Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Big Brother 15 In A Nutshell

As most of you probably know by now, the Big Brother 15 Live Feeds have moved from Superpass to With this move comes a lot of questions so I'll do my best to fill in some answers.

Big Brother 15 starts June 26th and promises to be one of the longest seasons ever with an entirely new cast. You know what that means, don't you? No Rachel! No Dan! No Jeff! Hallelujah! I can hear the choir of angels singing as we speak. *glitter falls from the sky*

As for the Live Feeds they are available NOW at an Early Bird Discount. I know how Big Brother fans love their early birds so order by June 25th to get 20% off.

Click below to get the entire season for the low low price of $23.99.

CBS Interactive Inc.

Starting June 26th you will have the option to purchase the entire season for $26.99 OR you can pay $9.99/month.

Live Feeds will be available to subscribers on your mobile devices. It is also my understanding that there will be a Flashback feature.

Now, the bad news... O Canada, O Canada, CBS is blocking you from the Live Feeds. I can just feel the maple syrup in your veins hardening as you read that. Believe me, I have many Canadian readers - I'm bummed too!

And then there is the issue of Big Brother After Dark... BBAD will no longer be available on Showtime (which is good news for those of you summer-only Showtime subscribers). Big Brother After Dark is instead moving to TVGN (which is bad news for those of you who don't get TVGN) and will air 12-2am seven nights a week.

In addition to the CBS broadcasts, the Live Feeds and BBAD there is also this here little bloggy blog! Once the season starts, I'll get a better idea on how the blogs will go and the frequency of posts. Be sure to follow me on Twitter for Live Feed and blog updates - @ColetteLala You can also friend me on Facebook.

Once again I will be back on the weekly Big Brother Gossip Show so stay tuned for news on show times and links to the podcasts.

Finally... yes, I am in California right now. NO, it is not for Media Day (June 10th). But you can catch all the Media Day shenanigans sometime next week.

Hopefully, I've answered any questions you've had. If there is anything I missed, let me know and I'll do my best to find an answer for you.

I try to keep feed pimpage down to a minimum because I know it gets ridiculously obnoxious on Twitter and Facebook, but your support means a great deal - especially to a teeny tiny little blog like mine. So no lollygagging! Click below and get your Live Feeds!

CBS Interactive Inc.

Coming soon... house photos and the cast reveal!


  1. Granted that Colette is never at a loss for words, but let me fill in the blanks for her: If you are reading this, see that link over there ----->
    the one where you can buy the feeds? Yes that one. Click it and buy the feeds. Yes, from Colette. Yes, now. Thank you.

    Also, if you enjoy her artistry (yes, her writing) see that other button, the one under "Support This Blog", the one right over there -------->
    the one that says "Donate"? If you are so inclined, please click it and donate. Please. Trust me, running a site is not cheap. Even a few dollars goes a long ways. Thank you.

    (This is my comment. I did not ask Colette if I could do this. She had no idea. If my bluntness offends you, I apologize. That was not my intent. Take it out on me, not Colette. In fact, she may ban me from the site after this. But, it is a chance I am willing to take. I have been reading Colette's "works of arts" for years and have truly enjoyed her blogs. This is just my way - right or wrong - of trying to help her out. Thank you for your time and understanding)

  2. Wait a sec, Did you just say we'll be finnally getting our moneys worth out of CBS/Big Brother? I'm having a hard time believing this....really?
    I'm going to miss getting Showtime for the summer, they do have many great shows. But hey, HULU is always there.

    I'm currently watching last years shows still on my DVR, but only for the Brittneyism, I gotta see her describe whats his name rocking his little boat in the have not room one more time. (And to make room for other shows.)

  3. I've heard BBAD is going to be PG-rated.........BOOOOOO!! :)