Saturday, July 30, 2011

Thick Salty Tequila Tears

There is truly only one way to open this blog today properly... Please to watch the following video:

There is a time to dance bitches and that time is NOW. Let's recap, shall we?

After a tense endurance competition where a leathery fish-lipped goddess named Shelly refused to fall, Daniele finally won and is our new HOH. Satyrs galloped, nymphs danced and fairies placed crowns of posies atop childrens heads. There was an overwhelming sense of peace as well as an overwhelming sense of "Bitter, party of two." Brendon & Rachel wrapped themselves in their soiled comforters of good sportsmanship and proceeded to cry, bitch, whine and moan about how they are the only ones ever in the history of Big Brother who deserve to win all the competitions. They cried bouncy, fluffy, tequila-tasting tears and for that one hiccup in time, missing persons were found, terrorists exploded themselves and all of those Kardashian shows got canceled.

This brings us to yesterday. The entire house was in turmoil and everyone was preparing to make their cases to Daniele. Shelly's only mission is to keep Jeff & Jordan safe which, yes, I can admit is a little creepy. I can understand wanting to keep your alliance intact, but there is a little bit of an underlying stalker vibe that accompanies Shelly everytime she talks about Jeff & Jordan. They are not the perfect paradigms of goodness she makes them out to be. They haven't cured cancer and they're not Oscar winning actors. They're regular people with very annoying accents who accidentally landed on a reality show. Shelly, to me, illustrates what every single one of those crazy Jejo fans must be like in real life. It's fine to root for your favorites, but when you make them your entire life, you're a sneeze away from a restraining order. Having said that, I can still appreciate the social game she's playing and she did prove that she's a tough old broad when it comes to endurance. When she snarkily told Kalia how surprised she was she didn't take the $10,000 because of her financial situation, I covered my mouth and giggled. It's little bitch comments like that that are cause for celebration. They're seemingly innocent, but they're really dipped in vitriol.

Speaking of the patron saint of deer skins, Rachel is beginning to suspect that Shelly is someone who cannot be trusted. In the Have-Not room she complains to Porsche that she thinks Shelly could have held on much longer in that endurance competition and probably didn't want to get blood on her hands if she won HOH. Porsche explains to Rachel that Shelly actually had a really big blister on her hand and all she cared about was seeing photos of her daughter. Rachel mumbles "Oh. Well then I guess I'm being paranoid" and then searches her mind for other reasons she could possibly hate Shelly.

Rachel thinks that maybe Shelly is playing both sides of the house and, for some reason, everyone is buying it. Like Kalia said, just because you're nice to everyone, it doesn't mean you're in an alliance with them. Shelly is an equal opportunity ass kisser, but her loyalty lies strictly with Jeff & Jordan. That is her alliance. That is her mission. If she has to be friends with Brenchel to help Jeff & Jordan, then she'll do it. If she has to kiss Daniele's ass, so be it. Shelly is far from a floater and it drives me crazy when Rachel starts her "I hate floaters" crap. The only true floater in the house right now is Adam. Adam bounces from side to side week to week. Everyone else is pretty well esconced with their alliances. Lawon doesn't count because Lawon still doesn't know that there's money at stake. I'm not even sure he knows where he is. We just let Lawon be Lawon and then go about our day. One could argue, as you'll later see in this blog today, that RACHEL IS A FLOATER. More on this later...

So Rachel and Porsche continue talking and, like she always does, Rachel manages to swing around to Cassi again. Cassi may be gone, but at least I can take comfort in knowing that she's slowly eating away at Rachel's insides. I can just imagine the jealousy turning all of Rachel's vital organs into putrid pea soup shades of green. Rachel is mad that Shelly was friends with Cassi and, in Rachel's mind, that makes her not trustworthy. Either you're Rachel's friend or no one's friend and that's that. Porsche chimes in that she thinks Shelly cleans all the time because she's so nervous and anxious from playing both sides of the house. Give me a fucking break. We've all heard Shelly talk about how clean she keeps her home, how all of the sheets get washed every week, how the Swiffer has a shrine in her garage. Shelly cleans because she likes to. She doesn't like dirt. Not everyone, like Rachel, is content to live in filth.

Staying with Shelly, we move on to the HOH where she is now meeting with Daniele. Shelly says she heard that Daniele wants to put her on the block. Daniele sighs and says that Rachel must have said that. Daniele goes on to say that she's not scared to make a big move in this game. She just doesn't want to be hung out to dry after she does it. If she makes a move that benefits the house, then she wants to know that people will have her back next week. Shelly says she understands that, but doesn't think that Jeff & Jordan are the people to go after right now. Brendon & Rachel are far more dangerous and clearly don't have Dani's best interest at heart. Shelly tells Dani that Brenchel will throw anyone under the bus to further their game. Just look at what they did last week to Daniele.

Daniele says that she was pissed off how no one cheered for her during the HOH while everyone was cheering for Shelly. Shelly says that the cheering angered her because she knew Rachel was doing it in the event that Shelly won. Shelly knew she was being used and it embarrassed her more than anything else. Shelly asks Daniele what happened between her and Jeff. The whole thing shocked her because Jeff & Jordan never say anything bad about Daniele whereas Brenchel say shit about her all the time. Shelly advises Dani that if she were to make a deal with Jeff & Jordan, they'd be true to their word and keep it. No way would Brendon & Rachel be trustworthy at this moment in time. They wanted Daniele out this week. It would be a huge mistake for Daniele to trust them now.

Shelly continues on and begins to talk about Adam. She says he's so nervous in the game, but that he'll do whatever she tells him to do. She brings up how he's diabetic and has to take medication and then the feeds cut out. Adam is a diabetic? I had no idea. I asked my Twitter followers about it and apparently Shelly has brought it up before and everytime she brings it up, the feeds cut out. I guess it's something Adam doesn't want people to know about yet the entire house knows anyways. I don't know. I'm confused.

Shelly then turns on the charm and tells Daniele that she has a good chance of winning America's Player and the $25,000. Daniele doesn't care about that and only cares that if she has someone's back, will they have hers too? Shelly tells her absolutely and then tells Daniele that her job depends on her being honest and trustworthy. She supports her family and can't risk doing something on TV that could jeopardize her job. She also says how disgusted she was that Brenchel said Kalia only lasted as long as she did in the competition because she's fat and has a muffin top. Daniele didn't like that comment either and the conversation ends somewhat in the air. I think Shelly made all the points she went in to make - Brenchel can't be trusted, Brenchel will stab Dani in the back. Brenchel are mean people, Dani should make a deal with Jeff & Jordan.

Shelly leaves and in walks Jeff & Jordan. They sit down and Daniele says, "Awk-ward!" They all kind of look at each other in weird silence for a while before Daniele finally apologizes for her actions last week. She tells J&J that it was never her intention to hurt them personally. It was strictly a game move. She genuinely likes them as people and didn't do what she did to hurt them. She then says that she won't go after them this week as long as they keep her safe next week. Jeff brings up backdoorgate and I'm not exactly sure he just heard Daniele's proposal. All Jeff wants to talk about is why Daniele wanted to backdoor him. He still doesn't understand why it all happened. All he wants to do is get to Jury with Jordan so that they can spend the summer together. Jordan mumbles something about being in a long distance relationship and I mumbled something along the lines of, "Go rent a lake house together. Big Brother is not a way to mend your long distance relationship woes." It's gross and offensive that these two are using Big Brother as an excuse to see each other. Neither of them care about winning. They want to make it to Jury and spend August by the pool. They've said it themselves. Over and over and over again, they've said it. As a fan of the game and a hater of people who don't do shit in it, Jeff & Jordan are mockeries. If I wasn't so worried about the possibilty of Jeff being voted back into the game, then I'd say, "The hell with them!" Split them up for being complacent assholes and be done with it.

Finally, Jeff says that if Daniele is sincere about the one week deal, then he'll take it. He doesn't even care who her target is this week. He just wants to get to Jury. Jordan dumbly nods her head and wonders what they should say when they go back downstairs. Jeff says they won't say anything at all. They have no idea what Daniele's plans are and they'd like to keep it that way. Before they leave, Daniele asks them if Shelly said she'd put her up if she won HOH. Jeff & Jordan quickly say no. Apparently, in an effort to throw Shelly under the bus, Rachel has told Daniele that Shelly's target, had she won, would have been Daniele. Daniele seems satisfied with their answer and Jeff & Jordan seem satisfied with their deal. Meeting adjourned.

Now, remember how Jeff said he didn't care to know who Daniele's target was and how he'd much rather just make his little deal and be done with it? Well, guess what he does immediately after leaving the HOH? He marches right outside to the backyard and tells Rachel, Brendon and Shelly everything Daniele just told them. He not only outlines the deal he's made, but he tells them how he told Daniele he didn't care to know her targets. It's a strange, strange move that I just don't understand. Upon hearing this, Shelly begins to give Rachel advice on how to approach Daniele. Jeff jumps in and tells Rachel she's too emotional because she's on her period. Brendon says he'll do all the talking. Rachel gets up and cries. Jeff tells Brendon he needs to try to calm her down before she goes upstairs. He suggests maybe drowning her in the pool. While I'm completely onboard with the "Drown Rachel" plan, I don't understand why Jeff opened his big fat mouth in the first place.

It's now Adam's turn in the HOH. One might think it's very hard to take a man in an elf costume seriously, but, quite frankly, I find it very hard to take anything Adam says seriously. Adam is a "mugging it up for the cameras" idiot. He's the worst superfan to ever enter the house. At least Matt and Ronnie tried to play. At least they made deals. At least they did something! Adam is useless. 100% useless. He's neither entertaining nor a smart player. If by some miracle he makes it to the end, it won't be for trying. It'll be for floating. Very rarely do I come out and point the floater finger at someone, but Adam is that someone. His conversation with Daniele is brief. He hopes she doesn't nominate him and can she please not put his key in last because he hasn't had the chance to turn someone's key yet. Ugh! He sickens me. He's in the house for the theatricality of it all. Don't tell me he's not pleased as punch to get that elf costume. That's the best thing that could have happened to Adam. Believe me.

Next up is Kalia. She doesn't really need to talk to Daniele at all. She's absolutely safe. She's just hungry and it's her time to suck on Daniele's teat. They talk about Shelly and Daniele says that she thinks Rachel is spreading lies about her in an effort to throw her under the bus. Kalia disagrees and thinks Shelly is dangerous. She actually wouldn't mind Shelly going up on the block now. Daniele doesn't agree at all. She thinks that Shelly would be a good person to keep around to the end. She'll be easy to eliminate later in final four or five. Kalia again disagrees. She thinks Shelly is the biggest liar in the game and tells Daniele how she's angry Shelly told her she was surprised she didn't jump and take the $10,000. Daniele tells Kalia it's very important for them to be on the same page. You see, they've made a final two deal. Clearly, Daniele wants to be in control of how they get to the end, but, yes, they have a deal. Daniele tells Kalia that from here on out they can't go behind each other's back. Kalia agrees and then shoves her face into a bowl of pudding.

Get one hand free bitches because now it's time for Brendon & Rachel to beg for their lives. The two walk into the HOH with their heads hanging low and their tails tucked between their legs. First off, Brendon apologizes. He wants to talk personal before he talks game so for about 5 nauseating minutes he fights back tears and says he felt personally attacked by Daniele. He says he felt like Daniele was choosing Dominic over him and his harlot and that hurt his little itty bitty feelings. Daniele says her stock line, "I genuinely like you guys. I really really do." and now it's Rachel's turn to beg.

Rachel wants to know if there is any way they can make a deal. Daniele says she's not really making any deals right now. Keep in mind, Jeff just trotted downstairs and told everyone about the DEAL he just made. Rachel says they should rekindle the final 5 deal and start taking out the Newbies one by one. Now, call me crazy, but doesn't that make Rachel a FLOATER? Last week she was anti-Daniele. This week she's pro-Daniele. Hey Rachel, come here: YOU ARE A FLOATING FLOATERY FLOATER. Suck it! Daniele asks why she should ever trust Rachel again. She knows that if she didn't win HOH this week, she'd be up on the block. Brendon & Rachel stare blankly as a lovely shade of crimson creeps over their faces.

Brendon chimes in and says that his biggest fear is that someone like Kalia or Lawon sneaks through to the end and takes the grand prize. Rachel, on the other hand, wants them to play together so they can enjoy the parties that are coming and the trips they can win. You can tell by the look on Daniele's face that she doesn't give a shit about parties or prizes. Rachel, however, thinks that the "kick ass vets" deserve those things far more than any of the Newbies. The conversation continues and continues. Brendon doesn't want a black person to win, Rachel wants a new deal, Daniele knows she would be on the block right now had she lost. They end it all with a fake hug. Brenchel walks out and Daniele promptly fake shoots herself in the head with a finger gun.

In the end, Daniele has nominated Brendon & Rachel for eviction. *fanfare* Gumdrops, lollipops, gin and glitter! The nomination ceremony ended with lots of thick delicious salty tears. Watching Brendon & Rachel cry together is an interesting experience. All at once you feel exhilerated and nauseated. You don't know whether to dance or puke. Personally, I did a little bit of both. I danced when Rachel wiped snot all over the sleeves of her mesh shirt and then I puked when Brendon said he'll cure cancer, patent it and make them far more than $500,000. The plan is to get Brendon out of the house, but if Brendon wins POV he says he's taking Rachel off the block. I think I want Brendon to go. Rachel is vile, but she's good for some drama and she's never played without Brendon before. I'd definitely like to see her on the warpath, back on the sauce and without her controlling boyfriend pulling her puppet strings. And, if Cassi or Dom comes back in the game... AHAHAHAHA!!!! Beautious wonderment will ensue. Grab a life vest Big Red. You're going to need it.

So, what do you guys think about the tides turning? Would you rather Brendon or Rachel went home? How do you feel about the Daniele/Kalia alliance? Will Jeff & Jordan uphold their part of the deal next week? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

If you still don't have your feeds, what the hell are you waiting for? This week is going to be insane and I have a feeling next week will be even better. We have ourselves a game bitches. Don't miss out!

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  1. Okay, can we first pause for the awesomeness that is Footloose? Fabulosity.

    Oh thank goodness for drama!! Finally!! Tough choice. Brendon or Rachel? I can't stand Big Red but you're right; she is good for drama. If I were in the house, though, I wouldn't leave her there - she basically wins every HOH she competes for. Brendon is a dud in competitions. I'd take her out now. But I think next week would be PURE GOLD if they left her in the house. PURE GOLD.

    And I think it's time the DR call Rachel in for some maintenance botox shots. It looks like her face is melting.

  2. Lala, this blog is so well crafted and so right on, you deserve a standing ovation! There's nothing I can add except yesterday's feeds were delicious. My dust bunnies continue to luxuriate under my bed!

  3. Brendon's got to go! At least Rachel for all her faults could turn out to be an entertaining whirling dervish = maniac !

    Kalia/Dani -- good to have a friend in the house and Kalia hung in on the endurance competition so hoping she wins HOH next week...

    Would love it if Cassi or Dominic came back !

    I h.a.t.e. stalker Shelly !

  4. WooHoo!! First, I love your candid shots of Shelly; I can't figure out if she is motherly or butchy....maybe both. Loved to see B&R begging for their life in their condescending way. I have to wonder what their relationship is in real life. Or not.
    Now, please don't hate me, but I used to be a fan of J&J. Not so much anymore. They are just on BB to get a free vacation together??!! Really floaty mcfloaterson?? As far as I'm concerned all of the vets, except Dani, are floaters. Spoiled, poop in your pants, throw a temper tantrem floaters!! UGH!! I am rooting for Shelly & Dani to take it to the end!

  5. I am hoping Brendon out, Cassi back into the house but I know what I want will not ever happen. As each day passes I find it harder and harder to care either way. Adam just plain sucks. He isn't funny or entertaining in any way. Kalia figures she can eat her way to the top and I have yet to figure out exactly what Lawon's role is in the house. Funny diary room sessions? He is not what he portrayed in his interview... where is this buck wild gameplay? Geez

  6. If there is one person in this game I can NOT stand... It's that non stop motor mouth, Kaliha. The woman just does not shut the hell up, EVER! And its annoying as all heck. She floats to whoever is in power. As I am watching last nights BBAD now, I want to use the fake fun on myself.

    My question is this... Would you rather have someone who is a good competitor like Rachel or Brendon, or even Jeff, go to the end or would you rather Jordan who has already won? Or Kaliha who has done, well NOTHING. Lawon is another swimmer just floating along. Plus, just because the duo part is over, it doesn't mean that Lawon and Kaliha won't take their alliance to the end.
    It amazes me how the people Rachel kept safe, turn their backs on her without giving it a second thought. Yes, she can be annoying, her laugh bugs me. However, so does Kaliha's big mouth, Lawon's pathetic outfits, Porsche's insistance she will work with producers after this, Jeff and Jordan saying they just want to stay in the house to spend time together, Shelly's OCD with the cleaning and not eating, Brendon constantly putting down Rachel, and Dark Princess Daniele.... Well, I think she is the most annoying of all. She walks around that house like she owns it and knows it all. She is snide and got just as pissy when her boy toy was on the block. She is ruthless and the most ungrateful, spoiled, unfeeling, woman ever. She is not just deserving of the grand prize either.

  7. Best game move would be to get Rachel out since she wins stuff.

    My dream: Rachel leaves and Cassi comes back. Rachel implodes on Twitter watching Cassi and Brendon on the live feeds.

  8. Oh I see. You put questions at the end of the blog for us to answer. Why have I never noticed that before?
    I am so glad the tide is turning. Also I have been liking Dani more since she has been HoH. I would like to see her win enough comps to get out the rest of the Vets because they underestimate her so much.
    I would love to not have to see Rachel on my feeds anymore, but Brendon is more annoying to me. Plus, he has played the game without her. If he wasn't there controlling her could you imagine the awful that would happen? I can't, but I want to see it.
    As far as Daniele/Kalia? Ugh. Well Daniele doesn't have any other choice. I still hate Kalia. I think she lucked out getting Dani: Warrior Princess as a protector.
    I think Jeff and Jordan will absolutely break their deal next week. They said they would. I would expect them to. They are aligned with everyone except Dani, Kalia, and Lawon...who are they going to put up instead of Dani....Lawon? That would be a waste since he is really just there to watch everything anyway.

  9. I would LOVE for Brenda to be evicted and for Cassie to come strolling in with all of her hotness. I think it would be salt in the wounds for Rachel which would be sure to bring out some crazy green-eyed, red-haired monster!

    Love when they cry

  10. Let us rejoice! The two headed beast is on the block. Brendon & Rachel's misery brings me much joy!!! I agree I would like to see ducklips in the house without a leash on. Bringing Cassie or Dom back into the fold would be icing on the cake!

  11. I actually want to see Rachel play on her own. She has always played with Brendon and I would like to see if she changes the way she plays without him. At this point I don't care who wins but I would love for Dom or Cassie to come back in and cause drama. (Wouldn't it be great if they both came back and completely screwed all of the Vets including Dani).
    As for the Dani/Kalia finally two, I can not stand listening to Kalia. The girl never shuts up except to eat and then you hear her chewing. I just want her to go away. Lawon and Adam bring nothing to the game or to the drama so I want them gone. Honda Civic is actually playing the game, the way she keeps dropping information to Rachel and causing shit is funny although I don't know if it is on purpose. I am a fan of Shelly's and would actually like her to get to the end and win. I think that she has played the best game from the newbies side but she needs to be willing to cut Jejo in the end and I'm not sure she will.

    Great blog as always.

  12. My Favorite is Jeff and Jordan and always be. The minute they go home I quit watching. I do think that Branden and Rachel are really trying to be good friends to them and I am impressed with Branden. Rachel obviously has alot of demons as she is a ticking time bomb. I can tell you right now that if Kaila, Lawon and Dani make it to the finals no one will be watching. At least Jeff and Jord have personality which the rest of the cast have none. Kaila seems dirty to me, you never see her get her hair wet, her hands wet, she never cooks and neither does Lawon. I think Lawon and Kaila are both jokes that have coasted and she lucked up in the HOH because she got stuck in there. Dani is obsessed with Dom and I think if I hear her call him PT one more time I will throw up. You notice no one else mentions him. Keep Brenden, Jeff, Jordan! Kick the rest to the curb.

  13. I want to see Brendon play on his own. Jeff is hot and I want to see more of him.

  14. I fail to understand all the hate of Brenchel and all the love of J & J. A homophobic controlling boyfriend and his willing victim girlfriend? Please! They came on BB to spend the summer together? Have these assholes even heard of MOVING to where their beloved lives? Shit, the girl has 500K, moving vans don't cost all that much! If you really care for a person, you move heaven and earth to be with them. If they're simply an infatuation, you revert to some idiotic "long distance relationship" situation. Now, Jeff is a fucking racist as well? But people want to be a fan of this asshole? Seek help now, PLEASE!

    Dani is the same pain in the ass she was when she floated to the end with her dad, she just doesn't have him to take the heat off her ass this time around. And if she thinks Kalia is going to stick with her, she's as deluded as I think she is. Whothefuckever is HOH next time is gonna be her new best friend (unless there happens to be food between her and the new HOH at the time, she'll choose food first).

    Just how is Shelly so bad? She's playing the same exact game everyone else is, playing one side against the other to keep her safe. Plus, a neatness freak is someone you want to keep around unless you really want to have to clean yourself, and forego laying around getting a tan and bitching about how it sucks you're locked in a house with a bunch of assholes.

    Bring Dom back into the house? Sure, bringing back Mr. Big Brother is a great idea, he's clueless about social skills. And since mommy breast fed him into his 20's, he never learned the valuable skill of making people believe he's on their side, while dreaming of how he'll peel the skin from their worthless carcass as soon as he gets a chance. This dumb-fuck actually believes he knows how to play the game!

  15. well written, kitten

    I've wanted to use that line for five years. I feel like I won the internets.

    I didn't see the feeds when Brenchel went in to beg. I wish someone would come into the house, play emotional, and stick with it even if they go home immediately. It would compliment our collective intelligence.

    The only thing better than Brenchel being broken up is those Kardashian shows being canceled.

    One last thing, if a Brenchel wins the veto, and Lawon and Kalia go up, it may make better television, but it will make Daniele's game play seem stupid. I think she should have put up Lawon & Kalia, then backdoored the Brenchel.

    good blog


  16. But you guys! Just think what it would be like if RACHEL was evicted AND they brought Cassi back......So much more entertainment value there! Without Brendon there, Rachel would probably align with Cassi.....but watching her WATCH Brendon and Cassi in that house WITHOUT her there to "protect her man" would be delicious, no????

  17. @ anonymous #4
    Tyler perry's hair isn't dirty she's fucking black and African hair hair care regimen is different from whitey mc whitey. Most alternate between a wash & cowash and only need to wash hair 3 times in a 7 day period. Whitey hair is finer with no coil so your natural oils coat your hair faster so your a grease ball by day two. Now her anus and belching pie hole is another story.

    As for final 4 or 2 viewership based on race. I agree with you.Based on demographics Whitey loves BB more than our pigmentedly gifted friends. J&J is more appealing to Whitey. Brendon and Rachel appeals to the psychotic subhuman demographic.

  18. Great job as always :D Brendon's got to go, and plus it'll be interesting to see how Porsche plays when she's not the 3rd wheel. I read on Jokers she said to Rachel "If one of you four vets leave I can partner with other" And Rachel exclaimed "I don't want any of us to go!" Porsche's pretty cold, everyone should watch out for her too. As Jeff has proven, if every morsel of information isn't discussed in an alliance, it means the alliance doesn't exist. Case in point, Dom not telling him about throwing the Veto, or his plans, his shoe size, that he's a virgin etc etc. So that's why I think Jeff told everyone about his deal with Dani. Though he said he won't keep the deal and get rid of Dani next week anyway. I think he and Jordan just say they're just there to have a fun summer just to not have such a big target on their backs. Also, more and more people are catching on about Shelly, but it never seems to matter because there's always a bigger target... She could go to F4 easy. Loved the comments about Lawon. They might as well have cast a squirrel. And I was sort of thinking maybe Rachel IS a closet racist. She got out Monet pretty fast last year, and Keith this year. Never seems to talk to Kalia (even before this blow up) or Lawan. But maybe I'm just paranoid. Really hoping Dom comes back, at this rate Dani's gonna drown Kalia in the pool.

  19. I said it on the previous post and I guess I feel the need to say it again: Shelly's just Ronnie, but with a cleaning fetish (and she complains constantly about being bored--like what did she expect? They all bitch wayyy too much, even the vets, who should already know the deal). But she has not, unbelievably, been yet outed (and I mean that both ways)! Her gameplay is horrible, playing everyone against everyone and then acting like she's giving THEM really good, for them, game advice--that's what makes me wanna puke! It is soooooo ridiculous! Anyway, Ronnie was ousted immediately for such a poor gameplay as hers, but somehow she is being smart, playing a good game?!? Pffffffftttt! I don't buy what she's selling, and I don't know why any of them do, even the vets, even JJ, who should be a little freaked out by her.

    And anyway, how stupid are Shelly, Porsche AND Adam, to really think it is they who are the SPECIAL ONE who is really going somewhere with the, now only 4, vets? Do they really not notice that the other two are obviously not saying or doing anything against the 4? Or trying to make any kind of deal with anyone, which should include the other two? It is they who should start something up, and maybe they could be called "The Star-f***ed Three" or something? I'm just sayin'. 

    I do absolutely agree that Shelly's a big time star-f***er turned big time stalker for sure! She is a little scary, even when she talks about her husband she'll say weird things about him, like he'll only do things in "his time" or "his way," as opposed to normal people I assume, in between how super-handsome and unbelievably wonderful and fantastic he is, and how terrifically great of a husband he is! It's a little too intense for me! "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."

  20. Please please PLEASE let it be Brendon that walks out the door. Unless someone is allowed back in after this eviction and there is even a remote chance his ass can return.

    As for Shelly and her constant cleaning, I think of it this way: She is very high up the corporate ladder in her real life. She didn't get there by sitting around doing nothing and in the game of Big Brother there are not many things to occupy your time or your mind on a minute-by-minute basis. Not anything goal-oriented at least. Cleaning is a goal-oriented activity with a reward factor built in (a toilet without piss stains and pubic hairs is a reward in my opinion, LOL).

    Adam Carolla always uses the analogy that if you put beavers on top of the Chrysler Building, they are going to do what they are wired to do (build dams) instead of adapting to their surroundings. Shelly's wiring is to 'Accomplish' and at it's basic level, cleaning is an accomplishment.

    That's just my theory and the Dartmouth diploma on my wall still has wet ink from my home printer so take it for what's it's worth :)

  21. I thought it was HYSTERICAL that during the HOH competition Kalia managed to LIE DOWN WHILE STANDING UP! She was practically snoring as she draped herself over the ski poles. and how will Brendon work on his PhD in Manicure Science in the jury house?