Thursday, July 1, 2010

RACE To Be The Biggest Douchebag

BB12 contestant Ragan Fox isn't even in the house yet and he's already being labeled a "racist" by some overzealous BB fans. Fucking idiots. The guy is a poet who uses absurdist humor and sarcasm to illustrate a point. The "point" being that idiots, like the 2-dimensional BB fans rushing to put a label on everything, wouldn't know irony if it crawled up their ass, pitched a tent, lit a fire, and roasted marshmallows in there for eternity. I'll bet the same morons running around shouting "Racist!" probably think Sarah Silverman's comedy routine is racist or that Archie Bunker was meant to be taken seriously. Calm down. Grow the fuck up and stop trying to start a controversy where there is none.

Speaking of race related assholeness, can we please address the fact that just about every BB site out there is kissing Chima's ass? What the fuck is going on?!? Am I the only one who remembers what went down on the feeds? I mean, she retweets her own compliments for Chrissake! Keep in mind these are the same sites that called her a racist a year ago. Are memories being erased or is brown nosing now an infectious disease? I, on the other hand, didn't care for her in the house and liked her a lot less when she got out. You won't see me kissing her weave any time soon.

Even though he's in sequester, you can follow Ragan Fox on Twitter @RaganFox.

Better yet, you can follow me on Twitter too! @ColetteLala

Have you forgiven Chima? Do you think Ragan is racist? Comment it out Bitches!


  1. I thought I was the only person that still liked her. Well, I guess I am the only person that STILL likes her. Because all these mornons hated her before... now they just want to fawn all over her to maybe get an interview for their blog or some shit. I dunno. I bet you if Natalie was as prevelant on Twitter as Chima, they would all be up her ass, too.

    Yes, Chima is a bitch. She ruined the chance of a lifetime by being a bitch on BB. But I still like her.I mean c'mon... she's not that bad. She's no AssLicker.

  2. I stil think Chima is a racist; and I can't believe people already have forgotten.

  3. I haven't forgotten. Racism equals ignorance in my eyes. I do not think Chima is ignorant. I think she said some ignorant things, but she apologized to Russell for them.

    With that being said... I think anyone that has a problem with someone's sexuality is also ignorant. Jeff said some ignorant things about that. Mainly the 'f' word. People forgave him within two days. Why the double standard?

    If you hate Chima... I'd hope you'd hate for the way she disrepected the game of BB, and the oppurtunity that she squandered, and her lack of gratitude and grace.

    Regardless, everyone has their own opinion. My opinion is that she's not so bad. But to hate her for the terrorist remarks is silly if you do not hold the rest of the hg's to the same standard.

  4. David C., Chelsea, MAJuly 2, 2010 at 7:06 AM

    I agree with you, Colette.

    He's merely reading a satirical poem from his book. Anyone who is dumb enough to think he's racist, is on the the shallow end of the gene pool, or, at the very least, didn't watch the video all the way to the end, where he clarifies it as such.

  5. Ragan also has a podcast that I've listened to for years. (He hasn't posted a new one in a while.) So excited to see this! This is the closest I'll get to "knowing" someone in the house.

  6. To forgive someone I have to give a shit about them first. So no, I haven't and won't. Can't wait for this season to start!

  7. Chima is a bitch & just like last year cant wate for all the fights to start :P

  8. Chima was wiped off the Grodner/BB face of the earth...this way out

    never to be seen or heard from(officially)again

    and so it is

    Yes, she squandered her opportunity. I can still see her pitching her mic in the water, w/such deliberance. I wonder how many hopefuls were passed by for her. She thought her inside connections would keep her on. I, for one, LOVED replaying that diary scene over-and over -and over again.

  9. Fuck Chima, I was glad her diva ass got tossed because she deserved it. I don't follow anyone on twitter or facebook from BB and I sure as hell wouldn't follow that skank known as Chima.

    I only follow Colette!!!!

  10. Chima and pig pen, I hope a boat falls on them both. Are Jeff and Jordan "together".