Thursday, September 17, 2009


I absolutely did not expect to be doing a post today, but I'm thrilled to share a new clip with you guys.

Yesterday I mentioned how Ronnie was supposed to give my little blog a shout out on the CBS show for the "Square Root Of All Evil" shirt. I heard from Ronnie yesterday and CBS (those bastards!) had forbid him from saying anything. He told me he was allowed to mention it in the backyard interviews and, I've got to hand it to Ronnie, he kept his word.

You can see the interview in it's entirety on Real Player (where the feeds are) under Hot Clips, but thanks to the super duper awesome Kerry Runner I can sit and watch my mention over and over again for years to come. I put a request out on Facebook (yes, I broke down and joined - Colette Lala) saying that anyone who could cut and embed my clip on youtube for me would be my new best friend. Kerry did it and she totally rocks!

Please to enjoy:

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  1. Yay. lol. I live in the same town as Ronnie and I talked to him, too. I should totally bcome some kind of reporter/interviewer.

    I must give off the 'this chick is kinda crazy but cool and may or may not stalk me' vibe.

    Love ya Lala. I'll fb you now. (and yes, i mean finger bang.)

    Am I allowed to say finger bang on here? Oh well, now I've said it twice.

  2. Way cool! I sure do wish Ronnie hadn't played so hard so fast, he would have been so entertaining to watch as the game got crazier and the paranoia set in!

  3. Great clip, congrats!

    My one regret, Chelsia did the interview, boo!

  4. Ronnie is our son and I am glad to finally see America is realizing he is not a bad person. Ronnie was only playing the game as everyone else was. Most people in the chat rooms assume they know the HG...actually they forget the are playing a game. Congratulations to everyone in BB11. We love you Ronnie...Dad and Mom.

  5. Big brother is such a great TV reality
    I like you blog and it's intersting to read about this show

  6. So, I'm not down with the whole twitter deal, and I doubt if you check this old thing, but I enjoyed it while it was up. I'm over in fancy pants France for the year, and I haven't seen a teevee in months, but when I get back I hope you are up and ready for the summery debaucherious guilt that is BB.

    And what do you think of Jeff and Jordan on Amazing Race? Is it true? Will she pop a tit? Does it make you want to kill the closest blond and all nearby idiots?

  7. Hey I doubt you ever check this old thing, but I'm not down with the whole twitter or whatever. Just wanted to say I fully enjoyed your blog last summer. I'm over in fancy pants France for the year, but upon my return I fully expect your take on the summery debauchery guilty goodness that is the next BB.

    And what do you think about Jordan and Jeff on Amazing Race? Is it true? Will they win? Will she pop a tit? Will you kill the closest blond and all surrounding idiots?

  8. Collin/Fancy Pants,

    Yeah it's true. Yes, she'll pop a tit. Yes, she'll eat Paraguay (that was their last known location). I'm TWEETING their whereabouts. Get on that bandwagon bitch.

    ALSO, you remember that Miss Teen USA from South Carolina that gave the horrifying "The Iraq such as" answer? Well, she's in the new Amazing Race as well. It's like CBS is casting an all female version of Dumb and Dumber.

    Am I to understand you haven't been following my Bitchy Amazing Race and Bitchy Survivor blogs? Blasphemy!

    As it stands now, I will be back next summer for Big Brother. More importantly, when you return please smuggle in some couture Chanel, Charlotte Gainsbourg bootleg/imports, and the latest "must have" scarf.

    Au Revoir! Bonne Chance!

  9. It can never be said enough, I hate Judy Jazzhands and it's so like him to not get an insult ata all since he lives in a bizarro world of his own making.