Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Slap Heard Around The World

Alcohol. Nectar of the gods. Bacchanalian delight. It makes your inhibitions fall to the wayside and your secrets bubble to the surface. Robert Louis Stevenson once said, "Wine is bottled poetry." Well, that's all fine and good Bobby, but I would argue that wine, in the Big Brother house, is bottled asshole-ishness. It doesn't quite roll off the tongue like that poetry line, but it'll work for now. In the Big Brother house wine is not only your unzipping, but it is your undoing. One sip of the good stuff sloshing around inside your mouth and your lips gets loose, your tongue goes wagging, and those gums, they go a'flapping. Stone-faced players turn into bowls of transparent Jell-O. Wicked hosebeasts turn into even wickeder hosebeasts. And, naturally, I'd like the entire backyard turned into a vineyard as soon as is humanly possible. Let's recap, shall we?

Not much happened during the day yesterday at all. It was basically a bunch of useless people being useless by the pool. Shelly smoked (her skin) and Jordan paddled around in the water. Apparently, Kalia got a warning from the DR about her singing. If she keeps it up, not only will they give her a penalty nomination, but they'll dock her stipend. Finally! If you don't watch the feeds, you should know that Houseguests are not allowed to sing in the house and everytime they do sing, the feeds go down until they shut their giant traps. Kalia sings ALL THE TIME. Therefore, the feeds go down ALL THE TIME. It's been going on since week one and I'm not sure who or what made CBS finally threaten her, but I'd like to write that person a thank you note. Actually, I think it was a Michael Jackson song that finally pushed CBS over the edge. Can you imagine the price of having to pay for the rights to use an MJ song? Astronomical, I would think. I would also think that Kalia's measly stipend wouldn't even cover 1/10th of it. So, thank you Michael. Shamon.

I'm going to fast forward right to BBAD where we find Shelly furiously cleaning and Daniele dipping into her HOH wine. The HG's are preparing for the big hot dog eating contest between Adam and Brendon. Giant glasses of water are poured and a huge plastic bowl of weiners is delivered. Jeff splits open all the buns while Adam plans his attack. Each bun is carefully placed over a napkin lining the counter while Shelly sneaks outside for a quick smoke. Somehow a raw egg became a bonus round and Kalia stood by somewhere and drooled.

Finally, the contest is ready to begin. Brendon ninja kicks the air. Adam adjusts his bandana. Kalia hides under the counter waiting to catch any crumbs and Jeff banishes Rachel from the contest area. On your mark, get set, go!

Adam uses the separating method and immediately sends 5 weiners to his belly. Brendon daintily nibbles on a hot dog while Adam furiously shoves buns into glasses of water. Brendon whips out a knife and fork and chops his dogs into tiny little ladylike pieces. Rachel stands on the sidelines and fans her man with a towel. Meanwhile, the entire crowd is cheering for Adam. "You got this Adam! Take your time Adam! Go Adam!" Rachel jumped up and down banging on an inflated trash bag. "Bren-don! Bren-don! Bren-don!" I took my rifle out from underneath my bed and shot her right between the eyes. Try saying "Bren-don" now, bitch. *blows on the end of the barrell*

Adam finishes his 10th dog, cracks an egg into a glass and guzzles it down. With a primal metal scream and a string of belches, Kalia, I mean Adam, is the winner.

While the dogs settle and burps subside, Rachel sneaks upstairs to make her final pitch to Daniele about keeping Brendon in the game. She begins the conversation with, "Isn't Brendon so fun?" Daniele rolls her eyes and says, "Oh my god, that's really how you're going to pitch this to me?" Daniele quickly assures Rachel that she'll work on Porsche for her vote to keep Brendon. Rachel thinks it's a waste of time and wonders what the chances are of getting Kalia to flip. Daniele thinks that in the end Kalia will do what she wants to do. Rachel asks Daniele how she'll vote in the event of a tie. Daniele asks her who she thinks the 3 will be to keep Brendon. Rachel says herself, Jeff and Jordan. Daniele confesses that if the vote comes to a tie, it puts her in a really bad spot. Rachel understands, but tells Daniele that she needs to think about who will help her get to the end. Is Shelly really that person?

Rachel wants to talk to Kalia with Brendon and pitch a deal. Daniele tells Rachel that all Kalia cares about is people in the house liking her. This little fun fact goes in one of Rachel's ears and out the other. Actually, Daniele is pretty astute in her assessment of Kalia. I said last week that Kalia was insecure and self-sabotaging. She destroyed her own HOH out of a need to please others. Rachel would do well to pay attention to these little tidbits as they could be used to reel Kalia in at a later date. The conversation continues and I'll admit that I'm a little lost. Daniele swears she'll help Rachel try to keep Brendon and all I can think is, "Wait. What? Really? How come?" Usually Daniele is pretty straightforward about not wanting to keep certain people in the game so I have to scratch my head and wonder why the hell she wants Brendon to stick around.

Daniele tells Rachel that she told Brendon that if he leaves, she has Rachel's back. Now, I'm really confused. Daniele assures Rachel that they are in a secret alliance that she will keep from Kalia. If Rachel ever tells anyone about their secret alliance, then Daniele will deny it to her death and go back on it. But, for now, Daniele wants to work with Rachel. *sigh* Really? Come on! I hope she's lying, but, to steal a phrase from Shelly, Daniele has always been a "striaght shooter" when it comes to telling Rachel where her head is at. If she didn't trust Rachel, she'd tell her to her face. She's done it in the past so I'd assume, if she felt the same way, she'd do it again now. But, she's not doing it again now. She's Team Rachel now. *throws hands in the air* I don't get it. If I missed something, let me know in the comments. I asked people last night on Twitter about this and no one else seems to know what's going on either. I welcome any explanations.

Now, let's move on to what had Twitter all a'twitter last night... the big Rachel & Brendon fight. It was probably the biggest one we've seen yet and, if I do say so myself, it was awesome. The fights are what I live for. Salty, delicious, crumbly fights. Rachel leaves the HOH and Brendon immediately pounces on her saying that by the look on her face, it didn't go well with Dani. Au contraire mon frere! It went swimmingly. Rachel is in a secret alliance and has her ass covered in the event that you leave. We all wondered if Rachel would spill her new deal to her bohunk boyfriend, but, to everyone's delight, she kept her mouth shut. All Rachel tells Brendon is that their only hope is Kalia and that if they can't get Kalia, Daniele probably wouldn't save him in the event of a tie. She shrugs her shoulders and acts defeated. But, BUT, really, deep down inside she knows she's ok. Her silence is impressive. Too bad the rest of her isn't.

Brendon lurches into the kitchen to make some coffee and Rachel approaches shortly after. They whisper to each other some more with Rachel firmly strapping a "sad face" on. Suddenly, she mopes over to the fridge, leans in, takes out a beer, snaps it open, smiles with daggers in her eyes and then closes the fridge again. Brendon says, "What the hell are you doing?! That was Porsche's beer, wasn't it?" Rachel giggles in response and that was all it took. The opening of a beer can. So innocent and so evil all at the same time. Brendon says, "Stop it! You're fucking pissing me off now!" He summons his harlot into the Have-Not room and here we go...

Rachel tells him to please not yell at her, but her request falls on deaf ears. That's what they're here for - for Brendon to yell at her. He immediately launches into a tirade about how he's worked so hard for her to stay in the game and then she goes and does something stupid like opening Porsche's beer. On this point, Brendon is right. He sacrificed himself for her and she very flippantly does stupid little shit that could destroy her (and his) credibility in the game. I get it. I completely understand where he's coming from. Brendon wonders why he's killing himself to keep her in this game and Rachel says, "I don't know. You shouldn't have come back. Basically." *bites fist* Ahaha!

Brendon sighs and then paces around the room beating on his own chest like an angry gorilla. He asks why she's giving up so easy. Is it so she can hang out with him in the Jury House? Rachel says yes and explains that she'll never make it to the final two. Now, I don't know what Brendon did in sequester (Skype), but it seems like he really doesn't want Rachel around him in Jury. Is it because he wants her to win or is it because she's a vile exhausting hag? *shrugs shoulders* Who knows? He's mad she's giving up so easily. Rachel whines that she's not giving up. And around and around we go.

The frustration builds and Brendon begins to wave his arms more than usual. Rachel perches herself on a dresser while Brendon continues wearing the floorboards thin. Rachel insists she'll fight as hard as she can and with one quick "Shh!", Brendon tells her through clenched teeth to keep her mouth shut and lower her voice. He can yell as loud as he wants, but she's not allowed to speak. I realize her voice is annoying, but does he have scientific proof that it carries much further than his own voice? Does he have a marble journal of scientific data back in his studio apartment at UCLA? In this situation, Brendon is being an asshole, but why Rachel doesn't ignore him and tell him to keep his own voice down, I don't know. If I could reach through the tv and strangle some sense into her, I would. It's incredibly frustrating to watch someone sit glassy-eyed and not respond how you want them to.

For some reason, Brendon becomes very angry with Rachel sitting on the dresser. I think it's because he wants to sit on the bed and, like the Dalai Lama, no one else can sit higher than he does. That's the only explanation I can come up with because the second he insists she gets down from the dresser, he sits down on the bed. Once they're on the bed, Brendon becomes very angry with the mattress and begins to punch it. I don't know what the mattress ever did to him, but it's going to suffer for it... Ohhh, it'll suffer! The best part about the matress punch is how Twitter blew up in response. "If he can punch the bed, he'll punch her next!", "Oh my god, he's abusing her!", "@CBS should remove him from the house for beating her!" Lots of ridiculous ranting from some really uptight people who don't see the promise of what could be.

Let me lay it out for you, I want Brendon to punch Rachel. Before you get all angry, hear me out. Can you imagine the backlash that would come from Brendon smacking Rachel on the feeds? Ho.Ly. Shit! He would be removed from the house, he'd probably get kicked out of school, his future would be over, his reputation done and the world would hate him. I don't know about you, but that sounds fantastic to me. Am I the only one who has the foresight to see Brendon splashed all over the tabloids with the headline, "The Slap Heard Around The World!" We can all see how bad this relationship is for Rachel. Clearly, the girl needs a wake up call before she ruins her life for this kid. I don't like Rachel at all, but I also don't want to see any woman in a suffocatingly abusive relationship. Better to get it all over with with one solid punch and then move on. Besides, the show could use the ratings boost. It's a win-win for everyone. He's a sadistic asshole. Let's let him suffer a bit. I mean, why not?

Apparently, in the wee hours of the morning, Daniele got drunk and had two game changing conversations: one with Shelly and one with Jeff & Jordan. I haven't seen them yet and it'll take me a while to Flashback so I'll let you guys leave your thoughts on it in the comments. From what I can gather, Daniele may have spilled everything to Jeff & Jordan while at the same time begging them to take her back. It sounds messy and fascinating all at the same time, but, then again, that's what wine does to you. One second you're the life of the party and the next you're searching for your panties on the floor of some random person's apartment. Bottled poetry indeed! Comment it out bitches and have a great day! Tomorrow is my day off so I'll see you on Friday.

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  1. I totally agree about the slap being something that should happen. We would never have to hear from or about Brendon ever again, and there is no way Rachel could stay with him after that because no one would let her. I'm not a masochist or evil person, but better it happen on the live feeds than in the privacy of their marital bed.

  2. If knowing his penis is all over the internet, jacking off to another woman, why would a little slap, even heard around the world, stop Rachel from staying with him. The reason being, she is so insecure about herself, and has no self esteem, she feels he is her savior, regardless of how abusive, mentally or physcially, he becomes. It is a match made in Hell, and I do not think if they marry, it will last, but Brendon will be the one to leave, not Rachel. Rachel would try the patience of a Saint, Brendon clearly is no Saint, and as they get older and the physical attraction for Rachel starts to fade, Brendon will leave, sooner than later.

  3. Well Bitch, I don't know if I can clear up the "secret alliance" of DRB, but I suspect the reason (other than maybe back dooring Brendon) Dani didn't nominate them initially was because before the noms, B&R formed a secret 3 way alliance but it was suppose to be secret and NO ONE was to know. So, why she then back doored B shoots that theory all to hell so I don't know what happened that she now feels the need to either keep him and, if not able to, protect the wench. Dani is probably rightfully so thinking her own alliance of P&K can't pull her to the corner of the block much less to the end.
    Now, on to the fight . . . . I just watched it myself a little while ago. I admit, I didn't get through it all so don't really know the end but I see what you mean about the emotional abuse. Luckily R had some wine in her and stood her ground - well, a little more than usual. And, yes, so funny about his marble journal of scientific data that confirms his voice does NOT carry and hers DOES. LMAO He is without a doubt the most immature, insecure individual I've ever seen. Yup, a slap would have produced clouds full of glitter to open and drop on us all. No one (not me anyway) will give a shit about a slap after the more damaging emotional abuse he inflicts on a daily basis.
    I want Shelly to win HOH and put up R and K. I don't think she will but it would be fun to see. Does anyone think Adam could walk away with this season?

  4. UGH! I am so confused as to what or who Dani is for. I hope not the red beast. I am also finished with Jeff (Who is a douche) & Jordan for too many reasons to list here. I cant take much more of Kalia's non-stop gab fest! Before putting a gun to my head! YES FINALLY, BB told Kalia to stop the damn singing!
    I dont like Rachel but, like you I dont like to see any woman take that shit, Did you notice when Rachel did come down & sit on the mattress that the madder Brendon got, The more she keept moving away from him & said "You get so crazy" I think she is afraid of Brendon big time! I think you are right about a slap just a little one, He will get kicked out, Rachel will feel bad & self evict, dont know if she would leave him tho! She has that abused women syndrome thing going on. She will forgive him over & over again! Loved the way you said "Brendon lurches into the kitchen" haha so true! I remember last year that either Brittney or Ragen said that Brendon reminded them of a T-Rex when he walked. Which is also true. lol
    Love your BB blog Lala!

  5. As the Anon said, I don't think a little slap will stop Rachel from giving Brendon some handies. In fact, later that night after their fight they were going at it pretty hard under the covers. I'm pretty sure he's hit her before, or grabbed her hard, but I think maybe it just turns them on. Who doesn't like a little bit of make up sex? Especially when they fight EVERYDAY. Last season I think I was the first to call it on some chat I was in. BR were arguing about something, she got up from her HOH bed and he grabbed her arm and pulled her back to the bed. I called him an abusive controlling dick then, and I still am now. I disagree with you a little Lala, Rachel actually was standing up for herself more than usual. She didn't say "why don't you keep your voice down" but she did laugh in his face a few times, called him crazy (wasn't it perfect it all happened in a padded room?) and essentially all the things he was saying made sense too. "Go do your Rachel thing and look pretty for the cameras." For once it was as if they forgot the cameras were there. Even for a minute. As for the Dani deal. Rachel has no one left. As Rachel as pointed out herself, no one likes her, it's just like last season. A big group of people don't like you last season, and a big group of people don't like you this season...hmm, I guess she realized it's HER and not Britney's fault. In any case, Dani just has to make sure this week Rachel is on her side, not JJ's. What some called "spilling everything while drunk" I called masterful. She's splitting up alliances, causing doubts with JJAS. She even caused a fight between Jeff Jordan and Rachel today, because JJ won't vote to keep Brendon. It was funny when Jeff said "go yell at the people that caused this!" (Dani). Dani told JJ things they wanted to hear, so if they're HOH she won't be put up by them either. The more time goes on, the more allies Dani seems to get. Jordan pushed Kalia to her and Dom. JJBR pushed Porsche to Dani as well. Now it might be Rachel. Adam could be next. If Shelly had a brain that wasn't so fixated on killing her first born to please Jordan, she'd go too. Just for the fact Jeff repeatedly says how he doesn't trust her! None of this might work and there's about an 85% chance Dani goes home, but at least she's trying!

  6. I hate to disagree with you Dan, because usually I'm right there with ya, but....
    I believe that Brendon is way too much of a pussy to throw a slap or a punch, and I believe that Rachel has plenty of weapons (and balls) to fight back in such a situation, and would just chew him up and spit him out. Believe me, she's in NO DANGER with Brendon. 

    It's just that Brendon needs her to agree with his very very important point, which he has to re-state again and again because he believes in it soooo much. Even after she deigns to agree with him, which she did try sort of, he will not let it go. He doesn't need to hit her, he just has to not say ILY back or something to hurt her far worse. Sure, he doesn't want for her to walk away while he is making his point, but that's because of his insecurity. And maybe, just maybe, the thousandth time he explains, she might get it!

    C'mon y'all, how many HOURS have EVERY SINGLE HG, even those who hate her, tried to make exactly this point about her impulse control problems to her over and over and SHE STILL WON'T STOP DOING IT?!? I am a really peaceful person, but my mattress has suffered a few fist-slaps this summer too. ; )

    It is Jeff who in normal conversation who will say super-hostile things like, "I just want to punch her face in," or "I just wanna strangle the b****," or somesuch when he's mad at someone for doing something that doesn't fit in with his plan to just sail through and win. And his tirade with Kalia should have resulted in Jordan being the replacement nom, but instead he actually DID intimidate Kalia into doing what he wanted. I would have told him right then that I was putting Jordan up because of him and see how he likes his tirade then. And explain it to everyone at the meeting. That's entertainment!

    He's not a pussy like Brendon, so he might get into real trouble one day with his temper. They are alike in that they both want to control their women, but Jordan is super-easy to control while Rachel is a feisty broad who is not gonna lie down and do what she is told, no matter how many people parrot it and how many times they do. But she is in no physical danger from him--I would bet on it!

    (Is it just me or does Jeff's little "love" pet name to Jordan just sound weird when he says it, especially at the end of a sentence? Like a British-ism that just sounds shite with an American accent?)

  7. Just a guess, but I think that Dani is just telling Rachel she's trying to help Brendon so that after Dani helps him out the door, she can shrug her shoulders to Rachel and have her on her side anyway. Can't hurt to try. I've seen totally impossible things happen on BB! I think that the folks who work the diary room have a lot more effect on the HGs than we can even imagine. They must have psychologists on the payroll telling them about how to properly use off-hand questions or suggestions to cause people to go totally stupid. That's all I can figure. What do you think, Lawon?

  8. LOL @ Anon 3:50 ~ "What do you think, Lawon?"
    That was pretty funny!