Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ronnie Is The (Square) Root Of All Evil

Few things in life make me as happy as a complete and total Big Brother backyard breakdown. I knew it would happen. Everything I cited yesterday was a contributing factor. How did I get so brilliant? I was blessed. What can I say?

OK, so yesterday Russell was in the BY showboating for the ladies doing push-ups while in a handstand (that was not a joke.... he seriously was doing that). Jeff comes out and hops on their rickety Elliptical machine. Russell yells something about "technotronics" (This is the word Jeff misspelled in the POV comp. Remember how Russell and his cronies think Jeff threw the comp?). Technotronics was all Jeff needed to unleash.

Here's what ensued:

I know what you're thinking. Natalie is a fucking liar. Who is she kidding saying that she doesn't talk or lie? Girl is on crack. Oh and did she grab her crotch during that fight? As a fellow Latina, I understand her getting hot under the collar, but there's no need to grab your junk. There's no grabbing junk in Big Brother!

Jeff did call Russell a "faggot" which I have a big problem with. I hated it when Perez Hilton did it so I have to hate it when Jeff did it. Why do people always resort to gay slurs when they lose their temper? Is it that hard to think up an effective insult?

A lot of things were finally explained yesterday. It has been extremely difficult to figure out exactly why Chima and Lydia were ever nominated in the first place. Well, it turns out Jeff is, in a roundabout way, linked to it. Those first few days in the house were crucial in explaining how we got to where we are today. Hopefully, tonight's show will clear some more things up, but here's what I can gather:

Jessie won HOH. He asked everyone who they would nominate if they were HOH. Jeff said he would put up Chima because of that hissy fit she had over losing the food comp. He also said that he would consider putting up whoever dropped first or second in the HOH comp. Michele dropped first in that competition so Natalie, in turn, ran to Michele and told her that Jeff wanted her out of the house. Natalie is a little backstabbing snake for turning against someone in her own clique like that.

Jessie asked Jeff who he was tight with in the house that wasn't in their clique. Jeff said he was close to Jordan and Lydia. Jessie said, "Great! Let's make an alliance with them and we'll be 6 people strong." Jeff casually mentioned to Jordan that the athletes wanted to work with her and Lydia. Apparently, it was too casual because Jordan didn't ever remember it happening (until late last night) and Jeff never bothered to report back to Jessie with their answer. Jessie interpreted no response to mean that Jordan and Lydia weren't interested and, as a result, Lydia was on the block. Somewhere in there, Natalie thought Lydia was after her and all of Natalie's constant bitching definitely contributed to Lydia's nomination as well.

OK now why is Russell so pissed off at Jeff? That clash started well before the POV Technotronic incident I think. Here's a theory: Russell and Jeff both like Jordan! Jordan wants nothing to do with Russell thus hurting his ego and manhood. (To see Russell's manhood, click here, very NSFW: Russell, in turn, is a jealous little bitch and is taking it out on Jeff.

With all that pre-feed crap outta the way, we can move on to yesterday's complete mindfuck. As of yesterday morning, Russell was going to use the POV and remove Lydia from the block. Braden was going to go up in Lydia's place. (Natalie started some completely inaccurate rumor that Braden is the mastermind behind the opposing alliance) The plan was in motion. It was gonna happen... until Ronnie came to town.

Ronnie, the creepy chatty dork, ran to Jordan and told her about the plan to put up Braden. He wasn't supposed to do that! Jordan went and told Braden of the plan. Braden told Jeff and word spread like wildfire. It gets back to Russell that Braden knows he's going to be backdoored. Russell is LIVID. He knows Ronnie is responsible and he confronts Ronnie. Ronnie was shaking in his shoes. You could tell he was scared shitless. He lies to Russell, denies any wrongdoing, and promptly runs around the house to everyone telling them not to tell Russell that he told them about Braden going up.

This whole time Russell knows something isn't right with Ronnie. He's the first one in the house to suspect that Ronnie is a HUGE part of all the rumors circulating. No one before Russell ever suspected Ronnie so I've got to hand it to Russ for figuring it out. Russ talks to Jessie bitching about Ronnie's big mouth. Ronnie interrupts the convo and Chima comes with him. Chima starts blaming Lydia for spreading the Braden rumor and Russell begins to suspect that maybe it was Lydia all along, and not Ronnie, who has been spilling the beans. I HATE CHIMA! Dumb bitch ruins everything! If it wasn't for her, Ronnie would have been caught and manhandled in ways I can only imagine. Thanks to Chima, Ronnie is once again off the hook... for now.

Ronnie is working both sides of the house. As of late last night Jordan is still telling Ronnie all of her secrets and it kills me everytime. I find myself screaming at the screen, "Noooo Jordan! Don't tell him anything!" Sure enough EVERY SINGLE THING Jordan tells Ronnie gets retold to Jessie and his cohorts with whatever clever embellishments Ronnie feels like throwing in. Ronnie literally, spends the entire day running back and forth between alliances pressing everyone for info and then telling the opposing alliance everything he's learned. Russell almost caught him, but Chima fucked that up.

Remember how yesterday I recapped the conversation where Ronnie told Chima that she could throw HOH to him and he'll "get blood on his hands" for her? Well, you're not gonna believe this, he said the SAME EXACT THING to Jordan, Braden and Jeff! Clearly, Ronnie wants that next HOH. He's telling everyone in the house to throw the competition to him. Oh he makes me so angry. Fists clenched, lips pursed A-N-G-R-Y. I canNOT wait for Ronnie to be found out. Oh and it's going to happen, believe you me. He will get caught and it won't be pretty. He'll probably cry and I'll probably laugh. I'm counting the days.

Last night, Casey hinted that he's onto Ronnie as well. He said to Russ at one point as Ronnie walked by, "You need to watch out for him. I'd be very wary of anything he says. He scares me." Good on you Casey, as the Australians say, good on you!

It's at this point in the post where I have to eat my words. Like every other season before, my first impressions were completely off the mark. Casey, whom I thought would be annoying and intolerable, is impressing me immensely. He's playing the smartest game so far. He's not a floater because he has definite opinions yet he's coming across as if he hasn't committed to a side yet (and no one is threatened by it!). He sits back and observes everything that goes on, lets it sink in, twists it around in his mind, analyzes it, and then keeps his conclusions to himself. He doesn't react instinctually. He waits. He's calm. I can appreciate these traits because I'm the complete opposite. I'm hotheaded and jump to conclusions way too quick. I admire in other people the qualities I lack.

Braden is... *coughs* growing on me. There was a point last night when he was sitting with Jeff outside talking about how Michele is such a cool chick because she always has something to offer, is funny, smart, and so incredibly nice. It made me feel tingly all over hearing 2 guys appreciate the finer qualities in a woman. They made fun of Laura because they said she has nothing to contribute to a conversation other than comments about herself. I was captivated by the converstaion because I'd obviuosly given neither guy the credit they deserved. It's also surprising to see Braden not completely flip his lid after finding out he may be backdoored. He was cool as a cucumber not getting emotional at all until the nomination actually happens.

Here's some of that conversation last night:

Lydia, Lydia, Lydia... how do you solve a problem like Lydia? She's clearly doing ANYTHING she can to stay in the house and I'm not sure I can fault her for that. The problem is she's turning on her friends in the process. Last night Lydia, Jessie, Natalie and Jordan had a converstaion in the HOH room about Jeff. Lydia sided with Jessie and Natalie and tried to convince Jordan that Jeff is a bad seed and will not stick up for her in the long run. That's fine. Lydia can believe (incorrectly) what she wants. She's just trying to survive BUT as soon as Jordan left the room Lydia badmouthed her and that completely turned me off. Jordan is the only person who's been 100% loyal to Lydia and as soon as Lydia sees that turning on Jordan can possibly help her, she does it without a care in the world. I still want her to stay in the house over Chima, but if Braden still goes up I can't honestly say that I want Lydia to stay over him. At least Braden is loyal and doesn't float to where it's most convenient.
Oh one more thing! How could I forget the completely awkward possible romance budding between Natalie and Jessie? I shit you not. Jessie was in the HOH room trying to reveal something to Natalie. He got so weird and shy and then covered it up by telling her she had a good body. I think ever since he found out that Natalie is really 24, he's kind of digging her now. Sure they're awful wretched people, but I think it would be so entertaining to see a man beast romance happen. Truthiz321 in the chats has taken to calling Natalie, Manalie. LOL. Manalie and the Man Beast. I like it. That brings me to my whacky clip of the day:

So that's where we are. Alliances are crumbling. More answers are coming to light. New heroes are emerging. Romances are budding. It's a hell of a start to a new season. I don't think I can remember a BB season that was so insanely gossipy from the getgo. Figuring out the truth is like wading through a pool of shit trying to find a diamond. It takes work and it stinks!
I think a lot of questions will be answered during tonight's broadcast and we'll finally see who exactly is telling the truth. I have a feeling Natalie and Chima will come across as complete bitches tonight and I'm looking forward to it!
Who have you guys changed your opinions about? Anyone impressing you yet?


  1. This morning I was telling my mom all that's going on in the house. I had some nicknames for people. Jessie - meathead #1, Russell - meathead #2, Natalie - the leach, Jeff - cute guy, Chima - big lip girl. Ok I won't go on. But I have made my picks for who I like. Every year I make my picks and everyone thinks I'm crazy but here they are. Jeff and Jordan. The last 2 years I have made picks and the guy I pick seems to team up with another guy and those 2 are in final 2 and the girl gets to at least final 4. So we'll see how it goes this season.

  2. no picks yet from me. maybe after tonight's show. thanks for the great clips and summary.... gina

  3. I soo wanted to be able to root for Natalie, my daughter is Natalie and after the last one I thought maybe....absolutely not. That fight clip with her was just painful. She was acting like my Natalie and she is 9. I liked Ronnie but now, not so much (although the show tonite showed him very positively). Lydia is fading fast and Casey is my new fave.

  4. I really haven't got to see as much as usual by this time in the season, so no real picks, Nat and Ronnie disgust me. Don't know much bout others, they don't seem to show them much. Really wanted to root for Lydia, but she won't last, not loyal to anyone so no back-up for her. Jeff is cute, Braden ok, Russ is kind of a brat. CANNOT stand Jess. The rest I just have to see more of. Oh, Michelle and Jorden seem nice... Charliesyaya