Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Bitchy Early Favorite!

*drum roll please*

This year's Early Favorite is (and it should be noted that I completely changed my mind at the last minute)... Annie! She's chill, not phony, laid back, seems to have a good head on her shoulders, and has a very smart approach to the game. She plans to not make plans. Good for her! Drives me nuts when people create this big dramatic scheme filled with all sorts of moronic lies that are completely unnecessary (i.e. Ragamuffin, Ass Licker). She's currently dating a lady, but has no problem messing with the men... because, let's face it, they're all easy to mess with.

Miss Annie has her B.A. in Theatre (so does another lovely lady *points to self*), finds herself getting riled up over things like hate and racism, and cites Renny as one of her most favorite BB players. She's an adventurous gal who likes to bungee jump and skydive in her spare time and she has no problem hopping a plane to New Zealand if the fancy strikes her. Sometimes her mouth gets her into trouble and I have a feeling she'll speak openly and honestly rather than suppressing her thoughts like some of the other players plan to do (i.e. Britney).

I like her. I like her a lot. Bitch better not piss me off.

Check out Annie's video for yourself here: http://superpass.real.com/tv/big-brother-clips

I was actually going to pick Rachel as my Early Favorite only because she looks like that wrestling chick from the Celebrity Apprentice, but she was so fucking phony and over the top in her video. It wasn't genuine and it kind of turned me off. I'll chalk it up to nerves and keep her on my back burner. I have a very detailed fantasy outlined where she karate chops Monet in the face and it would be too much trouble for me to put another person's face in place of Rachel's. I'm too lazy to ammend my Creative Visualization exercises.


  1. I thought you were going to pick ENZO.. ;)

  2. I am right with you.....Annie don't let me down!

  3. omg I put all those thoghts in your head! I want residuals!

  4. I've disliked Rachel since she used "I've got big boobs" twice in the same sentence. So do most of the whores...uh, sorry, Vip Cocktail Waitresses in Vegas, bitch!

    I won't have a fave until I actually see them in action, but for now, Kristen will fill the bill because she lives near me.

    Actually, I think Enzo might live closer to me, which is making me consider selling my house and moving to Florida.

  5. I think I might agree with you on this one...but I haven't watched all the interviews yet. I can tell you that I can't stand any woman who repeatedly refers to herself as the hot girl, so that ruined Rachel for me. I'm not 100% sure about Annie, but I liked her from her interview.