Thursday, December 31, 2009

You're All Officially Invited!

Greetings Bitches! I hope everyone has had a lovely 2009 and is looking forward to a very prosperous 2010.

I'd like to officially invite everyone who enjoys my blogs (Bitchy Big Brother, Bitchy Survivor, and Bitchy Amazing Race) to a NEW Bitchy Network. It's a place for everyone to gossip about all their favorite reality stars and spread vicious rumors. All 3 of my blogs will continue as normal, the Bitchy Network is simply an annex for everyone to chat, catch up on their favorite gossip, and make fun of people.

Have you ever wondered about the Ass Licker post BB11? Well, she got extensions, a divorce, and a boob job. Scandal is surrounding this wannabe minx with her rumors of threesome's, a bitter husband with a penchant for angry tweets, and her new relationship with a BB10 participant. ALL the drama is at the Bitchy Network.

Did you know Lydia got her new BB tattoo? Check out the video and chime in with what you think.

Do you have a reality show that you're particularly passionate about and want a place to talk about it? I'm currently looking for Group Leaders to manage Groups dealing with Biggest Loser, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, and The Bachelor. We've already got a Bad Girls Club Group and a True Blood Group is on it's way.

With Celebrity Big Brother 7 starting this Sunday, there's no doubt the Forum will be overflowing with new discussions.

I know a lot of my "regulars" have bonded and become close through my blogs/tweets and the Bitchy Network gives you guys the chance to chat with one another, lead discussions, form groups, create your own profiles, etc. It's all about fun. No holds barred. It won't be run like all the other BB Message Boards. You can say what you like and how you like it. Speculations are welcome and hating Jeff and Jordan is allowed... actually, it's kind of encouraged.

Speaking of Jeff and Jordan...

Just in case you haven't heard, Jeff and Jordan will be on the next season of The Amazing Race which goes to say that I'll definitely be covering it over at the Bitchy Amazing Race Blog.

I hope to see everyone there and have a happy and healthy New Years!

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