Monday, July 5, 2010

How This Bitch Rolls

The bitches are moved in, an HOH has already been crowned, and from the looks of things everyone is getting along... so far.

OK bitches, here's how the Bitchy Big Brother Blog will work:

#1 Recaps will be made daily sometime between 11AM and 2PM EST. Once the season starts and I get into a routine my posts will go up at roughly the same time everyday. Factors like how late the HG's stay up, when this bitch *points to self* gets to sleep, and how much I've had to drink the night before will determine blog regularity. New posts are always announced and linked on both my Twitter and Facebook. Sometimes real life intervenes (it's been a hell of a year), but I'll try my very best to be consistent.

#2 I'm not nice and I curse a lot. If this bothers you, move along. You won't be missed.

#3 Comment Often: I love comments and hearing what you guys think. When I get a lot of responses, I'm more inclined to exert more effort and touch myself. Since this blog is quite successful I get a lot of assholes trying to put ads and their own blog links in my comments (seriously, it's a daily thing). For this reason only, I have to preview all comments. As long as you're not trying to sell Viagra or pimp your own blog, your comments will be immediately accepted and posted. Agree with me, disagree with me... I really don't care. Just please DO NOT post links for ads or self promotion.

#4 Spread the word! Word of mouth, tweets, and Facebook updates linking to my blog are how I get my readers. Last year was a huge success and I hope to surpass that by at least threefold this year. Please tell your friends, retweet my tweets, and help me get the word out. Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

#5 Donations are always welcome. It takes a lot of time to do what I do each summer. If you enjoy my posts, please click on my PayPal button and show this bitch some love.

#6 If you're a relative or friend of an HG, it would behoove you (and the HG) to contact me. It's best to get on my good side. I can make or break reputations. You don't want your HG to end up like Ass Licker, do you?

#7 If you have a blog or website and you'd like to do a link exchange with me, please send me an email at As long as you're original and do your own thing, I'm more than happy to post your link here. Any type of blog/website will be considered, not just BB.

#8 The Bitchy Network is an annex to the Bitchy Big Brother Blog. It's a place for fans of my blogs to hang out, chat with each other, and discuss a huge array of topics and TV shows. Members can make posts, start discussions, post gossip, speculate, etc. Join now. You know you wanna.

#9 Since BB fans are rabid obsessive beasts who spend hours trolling the internet for information, you can feel free to contact me with tips, gossip, theories, etc. I might just do a post about it and I always give credit (unless, of course, you wish to remain anonymous). It's a one woman show here and I can use all the help I can get.

#10 Most importantly, have fun! Don't take what I say too seriously. Obsessive political correctness really chaps my ass.


  1. Wooot! Yay! Annnnd, we're back!

  2. Can't wait! Ur my favorite part of BB season!

  3. Rabid Trolling Fan checking in! Can't wait for Thursday....

  4. Here we go again!!! It'll be fun. Hopefully I'll catch you on the chats sometime! ~gina

  5. Looking forward to another season...

    This is ABSOLUTELY my favorite place for Big Brother!

  6. there is no better place for keeping up with bb12 than with Colette! Keep it going baby!

  7. So excited about the new season. It's nice to be back here reading your bitchy big brother blog.

  8. Colette in advance, for all the laughter and tears, Thank you!

  9. YESSS! Bitch is back!! Can't wait for tonight! And to read tomorrow!!