Wednesday, August 21, 2013

So Disgusting

You guys are so disgusting, hnmm mnmm. You like have no character to come here day after day and read about MY life experiences, unh. Go get your own life experiences. When I look at you, I see magnets. Wait, not magnets. If you were magnets then you would attract me. You're anti-magnets! Hnmm mnmm. You repel me. Sitting there with your poor character and nothing at all to offer the world, I simply can't be around you anymore. Like, I'm charitable and I have my ministry, hnmm mnmm, but you guys are horrible people. God doesn't like horrible people and neither do I, unh. God only likes proven commodities like me and Candice. We're like successful powerful women who know the value of dating men for their bank accounts, hnmm mnmm. Oh my god, I can't talk you guys anymore. You're so jealous of me, unh. Let's recap, shall we?

If you don't want to kill yourself after today's post, then I haven't done my job. It's as simple as that. What started out as an innocent Tuesday got raped and assaulted violently by hnmm mnmm's and moans. That's right. Elvira (Elissa) personality #666 is back and she's got some souls to crush.

Let's begin in the backyard with Hell-en (Helen) and Elvira drinking some coffee and engaging in some morning chitchat. Hell-en begins by saying that she thinks McCrae has been brainwashed, but there might be more to him than meets the eye. Hell-en tells Elvira that she's disappointed in McCrae as if he was her own son. Elvira then asks Hell-en if she thinks Andy, McCrae and Amanda are better character wise than VaGina (GinaMarie) and Aryan. It's a strange question that Elvira decides to answer herself. She says that Amanda is playing the game and says some really ridiculous things sometimes, but Aryan and VaGina aren't solid as people. They wouldn't know how to handle a crisis. Hell-en then says that Amanda is a phenomenal player. She says, "She's phenomenal. She's amazing. I would vote for her to win." Hell-en continues and says that she's rather go out of the game under Amanda's influence than say someone like Spencer. Hell-en says if she ever has to get something done in the world, she'd call Amanda and be like, "What the hell do I need to do?" In other words, Amanda is a go getter.

The conversation switches to Aryan and how Hell-en wants her and Elvira to work on both Aryan and VaGina. Elvira tells Hell-en that she doesn't trust Aryan and Aryan just says whatever Hell-en wants to hear. Elvira says that Aryan would just run to Amanda and tell her everything anyways. Hell-en sighs and tells Elvira that she has to put her trust in someone. Hell-en tells her that she really believes that Aryan was close to backdooring Amanda the other night (She was.).

#666 can't stay dormant any longer so she claws her way up Elvira's esophagus and spews pea soup everywhere. Elvira says that Aryan is a horrible person who has said some horrible things. Hell-en inhales sharply and you can tell she is desperate to calm Elvira down. Hell-en tells Elvira that Aryan has been trying to rebuild her reputation because she is concerned with how she was portrayed in the first half of the game. Elvira interrupts and says, "So now she's being fake on camera." Helen sighs and says, "No, like siding with me and siding with the moms." Elvira says, "Even though it's totally fake and she's running to Amanda." Elvira continues and tells Hell-en that she's happy she's trying to stay in the game, but that she (Elvira) will never change her ming on Aryan, "Aryan isn't a solid person and doesn't have good character."

Again, Hell-en takes a deep breath and tries to reason with Elvira. Hell-en says that she tries to see the good in people (like me!). Elvira replies, "Unh that's going to get you screwed over hnmm mnmm." Hell-en, fighting the good fight yet getting nowhere, says that she believes peoples life experiences shape who they are and we don't know if something may have happened to Aryan. Elvira's eyes turn black as she says that Aryan is a horrible influence on VaGina. VaGina had the opportunity to be saved and turned into a good person like Elvira or Hell-en, but she blew it by hanging out with Aryan.

Hell-en desperately wants to get the conversation back on track, but Elvira keeps turning it into an Aryan Bash-fest. You see, Hell-en is simply trying to give Elvira advice on how to stay in the game after she leaves. Let's face it, Elvira is not one for advice. She is already perfect!

Hell-en, not one to give up on fighting the good fight, tells Elvira that Aryan is incredibly ambitious for a 22 year old. Elvira snorts and says that if she and Hell-en were on Adderall when they were 22, they'd be ambitious too. Elvira says that Aryan couldn't decide whether or not to go on the Real World or Big Brother. Elvira claims that Aryan chose Big Brother for the possibility of winning money. Hell-en says there is nothing wrong with Aryan wanting to be famous. Elvira chortles about how Aryan once dating a pro hockey player, but that he might not have been a pro after all. Hell-en says quietly, "She got her heart broken [by him]." Elvira replies, "Well, she should have been a nicer person." *smacks self in head* Elvira says, "I'm like such a charitable person, hnmm mnmm. Aryan would steal your husband. If you have something she wants, she'll just take it."

The conversation was completely ridiculous. On the one hand, we have Hell-en being a good sport trying to help Elvira out in the game and give her advice. On the other hand, we have Elvira in the throes of a raging jealous obsession with Aryan. You heard me right - Elvira is OBSESSED with Aryan. Aryan has done nothing to Elvira this week, but try to be nice to her. True, Elvira was on the block, but she was never in danger of going anywhere. Instead, Aryan heeded everyone's advice and has been civil to Elvira. Elvira, however, is so wrapped up in her weirdo jealousy of Aryan that Aryan is all she can talk about. Elvira hated Aryan well before any of the race crap started and she has continued to hate her well after it ended. For someone who is so Christian and "good", you'd think she'd be more forgiving. I'm the farthest thing from a Christian and I hold grudges like you wouldn't believe, but even I have managed to forgive Aryan.

Finally, the conversation comes to a close and we all breathed a sigh of relief. I did some yoga, had a bite to eat, watched some Real Housewives and popped a pain pill. Innocently, I turned the feeds back on expecting to see the houseguests getting ready for the day. Oh Christ. Hell-en and Elvira are talking again. *grabs a crucifix* Wish me luck.

Once again the Mom Squad is outside chatting and once again Elvira is obsessed with Aryan. Elvira is telling Hell-en that she doesn't talk to Aryan or VaGina because she doesn't want to speak to them, not because she wants Hell-en to speak for her. Hell-en is simply (and weirdly) going to the ends of the earth to make sure Elvira is safe after Hell-en leaves the game. Before I continue, let's talk about this. Why why why is Hell-en more concerned about keeping Elvira safe than she is about playing her own game? Hell-en gives gives gives and Elvira takes takes takes. You know those people in life that you can't stand, but for some reason you find yourself doing nice things for them and worrying what they think about you? Those are psychic vampires. They suck the life out of you and use it for themselves. I would like to go on record saying that Elvira is a psychic vampire.

Hell-en, bless her, tries and tries to give Elvira the pep talk she needs to win the next HOH, but Elvira, damn her, keeps swinging the conversation back to Aryan. It went something like this:

"I can't wait to never ever ever, I mean EVER, speak to Aryan again."
"Now, I don't want you to worry or get nervous before the next HOH comp."
"Aryan is so spoiled. She hasn't had any life experiences, hnmm mnmm."
"You won at OTIV. You can win at anything!"
"Candice had great character. Candice is a proven commodity. Sorry you're not as successful as Candice, Aryan. Sorry!"
"When you put your mind to it, you can win at anything!"
"Candice was a professional cheerleader. Sorry you weren't Aryan, unh."
"You were a beast in POV this week. You were SO good at it!"
"Aryan is so gross, unh. I can't believe I have to stay here with these people."
"I love you. I do. I love you and I want you to win."
"Aryan is so much prettier than I am. I mean, she's gross. Really gross!"

The conversation ends with Hell-en crying about how she never felt beautiful until now. I shit you not. In the middle of Elvira raving like a lunatic, Hell-en had an emotional breakthrough. She tells Elvira that she never beautiful until she entered the Big Brother house. The two hug as Elvira coos, "Aryan has such poor character" into Hell-en's ear.

Finally, FINALLY, we can get away from Elvira and focus on Amanda who is finally awake. Amanda has been itching to talk to Hell-en about all the shit she's been saying about her and now is the time. The two sit in the cockpit and Hell-en begins, "If I go, I won't be a bitter Jury member. I know this is a game and I know when I've met my match." Amanda tells Hell-en that the reason she got so angry yesterday at Hell-en is because Hell-en's tactics have been personal. Hell-en nods and agrees with Amanda. Amanda says that she's not a bully and that she's probably the only person who has been honest to Hell-en (This is true. Instead of lying to Hell-en about her vote, she told her to her face she would vote to keep Spencer.). Hell-en then tells Amanda that she loves her and wants to have good times in the house. She says that Amanda is the one of the smartest people she's ever met and that she wants to leave the house on good terms. Hell-en apologizes for the things she said to McCrae yesterday. She tells Amanda that she didn't feel good about the conversation after it was over and that she knew it wasn't right. Amanda tells Hell-en that she felt like Hell-en was campaigning against her when she's not even on the block. Hell-en apologizes again.

Amanda then tells Hell-en that the only reason she came after Hell-en is because she heard that Hell-en was coming after her (Andy told Amanda that Hell-en was targeting her.). She tells Hell-en that she cares about her and loves her, but this is purely a game move. She says that Elvira was laughing at her yesterday and it made her feel uncomfortable. Hell-en tells Amanda that Elvira is playing for herself. Meanwhile, Elvira is outside the door eavesdropping.

Hell-en continues, "Elvira is Elvira. She will heed any advice I give her." Hell-en then begins to lay on the compliments super thick. She tells Amanda again how much she loves her, how smart she is, etc. Amanda thanks Hell-en and tells her that it upsets her when people say she bosses McCrae around. She tells Hell-en that it's McCrae that drives her to succeed in this game, not the money. She says she dreads getting evicted only because she doesn't want to be separated from McCrae. Hell-en is happy to hear this and tells her that she's happy she had a hand in getting Amanda and McCrae this far (WHAT?). Hell-en says that she wants someone she has worked with to win the game. The two hug it out and agree to enjoy Hell-en's last few days in the house... if they are her last.

Oh Christ. Hell-en and Elvira are outside again. Hell-en tells Elvira about her conversation with Amanda and how she told Amanda that she appreciates her. She tells Elvira that she wants to be able to comfortably spend time with Amanda & McCrae before she leaves the house. Elvira's reply is thus, "Unh, it's so ridiculous, hnmm mnmm. Aryan is so disgusting and repulsive. She 's the worst person I've ever met in my entire life. She's such a child. She has nothing to offer... EVER!" Umm ok. Keep in mind that Hell-en wasn't even talking about Aryan. She was talking about Amanda!

Hell-en tries to change the subject and tells Elvira to focus on the game. Here we go again...

"Oh my gosh. It's so horrible. I hate her. She is so jealous of me. In the game even. I haven't even won any HOH's and she's bitterly jealous of me."
"You need to focus and win HOH."
"She just wants to be the center of attention and if anyone take the attention off of her it makes her fiery mad."
"Look at my thigh. I'm losing so much weight."
"Aryan comparing herself to me is like me comparing myself to Poppy Montgomery or Oprah."
"In my heart of hearts I know Andy won't vote for me to stay."
"Unh, don't say that, hnmm mnmm. I hate Aryan!"

After another 8 hours of Elvira drooling over Aryan, Amanda and Elvira meet in the cockpit. If you'll remember yesterday, Amanda has been preparing for this meeting and planning what she wants to say. The conversation begins as soon as Elvira walks into the cockpit, "I can't deal with these people (i.e. Aryan)." Amanda tells Elvira that she heard about all the conversatino yesterday where she was being called a bully. Amanda says, "I've NEVER attacked you or Hell-en personally." Elvira replies, "You know who did that? You're little sidekick Aryan!" (UGH) Elvira continues, "Aryan is so disgusting." Amanda doesn't blink an eyelash and tells Elvira that she is one of the only people who has been honest with her this whole time. She says, "So many people in this house lie to your face. The only reason I'm going after Hell-en is because she's coming after me." Elvira says, "Aryan is going after you." (SHE DOESN'T STOP!) "Aryan is jealous of me and that's why she starts fights with me. She isn't even on my level." (WHAT DOES THAT MEAN?)

With Amanda the Aryan talk is one ear and out the other. Her main concern is getting Elvira to trust her so she tells Elvira how upset she is because she's always had Elvira's back and now Hell-en is turning Elvira against her. Amanda says she has never said a bad word about Elvira and Hell-en, but from a game perspective she feels she can trust Elvira more than Hell-en (LOL LIE). Amanda says that so many people are going after Elvira, but she and McCrae have been protecting her. Amanda then tells Elvira that Hell-en told her Elvira was going after her. Elvira gets pissy and says that she doesn't know why Hell-en is talking for her.

I could go on and on about this conversation and about how Elvira says everyone in the house is as dumb as a brick wall and how Candice is a proven commodity (SHE'S NOT EVEN THERE) and how Aryan makes her sick to her stomach and how everyone is so stupid and how Elvira will always be successful and how no one in the house should bother talking to you... *clicks rifle and shoots face off*

Meanwhile, up in the HOH, Aryan is pissed off that Amanda is even talking to Elvira. SHE'S DOING IT FOR YOU, YOU TWIT! Amanda is downstairs enduring hell to make sure Elvira doesn't go after 3AM, but Aryan doesn't see that. All Aryan sees is Amanda kissing up to Elvira. Naturally, this gets VaGina all wound up so she contributes some game talk as well, "Fuckin' muthafuckas. Rats! I love you Nick. My twat itches, yo!"

Immediately after the conversation with Elvira, what do you think Amanda does? She goes right upstairs to tell her alliance everything! Is Aryan happy that Amanda is going to the ends of the earth to save her ass? NO! Aryan is super pissy. Like, spoiled brat pissy. After Amanda tells her everything she said to Elvira, Aryan replies, "Great. You saved yourself. Thanks." Amanda sits quietly and everyone watching the feeds could see the wheels spinning in her head. She literally just spent over an hour making sure her alliance will be ok in the coming weeks and now her alliance is angry with her. The look on Amanda's face read as exasperated. You could see her saying to herself, "Why the hell am I going out on a limb for these people? They don't get it!" I was even saying these things to myself. I loved 3AM. I was excited by 3AM. I thought 3AM would make such an interesting final 4, but Aryan's attitude right now makes me want Amanda to kick her out and replace her with Spencer or something. That should tell you exactly how ungrateful Aryan was. I hate Spencer!

Amanda tries desperately to make everyone understand that she was working on their behalf, but the tension in the room is so thick that she can't help but comment on it. Amanda asks, "Am I acting shady right now because I'm trying to be honest?" Spencer says she is kind of acting shady but he understands what she was doing. VaGina, on the other hand, says, "I ain't gonna promise nobody nuthin'!" Amanda says, "I never promised anything." It was a sad scene. Really sad. You have the two twits not grasping anything that's going on and Spencer too afraid to piss off anyone.

So that's where I'll end this today. Should Amanda kick Aryan out of 3AM? Why is Elvira so obsessed with Aryan? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!
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  1. Uh, the last person Elissa should take game advice from is Helen. Helen "masterminded" all the evictions of people who she could have aligned with to win the game, I'm glad to see her go. Amanda is a bully, and I wish she would stop with the Jewish remarks. I feel sorry for her family, there must be shame about her behavior.

  2. I was never a Rachel fan, but I feel bad for her. I can picture her crying in the bushes, composing the press release revealing that Elissa's adopted and doesn't have a drop of Reilly blood in her veins.

  3. Aaryn has proven here "allegiance" to Amanda over and over. What has Amanda done to prove anything to Aaryn? Talk is cheap. If she wants Aaryn to trust her she needs to show her or she will be going with the rest of the evictees when Aaryn wins more HOHs.

    Elivira is a ding bat.

    1. If Amanda hadn't recruited Aaryn she'd have been gone weeks ago. Was it for the benefit of Amanda's own game? Yes, but that doesn't mean it's not true.

  4. Love your blogs and funny observations even when I disagree.However, out of curiosity, you say you've forgiven Aryan (I mostly have too),have you forgiven Jeff?

    1. I hated Jeff LONG before his homophobic rant. Of course I still hate him. He's not talented, annoying ans ridiculous.

    2. A-fucking-men.

      NEVER going to understand what appeal he holds.

    3. GM is going to be the downfall of 3AM. Aryan refuses to let her go because she is convinced GM is her backup. Meanwhile,GM can't shut her fucking mouth about the multitude of things she knows NOTHING about (like 3AM alliance). Amanda needs to stop trying to tell Aryan things in front of GM and Spencer, she can not explain fully when those 2 are in the room, and Aryan of course goes batshit on another paranoid rant
      because of it.
      The best part is GM's sole reason for wanting Amanda gone is jealousy that MC & Amanda got to live out their showmance, while her "fiance" was torn from her in week 2....
      Speaking of GM's fantasy world- LaLa do you know if CBS will have the backyard press and after party like SuperPass did last year? I am gonna go crazy if not, I want them to put a camera on Nick, and on on GM, just follow those 2 all night to see the interaction. He may play along but I want to see if I can spot the fear in his eyes and the *twirling spirals aka CRAZY eyes* in hers.

    4. Agree 100% with everything you said. Would LOVE to be a fly on the wall. Poor Nick, I hope he is prepared for GM. I believe she is in need of some serious help. He should say hello, turn around and run like hell!!

  5. I could say the exact same things about Aryan. She is a much better BB player than Jeff for sure.

  6. My money is on Pandora's Box in the next week. It might even help the returning player to stay an extra week. (Not a fan of PB, but I accept it as a reality.)

    Amanda is ridiculous. She is also a great player and tries the most to deliver entertainment. Looking at the full context of her remarks, intentions, and even regrets, I think she's awesome. Too bad someone else's PR firm is leading the charge to demonize her.

    Elvira is way, way beyond ridiculous. Do you think the DR wanted her to talk sh*t about Aryan? I'm betting it's more like Elvira got a little feedback in DR about being on the boring side, so she started instigating 'conversations' about her most favorite topic: Good people should hate bad people, because hating is quintessentially a proven commodity.

    YOU, Ms Lala, are THE highlight of every season, every show you blog about. Merci!!!

  7. And exactly how is Elissa obsessing about Aryan so different from VaGina obsessing about Candice (who ain't even in the fucking house?) You've forgiven Aryan? Betcha anyone who read the media coverage of her comments ain't all set to hug it out!

    I want them all evicted, and Bunky awarded BB 15 winner and America's Favorite. I'm tired of this ship of fools!

  8. Loved Amanda and Helen at the Helen more than Amanda right now. It would be wonderful to see Helen stay and Amanda and McCrae put up...oh what a great tv experiene it would be. Then Amanda could scramble, cry, bully, etc. So in my perfect world that week, McCrae would win POV, Andy or Spencer would be renon and then Amanda and Helen and MCrae could be saved. Andy or Spencer could go home. Then the real game would start..... ;)

  9. My top 6 would be Aaryon and GM, Elissa and Helen, Amanda and McCrea, with Andy gone. Teams of two battle it out to the end. That would be the best entertainment.

  10. Thank you Lala for 2 posts in 2 days. Helen out. J U DD in. McRae wins Hoh and backdoors Amanda. Aaryan, McRae, Andy J U DD final 4.

  11. Yeah...only luck will allow Aaryn to win at this point...but Amanda really really needs to win at just the right Ian...if that happens...CBS might as well pave a yellow brick road for her to the money!

  12. Watch how fast McManda scurry back under Poopy's shirt when DD or HellMom come back in the game. They have been carried the whole game. McCreepy's wins the first week were only because nobody else wanted to win. They honestly think they can float to the end. Talk about delusional! You do have Elvira pegged. If there were 10 Riley sisters and they all played BB, all 10 of them would irrationally hate the blonde girl.

  13. They should have back-doored Elvira/Elissa or evicted her AS SOON AS MVP was pulled out of the game due to it's massive failure. Why was it a failure?? Well, old Elissa blew it when she first told everyone that it was she, with her 'model' sisters' votes, who was MVP......each & every time! The HG's were told they could keep it private. But el-ICK-a outed herself each & every time she received the MVP!!! She set a precedent when she blew the whistle on herself (1 of the MANY terrible game moves she has made), which made people not trust her when she didn't get MVP. She let McCranda & SuperMom Helen dictate every single nomination she had control of. (Again, my theory is that McCrae always came up with the evicted guest's name & let Amanda and Helen do his dirty work......EACH & EVERY time!) Anyway, Elissa blew the whole premise of the MVP 'twist' by being the first HG to blindly trust the powers that be, setting yet ANOTHER precedent!

    And, totally on board with Ms Lala that el-ICK-a (sorry, Elvira is a great monicker, but, alas, the REAL Elvira is not painful for me to and her delusional rants and obsessiveness about Aaryn are out of control! Helen was giving her pretty sound advice; E blatantly ignored Helen to try & belittle Aaryn's gameplay, character, life, etc. Uh, sweetie, Helen is the one who saved your a$$.....multiple times!! Listen to her!!!!! (Wait, what am I saying? Don't listen to her, don't focus before the next HOH comp, DON'T win ANYTHING else!! Because, Narcissa [ah, there's an appropriate sobriquet!], you will be following Helen out of the house--or should I say, AFTER Helen is gone, Narcissa will - fingers crossed - lose HOH, McRanda will ::triple fingers crossed:: win & put up 2 pawns [maybe 1 being Aaryn and rig it so Aaryn wins POV], and finally back-door Narcissa!!!!! )

    Last rant from me: I will say this every time...being in that house for so long with one another kind of 'changes' you (well not Narcissa.....because she hasn't changed a bit), every former BB HG that has ever been interviewed has said that you start to become paranoid of even your closest allies in that house, especially after the 45th (or so) day. The HG's are literally scrambling around in their cages, paranoid as all he!!, talking all kinds of sh!t about one another, and trying to stay somewhat sane. They all deserve props; yes, even Narcissa for at least 'befriending' Helen & TRYING to 'act' loyal, and instead of saying the show is boring (NOT!), let's cheer them on & may someone deserving win!! Andy/McCrae all the way!!!!! ;) Amanda & Aaryn will hopefully stay true to 3AM, and then they can both go when they get to F4 letting sneaky sneaky Andy & ringleader McCrae take home the ca$h!! ::fingers quadruple crossed::

    Thanks again for your words, Lala! ❤❤your blog!!!

  14. Elvira is so jealous of Aaryn she cannot stand it, possibly because Aaryn is very pretty (like her or not she is pretty) and both Reilly girls are jealous of pretty girls. Also I think she is obsessed with her because she has at 22 what Elissa wanted Freedom! Remember Elissa was stuck at home with a 4 yr child In an unhappy marriage at 22.

  15. I really enjoy Helen and Elissa's friendship. I think they're a great duo, and I hate to see one of them leave, even though Helen has been getting on my nerves lately with her sucking up to Aaryn. (Ugh!)

    I personally really like Elissa because she seems to be the only one in the house who has been vocal against the racist remarks. I don't think she went about vocalizing it the right way, but at least she doesn't pretend to like the people she doesn't like or suck up to them just because they're in power.

  16. I'm so thankful that you have been posting regularly again! I check and re-check for blog updates from you daily. I am an avid feed watcher but there's just something so entertaining about the way you describe it all. Your portrayal of Elvira is so spot's hilarious! Thanks for all the laughs.

  17. I started out this season rooting for Amanda (let me preface the rest of my remarks stating the I in NO way agree or condone any of the nasty remarks made by any of the houseguests), however the predictability of this season caused by the sheeple in this cast has caused me to go in a different direction. This game is NOT Miss Congeniality, it is Big Brother. I want DRAMA, blindsides and chaos, everything this season is not! I started out thinking wow, this is great, but alas soon kumbaya crap started and I got bored. The only thing good about this season in y opinion is Lovely Miss Lala's Blog. Many thanks to you! At this point I want someone.....ANYONE to shake this up and put up the head of the snake just for the sheer excitement of seeing th scramble!

  18. Colette, once again, you're dead-on in your evaluation of Narcissa/Elvira/Ugh-ick-ah (they're all appropriate), and once again, some of your followers have mistaken life with entertainment. Whether or not they're "good" people is irrelevant. It doesn't matter one bit if you'd like to befriend them or not. Who cares if someone's fake or phony? Big Brother has not been this entertaining for YEARS thanks to this batch of hateful, sharp-tongued, (relatively) smart bastards! Rather than have to slog through a torturous final few weeks of boring houseguests made to look more interesting than they actually are through the machinations of Production, multiple Pandora's Boxes, and uninspired twists whose only purpose is to bring fun contestants back, we're being treated to a smorgasbord of players we love to hate! Who here can honestly say it won't be a thrill to watch Helen be evicted by gleeful Amanda and a sorrowful Raggedy Andy, only to have her win her way back in, take HOH, and then turn the tables on them both? I'm dying for Helen (who, besides Andy, is the only one left who's annoying just because she's boring) to unleash her anger. I want a full-on Helen/Amanda brawl, don't you? So, come on, people, forget about your PC leanings and embrace this fascinating train wreck while it lasts! Moreover, quit ragging on Colette for her incisive and hysterical posts. It's called BITCHY Big Brother, for god's sake!

  19. I just found your blog and I have to say that this is without a doubt the best BB blog out there. Well done. Also, I've always wanted to name my future daughter Colette.

  20. Guess who is the new 8:31pm Elissa catches ball 10! She is the New HoH!
    Amanda and Aaryn better hold on to their big girl panties!!

  21. Crap. Gonna be a loooooooong week of hnmm mnmm's.

  22. I don't like Elvira but she sure is making the rats scurry! hnmm mnmn LOOOOL

  23. You are Extremely one-sided. You want to address the bad things Elissa does and Helen does but you never bring up the things Amanda does. She is just as bad...actually worse than anyone else in that house. On the last podcast you said ELissa basically had a psychological problem but do you realize all those same symptoms apply to Amanda. Yes you like to mention that Elissa talks bad about other houseguest but do you ever mention how Amanda constantly says she want to kill and stab people. DO you ever address her racism? her language? No. I like your Podcast to an extent but your bias and lack of true judgment on Amanda's part is horrible. It's almost like she hired you to speak good on her part. Lets share the hate and not just direct it towards Elissa

  24. Elissa has bowed down before the false idol Otev...she is doomed!