Friday, June 14, 2019

Big Brother 21 Cast Reveal Monday!

The new season is right around the corner, kids. The rumors are rampant (and scary AF). But no matter who goes in the house, we'll all be staring glassy eyed on Premiere night trying to figure out alliances, deciding who we'll defend to the death on Twitter, and subscribing to the Big Brother Gossip Show.

I've updated all of the links on the blog for you guys to sign up for your Live Feeds. Next week I will post a schedule of all the important dates you need to know.

This Monday, June 17th, Jeff will be back to do the Cast Interviews. I'm looking into my crystal ball and I think I can already see his questions... Would you rather be hated and win or loved and lose? Are you single and open to a showmance? If you could be any animal, what would you be? You can only see the Cast Interviews on CBS All Access so click on the link below and sign up for those feeds.

CBS All Access makes a wonderful Father's Day Gift!

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