Thursday, July 14, 2011

Burble Burble

My feeds went a little haywire yesterday and instead of looking at it as something to bitch about, I'm going to wrap it up in a pretty bow and take myself a personal day. I'll be back tomorrow all rested and refreshed while probably only wearing glitter pasties. I don't want to leave you emptyhanded though so here are some photos of what I managed to capture before wonkiness ensued.

Shelly continued her war on grime by creating the first ever BB Swiffer. She wired some baby wipes to a broom and voila!

Cassi awoke on the grumpy side of the bed. Her glassy-eyed stare is full of vile loathing for Chrysler. She's had it up to HERE with Prius.

Cassi pulls Brendon into the Tarot Room where she explains her burning loathing for Saab. She worries that the Oldies are believing the shit she spews. Brendon tells her "Yeah, yeah, yeah" and that Jeep drives him up the wall all the time.

Rachel gets her HOH camera and whines when Cassi isn't feeling up to having her photo taken. And, OBVI, this means we'll getting a Rachel HOH blog sometime today. Heyyyyy! LULZ!! Woot Woot! *plucks out eyeballs and swallows them whole*

Jeff probably still hates gays.

And that's it. It looks like Keith will be going home tonight. My personal hope is that a Newbie (anyone but Shelly or Ford) wins HOH. I think it's about time we see the Oldies squirm and pucker up for some asskissing. Have a good one and I'll be back tomorrow.

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  1. First ducklip of the season. Just what I needed to start my day.

  2. I do know your "car" for names so it dosen't make a whole lot of sense. Would it be possible for you to refer to them by their names?

  3. Ummmm.... any car reference is referring to PORSCHE.

  4. Can you say dense? This is Bitchy big brother blog not Bitchy Big brother blog for retards.Lala,your witt it just too hard or people to comprehend.;-)

  5. Let's be nice, leochild! New people need love too! Does someone need a spanking?

  6. I just banged my head against my desk so hard that I saw stars.

  7. Keith made a fool out of himself. The first exiter always does.

    I liked how Shelly ran over to Cassi and expressed surprise at Keith going. Dear Big Brother players....subtlety is your friend...learn it.

    Glad I found your blog...I dig Big Brother


  8. first off I like spanking....
    I love the post eviction scolding Rach is getting now. :-)AND Smelly needs to get her tongue out of Jordan's anus!

  9. I loved Lawon's message to Keith- "You're there b/c you acted a fool!"

  10. "I just banged my head against my desk so hard that I saw stars"

    That was very funny! VERY~!