Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Final Countdown

This is it, bitches. We've got ourselves a hot mess of a cast, a fancy new pad and my delivery truck of glitter is about to pull up any second. The gin is chilling in the basement and, goddess knows, I'm gonna need it.

Big Brother is a whole different ballgame when you're watching these yahoos every second of the day. You can even lie out by the pool, put on some headphones and enjoy the chicanery from your iPad, iPhone or Android phone. Don't confine yourself to the edited package of the CBS shows, watch it all uncensored! F-bombs, nip slips, under the sheets canoodling, name calling, weave snatching and all the rest of it.

Click below and join the madness. You know you want to.

CBS Interactive Inc.


  1. Colette is amazing, I listened to the weekly podcast and your so well spoken, honest, direct and the star of the show. She read my daughter Amanda like you have known her for years. Very impressive.

  2. Robert, I've changed my mind about Amanda. How about some nice words for the main host of the show??? :)

  3. Ok Scott, here is 100% truth. I started listening to what you had to say about Amanda and usually after I hear what people have to say, I click off. This show was so entertaining I actually stayed for the whole podcast. The most interesting show I have found since entering this process. You guys made me a fan that will be listening in every week. And Scott, you will end up loving Amanda... She will be very very entertaining. I can promise that. You and Colette have great chemistry. I'll be listening.

    1. Hey Robert! Thanks for the lovely words. I'm so glad you and Amy were listening. Be sure to check your twitter account. I sent you Scott and Mike's info.

  4. Thank You. Haha ass kisser. I will check.

  5. Thanks, Robert. I'm glad you enjoyed our little show.

  6. Signed up through your link, excited for the season to start!
    Pissed off about After Dark though, how lame to have to watch on TVGN. Guess it will be all feeds this summer =)

    Thanks LaLa for the entertainment, looking forward to the new blogs.

  7. I guess if you're over 40 you can't be on BB any more, a little age diversity would have made it more interesting. They have over sanitized "BB after Dark" the audio is muted whenever someone swears, so we miss a lot of dialogue that makes it hard to follow a conversation.....as long as I'm complaining , TVGN is not broadcast in High Def like Showtime's "After Dark" was.