Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Devil On The Run

In On Grief and Grieving, Elisabeth Kubler-Ross theorizes that there are five stages of emotions a person goes through when experiencing loss. The first stage is Denial and goes something like this: Willie will be back. He's fine! Everybody is such a liar. He's probably just having a private Bible Study in the Diary Room. Then we move on to the second stage, Anger - Goddamn CBS m*therf*ckers! Don't EVER talk to me again! I hate you and I wish you were never born! Bargaining is the third stage - Maybe if we protest, maybe if we boycott... The fourth stage is Depression... Leave me alone. I don't have to get out of bed if I don't want to. The laundry can wait. I have a bundt cake to eat. Finally, we come to Acceptance - I accept that Allison Grodner can't make a goddamn TV show to save her life. I accept that her dumb ass twists are ruining Big Brother. I accept that my summer has officially been ruined. I accept that eating a bundt cake in the bed was a bad idea. Basically, I've gone through all five stages in about six hours. I didn't really eat a bundt cake but I did inhale an entire package of Twizzlers while chugging a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon with ground up sleeping pills floating in the glass while simultaneously yelling at my friends on Twitter. Now I'm just tired and cranky and wondering where the hell all my Twizzlers went. Let's recap, shall we?

The day began with a fart. A big old stinky Frank fart. A squishy wet "someone's gotta change their shorts" fart. And then it was all downhill from there. The house is in a tizzy over dear sweet fairy sprite Willie and all anyone can talk about is that new Coach Power that allows a Coach to trade one of their players for another player.

Britney is especially bunged up about everything as she advises Shane and JoJo to keep their distance from Willie. Shane agrees wholeheartedly and blames his upcoming shitty week in the house on fluffy puppy Willie. Since whining is contagious (thank you very much Britney), Shane whines, "We're in this situation because of him!" JoJo nods her head emphatically and agrees. The bitch actually agrees. Last night she was a loyal solider in our fight against the Coach Tyranny and today she's turning state's evidence and wearing a wire. You know how people say chivalry is dead? Well I think loyalty is dead. You can't trust anyone anymore and it's depressing.

Britney then turns to JoJo and tells her to keep her mouth shut this week (I wonder where she learned that from - Saint Willie!). "Do not say anything to anyone on Janelle's team." Then, for the two thousandth time, Britney has another pity party for herself over the how the other Coaches are essentially telling her to throw up her white flag this week.

Up in the HOH room where all of the most hideous smells of the universe are trapped, Boogie is telling Frank that even though they have Ian on their side 100%, it's tempting to trade him for Shane if he wins the Coaches' Challenge. Boogie isn't all that confident in Ian pulling through for them in a future crucial competition. Wil then enters and Boogie mentions the possibility of Britney trading Willie for Wil. Wil leans over to tie his mukluks and says it doesn't matter whose team he's on, he won't change his allegiance. He just doesn't want to be with JoJo because he hates her.

Britney enters and asks to speak to only Frank and Boogie. I swear, any room that Jenn is in, she's guaranteed to get kicked out of. So Britney wants to know what the dilly-o is and Frank says he needs to wait and see who wins the Coaches' Competition. Boogie, however, is chock full of ideas and does all of the speaking for that loser Frank. Boogie throws scenario after scenario at Britney wondering what she'd do, who she'd trade Willie for, who her team would nominate down the road, etc. Britney, on the other hand, is basically looking for someone to tell her that it's OK to trade Willie. She needs the boys in the HOH to be behind her idea of trading Willie for Danielle and getting Dan out of the game. Frank tells Britney that that's the only scenario he'll look down upon favorably. If Britney trades Willie to any other team, he'll nominate two of her players. No questions asked. That sounds threatening Frank. That sounds like bullying. (Note: I hate it when people bring up bullying. It's the word/cause du jour and I'm sick of it. Frank is a tool for turning his nomination speech into an anti-bullying PSA.)

Britney then goes on and on about how, to no avail, she tried to control Willie. No offense Britney, but this isn't your game. It's their game. You shouldn't be trying to control anyone. You shouldn't even be there. The beauty of Willie was that you couldn't control him. Do you really think we want to sit here and watch you idiots play puppet masters? Oh yeah, stifled personalities... that's fun! She then goes on a rant about how her game is over, her only options are which route to take to losing, and how it's all Willie's fault. Oh Britney... silly horrible Britney. Who was it that told Willie about the Coaches entering the game? Who was it that told Willie people were calling him homophobic?

Boogie then asks Britney what she thinks about his new theory that the evicted HG's are in sequester and, eventually, a Coach in the house will be able to choose one to come back. Britney thinks the chances are very high. She wonders if she trades Willie for Danielle and they evict Willie and Dan, would Dan come back if Willie does? Boogie strokes his chin and replies, "That's a great question, but I don't think so." Britney also wonders what would happen if someone came back and joins a team of 3, could that team then have a team of 4 (which is more than they had to begin with)? Boogie thinks it's a possibility.

Here is where it gets interesting and gross... Britney tries to tell Frank how loyal JoJo and Shane are. They were so loyal to Willie that they stayed with him even though his ship was sinking. Boogie likes hearing this because, in his mind, actions speak louder than words. He likes the loyalty potential lying within Shane. Frank, who has been reclining on the bed trying to keep his odors contained, finally pipes up and says that the reason he told Wil about Willie being homophobic was so he could get Ashley's vote. At first I didn't think anyone in the room caught it - Frank said it so fast and said it at such an odd moment in the conversation - but then Britney gets awkwardly quiet and you know the wheels are turning. I'm all for inventing lies to mess with someone else's game, but Frank was being outright malicious. The guy isn't clever enough to invent an alliance rumor or a phony conversation. He goes right to something personal that not only messes with someone's reputation, but hurt an innocent person's feelings. Frank is the worst kind of person because he does these things with an air of ease. With a shoulder shrugging, "So what?"

The conversation quickly turns back to whether or not to trade Willie. Britney says that trading him to Dan might actually be good for Willie. If anyone can rehabilitate Willie, Dan can. Boogie agrees saying that Dan takes gang members and turns them into football players for a living. His job is literally changing who people are. Then, it dawns on Boogie. "I never thought of it that way. That could be a problem." Grrrreat Britney. Just great. Is it your mission in life to ruin everything?

Next it's Shane's turn in the HOH and if you watched this then you know what I'm about to say - SHUT UP SHANE! Boogie is seriously considering trading for Shane and is trying to tell him what the plan could be, but Shane keeps interjecting and interrupting with "Willie did it!", "It's all Willie's fault!", "I just couldn't get through to Willie!" I think Shane thought that blaming everything on Willie would get him sympathy, but it's only making it harder for Boogie to get a word in edgewise. I do have to admire Boogie's patience though. I would have told Shane to shut up and stick a cork in it.

While watching Boogie workshop the "trade for Shane" idea, we get a few glimpses of stink bomb Frank and you can tell that he is not happy. First off, Boogie is totally running his HOH. Secondly, I don't think Frank wants Shane to join them. I think he wants to be the only strong guy on his team. Boogie, however, loves the idea of having two "sick athletes" on his team.

At one point Boogie asks Shane if he'd be up for making a one week deal that keeps Frank and the rest of Boogie's team safe next week. If Shane keeps Boogie's team safe, Frank will nominate Shane immediately so he can play for POV. I don't know if Shane heard the word "deal" and then did a verbal diarrhea thing or what, but he blurts out, "I'll do it for 2 weeks!" And that's how Shane actually gave Frank permission to nominate him as well as agreeing to keep him safe for 2 weeks. He's either a giant idiot or Boogie is some kind of a wizard. I vote idiot.

Meanwhile, Britney and Willie are downstairs hatching a plan. Britney is telling Willie everything that Boogie said in the HOH and overly emphasizing how smart Boogie is. She doesn't think Willie will be nominated outright. He might be backdoored. Willie is happy to hear this and plans to win POV so he can take Shane off the block and safe them both. Ahhh loyalty! Britney reminds him that he needs to have his name picked in order to play or someone needs to pick him as their Houseguest's choice.

Britney then asks Willie who he thinks she should trade him for. I'm completely confused here because they were just talking about saving the team. Anyhow, Willie says Ian and a light bulb goes off in my head. If Britney wins, she should trade Willie for someone on Boogie's team! Boogie is all about keeping his team safe and intact. And wouldn't that be amazing if Frank was told not to nominate Willie? Sure, Frank would go after Britney's team, but who cares? Frank would be stymied and that's all that matters.

After Britney finishes talking to Willie, Wil yanks her into the Have Not room for a discussion. He tells her that he doesn't want her to trade Willie for him and that if she does trade for him, he's not above throwing HOH's or POV's to make her team lose. He doesn't like JoJo and Willie and will not, under any circumstances, do anything to side with them. At the end of the conversation he tells Britney that he knows it wasn't fair to bully her like that... oopsie! He catches himself using the word "bully" to describe his own actions and says, "Well, not bully." Oh shut up Wil. You're a hypocrite just like Frank. Look, I don't care that you strong arm people into doing your bidding (in fact I enjoy it), but don't act all chaste and innocent while calling Willie a bully (when he never was!) when you're ten times worse than he is. You hear me Vicki Gunvalson?

The rest of the morning and well into the afternoon was spent with more conversations about possible trades and nominations. I got sick of watching them after a while because I knew the second the Coaches Competition was over, the conversations would start all over... again!

So the feeds finally go down and, if the Cab Sav hasn't wiped my memory completely clean, I believe it was a pretty long competition. When the feeds return, we discover that Willie, JoJo, Shane and Ian are Have-Nots. Apparently, Ian volunteered because he loves the Have-Not room. Some people find this part of Ian charming. I do not. I still don't like this kid. It also sounds like Janelle won the Coaches Competition and that Dan may have thrown it again.

Something else happened though. Something... not right. Willie is angry. He is really angry and I'm getting the impression that something took place during that competition. To me, it looks like he's pissed off at much more than being a Have-Not. Like, the HG's did something to him or laughed at him or ganged up on him. I'm not sure.

So the General is pissed off and he is pacing around the house. JoJo looks on with wide eyes because she knows, she just knows, that something is about to go down.

Then it happened. In a whirl. Our little fig newton was not only chasing tornadoes, he was a tornado. A silent seething tornado. First he marched through the house with an eerie expression of peace and calm on his face. His body told a slightly different story though. It had purpose. It was driven. It took Willie right upstairs to the HOH room where he bursts in and announces to the assholes inside that he's going to get evicted before he gets evicted. He leaves as quickly as he entered and the HG's start laughing at him. Joe thinks Willie's cryptic message means he wants to fight.

Willie returns downstairs where Shane is now trying to calm him down. Shane tells him to chill, but Willie says it's too late. He's already gone up to the HOH and told them. Then, the feeds go down.





And they stay down.

And they stay down.

There must be so much blood to mop up because they stay down some more.

And some more.

About 4 hours later they return. My eyes flit from camera to camera. Where is he? Where's Willie?! Someone somewhere in the house says that Wilie is gone, but everyone in that house is a fuckwit so of course I don't believe them. I go room to room searching for the General. In the distance, I can hear Shane and JoJo talking about being nominated. WHO CARES? WHERE. IS. WILLIE.

Then, silence.

I slowly sit back into the couch cushions and stare at the screen of my laptop. With vacant eyes, it washes over me.  The realization that Willie is gone. Gone.


The Revolution is over and when a Revolution ends you pour an entire bottle of wine down your throat and dread the months to come because deep down you know that you got greedy. You had it great for nine days. Nine amazing days. But that's it! That's all you get. The universe giveth and the universe taketh away.

The story that we can piece together is that Willie did not quit. In fact, he went out in what Jon Bon Jovi calls a "blaze of glory." Our Willie, our six gun lover, our candle in the wind, most likely threw some kind of pork product at Janelle's head while calling her a cunt and then he may have head butted Joe a few times. Personally, I don't see anything wrong with any of that. What's the big freaking deal?! So Joe got a few of his face pubes disheveled. So. What.

And that's where we are. I stopped watching the feeds after that. There was no point really. If you think I want to watch Frank and Joe gloat, you're nuts. I need some mourning time. I'll have much more to say tonight on the Big Brother Gossip Show where I'm going to try to not throw a tantrum, but I can't make any promises.

Until then, Willie I thank you. You were an amazing Houseguest and you gave me a wealth of material to work with. All I ever want out of Big Brother is to be entertained and to not be bored. I was never bored with you in the house. Good luck, godspeed, and thank you for throwing pork at Janelle. You will be missed.

So, what do you guys think? Are you sad to see Willy go? Can of the dumb asses left entertain us? Who do we root for now? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

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  1. One week, Britney, you cow. One week of not being queen of the hill. You might have lost a player. But that is how the game goes. Hell it might have been Jojo. But no. All of you jumped on the "We hate Willie" bandwagon. And now you've ruined the fun for the entire summer. Ugh.

  2. Adieu to dear Willie. He brought the drama - hopefully the other hamsters will step it up. *Le sigh*

    Now, Ms. Lala, please don't go all Natalie/Lydia on us after Jessie got evicted. There are still glimmers of hope for drama. Joe is a total tool, who will rat somebody out in a heartbeat - I think he'll be the source of many fights to come. While Willie was the ring leader, this cast has shown a proclivity towards the dramatic. I think they might still bring it. Sure, it'll be a bit less fabulous with Willie gone, but I think it still has the potential for fabulosity.

    Keep hope alive, girl! Keep hope alive!!

  3. Ian Ian I watched 10 days now& I feel like I have to root for the liitle shit to win

    I hate big brother this is code I might have to turn in to a perv & now wait for slips of some peen&why do the hell do I click on the women links-yep this what we have left(I need help I know)

    Im bummed drained & sure hell dont want the fcktards to yell GET OVER IT! HE is Quitter blah blah -they are fctards for reason dont they get sarcasm dont they know we all bitch& most likely watch the shit to end anyways

    ill end there on rant
    No wait one more thing&Im sure in 2 weeks the same fckers will be yelling IM BORED ,then Ill become the fcktard & yell I TOLD U SO!

    Great blogs as always

  4. Sorry to disagree with you but I am glad Willie is gone.He should never have been in there in the first place with his history of violence., and he wouldn't have been if not for his brother Russell. The HG are stuck in there with a psychiopath and you think that is great for your entertainment?You get stuck in there with a fear for your safety and think a few head bumps are OK.There is a limit.
    I will agree that Brit has a huge role in all that transpired. She kept pushing all the wrong buttons, as is TPTB, cause Willie was trying to get into the DR and they didn't let him in. The situation might have been defused if he had somewhere to go and talk it out. But ultimately, he is responsible for his behavior and if not this week, then sooner or later he would have blown up as this game only gets worse as time goes on.Hopefully CBS is done with the Hantz family, they are all losers.

    1. I don't think a few head butts were OK.
      I think Willie should gone way farther and just beat Joe down, period. We all know he deserved it.
      I am not a fan of violence in general, but this is reality TV (which means it's about 50 percent real), and let's be honest people WANT things to go batshit on these shows.
      Back to Willie- He was totally engorged with his power at first, but the way those people jacked him over was bullshit. And Joe was pretty much the cause of it all. He is a gutter dwelling disease ridden rat who is lucky he got to be the "hero" who took one for the team.
      Let's also add that Willie, although not smart about the execution of his plan, was doing what he did to possibly protect his team mates. I think he thought his leaving would keep them safe for the week (void an eviction). Sadly he doesn't seem to have to patience needed to have pulled it off at the right time.

      Anyway, hoping they bring in some crazy ass twist to shake this shit up, because with Willie gone I am already bored.

    2. What a sad comment on the state of our society that you think it is OK to beat someone down for you entertainment.

    3. Actually, I said I am NOT a fan of violence.
      But I am not blind to the world around me and I see that what sells on reality TV is people screaming at each other and at times getting physical.
      As for Willie and Joe, I was *semi* joking that he deserved worse...But I have to be honest and say that for all the shit he did to Willie behind his back, I wish Willie would have clocked him with one good punch.
      Jusge all you want, at least I admit.

      PS- And I would rather see it happen in a controlled environment than to see all the little idiots on YouTube beating people up just to try to see how many views they can get.

      PSS- Lala, love your blog!

  5. Willie, gone too soon. Who the hell am I going to root for now? Joe? Frank? Ashley?!


    1. I know :( It's more who I don't want to win than rooting for someone now :*(

  6. I disagree anonymous, Joe seems to be a much bigger problem down the road than willie would have ever been. Joe even admitted he was a bully in high school. HE WAS THE PERSON WHO PUSHED WILLIE OVER THE EDGE. If you were in willie's shoes during all of that would you not have snapped too? don't lie about it. He was a kicked dog for 24 hours and you can only kick a dog so much before he bites. THE ENTIRE HOUSE ARE BULLIES.

    Also, where does the big brother gossip show come on, I want to watch it tonight!

    1. It's a podcast. You can listen to it live at 10pm EST at

  7. Love him or hate him, Willie entertained us. I'm sad to see his lovely face go away; yet I completely understand why he got so damn mad. I *hate* people like Joe that constantly goad others when they are upset. Joe is a 40-something "grown-ass man", and the way Joe was egging Willie on when he was clearly upset reminded me of how those 20-something crazy chicks on the Bad Girls Club act when they want one of the other girls tossed out and are too stupid to be creative about it. I'm surprised the feeds didn't come back on to a scene of Joe throwing Willie's clothes and mattress in the pool. As far as I'm concerned, they should split the $500k between Frank/Joe and the $100k between Boogie/Janelle and call it quits. Fire Grodner's dumb-ass and bring in someone new and give us back the Big Brother we all grew to love. No more vets, no more forced teams, no twists to bring back someone who was already evicted. Just throw 14 strangers in a house, allow their alliances to form organically, and sit back and watch it unfold. *sigh* So long Willie. Goodnight, Sweet Prince. RIP BB 14

    Oh, and also, if BB/CBS want to help their rapidly declining ratings, and retain a shred of dignity, they should be sure to include Frank's admittance of lying about Willie being homophobic. Clear Willie's name and turn the "Aw Shucks, it's funny when I fart y'all" guy into a gaseous villain that viewers will grow to hate. Wishful thinking, I know, but a girl has got to dream... In a world without Willie, what else is there?

  8. Joe threw Willie's stuff into the pool??? Was this before or after he left? Either way he is still a douche, but if someone tossed my stuff in a pool I would have lost my shit. I am sure this will be edited to villianize Willie and make everyone else look like victims.

  9. I totally agree with LaLa here. With they way everybody he was working FOR turned on him in the end, I can't say I blame him. And "history of violence" Oh please... They are in a house with plastic knifes surrounded by production and cameras. The worst that could happen is a 2 second scuffle before CBS would to be pulling them apart. And hey, maybe it would be exactly what the ratings need so badly. No, instead lets watch them all kiss each others asses the rest of the summer, singling out anybody that goes against the status quo. Sounds like a pretty weak summer to me. Thanks Brit! >(

  10. The way Willie treated his team and brit when they turned on him is not the personality of a bully. Brit talked to him like he was a piece of dog turd on the bottom of his shoe. I agree Colette that loyalty is dead in this game. Willie let brit talk to him like that for a while and even said "I don't want to fight with you brit". Willie is the only person in the game so far besides Ian to not bully someone. Its just sad Ian can't/didn't see it. I hope, I HOPE, cbs does the right thing and clears willie's name in a public apology. The only thing I have to look forward to this summer with this show is watching these assholes go out one at a time crying. Those delicious tears will satisfy me with the way they treated willie.

  11. This is the very BEST blog I have ever seen about the whole thing! I'm really going to miss Willie on the show. CBS really f'ed up this time letting things escalate to the point where Willie had to do what he had to do. CBS needs to fess up the truth of what REALLY happened to lead Willie to all this if they want their ratings back...bring integrity that Willie had back to the game...I'm so pissed with JoJo, Shane and Brit for turning their backs on him now after all he did was shoulder all the blame for their alliance going downhill and defend them. Shame on them and shame on CBS for allowing it to escalate to this degree.

  12. I am SO bummed out. I can't believe that Willie is gone. I watched the whole thing...and sat and waited the 4 LONG hours.

    When Janelle...who I loved on seasons past...saw that Willie was getting irritated, she ran upstairs to tell Boogie to go and annoy him to push him over the edge. Joe, Boogie, Janelle and Frank all stayed up in the HOH talking about how AWESOME it would be if Willie lost it.

    These people were NOT scared for their safety. These people WANTED Willie to lose it and get kicked out. Joe even laughed and said how he could take Willie in a fight. They were not hiding in fear. They were laughing at him.

    This grown man has been lied about, had his reputation tarnished, his words twisted, his intelligence questioned. He has been made fun of and he was judged before he even opened his mouth because he looks like this brother. AND he tolerated being berated by Britney over and over and over. I think he took more than a lot of people could take before blowing up.

    Also...and this was told by more than one person including Janelle, when Willie threw the porkrinds at her and called her a bitch, she laughed at him, told him to fuck off and then said ''Bye Bye Willie'' THIS is not a woman who is scared.

    I just can't stand all the stuff I am reading about how he caused so much fear in the house. It's crap.

    If he got physical fine, boot him. But it's not as bad as so many people are making it out to be and I honestly think he thought if he got kicked out Shane and JoJo would be safe and Franks HOH would be rendered unnecessary.

    Oh and I can't help but think of two other house guests that got physical and stayed. Little Jordan chest bummed Russell and stayed. Evil Dick threw stuff at Jenn AND burnt her with a cigarette because he was trying to blow smoke in her face. He was trying to intimidate her and it got physical.

    I liked Evil Dick and Jordan too.

    ok..i had my say. I just feel bad to for guy.

    1. totally agree with everything you've just said.

  13. Willie sure was entertaining. I completely blame his demise on Britney. SHe was supposed to be his coach, but when the power shifted she had a meltdown. She berated him which weakened his ability to bounce back. She was very selfish. She thought Willie would be voted out and she would be down a player and she never even stopped to consider that there was a week to turn the house around. The situation was not impossible, but Britney gave up. This is because Britney emerged from season 12 where no one played, they just all helped Hayden win the game. Britney started the whole situation by deciding that the coaches would come into play and then stupidly telling Willie this. She fucked with his head non stop and never once coached him, Instead she tried to play the game vicariously through him and she did a terrible job. Fuck her.
    I don't hate this twist. I think it could have be/maybe still could be interesting. It isn't the twist's fault. Its fucking Britney's fault for ignoring the twist and trying to play for herself when she wasn't even a player.

  14. First I want to talk about Frank. He's disgusting. I've seen him lift his ass and fart and hike up his leg to fart. Did someone forget to tell him that there are cameras throughout the house? It is possible to hold in a fart. When I go to the store I don't hear a cacophony of farts up and down the aisles. In polite company we don't fart. I hate Frank. He's preoccupied with his own feces and feels the need to discuss his bouts of diarrhea. And while I know that it's very chic to be anti-bully I don't need to be preached at from the BB house. I rolled my eyes while he was talking the other night. Big, greasy gas-bag!

    Ah Willie. It was a great 9 days, wasn't it? I'm not yet through the stages of denial. I'm still stuck on 'Anger'. I'm angry at Grodner and I'm angry at Brit. But I'm angry at Willie too. I liked him. I defended him. I don't think he's a bad person. I think he tries very hard to be a good person. Unfortunately I suspect he has temper and impulse control issues and that was his downfall. I heard the c-word (can we just say 'cunt' here?) but is that any worse than screaming at Frank that he's a motherfucker and cocksucker? If Willie was evicted as opposed to self-evicting it's because he got too aggressive and I do think that a head-butt is crossing the line. Would I have liked to have seen it? Hell yeah! But getting angry and becoming physical or aggressive....I don't know.....I just don't think there's a place for that. I wish Willie could have gotten into the diary room when he wanted in. Maybe this could have been avoided. I will miss him, that's for sure.


  15. Jennifer...I forgot about him trying to get into the Diary room prior to all this. He stood there for quite some time pressing that button. Makes a girl wonder if BB wanted to see some drama. Guess they got more than they bargained for.

    1. Exactly! BB was definitely trying to keep the drama going of the past umpteen days and that is why they wouldn't let Willie in the DR. I think it's just crap that we as the viewers lost another awesome hg just like we were cheated out of Ed last year because of AG and her greediness for money and ratings. Well AG you may have shot yourself in the foot ...again because the viewers took to Willie and now that he's gone you may have lost a lot of us.
      I agree with a majority of you that Willie was just trying to show that he was not the typical Hantz and not only did he want to win the big prize but I believe he wanted to redeem the Hantz family name and shove it in Russell's face. Go home after winning and say, "See brother, A Hantz really can win with dignity and respect" I really like him a lot and it sucks that he's gone but goofball Frank and dildo Joe are still there.

  16. P.S. I've been meaning to tell you this for a week but thank you so much for your blogs. I enjoy them very much. I know they must be a lot of work for you but I appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else who reads them does to.



    brandon hantz sticks up for his uncle.

  18. I don't know if Willie is a bully or a racist or homophobe or a Lousiana redneck scumbag who played too hard too early and now uses his twitter account like a 16-year-old girl.

    I do know this. You can drop the words he used head butt people on television, regardless of your entertainment value.

    were movies in the late 60s and early 70s right after the Hays code was drop more entertaining because they showed drugsm nudity, and questioned authoritry....yes. But society;s different now.

    I didn't dislike Willie as a game player. He was just like his brother. Loud, boorish, sensitive, hypocritical, opionionated, but he played too much too soon.

    I like Janelle, Shane, Frank, Jo Jo, and Ian. I think they can provide enterianment.

  19. I blame it all on Brit. She couldn't keep her mouth closed on more than one occasion. As for Willie having violent tendencies that would have come out while Brit was ragging on him for an hour. He remained calm and respectful to her. I would have slapped her and not for entertainment but for my sanity. I can't stand sanctimonious anonymous comments.

    1. I blame Brit too. I don't like Boogie but I can't help but think he could have talked Willie down had he been his coach.

  20. Im sad Willie is gone, he kept thing interesting, much like his brother did on Survivor. That dont mean I liked either one of them because I didnt. They are both great while things are going their way but when the tide turns....look out. Willie developed a God complex up in that HOH room and when his reign was over he hated being mortal again. Id have loved for him to stay because he was probably going to be very entertaining and more than likely be at the center of a lot of drama. But when things got rough he picked the cowards way out. Instead of seeing it thru, fighting for his life, he got (supposedly) violent and was ejected. His "my way or the highway" attitude screwed everyone. The other houseguests and us, the viewers. Willie is to blame for ruining the season too, not just cbs/Grodner.

  21. In the style of Chris Crocker, LEAVE WILLIE ALONE! JUST LEAVE WILLIE ALONE!!!!

    Honestly the proof of went down leading up to this is in the footage/feeds. Except of course that 5hours of missing feeds wouldn't want us to see piece of shit Joe throwing Willie's belongings in the pool and who knows what else. Willie was entertaining! Then again Ive never watched 'Survivor' and held no prejudice against the Hantz family. My advice to CBS "NO MORE VETS!" This season would be awesome with just newbies. Some of these vets have been sucking the Bigbrother dick dry,time to move on!

    At this point I honestly don't know who to root for. Maybe jojo,Ian or Shane. They are the only newbies that don't piss me off. I loved will in the beginning but he turned out to be annoying and a hypocrite. (Side note ever notice how he copies Rupaul's old lady voice?) And jenn OMG I forget about her constantly! Sleepy bug eyes (Ashley)and lost puppy (Danielle) play the game more than her.

  22. I think very firmly that BB/CBS instigated this whole incident by not letting him into the DR. I land that whole thing squarely on their shoulders for the way they've engineered this season. It's like watching the jocks/cheerleaders vs the nerds/outcasts again. I'm really tired of everyone jumping on the anti-bullying bandwagon. Not everything is classified as bullying. Frank disgusts me and I hope that he and the little lying tattletale Joe are soon history.

  23. So bummed Willie is gone. I don't even know who I'm rooting for at this point.

    This whole mess is Team Janelle's fault. She's Brit's best friend for a week and a half, then suddenly 2 days before eviction they all flop over and align with Boogie's team.

    I wish Shane would've explained to Frank what actually went down last week. That when they were aligned with Janelle's team that whole week in HOH it was Janelle, Joe, and Wil that were gunning to evict Frank and keep Kara and it was Willie who wanted to keep Frank.

    Guess Joe forgot to tattle that part.

  24. Lol I can't stop laughing is everyone here a family member of Willie? Is he the father of your children? He called a woman the "c" word and physically attacked someone and it's not his fault? Poor poor unstable Willie... Oh I know it's Britney's fault she shouldn't of mentioned her theory to a member of her team, she should of known he would hold a ridiculous house meeting and become drunk on hoh power...

  25. What a clusterfuck!

    Big Bully is ruined for me (for now). I think Willie got a bad CBS edit and only live feeders know he is not an ass. Sadly I think he thought he would save his friends by getting expelled (NOT happy how he did this, but I understand HE thought he was being honorable) Joe sucks... I wanted to like him, but he makes me throwup in my mouth. Frank... I want to like him but I am pissed. BTW... we have the same hangouts in Naples. I hope he redeems himself so in October I don't get pissy when I run into him (sure to happen). Brit does awesome DRs... that is all. Janelle... not suprised... part of why we loved her is she instigated... but usually on the underdog's side... she just didn't see Willie as the underdog.

    I said I would quit smoking before quitting BB... but that may have been a lie after yesterday.

    I heart Willie, but I wish he would have pushed through and not checked out. Nobody likes a Chima. Such a disappointment. F Joe... and damn u Willie for letting him get further than you. I rooted for you. I guess I will root for Ian because Jojo & Shane lost me before Willie left the building.

    Thanks for continuing the blog in your grief Lala. I lurk more than post... but I read all of your blogs faithfully.


  26. I am sad to see Willie go, I like both him and Frank. Wish Willie had stuck to his deal with Frank in the first place...

    1. He was sticking to it. Love Wille still.

  27. Willie reminds me of the main character “Charlie” in the short story, “Flowers for Algernon”. Willie, like Charlie, is an unintelligent and overzealous subject of an experiment in which they are both given power only to lose it completely. In the end, both are left with nothing and even more socially unaccepted than when they began. The CBS experiment involved throwing this unlikeable buffoon into a game that is meant to entertain the masses. This was one of the most predictable scenarios ever on BB. Willie seems to have zero social skills. It was clear from the beginning that Willie is simply not capable of “working with people”. I think he wanted and expected to go into the house to mentally dominate the others. He’s self-possessed and when he was in “power” he was never satisfied. He wasn’t in danger, and yet he felt he had to wheel and deal. He spun his wheels and made too many promises. As for his “coach”, Brittney, she is useless. All she seems capable of doing is feel sorry for herself. Her greed is written all over her face and oozes out of her mouth every time she speaks. She is not as analytical as she thinks she is. All she does is come up with a myriad of what-ifs that are both destructive and panic inducing. Well, I have some what-ifs for Brittney. What if you thought before you spoke? What if you stopped thinking about yourself as a potential “player” and started “coaching”? What if you read your contract before you got into the house? What if CBS doesn’t fall for your pathetic attempts to manipulate the game to get yourself “in” as a player?

  28. Sorry Willie is going as well, but this "when you're ten times worse than he is. You hear me Vicki Gunvalson?" made my day.

  29. Willie was a loud idiot. He played a two week game, not a three month game. He just couldn't see beyond his HOH, couldn't see the bigger picture.

    I can't believe you actually quoted Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. What a quack.

  30. Frank admitted that he started the whole Wil / Willy homophobe conflict to sway Ashley's vote. It would be interesting to see that remark get back to Wil.

    Bottom line is BritNey started all this by telling Willie that the coaches would end up playing. I thought Britney was a bad player before. It appears she's an even worse coach.

  31. Is there a way to petition CBS to dump Grodner from BB? The game has lost so much since she's taken over. The twists, the "all-stars", the allegations that the DR dictates the game flow...enough already. Just let ordinary people play in an ordinary way. Stop manipulating the "reality". The drama will come naturally.
    I didn't like you Willie, but you shouldn't have been treated the way you were and you should still be in the game.


  32. I'm amazed at how many people are so sad that a person like Willie is gone! He and Brit caused every bit of this. Him making deals, lying and acting like he owned the joint.
    While your loving on Willie recap for yourself what he was doing.
    Then Brit, she was so 2 faced she egged on the bull shit all week. It was both of them doing it. You want to talk shit about frank for just trying to stay in the house. And he did try to trust Willie, however Willie was to damn paranoid from Britt and Jenelle's twisting in the screws.
    However, Willie was a 100% idiot to do what he did! he could not keep one thing to himself, He should have chilled out, waited take being on the block and fought to stay in. He didn't even try to talk to Frank and fix the mess and he could have. How many people have survived a stupid and lame fight. Its not like the house is 100% together.
    He was weak! To bad! To sad! could have been fun, but he acted a fool and now we get to watch the vets come into the game. Jenelle and Boogie are the two that will make this worth watching. Those two will cover each other wait and see, they will drive the rest off. Until She can turn on him and we all know she will.
    And come on name one person who is not two faced in this game.

    Boggie, Jenelle, Frank, Will and Jojo are the game. Dan's boring Brit is mental barbie, I dont see much from the rest. put them in the nerd herd group!

  33. very good.... once again, Colette... You've impressed.. -Christy

  34. Like everyone else, I loved Willie when I never thought I would. If BB doesn't tell the real story of why he's gone I'll quit watching. Like Lala, Frank gets on my last nerve. When I looked at him on day one I was pondering his unemployment thinking "Like a stray dog, he's too well fed not to belong to someone." Well, he does. Frank is pro wrestler Sid Vicious' son. While the rest of you probably know that, I had to look it up for myself. Now I know why he's unemployed - because he can be. And why will he play this game not caring who he hurts (like Wil)? Because he can. I hope Willie Stays. Really I do.

  35. What a hypocrite. I remember when you blasted Chima when she got herself kicked off, but you don't even bat an eyelash at Willie? Give me a break, this was basically Chima 2.0, he threw a little hissy fit because things weren't going his way. Regardless of how much you like a houseguest, it's inexcusable to throw away an opportunity like this. It's a gigantic slap in the face to all the people who have auditioned and failed to get on Big Brother. Even worse that you seem to applaud him in doing so, when I distinctly remember you ranting about Chima doing the same thing.

    1. I liked Willie and found him to be charming and entertaining. I don't think I've ever, in the history of my existence, ever found Chima to be one iota of charming or entertaining.

      Thank you for playing. Come again.

    2. Chima is the worst house guest of all time IMO, I agreed with everything you said about her following her leaving the house. All I'm saying is, Willie pretty much did the same thing, arguably worse since he allegedly got physical, and simply because you liked him it's ok? I've read your blog for the last few seasons and enjoyed it, but it really pisses me off when a houseguests does something like this. How many people would kill for the opportunity to be on Big Brother? Instead they wasted a spot on this loser simply because his last name is Hantz.

  36. I am going to have to break the news to my husband tonight that Willie is gone :( There may be tears. My whole freaking summer is now ruined because Joe and Frank are morons.

    Side note, I live like, literally 20 minutes away from Joe. I wanted so badly to like him. I tried, really. Now I'm embarrassed to be from the same state as him.

    He had better hope that I don't see him in the Wal~Mart or somewhere... Just sayin', I can throw a cantaloupe pretty far...

    1. Throw one for me please. Only for my lobbed fruit I would prefer you choose pineapple.

  37. How about cherry tomatoes fired from a wrist rocket? I'd pay to see that.