Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

"Panic is the sudden realization that everything around you in alive." - William S. Burroughs

I have to get keep this relatively brief today so let's simply cover the facts. Spencer has used the POV to remove himself from the block and Candice has gone up in his place. This means that Howard, Candice and Amanda are up for eviction. Howard is the target who should have gone home last week, but Production reached out, interfered and kept their favorite token (the one that gives a controversial season some sort of meaning) safe. If you'll recall, J-U-DD would frequently come out of the Diary Room mumbling things like, "Ahummina I don't think they want Howard to go on the block hummina." And so, long story short, a very boring and uneventful player is finally on the block where he belongs. He is the intended target for the week, but wait! Here comes Spencer...

Spencer, Howard's best good friend, believes he has devised a plan to save Howard and get rid of Amanda. Earlier, Spencer spoke with J-U-DD and Andy promising them a shiny new alliance with himself, Howard and Candice. Andy and J-U-DD wisely decided to let Spencer think he has the game by the balls. In actuality however, they ran back over to their side of the house and told everyone about how Spencer is doing anything he can to save Howard and get rid of Amanda. Naturally, this infuriated Amanda and paranoia began to set in.

After the POV Ceremony, Amanda became visibly upset and worried that someone in her own alliance could turn on her. Everyone, McCrae included, advised her to tone down her game for the week and stop playing so hard. Easier said than done. All Amanda does is strategize. She's good at it, she's convincing, she targets people targeting her and she has pretty much run the entire game since week 1. Obviously, this is threatening to others... namely, Spencer.

Speaking of Spencer, he feels like he has this week all locked up. After the POV Ceremony, he tells Howard that they have the votes to keep him in the game this week - J-U-DD, Andy, VaGina (GinaMarie) and Jessie. The plan is for J-U-DD to tell Jessie to switch her vote at the last minute on Thursday. Spencer will then pop up during the live show and make a speech to Aryan about how Amanda is running the game. Somehow, this is supposed to make Aryan break the tie in favor of Howard. Let's break this down, shall we?
A) The only vote Spencer might actually have to save Howard is VaGina.
B) Spencer isn't on the block anymore. There are no speeches to made by him during the live show!
C) Andy and J-U-DD are masterfully playing Spencer like a fiddle.

Andy, who I think is in a great position so far game wise, knows he needs to keep this Spencer ruse going all the way up to the live show. He quickly meets with Jessie and tells her everything about how Spencer is trying to flip the house, how Andy and J-U-DD are fake playing along and how J-U-DD is supposed to go to Jessie on Thursday and tell her to evict Amanda. Jessie listens to all of this and wonders why she's always out of the loop. Andy tells her that's the point! She's supposed to be out of the loop. But in the case that she actually hears something about Spencer's cockamamie new plan, Andy needs her to keep pretending she's out of the loop until Thursday. On Thursday, right before the live show, Andy will tell Spencer that they don't have the votes after all and it's probably best he just evicts Howard so he doesn't get a bigger target on his back next week. Hearing this, Jessie nods and agrees to play along. Andy believes that on Thursday the vote will be either 7-1 or 8-0 to evict Howard.

Up in the HOH, Amanda is frustrated because she thinks people are playing too far ahead. Instead of getting rid of targets people (HELEN, HELEN, HELEN) are obsessed with filling the Jury with potential votes. Amanda tells Helen and Aryan that they have an army. Evicting one of their troops now (like herself) will only dissolve the giant alliance they have and put the house into a tailspin. She says it is ridiculous for people to start planning for final two right now.

As far as MVP goes, Amanda is still certain that Howard was the one who nominated her. Between Helen spreading rumors about Howard being Danielle's (BB3) sister and others saying he was a well known football player, Amanda and others think Howard must have a large fan base. Aryan, on the other hand, thinks Candice could be MVP because she was on Oprah's network (OWN) and Oprah has the biggest following in the business. Aryan also worries that after Howard leaves, people in the house will side with Candice. Helen tells her that Candice is her friend, but she's the worst player in the house so there is no way in hell she plans on playing this game with her. Helen then advises Amanda to tone down her game this week. She says Amanda is a huge player and needs to lay low. Amanda nods and says she will - not bloody likely!

And then something magical happened. Elvira (Elissa), willingly and without force, went up to the HOH room to talk to Aryan. For the moment, the two can actually be in each other's company without Elvira snapping her neck open and releasing the demon that lives inside of her. The two sit pleasantly on the HOH bed as Aryan fills Elvira in to Spencer's plan and how Andy and J-U-DD are fake playing along. She also tells Elvira how Howard was acting ridiculous after the POV Ceremony and telling people that if Candice leaves the house, he'll self evict. Aryan says Howard is using reverse psychology on the house in order to save himself (not just save himself, but get rid of Candice!).

Elvira wonders aloud if Howard has the Comb d'pa. Aryan giggles and corrects her, "Coup d'etat!" I waited with bated breath for Elvira to shove Aryan's extensions up her nose, but nothing happened. Whew! Elvira must be back on her meds again. Aryan then tells Elvira that she is sure Elvira will win HOH next week (so am I!). Elvira replies, "Hnmm mnmm, I want to see my little boy, unh. He's such a treasure. He's like my biggest investment in life. I don't have a social life because of him, hnmmm mnmmm. The little bastard... I mean, treasure. He's my investment banking treasure, hnmm mnmm. I want to bite him and gnaw on his flesh." Aryan nods and says she hopes that Elvira gets to see her family because she feels the same way about her pets. Only, she actually has a social life. Again, I waited for Elvira to remove Aryan's tongue with some tweezers. She didn't! We're making progress, folks.

And then we had a little controversy. Or, at least, I did. On twitter. Aryan, J-U-DD. McCrae and Amanda are talking about Howard when Aryan says that Howard uses race as a reason to win the show. I agree with her. Now, before you jump on me and start calling me a racist yet again, allow me to explain myself. BEFORE THE SHOW BEGAN, let me say that again... BEFORE THE SHOW BEGAN, Howard talked incessantly in his pre-season interviews about wanting to be the first African American to win Big Brother. Every other word out of his mouth was either "God" or "African American". Listening to it, my Big Brother Gossip Show co-hosts and myself laughed and rolled our eyes thinking this guy was going to use the race card while he was in the house. In Howard's defense, he didn't use it too much in the beginning of the game. BUT, when all the race stuff was being spewed and the DR conversations were race, race, race, race, then, yes, race became a dominate force in the house. And how could it not?! For a solid week the Diary Room did nothing but asks the Houseguests about race. Obviously, Aryan got wind of it, became upset, and, I think since then, has successfully begun to censor herself from saying things that might be construed as racist.

And because I didn't disagree with Aryan or have no desire to attack her any longer and ruin her life, I was then called a racist. Someone even said that because of people like me, people die. *scratches head* So because I don't hate Aryan and don't want to go out of my way to destroy her any more than people already have, I suddenly hate black people and may or may not be a serial killer. How people like this tie their shoes in the morning is a mystery to me. But there you go. You can't reason with crazy so I'm not even going to try.

I will end today with a new sort of paranoia. It mumbles in the darkness and often makes no sense.... it's J-U-DD! Amanda, Helen and Aryan are all convinced that J-U-DD is a secret brainiac who could quite possibly be the next Dan Gheesling. You see, J-U-DD confessed to Amanda that he invented the lie that Eyebrows (Kaitlin) wanted Helen out of the game. It came to him while he was in his solitary confinement and actually played a role in Eyebrows' departure. The girls sit in a feverish tizzy talking about how J-U-DD could quite possibly be brilliant. Amanda begins to wonder if he's been MVP all along instead of Howard and Helen begins to rethink her plans of who she wants in the Jury. The paranoia rose to such a feverish pitch that J-U-DD could seriously be in danger sooner rather than later. That in itself isn't a big deal. What is a big deal is if J-U-DD catches wind of this speculation before Thursday. If he hears that the women in his alliance want him out of the game, he could very easily jump over to Spencer's side. The girls still have Andy so I don't think Spencer will ever get the votes he's after to evict Amanda, but it could definitely tip the scales a little next week and leave Jessie wondering where the hell to go.

So, does Spencer have a chance in hell to save Howard? Is VaGina lying to the girls or the boys? How long until Elvira's meds wear off and she remembers she's supposed to hate Aryan? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

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  1. I do not think Howard is using the race card. Yeah he mentioned that he was black during his interviews but that's not using race card! The fact is, he's black, he's a minority, black folks don't usually make it this far in the game (only a couple made it to finale 3 I believe) and it'll be interesting to see if a black man can make it to the end. I'm a black woman and maybe it's just something minorities understand... when you're constantly put in situations where you normally don't see minorities at the top and it makes you wonder, will I be good enough to be the first to make it to the top? I mean, let's say a woman was in a competition with usually only men around who win and she says she want to be the first woman to win, is that her playing the "gender card" or trying to use the fact that she's a woman to get ahead? I doubt it.
    And then, Howard is also from the deep south of MS, my home state, so I know how serious they take religion and constantly speaking about God this and God that down there. That's not him trying to use religion to advance his game, that's just how it is in the South, especially in black communities. Even though I am black and I like to see rep from my home state, I am not a fan of Howard's game play. Sucks he might be leaving, I wish Amanda was leaving instead and Howard could stay and maybe win something and turn this house upside down, but highly doubt that'll happen.

  2. I don't think Howard is using race to win the game anymore than a female wants to win for their gender. I do think production is injecting certain conversation in the house though. Howard, like everyone else or most everyone in the house, is trying to win the money - period.

    Now on to Aaryan - you are not a racist because you like her game play - she is a good gamer. But don't confuse not attacking her as giving her a pass. People have not destroyed her - put her words from her own mouth back on the table. Nothing you could say will ruin her life or at least for the 15 minutes after she leaves the house and then no one will remember her. She has ruined her own life until she goes back home and gets a giant-sized Texas pat on the back.


  3. Totally agree with you Mandee, I haven't seen Howard use his race or his religion in this game, it's everyone else (mostly McRanda) saying those things, not Howard. McRanda makes me want to vomit, I think she got BB and Batchelorette confused, I am going to scrape my own eyeballs out with a mellon baller if the live feeds don't stop focusing on their make-out and sex sessions. I think they are both pathetic and she just NEVER shuts her mouth, says the same thing over and over and over, it's like brainwashing and they all let her run the house. How many more times and to how many more people is she going to say "This is MY house. . . this is MY game. . . " blah blah and more blah. STFU already and win something, then maybe you can claim that HOH bed for real instead of planting your nasty ass in it every single time someone else wins HOH. Aaryn ruined Aaryn's life, not anyone else, she is supposed to be an adult now, adults know what is and what is not acceptable behavior and language and I am sick to death of her blaming Candice for HER bad behavior. Helen also needs to STFU. Her and Amanda think they've got this won and McRae is a pathetic little boy who obviously did not get enough attention from Mommy so he claimed Amanda as his new Mommy. Spencer makes me want to vomit as well, but at least he has some balls and isn't afraid to say what everyone else wants to say. And you think anyone else ruined Aaryn's life? Just wait til the racist sends home an African-American. . . another nail in her coffin and who put her up to that? Amanda and Helen just continue to get everyone's else's hands bloody while they sit on their thrones and give the orders. I used to be so in love with BB, thinking this will probably be the last season I ever watch and honestly, probably won't watch or care til the end, can't take any more McRanda, Vagina, Elvira.

  4. Agree with JayEs,don't think Howard has used the race card, but definitel y using religion. Hate when people on these shows think God really takes time to help them win!! Still don't like Aryan and she deserves to feel the consequences of her actions and things she's said as do Vagina and Spencer(yuck). If her (A) life is ruined she has no one to blame but herself. Obviously she's not ignorant because she knows from her letter from home she effed up. Hope Amanda stays and Howard goes simply because she is better at the game and much more entertaining. Glad I read your last blog after reading this one, was beginning to worry about your stance on Aryan. Keep them coming your great..

    1. What did her letter from home say?

  5. Thanks Colette for all your blogging. I enjoy your take on things. Also tipping my hat to the Big Brother Gossip Show - nice to hear some sort of intelligent conversation about BB.

  6. Yeah, crazy what people can tweet. Usually it is knee-jerk. Another great blog. I wonder how far McRae would go/have gone if he hadn't hooked up with Amanda. I said it before (as you have said it): I want to see game play. I want to see someone win this game because (1)of winning comps (2) their social game (3) their ability to influence people (4) and scheming. I want to see someone PLAY this game without interference from production and without getting a pass for being the least offensive. These people are playing a personal game (note: revenge wasn't in my numbers above). I started this season looking for that and,so far, we end up with 2 ~ Helen and Amanda. And although Helen drives me up a wall, she's PLAYING the game. And so is Amanda. And as disgusting as Spencer is, at least he's starting to play the game although his is a losing game.

  7. What I'm learning from reading these comments and a few other online sites is that everybody should shut up but your own personal favorite. And everybody should agree that your own personal favorite should be everybody else's. Meh. If I have to endure Elissa's Oxy voice, or Helen's rapid-fire retells of the same stories a million times, you guys have to sit through Amanda's demands. They've all got faults.

  8. I agree with you about Aryan but you're still giving Xmanda a good edit! She is Bat Shit Crazy at this point. She may go home this week because she is so mentally weak. If production had any plans to make Xmanda the winner they now know that's impossible. She can not handle the pressure of the game even a little bit and that is entertaining as shit!

  9. I don't know if you are a racist or not but you certainly are pretty damn stupid. The reason race was brought up in the diary room is that the Neanderthal house guests were throwing around Nigger like it was hello. Including your new best friend "Aryan" who deserves to have her life ruined. What is wrong with wanting to be the first of anything to do something? He didn't come into the room in a bow tie selling bean pies and went out of his way to have Candice chill out. You are a fool!!!

  10. Collette it is not the fact that you are now supporting Aaryn, but that you are using the power of the pen to vilify Howard for saying he would like to be the first AA to win BB.

    You criticize Howard for being a boring player. But do tell, how is Howard more boring than Andy and Judd, or for that matter Jessie and McCrae?

    Further, you criticize Production for controlling the game. But how is that different from you influencing your followers (one-million plus) to vote for those you dislike.

    I am a fan of yours, but right now a disappointed fan.


    1. Amanda keeps going up! I have zero influence. Sorry.

  11. Collette! I'm a new listener to your podcast and I just went back and listened to episode #304 and I really enjoyed hearing your perspective on "bed gate". Thanks for all the entertainment and I definitely following your bb blog now...much better written and more entertaining than the bb blog I was previously checking.

  12. Collette... Thanks for the "winner" reply. I can't win the lotto, but at least I can win somewhere. :)

    I have a WHOOPSIE fix from the Thorny Balls post... My husband pointed out that I shouldn't respond when I can get distracted... so I will repost the links to YouTube for Elissa and Judd for you to view.

    Elissa - She mmmmmhmmmmn's so much... she reminds me of Karl FROM SLINGBLADE and here is a link for your viewing pleasure at 2:50 in the clip http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yv6KFRleUG0

    JuDD - mumbles (but love him and want him for the win) Please to see what I mean at around 32 seconds in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iEWgs6YQR9A ROFLMAO!

    Oh... I mentioned the BB Strategic Talk chat room in the live feeds in it too... FYI Shelly and Ian hang out there pretty much everyday with occasional hits from Evel Dick. It gets its share of Cat Ladies but there are some great posters otherwise.

    Obviously I love your blog and I have passed out your link in the room and most of the regulars listened to you on the BB Gossip podcast this week and loved it as well.


  13. ColetteLala~
    Long time reader, 1st time poster to this bitchy-ass blog - lol! I have a lot of opinions but for today I'll try to keep it to a minimum. I've been a huge BB fan since Season 1 (I missed a few seasons due to work...Seasons 11 and 9 were a couple I didn't follow religiously. Last year and this year I've fortunately had the time (& energy) to watch BBAD & the episodes on CBS. I don't have the feeds; I personally am unable to get them. Trust me, I've tried.

    Anyhoo, I just love love �� your nicknames for the cast members. My thoughts: Elvira (Elissa) is a plant in the house to boost ratings and mess with the game. Andy is HILARIOUS and like Mr. "Sneaky-Sneaky" in the Adam Sandler film, Mr. Deeds; he pops in and out of rooms faster than the witch sisters apparate on Charmed. I agree with some who say he's a master floater, yet he's the floater that can lie without a problem. He talks and talks and talks to everyone, but is charming in his own slightly feminine way. Andy's one of my faves. Amanda and McCrae cracked me up for a while, but finding out Amanda is/was an aspiring producer/actor/singer kind of blew it for me...just a little. Helen's mouth is too big for her own good. She doesn't think first, she just talks, but she is the "house mom", which is expendable as we have seen with past seasons. Jessie complains too much about being all alone and seems like a crybaby; I'm not impressed with her. Howard and Candice were treated with disrespect by several members of the house, came through it ok, but this past week played too hard and blew it (unless they can pull off a MIRACLE by tomorrow). Judd won HOH too early and doesn't seem ;) to be playing hard, but is sort of charming in a way. He's hard to understand on BBAD sometimes, so LOL with the mumbling jabs!! Spencer is horrible at endurance stuff, and is kind of a creeper...stuff he says about Jessie (x-rated) makes me a little sick. My pics and faves this season are Andy and Amanda/McCrae. Hope they're top 3.

    I didn't mention the race stuff because it's been mentioned to the point of overkill everywhere I look. Every day. Still. ��Let them deal with it when they get back home.

    I could say more but it is time to chill for this evening.
    Thank you, Lala for your most entertaining updates!! Keep up the good work!! ��


  14. I'm not sure I can't put my finger on it but I think McStrange don't know. I'm not sure what it is that he don't know but whatever it is he seems pretty sure that he don't know. I feel like I should know but I don't know what he don't know. I keep hoping Xmanda will tell him what he don't know but I don't know if she knows what he don't know but I know I don't know.

  15. Girl, you know I love you but I have to call you out on this race card mess. Howard saying he's African American isn't using a race card - it's a fact. It's like saying someone has blue eyes or blonde hair. In addition, saying something is a racist remark isn't using the race card either. An example of using the race card would be if Howard were appealing to the HG that he should stay because of the racism he's had to deal with in the house. He hasn't done anything like that. Shoot I say I'm a black woman all the time. To me it's like when someone says they're Italian American, because it's part of their identity. I recognize that race/ethnicity isn't something that is part of everyone's identity, but for some people like Howard, who grew up in the South, it's a huge part of who he is. I don't think there's anything wrong with that and I'm not sure why people are uncomfortable with folks talking about their identity.

    I also hope you'll watch statements like "Blacks are attacking me..." like you said last night on Twitter after the he said/she said crap from the Howard/Amanda incident. Yes, I acknowledge that there were Black people (or people with Black profile pictures) who were giving you a hard time. But to make a blanket statement like that is just going too far. I saw every race on both sides of the issue, so I found your statements a little hurtful, and frankly it seemed like you were playing the race card.

    Now do I think you're a racist? Absolutely not. I think you and your blog kick ass. It's been hard to read you excuse some deplorable behavior from the houseguests but I know in your heart of hearts you're not racist. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

  16. I’m starting to think the real racists here are the producers of BB. Howard and Candice don’t seem to have any concept of how to play this game. They are terrible at it and it seems to be the same every year. Think of who are considered the worst players in BB history, Marcellus and Lawon. I know there are lots of AA folks out there who could and would be good at this game. How come the producers of BB never seem to find any of them.

    1. You cant categorize a whole race by saying "they [blacks] are terrible at it [this game]". Marcellus and Lawon didnt suck at the game because they were black. They sucked cause they made bad decisions, something that a lot of people in this game do (make bad decisions). Everyone of all races have different personalities and anyone can be "good" or "bad" at this game.

    2. Also, there is no set way to play BB. You just have to make it to the end and be the last one standing by any means possible. Heck Jordan wasn't a good player, was a floater, not the sharpest in the knife drawer, and didn't seem to know what was going on, but she was likable and some kinda way made it to the end and won!

  17. @Cellulitis, agree with you 100% - they are not good players.

    Howard DOES use the race/religion card and it annoys the sh#t out of me.
    He couldn't go confront the mean girls when they were picking on Candice because "it would be wrong for a black man to confront 3 white women", but when his ass is in danger he'll expect the same girl that he didn't have the balls to defend go do his dirty work.

    Love your blog Colette :) Please ignore the people who call you a racist -- evidently they have an IQ which comes second to that of a goldfish. Boo hoo to them. Love Amanda too, she is a strong, awesome player. Hope she wins.

  18. First and foremost, dearest Collette, you are not racist but merely the umpteenth target of brutish thugs who believe the quickest way to discredit someone who acknowledges race is to call him or her a racist. While acknowledging racial difference isn't racist, attacking another person for acknowledging it while daring to be of a different race IS (chew on that, you thin-skinned whiners). Second, and on a related note, since when has it been appealing to be proudly and vocally victimized/slighted/wronged in any way? To wit, Candice has ceaselessly retold the mattress story as a defense of Howard without seeming to grasp that, while the entire episode was revolting, it was a chance for her to be the bigger person she always claims to be. Instead of shaking it off, pardoning her attackers (thereby robbing them of the power and delight bullies derive from bullying), she has repeatedly clung to that (admittedly nasty) incident to the point that it's become her version of VaGina's Nick obsession: she trots it out in an almost fetishistic manner to accuse another or excuse her own bad behavior. (To Howard's credit, despite his extreme dullness, he doesn't haul out that chestnut. He should still be sent packing for being so unrelentingly boring, however.) Riding on her own victimhood high is Jessie, whose craven, desperate neediness and incessant whining constantly force me to return to our initial exposure to her on this season's first episode, when she announced in what she probably thought was a confident tone that girls always dislike her because of her beauty and personality (just makes you want to shake your head in disbelief at her utter lack of self-awareness). Elissa is a well-documented mess, but I have yet to see one instance in which she's been victimized. Did I miss something? Has she ever been attacked for something she's NOT legitimately done? Perhaps it's just endemic to the game, but I don't recall such a massive amount of self-pity and ostentatious victimhood among so many players.

    Having said all that, I will not stop watching or reading this blog, because it's by far the most entertained I've been by Big Brother since before Brenchel. Collette, PLEASE don't let a few hatemongers bring you down!

    1. I don't think Candice can "just forget" the mattress incident. Even though she did forgive the girls who verbally attacked her and even comforted GM right after the event, she's not gonna just get over it. It HURTS deep to be attacked because of your race (I'm a black woman and it happens and it hurts). Call me stupid, ugly, dumb, any mean thing whatever and it'll roll down my back like it's nothing or I'll soon forget it. But when someone says something racial, that cuts deep and takes forever and sometimes never go away. Its not something you can just forgive and forget.

  19. Who said anything about forgetting or forgiving? What Candice should do is rob her attackers of their power over her (rather than provide them further fodder to label her as they are wont to do) by pardoning them and killing them with kindness. As a gay man in the Midwest, I know what it feels like to be bullied, discriminated against, labeled, and tormented, but I also know that the quickest way to deflate a bully's sails is to show that bully's audience (and all bullies need an audience) that you both pity and pardon the evildoer's behavior. The one thing Howard did that makes me like him---if not as a player then as a person---was remove Candice from the room and talk her out of a Chima-like meltdown. He was correct when he said that the easy route would have been an all-out counterattack...and that he would have been labeled the Angry Black Man and would have been ejected. Look, there's no doubt that Candice is entitled to her hurt feelings (don't we all carry scars from our past experiences with bullies?), but her attitude is going to earn her a fast pass out the door if she doesn't learn some better coping mechanisms. In terms of the game, she's a truly dreadful player whose only card to play is to intimidate everyone with her passive-aggressive, pitiable victimhood. Maybe that will save her this week, or maybe that will be the trait that convinces the rest to send her packing. Honestly, it doesn't matter which one of them leaves this week. As long as the Howard/Candice no-mance ends, it'll be safe(r) to watch the feeds again. (Their endless, murmured, incomprehensible conversations make me long for the days of the Brenchel emotional roller coaster...and that's saying something! At least with Brenchel, I never got the unpleasant sensation that Brendan was just stringing Rachel along for some semblance of safety in the house.) Moreover, Candice keeps harping on what a good life she has at home; let's hope she returns to that haven soon and removes herself from the glare of people along with whom she clearly does not get.

  20. But Candace did take the higher road! After the event and aaryn apologized, she took it. She even went to GM. Yeah she was still mad at them but she didn't bring it up. The only reason she's bringing it up now is cause last week everyone disliked Aaryn andwanted her out cause of her behavior. Now since Aaryn is HoH the same ppl who were against her are now sucking up and now Candice has the target. Candice is wondering how did someone who did horrible things and even flipped her bed now is BFFs with her (C) alliance and they are now targeting her. She's bringing it up cause she thinks the HGs must forgot what Aaryn did. Gamewise I don't care for Candice (heck all the HGs I'm not too fond of), but I do not think she's playing victim or whatever. Well in a literal sense, I guess technically she is wearing the victim role, but I don't think it's a bad thing and I think anyone who went through what she went through would do the same. But it just seems like now, everything is always Candice fault #BlameCandice

  21. Did I hear Aryan say that Candice has been the reason for all of her problems since entering the BB House?!! People PLEASE stop making excuses for Aryan. She needs to be held responsible for her actions inside and outside of the House.


  22. Give me a break. "As a gay man in the Midwest" you are just a sad delusional tool. You sure as hell wouldn't just get over it if you were subjected to repeated gay slurs and violent behavior.

  23. Oh, Colette... I live for your Elissa impressions, both written out phoenetically in your blog posts and on the Big Brother Gossip podcast. Sunday is my birthday, and if I could have anything, I would wish for a happy birthday phone call and/or shout-out from you as Elissa. Not Elissa accepting America's MVP vote, though... more like passive-aggressive Elissa being forced to wish Aaryn happy birthday, and also tell her she's pretty and thin.

    One can always dream. In the meantime, feel free to recap anything and everything Elissa does. It's a highlight of a podcast that's already loads of fun.

    Get a liiiife,

  24. I always love that the same people who call out others for name-calling resort to it when it's convenient for them. Apparently, I am a "sad, delusional tool" for being gay in the Midwest. It's only when we all recognize either that all usages of slurs is off-limits (that means YOU as well, rappers) or that we have true freedom of speech that we'll get past this selfish environment of perpetual indignation. The fact is that Aaryn, in spite of her despicable and casual racism, is a much better player than Candice. The other fact is that VaGina, in spite of her equally despicable racism, isn't being made out to be as ugly as Aaryn, although she should be. Again, dear Colette, I'm truly sorry that your good (and funny) name is being dragged through the mud by ignorant hatemongers whose raison d'etre seems to be whipping up righteous indignation with the frequency most people reserve for bathroom breaks. For whom are you rooting right now?

  25. Dear Colette,

    Yes, you are a racist. Your girl Aaryn constantly says stuff like how all the black female contestants are "interchangeable" (dehumanizing Libra/Kalia/Monet based solely on their racial characteristics), and how they all "suck" (attacking people whom she sees solely as black). She's best pals with Gina "Nigger" Marie, she lied through her fucking teeth about how the bed-flip incident went down (which she started with her "Shaniqua" impression, which only came about because Aaryn got so offended Candice would DARE ask Aaryn her middle name!), she said they should kill a white fish if one of the "good" people was evicted, but kill a black fish if someone from the "dark side" dies (white is good, black is evil, skin color is a defining characteristic), and referred to Howard as "King Kong". Yep, calling a black man AN APE, not racist at all!

    She called Candice "Aunt Jemima" and "the help" and constantly attacked her for having once had an infection (NOT an STD), called her a liar and a thief and co-signs all of GinaMarie's hatred, bullying, and threats of violence. And this is not even the half of it.

    Yet you choose to focus on apologizing for Amanda's racial vendetta against Howard by slamming him for his pre-show interview. What should Howard have said, that he was trying to advance his modeling career? Should he have asked Jeff if Jeff really is gay (he's been faking it with Jordan for so long that you have to wonder…) and what's that like? He gave an interview about being a minority, and you want to shred him for it…while babying those who have CONSTANTLY spewed hatred and bigotry and misogyny and "jokes" about murdering Jessie and sodomizing her corpse and "jokes" about enjoying kiddie porn and denying that Holocaust ever took place and praising the Nazi doctors and saying that black people smell and so do Puerto Ricans, but it's okay because I'm a Jew from NY and I fucked a Puerto Rican guy once, I can't be racist!

    Wrong. Aaryn is a racist, GinaMarie is a racist, Spencer is a racist, and your precious Amanda is a racist. And those who make apologies for racists and attack people for calling racism out (like Andy, Helen and YOU) are just as racist. Fuck you.

    I came here to catch up on your blog, which is normally funny and which I can't read in real-time because I don't like to be spoiled, but you have not merely jumped the shark this year, you have stacked an entire Sea World full of sharks on top of each other and jumped all of them at once. Your bizarre defense of Willie Hantz last season was troubling, but this is just sad.

    And before your little minions "play the race card" and claim I'm an Angry Black or some shit, I'm an (ex-)Jew from New York, New York, New York, just like the producer's BFF/plant/pet, Amanda. I hope Grodner is paying you good money to talk up her girl. What's the going rate for integrity these days, anyway?