Sunday, August 15, 2010

Return Of The Pimply Red Parrot

It was eerily quiet outside. The trees didn't sway, the leaves didn't rustle, the clouds hung still, and the sun, high and relentless, had nowhere to hide. Playful woodland creatures stopped their fruit and nut gathering seemingly frozen in time. The buzz of the insects suddenly fell silent as the air took on a heavy and damp quality that made breathing difficult and movement uncomfortable. It was the calm before the storm, an uncertain storm. The world had paused and the promise of what was to come hung limply in the air. After what seemed liked an eternity of the universe holding it's breath, time finally exhaled and the cosmos barrelled on. Clouds tumbled in, the squirrels and chipmunks scurried off to hide in a familiar tree trunk, a gentle breeze became a violent gust, and the sun was no more. It was like that scene in Flash Gordon when the sky turns red. It was Helen Hunt in Twister sniffing out a tornado. It was a warning, a sign, a message, a hint, a siren... It was Revelations. It was Judgment Day. It was the Day After Tomorrow, Terminator, The Matrix, and Amityville. Freddie, Jason, Michael, and Chuckie cowered under their covers. Something was amiss. Something horrible, oh god it's so horrible, was about to happen. Let's recap, shall we?

"Hey bitches, I'm baaaaaack!" 4 words. 4 awful piercing shrieking blood curdling words. My uterus shriveled up like a prune, my nipples dove inside my chest, and I knew, I just knew, I would never ever ever give birth and know the joys of motherhood. She, that thing, was back. I really don't know why God hates me so. Is it because I had the church giggles that one time in high school at the senior retreat and I snorted during the priest's homily? Or is it because I once toilet papered a convent and put a memorial bench on top of the church's van? I don't know what I've done that was so horrible, but some-one or some-thing is clearly out to make my life a living hell. Rachel is back in the house and she's out to destroy everyone in her path.

It appears as if Brendon opened Pandora's Box releasing an evil so vile and wretched that only Valtrex and holy water can keep it at bay. He must have been promised his harlot's return and, without pausing to consider the ramifications, he hastily opened Pandora's Box and then promptly disappeared down the rabbit hole. You see, Rachel did come back, but Brendon also disappeared. It reminded me of that episode of Charmed where the guy was an owl by day while his lover was a wolf by night. Their human forms were never to meet and their love was viciously denied. Awesome.

So, Hyena Fuckface is back and she's got a score to settle. She wastes no time and begins calling out every HG individually asking them why they voted her out. The houseguests were stunned and horrified that all they could do was stand awkwardly and look uncomfortable... all except one. Enzo, the hair-plugged idiot named after a pussy, leapt up inside Rachel's asshole and stayed nestled there all night long. Yup, the guy who's all talk and no action wasted no time kissing the Hyena's ass and getting on her good side. It was gross and phony and I'm officially done with him. No one in their right mind would fund an Enzo bar tour or buy lame ass Meow Meow t-shirts. I don't know what planet he's living on, but taking a year off to be a "celebrity" probably won't even keep his baby daughter in diapers. Worse still, I can absolutely see him getting to the Final 3 by doing nothing but eating like an open mouthed swine.

With Enzo safely tucked up next to her sphinctor, Hyena Fuckface begins to hurl insults at Ragan. She calls him a bitch, tells him he's not a man, and says she's going to make his next 24 hrs a nightmare. Ragan asks her why she's not using this time wisely and showing kindness to the people she treated so horribly. Rachel's head spins around and she shrieks "You're a bitch!" She then turns her ire to Britney and demands to know why she left such an evil goodbye message. Seriously? The queen of "you tried to get in between me and my man!" goodbye messages has the nerve to question someone else on their messages? Oh give me a fucking break.

Then someone, Matt maybe, mentions that Bitch Boy has pretty much disappeared. Rachel heads up to the HOH and begins to bang on Pandora's Box whining, "Brendoooooooonnnn can you hear me? Brennnndooooonnnn where are you?" Mr. O'Shaugnessy wisely packed my opium pipe and then scurried away to hide in his cubbyhole under the stairs. He knew it was only a matter of time before I started taking my growing wrath out on innocent living things. The HG's could really kind of care less that Brendon is gone. All they want to know about is what the Jury House is like. They bombard Rachel with questions about internet, phone calls, and TV. She tells them every room has a TV and they can order movies and tv shows, but there are no phones and no internet. She's not allowed to tell them where the house is, but she says it's amazing and tranquil.

Inexplicably, Rachel begins to hold meetings up in the HOH room. She has no power, she's been evicted from the game, she's one measly Jury vote who has no intention of voting strategic (she'll vote 100% personal, count on it) so I can't help but be completely flummoxed as to why HG after HG marches up to kiss her ass and defend themselves to her. It's not even like she's listening to them anyways. All she keeps saying is how she's the first person ever in BB history to be brought back. Wrong! She also says she's the most highly regarded playing ever and that the blogs love her. Double wrong! I waited for her to say she was going to be President of the United States and Space Mountain and that now she can grow wings and fly. Maybe she invented air and the steam engine. I mean, that's just about as true as the BB shit she's spewing. She sits there with her mismatched hair and her fake eyelashes and spouts lie after lie after lie. Meanwhile, I'm sitting at home wondering why, dear god why, no one calls her out on it.

Towards the end of her meetings where Hayden, Enzo, and Kathy kissed her ass shamelessly, Rachel decides she wants to make cookies and rub it in Ragan and Britney's faces. She descends the staircase and says, "Britney, do you want some cookies?" Britney replies, "I can't. I'm a Have-Not." Rachel says, "Awww really? That's too bad." Britney rolls her eyes and begins to walk away when Rachel announces, "I think I'm going to ask Ragan if he wants cookies." The big steaming cauldron of bullshit she's stirring begins to bubble over and we all knew... this was about to get awesome.

Rachel opens the sliding door and goes outside. She's clutching her packet of refrigerated cookie dough and begins to march over to Ragan. She says, "Ragan, I'm making some big soft chewy moist cookies. Do you want some?" Ragan sighs and tells her she repulses him. Rachel says, " Really? Really?" He replies, "Take your homophobic innuendo and get the fuck out of my face" *bites fist and pours myelf a daquiri* She stands there, cackles, and again offers Ragan a cookie. He tells her she to return her clothing to Forever 21 to try to get her money back and thus began the most beautiful 10 minutes of the entire BB12 season. Please to enjoy:

It was Xanadu, it was roller skates, it was lollipops and mint chocolate chip ice cream and ecstacy and soft fluffy pillows. The clouds parted, a rainbow shot across the sky, and the angels danced a funky tarantella. Ragan unleashed a giant can of whoop ass on one Miss Rachel Reilly calling her a red parrot with nastily dyed hair and mismatched pink extensions. He called her vile and disgusting and phony. The only real thing about her were the pimples on her chin. The hours of footage of her humilating herself with her wretched behavior would give him joy for years to come. He can't wait for her to get out of the Jury House and finally see what a truly despicable person she is. He was relentless, mean, and honest. Ragan Fox is a rock star, my friends. In the matter of ten tiny minutes he summed up, eloquently I might add, what the nation has thought of Rachel for the past 5 weeks. He kicked her pedestal out from under her and smashed it to bits with his rhetoric and wit. At home, I beamed. I rubbed glitter all over my face and cried, "Yes! Yes!" After all was said and done, I collapsed on my chaise lounge, smoked a cigarette, and wondered if we could do it all over again.

In response, the best Rachel could do was hurl homophobic remarks, say "Really? Really?", and bring up his dead father. She looked like an idiot and the world rejoiced. Hostages were returned, hurricanes decided to turn back, and Kim Jong Il got a violent case of diarrhea. Ragan was my spokesperson, our spokesperson. He delivered a message so powerful and true that even the Dalai Lama had to nod and give props. *flashes Lama gang sign* While the insults and name calling were delicious and chocolatey, it was Ragan's final monologue calling out Rachel's deplorable behavior and attitude that really sparkled like a 16 carat Tiffany diamond. He was concise, brutal, yet fair. When he ended and finally went inside, all Rachel could do was stand there... in silence. Her nostrils flared, the cookie dough between her fingers was squished beyond recognition, and her pink and red hair hung limp and humiliated. The HG's outside at the time shifted uncomfortably and waited for her to turn green and rip her dress off or something. In the end, there was no Bruce Banner and no Lou Ferrigno. Instead, Rachel stomped into the Diary Room and probably cried her eyes out.

After all was said and done, the HG's surrounded Ragan and praised him. They offered him support and told him he did nothing wrong at all. She'd started the whole thing with her immature cookie taunts and the house was generally pleased that he put her in her place. They hoped she'd be so upset that she'd simply leave and never return. I knew she'd be back though. Normal human behavior is not one of Rachel Reilly's traits so of course she'd be back. She'd be back and she'd apologize... probably because the Diary Room told her that the entire gay community would want her head on a spike. The last thing CBS needs is GLAAD on their ass. According to Miss Rachel Reilly, there are good gays and bad gays in the world. The bad gays suck at life and the good are absolutely fabulous: Philosophy 101 according to Rachel Reilly.

In the end, the homophobic pig apologized and I still hold fast to my theory that CBS had something to do with it. When I stop and think about it, I'm glad she came back into the house. There was some unfinished business that needed tending to and Ragan Fox was the man to take care of it. Ragan's bugged me in the past for wanting goodness and fairness and kumbaya, but yesterday he brought the house down. He's seen a million faces and he's rocked them all. So, way to go Ragan and thank you! A thousand million hundred times I thank you. If I could send you a fruit basket I would.

So, what did you guys think about the big fight? Are you Team Ragan or Team Rachel? How different would it have been if Brendon was there? Does Enzo serve any purpose whatsoever? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!


  1. I can't stand Rachel, but I really can't stand regan either. He's as much as a fake as she is.

    But great re-cap :)

  2. Well..I think you know how I felt about the fight but I'll add a few more comments. Shortly after this fight people were tweeting that it was "the most epic fight in BB history." Definitley NOT. Last season had more epic fights in the first two weeks. This only seemed so epic b/c nothing else had happened this season so far. I did not find it enjoyable b/c I did not like the hole Rachel was digging for herself and I did not like all the Ragan junk sucking that went on afterwards. I'm sorry but I can't stand Ragan. He is so self righteous and such a hypocrite its gross. And NO I would NOT call myself a Rachel fan...honestly I don't think anyone this season is fan-worthy. I was wondering who people would vote for for America's Choice and decided its going to be a tough vote this year. I hope Ragan doesn't get it just because he screamed a bunch of petty nonsense at a girl he's not even comteting with anymore.
    Other than that Rachel's return really did nothing for me. All that happened was the feeds cutting out every 2 second for 15 minutes or more and people on twitter tweeting the same tired i-hate-rachel tweets over and over again. Boring.

  3. Oh, one more thing - thanks so much for getting a blog up today. I think I can speak for all your readers when I say thank you. And even when we don't agree on things, I still love every word you write. Always.

  4. Team Ragan all the way! Excellant post as usual, thank you :)

  5. I wonder what the purpose was of BB sending her back into the house, but I loved, loved, loved the fight with Ragan. He was great. I think Rachel's conversations shook up the house. Can't wait to see what Matt does with the diamond veto!

  6. It was orgasmic bliss. I'm certain she went to the diary room and cried.Ragan unleashed a torrent of words that Rachel could hardly keep up with and left her there, standing in his wake. A silent puddle ridiculous extensions.

    I touched myself repeatedly, I'm man enough to say.

  7. Once again your writing is amazing! Like beyond amazing! and the fight was fanfuckingtabulous!! Regan left her spineless & speechless Rocked beyond! The only person who might have said it better would have been our loveable Evel Dick... Then again, he would have taken her out b4 the 1st cackle!!

    Gotta ask you because you know this game like no other...

    What specifically can Matt do w/ the diamond veto? Is this the last week to use it? Will he regardless of what Brenden does just cuz he is so power hungry?

    Ya gotta tell me Queen of BB... Cuz no1 seems 2 be able to explain. Too many fake rumors on the blogs and obviously yours is the only one where the real truth is heard!!!

    Hey... how's that for some ass kissing! :)

  8. I don't think I've ever been more proud of Ragan.That speech was pure genius!

    *stands up and applauds*

  9. Team Ragan, mos def. He obliterated her. If you're gonna fight, ladies and gentlemen, that's how the ish is DONE. He smoked her so bad, she stood there for a full minute not saying a word. CLASSIC. I'd give a 9 out of 10.

  10. That.Was.Fabulous. I am so freaking glad Rachel came back if only for Ragan to tell her what to do with herself and ratty extentions. That video clip is hands down my favorite moment of the season so far (which isn't saying much considering the lack of choices). I'm thrilled Brendon wasn't there to intervene and make another sad, pathetic attempt at being Captain Save-A-Ho. Ragan's exit was great especially since it left Rachel there absolutely stunned.

  11. Thank you for posting that clip. I just watched it for the third time, and, to quote Beetlejuice, it keeps getting funnier each and every time I see it. Rachel was woefully unprepared and could not keep up with Ragan. It was painfully obvious. I've been off and on about Ragan most of the season too, but he's the only one of the HGs who stood up to Rachel and told her what he really thinks of her. (Except Britney, sortof, later on.)

    I know some people said that Ragan stooped to her level by saying the things he said. But she did blatantly start the whole thing, in a very childish way, I might add, and that's the only thing she understands. You can't just say "Whatever, Rachel" and walk away from people like her, because she takes that as a victory. She needed to be put in her place, she totally had it coming, and I don't feel bad about Ragan getting personal with her, because she did it to him first. If she can't take it, she shouldn't give it out.

    Fortunately, she's gone now, and hopefully I won't see her again until they show us the jury house. I can FF over that. I'm not exaggerating when I say that it is literally painful for me to listen to her interrogating everyone and twisting the truth around to suit her, and not have anyone put her in her place. Thank you Ragan. And thank you Lala for recapping it so beautifully.

  12. Oh and by the way, since Ragan is safe this week, I guess we can assume that he's survived his required 2 weeks and will get his $20,000. So for that reason, if Britney goes home this week, I say we all vote for her for fan favorite. She deserves something, especially if she goes home this week because Matt opened Pandora's Box and found the Diamond Veto. She managed to convince Brendon not to put her up. If she does go up now, it's not because she didn't work it as hard as she could.

    (I'm still holding out hope that Matt puts up Enzo or Kathy. But I doubt he will.)

  13. WOW!!! Thank you so much for putting that video on the blog of Ragan telling Rachel off, for all to see. Team Ragan all the way. Why do people still defend that BITCH!!!, that is the question?? Can they not see how mean she is? Would they honestly want to be treated the way she treats people? That is really a big puzzle to me and I just don't understand. Hip, Hip, Hooray for Ragan,God bless his soul.

  14. Team Ragan here, although I do find him to be relatively nasty piece of work too. Just not on the same level as Rachel. And THANK YOU! for posting that video of the fight. It was delicious! Cant wait to see how they edit that one. Id be surprised if it makes it on air uncut.

  15. Thank you Lala for putting the night of horror into words! Long live Ragan! He said what every fan has been thinking and he did it to her red parrot face! I had more fun watching that fight than any other moment of BB12! Please continue to let Hyena FF know just how much she disgusts each and every one of us. She made me turn off feeds and tv and fan sites! I had zero interest in her and her fake personality and fake laugh and fake romance. Ding Dong...Her 15 minutes is OVER!!!

  16. I cant stand Ragan, hes a boring snoozefest, Rachel may be annoying but shes never boring. He can call her ugly, parrot faced, zit faced and she mentions gay and he gets indignant? Puhlease, that doesnt mean shes homophobic, we all strike out at whats obvious, which is why he rants about her extensions and zits. So boohoo to that whiney little turd and go Rachel.

  17. Love it! I don't have the feeds, so thank you, THANK YOU for posting this clip!! After all the buzz, I was dying to see it, and as soon as I opened your blog I said to the hubs "I knew I could count on my Bitchy Blogger!" You're my hero for the day!
    My favorite part? When Regan went inside and HFF stood frozen there for a full minute, waiting (I assume) for Britney to say something, but good ol' Brit just continued playing pool. I'm not the biggest fan of the girl, but a big kudos for keeping her mouth shut and letting HFF stew in silence and figure out what the hell to do next. Priceless...
    As for HFF's return to the house in general - I can't stand the girl and was pretty disgusted to see her back (although I LOVED that Brandon disappered the whole time, so that part of it was fun!), but I figure - AGP's show, AGP's decision. HOWEVER - I will have a HUGE issue if (or, imo, WHEN) the remaining evicted HG's are not given the same opportunity. Who knows how that will work, since HFF's return was apparently the result of Pandora's Box, but it's completely unfair for her to be the only juror to get 24 hours back in the house to stir shit up and get info, etc. I saw someone mention that giving her unfair advantage breaks some federal law regarding game shows? I'm sure AGP has their asses covered in that regard, but I am for sure curious to see how it all shakes out.
    Lastly, I read on another blog I follow that once HFF was gone, Kathy said she (HFF) had left a message for Pussy Boy as to who should be nominated in Regan's place. So basically, she's evicted from the house and yet still HoH?? WTF?? That alone makes this the most f'ed up, pathetic season of BB ever. I know Matt's DPoV could make the matter moot, but still...

  18. Thanks for taking the time to blog today and a big double thank you for posting the video of the fight. I grabbed my glitter and watched in awe. I switched over to team Ragan when he became the Saboteur and his DRs became amazing. This was just the cherry on the cake. I only wish I could have seen Brittany and Rachels faces as she stood there speechless for so long. Hope you enjoyed your boompie time! HUGS

  19. This video sooo made my day :) Thanks!

  20. Thanks for another great blog! I'm so happy you posted the video. I don't have the feeds and I've read all about the fight but that doesn't compare to seeing it in all it's glory! Ragan deserves kudos for putting that bitch in her place. I'm so over Enzo - I can't belive how far up Rachel's ass he is. He doesn't deserve to be in the house any longer. I hope he gets put up. It's very hard to get behind any of these hg but I agree with Creme - if Brit goes home, I will vote her as America's favorite just because she deserves something for being so much fun to watch. She reminds me of you, CoLa. She is almost as good as you at "brutally judging each and every houseguest, unapologetically and with an acid tongue"!

    Thanks again CoLa - you've made this season so much more enjoyable - I always look forward to getting your take on what's happening!

  21. Did they see her leave after she was evicted or did she tell everyone she didn't get any high fives from the audience? Did you hear that part? How did Ragan know that??

  22. Your My Secret SinAugust 15, 2010 at 8:33 PM

    My dear Lalalicious,

    I have been a silent fan of yours since the beginning of last year’s Big Brother. I read your blogs hiding between the church pews. I pray for goodness and mercy while I sinfully ingest your naughty words. Tears of joy leap to the ground when there is a new post. Your writing is a VISUAL FEAST!

    So you can imagine how much I tinkled in my panties anxiously awaiting your words after this...moment..this...well, really the best 10 minutes of this whole season. (I've stuck with it simply because of your blog. How you can make this BB year exciting speaks to the genius of your sick and twisted imagination, my dear.)

    So she's baaack...and Ragan, as you said, told Rachel everything we have wanted to scream since she opened her mouth and said I AM Vegas. It was so fulfilling!! It was like the first few minutes after a great orgasm...or like having chocolate after weeks and weeks of dieting...or when those distant relatives finally leave after their free week "vacation" at your home and you rip off your clothes and enjoy a nice cocktail. It was bliss!!

    Thank you, Ragan. It was priceless when Rachel realized that indeed she, was the horrible from the Pandora's Box that was unleashed on the house. She wasn't voted back in. She was the horrible. I will say the zits comment was great, but I mistakenly thought those were tiny mammary glands forming on her chin from the silicone breast leak. If they are any bigger at the finale, I think my dear Ragan I will be correct.

    Well, we have to get back to the characters in the house I guess; Brendon and his STD infected toe, which might heal now with I AM Vegas gone, Lame Lane, Enzo The unExciting, Hayden the *snore*, regressive child genius Matt in his onesies with hand in pants, Kathy our Latisee addicted Sheriff who pops anti-cancer pills in between puffs of her pro-cancer sticks, and sassy Britney trying to avoid the airborne STDs left from a Miss Rachel Reilly with lastly, Ragan...Her proud self.

    I know, LaLa, you will take these characters and paint a picture worth reading every day.

    Lalaloving you!!

  23. Thanks for the blog! It's great! I despise Rachel, but can't help but think she's an actress hired by CBS. Crappy actress at best, but she sure plays a good bitch!

  24. Regan is my hero, he stood up for himself and made her look like the giant ass she is. All the other pussy house guests running up to kiss her ass, especially brit. totally pissed me off. I hope matt uses the dpov, and boots her ass out.

  25. Regan is my new hero, he totally blew rachel out of the water. I am so pissed at all the other HG's just kissing her ass, especially brit. hopefully, matt will use the diamond pov and boot her ass.

  26. Oh. My. Goodness. I wasn't able to watch the video on this site. But after everyone's been talking about it. Figured, it was worth the extra effort to look for it. Holy hell. Who knew it was going to be GOLD! I don't know what this video shows, but the full minute of The Red Headed Wonder Bra standing there. Waiting for who knows what. Truly a delightful way to end the day. Honestly, if I had glitter couchside, I woulda covered myself in it. And before I go, I have to say, what a delightful pleasure it was to see that Miss Lala took a few minutes to share her wisdom and insight. While we were all warned and cautioned to a NO BLOG DAY, we got the delicious surprise of being able to not only read the blog but see the "vile and disgusting parrot face" taken to her knees.


  27. Your My Secret Sin,

    Wow. Thanks. The restraining order will be delivered tomorrow. ;)


    Matt has to use the DPOV this week. He can remove himself or one of the noms. If he goes up, he'd be stupid not to use it. He probably won't use it if it's not on himself because then he'll become just a bigger target.

  28. Awesome blog on an awesome fight.

  29. with a house full of dudes, athletes, jocks and Enzo, I am amazed that Ragan is the only man with balls enough to stand up to the wicked witch. I am so sick of the brigade and their pussification of the American male routine. Ragan is a small man in stature but he has the inner strength to do what had to be done. Ragan, good luck in the rest of the game, you are the man.....

  30. 1 more thing, this is my first season of BB. I stumbled accross the BB after dark on showtime and fell in love with Enzo (In a non penetration way) I guess I miss the Sopranos and he was different from the rest of them. I then DVR'ed the BB on CBS to catch up with the season and to my shock and surprise I discovered that they are all a bunch of pussies. I try to imagine myself in the house, I would use muscle and threat of death to garner votes. What is wrong with these people????? I am now sick of Enzo's act, he is all hat and no cowboy, Regan is the only one with blood on his hands and he is the only man in the house who is not acting like a pussy, he has never even seen one!!!!
    If I was on this season I would have killed bitch boy by noy. ARGHH....

  31. Ok, my favorite part of the whole fight was the fact that Brit was just playing pool and acting like they were just discussing the weather??!! Love that girl!!

  32. Enzo, Matt, Rachel, and Brenden, are nauseating. Enzo, has done zilch in the game and thinks that he is Don Corleone. Matt, is a delusional megalomaniac. The Rachel/Brenden saga is ludicrous and doomed. Having said that, I would enjoy seeing what happens when the lovebirds enter the real world. Not a fan of Ragan, but he deserves a standing ovation for the Rachel smack down.

  33. Correction, Rachel DID NOT bring up Ragan's dead Father. He brought that up. Rachel said a generic "family," which Ragan expanded on and painted on Rachel. Ragan is blind to a lot of his actions, which is why he and Rachel got along so well for about 3 weeks of the show. Also, let's keep in mind, Ragan snapped on Rachel after she offered him cookies. She did the same to Britney. I'd expect that outburst from Princess Brit, but not Professor Ragan. Yes, the fight was epic, but it also made me dislike Ragan more than I did last week because he's so sanctimonious, and he willingly blinds himself to his and his friends bad behavior while criticizing Rachel and Brendon for theirs. Sorry, BB12 HGs, you all suck in similar ways. Also, why does Ragan continue to bash Rachel even after she's done? That's kind of sad. I also don't think what she said was really all that homophobic. Considering the stuff we hear about every single day on the news or see on TV/the streets, Rachel calling him *itchy and whiny (things he did all last and this week) and that he wasn't a cool gay (um?) isn't anything to cry home about. Apply that to a straight person and see if anyone gets insulted. No? Ok then. Ragan ripped on Rach and Brendon's family, smarts, personality, faults, deformities, and more, I don't believe anyone else in that house has crossed as many personal lines as Ragan, which is funny, because he constantly claims to be logical.

  34. Brit should have asked her if she could have a cookie at the end when she was standing there.

  35. Ragen went below the belt, using Rachel's physical look to bash her. Ragen says no one will intimidate him and shows a strong personality, but in the end, he cries and a pathetic fool. Why don't you just call this blog as 'we adore Ragen' and create a shrine. I don't like Rachel as well, but what Ragen did is as equally as disgusting....Kudos for all of you who supports him...

  36. Great post!

    Is there another link for the fight? Youtube removed the one in the post

  37. Sweety (Charliesyaya)August 17, 2010 at 3:23 PM

    LaLa, haven't commented this season. Just want to know been trying to keep up with your blogs, they are still the BEST. I missed the clip, and it will no longer show. Sorry to say I dislike both Rache and Rags.. In fact, not too many I can like this season. Brendon is such a pussy-whipped little boy, can't stand him either.
    But you, hun, love ya!!!