Thursday, July 26, 2012

Free Willie

TMZ reports that my little fig newton, Willie Hantz, was arrested in Louisiana last night for suspicion of operating a vehicle while intoxicated. According to an update by the lad himself, our scrumptious cream puff was boozing it up with fans last night at a bar called Bootleggers - "Lafayette downtown at bootleggers tonight. Walk up with your dukes up and I'll headbutt you for free" 

Drunk driving is bad.

But I still blame Allison Grodner! Had she kept Willie in the house, Big Brother 14 would be entertaining and the General wouldn't be in Ad-Seg right now waiting with a baggie of feces in his hand for a prison guard to walk by.

Drunk driving is bad.

I guess the best we can hope is that Willie learns a lesson from all of this. A very valuable lesson... Newports are worth so much more than Parliaments.


He's out!

(photo via @SurvivorShannon)

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  1. Maybe you can arrange a conjugal visit!

    1. Do you really want her to free Willie's willy????????

  2. This is the type of chaos that big Willie promised, if they (BB) were smart they should have found a way to keep him in the house with some type of punishment. It would have been a better season with him and why don't they give them all alcohol at 9am? this season is so boring I wish I was reading Bren-chel's wedding gift registry while watching Jordan take a nap as AG sneeks a peek at Big Jeff behind the two way glass....I am asleep
    Cheers, Sausage...

  3. He should have just stuck around the bar until he sobered up, or called a cab. Dammit willie, you should know better than this.

  4. Lol I just checked the jail's website - Willie is free on $750 bail!!!

  5. Drunk driving is bad and he should know better.

    TMZ refers to him as the Big Brother Villain. LOL. I still feel like my head is going to blow off when he is accused of being a villain. I swear i was watching a different show. He MAY have ended up being a villain, but he never even had time to be one.

    However, I am sure this will somehow..someway...have a negative effect on Britney's game. ;0)

  6. Here's a link...

  7. Big Brother Villain?? Good lord they wouldn't know a villain if he burned their socks and dumped out their water.

    But on a side note, my friend had a similar instance happen to them. I was bartending, he got too drunk, and I was going to drive him home after I got off work (he lived nearby). He wasn't allowed to stay in the bar as we closed so, being January, he went and started the truck to warm it up so I wouldn't freeze. He laid down on the bench seat and went to sleep waiting on me. The cops woke him up, got him to get out of the truck and then arrested him for being in control of a vehicle while under the influence. So even though I told the officer why he was sitting there in the truck and why he had started the vehicle, the officer said he should have slid over to the passenger side instead of just laying across the bench.

    Really?? It's 3 am, it's 30 degrees outside, and he's drunk. /rolls eyes LAME!!

  8. Yep, Newports are worth more than Parliments (even out in the real world), but Kool's are worth gold bars in jail.

    Beverly, the cops are a lot cooler where you live, I've seen them get people for DD around here for the keys being in the ignition, not with the engine started.

    The only way they don't cite you for DD around here is if the keys aren't near the ignition. But, they'll cite you for public drunk anyway. That ain't a points violation on your license anyway.

    Statistics show 2 out of 5 fatal auto accidents are caused by drunk drivers. So, consequently, that means the other 3 out of 5 are caused by people who are dead sober, and can't drive worth a shit!