Saturday, July 11, 2009

Watch out! Lydia's Driving A Bus That'll Run You All Down!

OK... WEIRDEST day EVER yesterday. The HG's picked who was playing in the POV really early in the day and the rest of the day was spent sitting around waiting for the POV to start.

Chima got HG's choice and picked Natalie. The other players are Jessie, Lydia, Chima, Russell, and Jeff. Is it just me or is it weird that the ENTIRE Athletes clique is playing? Hardly seems fair.

A quick word on Chima: I don't think I've touched on this here before, but this girls laugh is SO BLOODY ANNOYING and bitch laughs at EVERYTHING. It's phony, it's loud, it's shrill... it's driving me bat crazy.

Moving on... Ronnie, sweet innocent Ronnie, brainy dorky Ronnie, uncomplicated excited Ronnie is really the devil incarnate. He gossips more than all of the girls put together. He's the reason most of the HG's distrust one another. It's a good thing he has a photographic memory because it would be humanly impossible to keep all his lies straight. Ronnie, from this day forth I dub thee Shit Stirrer.

Shit Stirrer's new favorite phrase is "snake in the grass". I can't count how many times he called Lydia a "snake in the grass" yesterday. You can hear the Shit Stirrer calling the kettle black and gabbing like a sorority girl in the following clip. He expresses his hate for Braden, Casey, Jordan, and Jeff and then tells Chima that she should let him win the next HOH. Boy has balls.

I can't go on without touching on Natalie. Natalie NEVER SHUTS UP. She is CONSTANTLY playing and running back and forth whispering to Chima, whispering to Jessie, whispering whispering whispering. And why the hell has she pretty much moved into Jessie's HOH room? She eats all his food which I guess is OK because she burns all those calories by running her trap 24/7. Finally, she came clean with Jessie and revealed that she's indeed 24 and that she's a tae kwon do champ. I really hope that lie about her age comes back and bites her in the ass in the very near future. I want this little chatty Natty (why are all Natalie's on BB constant talkers?) to hit the road ASAP.

With the POV looming over the house, they had nothing but speculating to do all day. The original plan was that if Lydia won, Jordan would go up. If anyone else won, nominations would stay the same and Lydia would be sent home. This entire plan pretty much gets shot to hell by the end of the night.

BB gave the HG's a dictionary to read, study, or do whatever with because it had something to do with the POV comp. When asked if they'd studied the dictionary, one of the muscle twins (Laverne or Shirley) said, "Yeah I read a few chapters." LOL I wonder how they found the story of those few chapters to be. Did the aardvark actively alienate the beautifully buxom bystander? Idiots. Allison Grodner then sent out a tweet that the POV comp would "change the complexion of the house". I interpret that as the HG's will be getting something on their faces during the competition. Bukaki? Oh come on... you know you were thinking the same thing.

So the day trudged on and Jessie ate about 30 times, Lydia whimpered into her baby blanky, Chima laughed endlessly, Natalie never stopped talking, Ronnie ran back and forth spreading falsities, Russell gazed in all the mirrors, Laura refused to eat, Michele... Michele? Is she still in the house? What purpose does she serve? Someone needs to start a rumor about her to get her to come out of her shell. It worked with Laura.

Laura was content to be quiet and horsey while occasionally stuffing her ginormous breasts back into whatever teeny tiny top she was wearing. She planned on letting everyone else sink their own ships while she sailed unnoticed into the Final Four. Plannus Interuptus. Ronnie came along and fucked it all up. Shit Stirrer must have run out of people to talk about because he started telling everyone that he wanted Laura out and that Jessie wanted her out too. Laura, desperate for air time, approached Ronnie and confronts him. She tells him she doesn't have any alliances and that she's never said anything about anyone. Ronnie promptly runs and tells Jessie and then immediately runs back down to Laura never leaving her side even when she says she wants to talk to Russell in private. Ronnie was there memorizing everything and thinking of ways to twist his newfound knowledge into moronic gossip.

Boring. Exhausting. Everyone talking in circles. Literally, 6 hours of this passed before they got to the Veto Comp. They timed it so it would end right before After Dark started.

Bad news. Russell won the POV and from what I can tell Jeff threw the whole competition. He didn't want to win and make further enemies if he chose to take Lydia off the block. OK this bugs me. This bugs me big time. What a coward! He claims to be on Lydia's side, but he takes the cowards way out as soon as it's humanly possible? I'm so sick of these players pulling a Dr. Will and losing everything because they think it'll win them the game. Uh Jeffy Pooh, you're not pulling the wool over anyone's eyes. Jessie, Natalie, Chima, and Russell KNEW you threw the POV. They talked about it immediately after the competition was over. I'm pretty sure Lydia knew as well. And Casey was FURIOUS! Man up! Play to win. Pick a side. Put your neck out there for someone in your alliance you pansy.

Here's where the night took a turn down Yucky Lane. After the POV, the HG's that competed wanted to take showers. Lydia said she wanted to shower with Russell (he won the POV after all). Russell, in the HOH, told his alliance he might shower with her just to get a blow job out of her. Major fail Russell. You misogynistic pig. I know Lydia said she'd hook up with whomever to stay in the game, but now it's just a joke. I knew her over the top flirting would get her into trouble. No one takes her seriously now and the guys are beginning to take advantage of her with rude comments like Russell's.

After winning the POV and insulting women everywhere, Russell walked around with his chest puffed up thinking he was god's gift. Jeff was having none of it. He threw a major F-bomb rant in the pool room. My favorite part was when he said, "Go upstairs and fucking jerk off Jessie you homo.". How I would love to see him say that to Russell's face! It starts at about 3:00 in the next clip.

Funny little side note, the DR said something to Chima about her constantly shiny face. She wondered if they'd said something to the others. They hadn't. HAHA!

OK so one thing is really confusing me. Why is half the house so adamant in keeping Chima? She's a sore loser, she bitches about everything (now she's insisting that no one is washing her clothes properly), and she's not really supertight with anyone. I seriously don't get it. There is no advantage whatsoever to keeping Chima in the game.

Laura, for some reason , has become a point of contention for the Muscle Group. I'm thinking it leads back to Ronnie's shenanigans. There may have been some talk about taking Chima off the block and putting Laura on. I'm not sure, but she was in the HOH defending herself to Jessie. She kept saying how powerful she was and how she's one the 4 strongest people in the house and a fierce competitor. Did I miss something here? Laura has done nothing! She lost the HOH competition and she didn't even compete in the POV comp!

She started saying that she wanted to go to the Final Four with Jessie, but any mention of the Final Four Jessie just tunes out. He thinks it's silly to think that far in advance. His new strategy is to take everything day by day because previous experience has taught him that the house changes every hour. At least he's learned something from last time.

Back at the dining table, Lydia kept rubbing Russell's back and I was just horrified. It pisses me off to see her degrading herself like that. When she gets desperate she will resort to ANYTHING to stay in the house. Over the course of the night, she pretty much threw everyone under the bus. She claims that Casey makes fun of her, that she doesn't trust Kevin, and that Braden creeps her out. Ohhhh Lydia WHY? Talking trash about your alliance may keep you in the house another week, but that's just putting off your inevitable eviction. Only now, you'll have your friends coming after you and it'll hurt all the more.

I'm really disappointed in Lydia. I don't like the way she's playing the game. Instead of smart strategizing and building alliances, she's degrading herself and abandoning her friends. She's also crying an awful lot and people are beginning to call her Amber 2.0. If any of those people in her alliance (albeit "soft" alliance) finds out what she's said about them, it'll be a 9-1 vote (only Jordan would vote to keep her) to evict her. It's only Saturday and things change by the minute. I'm hoping Lydia will redeem herself before the POV ceremony.

Last I heard, Jessie was thinking of putting Braden on the block (with the help of Natalie in his ear constantly). I don't like Butter Face Braden, but he didn't really do anything to deserve going up either. I don't understand where Jessie's head is at. He should get rid of Ronnie or Laura and stop listening to Natalie. Natalie has switched loyalties too many times to count and she's going to screw Jessie's game up if he keeps listening to her.

Earlier in the night, Chima revealed something about herself that was shocking and jaw dropping. She was raped and almost killed by a serial killer known as the Bathtub Killer. Crazy, right? Here's a clip from an article online about the attack Chima spoke of:

"Three years later, in February of 1999, 22-year-old Chima Benson sleeps soundly in her sorority house when she wakes up to a masked man in her bedroom. The man brutally beats and rapes Chima, before fleeing into the night. At the hospital semen is collected. The sample is compared to the DNA from the 1996 murders at the Peartree apartment complex, and confirmed to be a match.

The serial killer is back, but now he has changed his methods. He is raping, but not killing. Arlington Detective Tommy Lenoir questions Benson, who tells him her attacker was a black male."

Chima apparently had to have 2 surgeries on her face as a result of the beating. Since then, the Bathtub Killer has been put to death by lethal injection.

Totally out of left field. Heartbreaking. Terrifying. Still, I can't help but wonder why Chima chose to tell this story now. She brought it up after Kevin talked about coming out to his parents. In Big Brother I'm suspicious of everything. Was this an attempt for Chima to stay in the house by getting sympathy votes? I honestly don't know.

Let's get our minds off that sad story and instead head to the gutter. Here's your whacky clips for the day. The HG's are having a talk about different sexual fetishes. Everything is fair game from anal to strap-ons. Send your kids out of the room if you choose to watch. This is very NSFW.

Joel McHale discusses Jessie again on The Soup. I knew he would! Hopefully, someone recorded it and it will be available on youtube later.


  1. As I watched the sex and fetish talk last night, I noticed that there were people in the room that were very uncomfortable. And I loved that Jeff does not like anal sex at all.

  2. Love your posts Colette! I've been mostly out of live feed range on Friday and Saturday and I love counting on you. I don't know enough yet (due to the lack of watching) to give you my impressions on the people. Well...except Laura...why I ask you, would anyone get those huge boobs???? ...gina

  3. haha I love your posts...they are my thoughts exactly and I can't stand Natalie either...she never shuts up!