Thursday, May 22, 2014

Have You Said Your Goodbyes To The Light?

Welcome back Bitches! Who's ready to plant themselves firmly in front of their computer screens and shun the life giving sun for the next 3 months?

The Bitchy Big Brother Blog will definitely be back to bring you all the drama and insanity that go hand in hand with a shiny new Big Brother Season. We're just over a month out from the big premiere on June 25th and over the next few weeks you'll be bombarded and tweeted at with all sorts of information including how and when to order your Live Feeds to the big House/Cast reveal. Your support over the years has been greatly appreciated and keeps this here little bloggy blog up and running. As soon as I get the word and the appropriate links to post, you'll be able to purchase your Live Feeds directly from this site just like you have in the past. The Early Bird Special is good up until the eve of the premiere. You've got WEEKS to get them.

So sit tight, check for leaks in your gin tumblers, visit the local craft store to replenish your glitter stock and cut yourself a yellow construction paper sun to stick on your wall. Big Brother 16 is coming soon. You'll also be able to catch me every Saturday night on the Big Brother Gossip Show again this year. We set phenomenal records last summer and we can't wait to do it all over again this summer.

Thanks again for your loyalty, support, comments, laughs and, yes, your bitchiness.

Love and other indoor sports,

Colette Lala

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