read this contact me I am worried, it is as if you have taken somewhere that has no communication with the outside world????

I was hoping BB would make it long enough to have an another All Stars that I could possibly try out for, but with this lack of originality and brining back those same boring personality types, this will surely be the last year...

LOL he actually thought he could be on All-Stars 2. Liked him but he left week 2. "

I'm thinking that BB is going to be doing a vote of some kind where the public decides who will enter the house as the 13th Houseguest. So far I've heard rumors of Michelle (face like a frying pan), Sheila (starfucker who annoyed everyone), Jessica (helium voice), and Brian (semper-not-so-fi guy). If there is a public vote, who will you vote for? This is an easy one for me. Brian! We lost Brian way too soon last season and I'd like to see what he can do if given another chance.

My gut feeling is that if this is left to a public vote, Sheila will be voted back in. She was popular with the non-live-feed-getting public. Can you imagine another season of her bitching? Stab me in the ear right now because I don't think I can handle that.

Lastly, what's up with Steven calling another gay houseguest a "Bitchy Fag" (he capitalized it, not me.)? Looking in the mirror too much Steven? Jealous much? Pissed off you blew your chance? Go back to the rodeo cowboy, nobody wants to hear from you.


UPDATE: I've now heard Remy's name thrown into the mix.

Big Brother 11 Cast Revealed!

The wait is over! Here are your Big Brother 11 cast details:

Laura - Young brunette female reminiscent of BB8's Jen Johnson

Braden - "Eye candy" according to Alison Grodner, 25 yr old surfer dude

Kevin - Token homosexual male, 29 yr old graphic designer

Lydia - BISEXUAL FEMALE! Thank god! 24 yr old make-up artist

Casey - "The Dad", 41 yr old 5th grade teacher and DJ

Jordan - Young blonde female, 22 yr old waitress

Russell - "Tough Guy", 24 yr old mixed martial arts fighter

Natalie - "Tough Girl", 24 yr old Tae Kwon Do champion

Jeff - 30 yr old advertising salesman from Chicago, single

Chima - 32 yr old freelance journalist

Michele - "Smart Girl", 27 yr old neuroscientist

Ronnie - "The Geek", 30 yr old married gamer, photographic memory

Mystery HG - Oh dear god no. Rumors are either Sheila or Michelle. Not good!

So, my readers, old and new, will you be watching this year? Are you getting the feeds? Me? I keep the feeds year round in the case that a spontaneous season pops up suddenly. Hell it worked during that lackluster Winter Season.

Initially, I wasn't sure if I'd keep up the blog this year, but who am I kidding? I live for this damn show and my snarky witticisms are a Big Brother tradition. Why would I deny you of that? I'll probably move the blog to a blogspot address so everyone can read and comment (and here it is!). Multiply is just too limiting. This year we'll also have Twitter which will come in very handy when something dramatic goes down on the feeds. I'll tweet the drama for all to enjoy. Join now so you don't miss a thing!

First impression based on the photos: Lydia is my early favorite. How can she not be? She a sexy bisexual with ink in an artistic industry. Call me crazy, but Natalie and Lydia... do you see it? I do. It can happen. Fingers crossed. Ronnie and Michele could team up early and win the whole damn thing. A photographic memory doesn't strike me as exactly "fair" in the BB world.

Jordan and Laura will either hate each other or become besties. Either way I hope they get into a cat fight over one of the douchey guys. Drama. I want it. I expect it.

Braden could be trouble as in ANNOYING. If he's a pretty boy who knows he's pretty he'll be number 1 on my list. Russell could pull a Jessie (BB10) and just be an obnoxious meathead. Maybe they want him to hook up with Natalie and have intense fighter sex, but I'm already pulling for Natalie to go the gay way so I think I'll put Russell with Kevin. The more gays the better.

Would it kill Big Brother to cast a sexy Latina? Seriously, we always get our token gay and our token African American, but I want my token Latina from now on.

So what do you think guys? Chime in. Don't be shy. You no talkie, me no postie. Let's make this a banner year folks!