Friday, June 13, 2014

Changes, Upgrades, Premiere Details... Oh My!

Big Brother fans may never agree on who the best Houseguest is or who is the most deserving winner, but one thing they all have in common is an insatiable lust for AS MUCH INFO AS POSSIBLE! Who's on the show? Are past players returning? What's the twist? Did Ikea furnish the house again? Tell us, tell us, tell us...

While we don't know all the finger licking nitty gritty details, we do know about some really cool upgrades and changes to the upcoming season because yesterday CBS sent out an email to all Live Feed Subscribers! Did you not get it? Were you left out? And you call yourself a fan?! Shameful!

Here's just a snippet of what you missed...

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  1. Isn't this last year's letter?

  2. So far things sound promising. It sounds like they really thought of some different things this year. Now if they will only keep the returning house guests away! :-)

  3. Ordered today, oh glitter queen! Can't wait for this year's bitchy commentary and BBGossip shows!