Friday, July 12, 2013

All Hell Breaks Loose

What is there to say when the hairy underbelly of society peers out from underground lairs and exposes themselves to the world? What is there to say when the ickiest parts of reality smack you in the face? I'm not sure you need to say anything at all. Instead, you feel. You feel things like disgust, hatred, exasperation, anger, heartbreak, sadness, frustration and perhaps maybe even joy. Perhaps we come out the other side of all of this better people. Sometimes it takes watching a little ugliness to make us all shiny and pretty again. Let's recap, shall we?

It was a hell of a night that has taken me all morning to catch up on which is why this entry will be more photos than commentary. Believe me, I'll have plenty to say about it all tomorrow night on the Big Brother Gossip Show.

Let's start at the very beginning. That's a very good place to start. The live feeds switch on and all we hear is an injured seal wailing in the background. I don't know what sort of speedboat ran over this slimy creature, but it sounds like it is in agony. Apparently it's not-really-lover left and now the only way to get through it is to weep uncontrollably into a soiled pair of his boxer shorts.

Elsewhere we find some more sad ponies. "Oh my god, this sucks! I don't even want to be here anymore! I'm so over this. I just want to go home." Sportsmanship!

And oh yeah, this is still going on too. It's been like 2 hours, but the seal still wails.

And wails.

Through the tears, the girls are finally able to form some thoughts. They collectively decide that Jessie is to blame for everything. She may be only one vote, but it was a vote against Nick and she betrayed the alliance that has treated her like shit since day one so, the hell with her!

VaGina (Ginamarie) later storms into the bedroom where the winning side of the house has been congregating. She points to Jessie and again blames her for Nick going home. Jessie tells her she'll be happy to talk to her later if she wants. VaGina is still too emotionally distraught over the "man that never loved her" to talk. Instead, she tells everyone else in the room how much she likes them - except Jessie! Except horribly hateful, she killed my last chance at love, Jessie.

Later, Jessie goes to her own bedroom to start picking up and putting away her clothes. But, what's this?! Eyebrows (Kaitlin) and Asshat (Jeremy) are lying in her sheets tangled up in one another eating ice cream off her pillow. Jessie sits next to them on the bed and says, "This is my bed. It's been mine since the beginning." Eyebrows replies, "Good luck with that!" And then the chunky chocolatey ice cream word vomit kept spilling out of Eyebrows' mouth and didn't stop until someone, probably, later stuck a dick in it.

Aryan then chimes in and wants to know why Jessie betrayed them. Jessie tells them openly and frankly that they've treated like shit and she knew she was the least important person in their alliance. She says, "I was never important to you guys so don't sit here and act like I was."

Then J-U-DD enters the room and Eyebrows shouts, "JUDD GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE RIGHT NOW!!!" J-U-DD ignores Eyebrows and walks over to Jessie. She tells him that the girls are ganging up on her and they stole her bed. Eyebrows then starts screaming at J-U-DD for lying to her face about how he was going to vote. J-U-DD, with his glassy Xanax eyes, glances at Eyebrows and mumbles, "hjsifioufsreuio" He sure told her!

Upstairs, Helen gets her HOH room and everyone is pretty festive about it except grumpy Aryan and depressed VaGina. Elvira (Elissa) cries over Helen's photos of her children and Helen cries as she reads her letter from home. Jessie quietly and quickly steals away from the HOH room and sneaks downstairs to reclaim her bed from that slut Eyebrows.

Eyebrows walks in and sees Jessie in the bed. She tells Jessie that it looks like she could use a little company so Eyebrows proceeds to crawl into bed next to Jessie. Jessie asks her to please leave her alone so Eyebrows moves to the end of bed and plants her bloody diseased vagina there. Asshat then enters and also begins to taunt Jessie. He crawls into bed with her as well and refuses to leave when Jessie tells him that he is making her uncomfortable.

Then, all hell breaks loose. Aryan has had just about enough of everything. In anger she flips over Candice's bed while Eyebrows looks on and giggles. Candice eventually walks in and asks, "Why did you move the bed?" Eyebrows replies, "I didn't touch that bed." Candice asks, "Who did it? Who touched the bed?" Not getting any answers, Candice asks Jessie to please go get Howard for her. Jessie says she can't because if she leaves then Eyebrows and Asshat will steal her bed.

Candice quietly begins to put her bed back together as Aryan walks into the room. Seeing Candice there, she spins around so fast it'll make your head spin. The little chicken shit ran right back out of the room.

Meanwhile, Jessie and Asshat are still bickering on the bed. You can see his legs up there in the frame. That's him in bed with Jessie. Jessie asks him again to please leave her alone. She says, "I've asked you respectfully." Asshat replies, "And I resepectfully decline your wishes." Over on the other bed, Eyebrows bursts into hysterical laughter and starts making weird quotation marks as she screams at Jessie about how that's not her bed to claim. I have to say something here. Something I've never said on this blog. Eyebrows is a fucking bully. I hate that word and I think it's overused and abused, but this bitch is mean. She taunted Jessie all freaking night and she took an evil pleasure in it. It was, I hate to say it, out and out bullying. Eyebrows showed a different side of herself last night. We've all seen her vagina. This time we saw what a hateful cow she is.

Eventually, Aryan comes back into the room. Asshat asks her if she got in trouble. Aryan flips her hair and giggles, "No." Candice then says to the room that if anyone flips her bed again, it's going to be all out hell in the house. Eyebrows then shouts, "Whoo! I'd like to see that." Aryan then puts on what I think is supposed to be a black voice. She says, "What you gonna do gurrrl? The black gonna come out of you?!" She then snaps her fingers and slides her neck back and forth. She continues, "Do something. Do it right now. I want to see riiiiight now." Aryan again makes what are supposed to be "black girl" motions. Candice replies, "I'm not doing anything right now." Aryan barks, "Well then, don't talk. And first of all, I wouldn't get in yo bed anyways with all them crabs."

*silence* Oh my god.

Howard then enters and gives a look. A look so priceless I want it on a poster.

And then, for some reason, VaGina jumps up and starts screaming in Candice's face, "What you gonna say? What you gonna say? What you gonna say?" Candice replies, "I'm not going to say anything." VaGina continues, "The blacks this way and the whites that way!" Howard then lifts Candice up and carries her out of the room. The last thing we hear is Eyebrows, "Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh I just wanted to smack her right there."


We then find Candice and Howard in the Have-Not. Candice is angry and sits in silence while Howard tells her that everything they say to her, all the racial stuff, is like them calling him the N-word. He tells her he doesn't want her sleeping in that room because he has a temper and if he goes back there, he'll lose it and get sent home. He says it breaks his heart to see those girls attack his black queen. He says that since Big Brother is allowing it to continue that they must want it to play out. He tells her that they need to think long term. Of course the stuff they say bothers him, but he turns to his Bible and that is the one thing that helps him.

Candice then starts to cry over the thought of Asshat and Eyebrows in her bed. She really wants her own bed. She says her favorite part of being in the house is getting to sleep next to Howard at night in that bed. Howard continues to try to reason with her. He tells her that all of this is so much bigger than the bed. He tells her that when CBS called his friends to see how his temper was, he told them all to lie. He said he never would have been put in the house if they really knew how he can get. He says he'll blow everything, lose the money and go home, but if he does that then Candice will truly be alone in the house. Candice continues to cry about losing the bed. That bed is incredibly important to her. I think it's a symbol to her. A symbol that she has something she can rely on in this game.

Candice eventually leaves and Howard is left alone in the Have-Not. It's a gut wrenching scene as Howard tries to fight the tears, but he can't. He clutches the suitcases and begins to cry. Watching him on my laptop, my own tears began to fall. At that moment, I felt all of Howard's anger and frustration. I felt with him and I felt for him. He begins to plead with God to please help him through this. Please guide him. He grips the suitcases even tighter and cries all that much harder. It might be the most emotional thing I've ever seen in the Big Brother house. It absolutely broke my heart.

Big Brother then comes on the loud speaker, "Would Howard please go to the Diary Room?" Howard exhales and tries to compose himself. You know the last thing he wants to do is let the other Houseguests see that he has broken down. Watching him try to regain his composure, I started to bawl. I literally ached for this man. Thinking about it again now, the tears return.

But I don't want to end this on a sour note. I want to end this on a beautiful note. I want to end this with justice and grace. I want to end this telling you about how Amanda gave Aryan the smackdown of her life! Back in that bedroom of horrors, Amanda enters and she's fet up with everyone attacking Jessie. Jessie isn't the only one who cast a vote for Nick. She tells them that they've been treating Jessie like shit since the beginning so it's no wonder she flipped and joined the other side of the house. Amanda tells everyone in that room that they've all talked shit about each other. Aryan has talked shit about Eyebrows and Eyebrows has talked shit about Aryan. How can they be in an alliance with each other when they don't even trust one another?

Amanda then turns to Aryan and told her she should have been nice to Elvira and Howard when she advised her to be. She says she was just trying to help Aryan. She even went to her as a friend and tried to help her shake herself loose from all this racism stuff. Aryan asks her all snottily, "You were being a friend?" Amanda says it is so obvious that the show is portraying Aryan as incredibly racist and she was trying to help Aryan. Aryan asks, "How do you know that?" Amanda tells her that she's been asked about it over and over again in the Diary Room. The whole house has been asked about Aryan's racist shit! Amanda says she was trying to do Aryan a favor. Aryan says, "What you're doing right now, that's trying to help me?" Exasperated, Amanda replies, "Absolutely!" Aryan says it's fucked up what Amanda is doing right now because Aryan hasn't said anything racist. Amanda says that she finds it hard to believe since the entire house has been questioned about Aryan's racism yet she's not a racist. Big Brother then comes over the loud speaker, "You are not allowed to talk about your Diary Room sessions," Amanda points in the direction of the voice and laughs.

Aryan sits smugly which obviously doesn't sit well with Amanda. So what does Amanda do? She outs all of their secrets! She tells the room how Aryan has been bitching about what a slut Eyebrows is and how Eyebrows had her vagina on Aryan's swimsuit. She tells them how Aryan said that Eyebrows was coming between her and Jeremy and how she and VaGina don't trust Eyebrows. Amanda ends her assault by telling them how ridiculous their alliance is. She says the point of an alliance is being with people you trust. How can they call themselves an alliance when all they do is talk shit about each other all the time? It was genius and fabulous and I'm SO GLAD Amanda did what she did. Bravo!

So, what did you think of last night? Should Aryan be punished in some way? Will Howard ever confront her? Have you voted yet for Amanda for MVP? Don't forget! Vote 10 times for free online. Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

The house is in total chaos. The drama is nonstop. What are you waiting for? Start your free trial today!

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  1. I cried just from reading your blog . Great job .

  2. It's hard to comment right now because I am actually really emotional about what happened last night, but I want to commend you on writing this already and for grasping the emotion.

    I've been watching BB since the first season and this is hands down the hardest thing I have ever watched. Howard's moments alone were heart breaking. I think it's probably the most honest moment I have ever seen in the BB house.

    One thing you did not mention is that Kaitlin walking in on Howard and he told her to leave. She went back to GM and Aaryn and told them about it. They all collectively decided that it was because he was fighting with Candice and GM compared it to her losing Nick. They STILL don't get it? How is that possible? How can they be so ignorant?

    Amanda is amazing. So proud of her. She also did great and so did McRae when she (aaryn) confronted them later.

    Thanks LaLa for writing this blog.


  3. All good stuff.... and the comment Candice made while facing the camera; saying to Aryan's parents that they did a horrible job raising their daughter...It's 2013. Ah Priceless!!

  4. I watched last night in astonishment, How clueless Aryan really is, how desperate GM is to be crying 3 hours after someone who didn't even finger her got booted from the house. This cast is the biggest bunch of morons I think I have ever seen in one place at the same time. I hope when Aryan finally gets the boot, Julie hands her a bowl of rice and her white hood to make her feel wanted and liked again.

  5. I am so done with Aaryn. I let the first comment by and assumed she made a poor joke in bad taste. I like to give people 2nd chances. But these aren't jokes. These are hate filled, 1858 racist shit spewing out of her mouth. She hates anyone that isn't white.

    I was a supporter of the MC, but now that Nick is gone.......I am soley in the corner for Howard, Candice, and Helen. And Andy too I guess. I'm sure Aaryn hates gays too.

    I think Aaryn should just be removed from the house. That would be the ultimate justice. I want this plastered everywhere: "Aaryn - Removed from the house for being a racist whore".

  6. As much as I hate production interference in this "game", I have to say that it might be best for everyone if Aryan disappears into the DR never to return. Somebody stands a chance to get physically hurt.

  7. the only tidbit i want to add is that candice did a low blow to gina marie when she made the dig about nick being sent home she was egging gina marie on

  8. LaLa,I felt the same as you for Howard last night.
    That was just BRUTAL, I could not even watch I had to flip cams,
    to see that much pain was too much.
    Amanda is my hero (Yes I already voted, right after the live show in fact!). The most amazing thing is Aryan though. Is she the F'n girl from 50 first dates? Can she not remember all the vile that has dripped from her lips for the last 21 days? She is the epitome of WTF!

    One more thing. Candace.
    I felt so bad for her, she deserved a BB pass to beat down Aryan. No one should have to take the shit she is taking.
    BUT....she is trying to get Helen to turn on Amanda!
    THAT has to stop. I hope she sees the light soon, she is still brainwashed from the Howard/Spencer propaganda against Amanda, if she only knew how Amanda stepped up to the plate for her and everyone else last night. I hope that becomes clear to her soon.

    Last night was amazing.
    Is it wrong to hope that wasn't the cathartic moment that will now calm the house down?
    I want to see way more of that (minus the racism)

    PS- Can BB impose a bedtime for them? I was up till 7 am ET because those clowns hardly ever sleep!

  9. My bitch Lala... I have been reading your blog for years now. You and I are friends on Facebook. We've posted comments to each other here and there. I love your take on the show and always look forward to your blog. I have told friends about it and they now follow you also.

    I agree with most of what you say, 1000%. And this, your words, had me in tears today. Before reading your blog, I had watched clips of what happened in the house over night. (I have yet to watch last night's AfterDark.) I was saddened over seeing Howard talk with Candice after her showdown with VaGina. I feel horrible over seeing pictures of Howard and Candice sleeping on the floor in the Have Not room. That shouldn't be!!! Then to see your words, your photos of Howard. I let go and cry. This is bullying, plain as day.

    Big Brother has never been a game about honesty or "helping" someone. It has never been about morals or ethics. In the past when I would hear a house guest claim they are trying to play the game clean and honest, I would roll my eyes. But this... This act of racism and over all cruelity has hit me in a way I have yet to been hit before. Personally, I am a white, 37 year old married female, mother of 2 young boys. Where we live isn't the worst of areas, but not the best. We are what many say, the minority where we choose to live. I shop in the stores here. My eldest son went to a school where he was a minority. And never in my life as a mother have I heard my son say anything derogatory to a black person. He is respectful, as it should be. That is how I raise him. And I am VERY proud of him. Nor do I talk down or have the essence of being better, then the black community or any community.

    I see many making excuses for Aaryn... She's young, sheltered, unexperienced, etc. Well, the minute that bitch walks out of the house, she's going to be slapped with a whole heck of a lot of experience and reality. I hope it brings her, to her knees. I am proud of Amanda for standing up to this little self absorbed twit.

    And to VaGina who is suicidal over a guy she has known for what, maybe 3 weeks? Get her a straight jacket and some hard core depressants. That "woman" needs it. Nick is not dead. She will see him again although I really don't think he likes the thought of seeing her again. They all need to realize they are on Big Brother. Not Love Connection or The Dating Game.

    In the matter of the producers of Big Brother and CBS. I feel sickened and grateful. I in one sense am sick to my stomach that they found some of the bottom of the barrel to be on this show. However, I am happy they are exposing a real issue in today's world. Hopefully something good comes from this. I am a half full type of person and only want to see a positive outcome... Knowing that no matter what inroads have been made in this war, there are still battles that will be had.

    Peace out my dear bitch. I hope the Gin and glitter are plentiful! I am tossing up some in the colors of light blue and pink in honor of Helen taking that HOH by storm! Good for her!

    1. GinaMarie is psychotic.

      If Nick saw any of how she behaved after he left, and I guarantee he did, that is one of the biggest put-offs to a guy there is. She is at Stalker Lvl. 99 if this was an RPG video game.

    2. I kept waiting for a punchline while you were talking about Howard. I don't have the live feeds and get all of my extra info from your blogs and podcast. Thank you for not making a joke out of such a sensitive moment. Keep go the wonderful blogs!

  10. I was going to bring up someone coming into the room and Howard giving them a firm "Get out."

    But listen. Everything IN Howard says to put all those bitches on blast. But he realizes that if he said what he wanted to say, and respond how he wants to respond, he'd be labeled the large, angry black man. And he doesn't want that. What it took from him to just pick Candice up and remove her from that situation? Man. He doesn't want Candice to unleash all that is bottled up in her having to deal with those bitches day in and day out.

    I was born and raised in Texas. Like Candice, I was frequently the black kid in classrooms full of white kids. I've experienced that thing that she's talking about when she talks about being "the black girl". My mother told me day one of private school "Don't be the bad little black boy, it's what they expect of you." I was tested daily. But I also learned that not every white person is that way, and only spoiled, rotten, and despicable souls like Aaryn are. It's what they learn in their homes. How their parents allow them to be. Watching what transpired last night only dredges up those memories. Howard in that corner crying at how helpless and complacent he has to act to stay in the game? That frustration? I know it. I've shed those tears. I'm not a religious man. I don't pray. But I found myself hoping that he gets that strength he prays for.

    And it completely burns my ass that there are two people in the house that feel like they don't stand on equal enough footing with everyone else to defend themselves when they've been attacked.

    Which brings me to Amanda. Heroics. Pure and simple. Even though it is clear that she was coached by the DR to talk to Aaryn, she is running with it, and she seems to be the only person that is willing to let Aaryn know that she is no blameless princess.

    Judd's rescue of Jessie, Jessie's standing up for herself, and Gina"N----r Insurance"Marie's bawling over a Nick was only a cherry on top of an excellent sundae.

    Let's go.

    1. Thoughtful response. This...''And it completely burns my ass that there are two people in the house that feel like they don't stand on equal enough footing with everyone else to defend themselves when they've been attacked.'' burns my ass too.

    2. Wow Deion! Your observation that H and C don't feel equal ( and safe ) enough to defend themselves as the other contestants are able to do, and do so frequently (Aryan's babble is almost all defensive) froze me for a second. I value fairness above most things. I'm a public interest / disabilities lawyer, and being able to defend my clients against abuse is my raison d'ĂȘtre. Learned helplessness is a torturous state. For their sake, and judging from how H has been affected, they will need an outlet to maintain sanity. I cannot think of a more frustrating and difficult situation than being trapped in such a state. Thank you for your extremely interesting commentary.

      Great blog miss Lala.


  11. I enjoy reading your take on BB15 and this my first time to comment. You write with an insightful flair about what most think. I think the theme for this BB15 as you have pointed out is racism. It is heart wrenching to witness the pain cause by a few of the houseguests, but mostly by Aaryn. Aaryn is a very pretty young woman who has skated through her life without examination of her inner self while relying on her looks to move her forward. If I had just read her words with knowing anything about her – age, gender, or looks – I would have guessed her to be a bitter 80 year old man whose white hood has yellowed with time and angry that the Jim Crow era is gone. How in the world does a 22 year old girl in 2013 come by such bigoted views?

  12. Deion, I am terribly sorry that what transpired last night took you back to a place of pain and hurt. I do hope you continue to see the good in those around you! We are not all Aaryn's. As a Mom, I think your Mom, did a fabulous job! As a person, I think you rock! And it burns me also that they feel they need to watch what they say or do in fear of the outcome from others in the house. One should not have to live in fear in the place they call home whether a temp place or not.

  13. Did no one hear GM when she said the things that she has said. I feel like the other HG's are giving her a free pass. She is just as vile as Aaryn. But in GM's case... I think it might stem from pure ignorance because she is just not that smart. Aaryn knows exactly what she is doing... she just thinks she is so far above other people that there is no problem with the things she says and I cannot decide which blonde scumbag is worse.

    I commend Howard. There is no way that I could be in that house and keep my composure around those disgusting people. He is not only a good man, he is a strong man, a smart man, a compassionate man, and he should be proud of himself for the way that he has handled himself in a house that would have pushed others over the edge.

    Great blog today.

  14. Excellent blog ,as usual, thanks for the comments and insights everyone. Last night was powerful. I felt it here in No. question is... How could Spencer be so obtuse to try to speak game with Howard minutes after Howie left the DR? Oh my... I can say no more on makes me ill.
    Thank you Lala for all you do!
    Don't know how to sign out..Linda

  15. I can not understand how anyone can be as stupid as aaryn. Seriously does she honestly believe that she hasn't said anything racist? How the hell can it always be poor poor pitiful me with that nut case? At this point I think something is seriously wrong with that girl! Does she not know where she is? Or what she is doing? Or what is going on? I have never seen anyone so unable to admit they have done anything at all wrong.
    I have a two year old that knows when to say I am sorry. Seriously she wasn't intelligent enough to know she went way way to far with Candice and Howard? Really she believes they got into a fight and nothing she did or said could possibly be any reason for someone to get upset? I have never in my life seen such a terrible
    excuse for a human being. She is nothing more then a waste of space. I don't want to breath the same air as her I might catch her mental malfunction. Ugh! Never has any houseguest made my blood boil...someone do something about the three bitches ring leader! !

    1. I think she really believes that she isn't being racist. I guess. She and GM are both psychopaths though, so I don't know if they really understand reality. Oh well, America knows what disgusting pieces of trash they are....that is what matters most.

  16. To Cathy ~ a masterful post and I agree (and am much like you). To CoLa, I love you even more after this blog. This has been eye opening. I truly thought we, as a people, were for the most part past these thoughts. I know we in this house are.
    I missed Amanda ream Aryan a new one so will go back and view it.
    Thanks guys ~ it is a fairly sad day because there is just so much hurt happening in the House although I guess it should be viewed as a learning experience. I'm just so damn happy that the Helen/Andy/Amanda side has control.

    1. Thank you qk. I appreciate that. I have also read your posts and views over the years. Good people! Amanda going at it with Aaryn was good. Howard having to physically remove Candice made it more real. These two are fighting not just for the money, but for things they shouldn't have to... Respect, kindness, equality, and a bed! I give Howard mad props for containing his anger over the treatment of Candice. Seeing him break down and cry was gut wrenching. Again, no one should feel that judged and and pushed in their own home.

  17. Brilliant observations on the situation, as usual. I believe that the twist this year is not the MVP but that the houseguests have time travelled back to the 1960's. I really didn't think this crap went on any more, but I guess I stand corrected with some low-class individuals. Last night shook me to my core.

    I do look forward to the "Fall of Aryan" and I hope it comes sooner than later. GM is just as bad, but I do wonder about her mental health to handle what's coming to her.

  18. The first to go must be Jeremy. He gives them cover to spew their evil venom. Cut him out of the game and see how meek the others become. As far as racism in society at large: the recent gutting of the VRA and the resurgence of voter ID laws speaks to racism being alive and well in the red states. Does anyone think this BB15 theme is not a coincidence?

  19. Love your blog. I felt Howard's pain with you. So very sad what is happening in this house.

  20. I just have serious concerns that, with the huge amounts of publicity and ratings associated with this high drama season, CBS might try to find more of these despicable types for future seasons. This makes for great drama, but I just feel so bad for the Howard's and Jessie's and Candice's that are on the receiving end, I can't want a repeat performance.

  21. Here are 2 choice clips for the non feeders.
    gina Marie the most ghetto bitch in the house gets in Candice's something out of the Maury show!

    this is a clip
    After jessie gets continually bullied by aaryn,eyebrows and Gina Marie. Amanda comes in to defend her and calls aaryn out on her racist remarks

  22. Both Aryan and Kaitlan have daddy issues. They need a man to stand behind. Without this barrier they are lost.

  23. I'm so grateful that I'm not the only one who cried watching Howard. I'm not a crier, and I completely agree with you on your feelings about bullying, but I watched him with such a heavy heart and cried. The treatment that they are receiving is far beyond what I feel is acceptable game play. It's an all out emotional and psychological war against the minorities, and I am ashamed of CBS for allowing it to continue. Just because there is not an immediate physical threat (because let's face it, someone is probably gonna get punched at this rate) doesn't mean that what's going on isn't completely on par with an unsafe and threatening environment. House guests from previous seasons have been expelled for far less, in my opinion at least, and the damage that is happening is something that is just as dangerous as almost any physical attack could be. It's shameful and for the first time (outside "The Friendship" season when those women seemed so awful at the time) since BB1, I'm strongly considering not watching. CBS is allowing it because ratings have never been better, so maybe turning off my tv is the only way to prove that some of us will not be a party to this abuse.

  24. everybody loves a good villain ......but seriously, the 4 of them are a bunch of vomits.

    it makes for great TV ...but it's only week two ...
    I can't fathom another two months of this.
    there will be a physical confrontation if production doesn't put the kabosh on this .

    I'm rooting for Howard and Amanda to be in my final 2.

  25. This is why Howard talked about being Black in his intro video, Lala. I wonder if they knew Aaryn's little evil ass was so racist when they cast her. What better way to get fireworks.

    I'm glad last night happened. Maybe it will give people just a little glimpse of what it feels like to have something like this happen to you. And nearly every Black person in this country has stories like this. If what happened last night makes people think just a little when they make jokes or disparage someone because of the color of their skin, then I am happier for it. I hope it makes people more sympathetic when they hear a person of color talk about race. This stuff is REAL. It's not just the BB15 house.

  26. Aaryn and GinaMarie will need to go into hiding or get a body guard after they get evicted. People will want to give them a beat down. Eyebrows too

  27. I don't know how Aryan will be able to go home after this. Wait, she lives in Texas, they're banning women's rights and calling tampons weapons these days...she'll be fine.

    Howard is a good man, thus, he has no chance to win this crazy game.

    Watch Judd and Jessie, they have serious game.

    Great blog

    1. I have lived in Texas for the last 4 years and you are absolutely right. I just said this last night to my husband. She will be fine. She will come home and her family and friends will tell her how she didn't do anything wrong. She is a pretty young girl who will be protected...because she is a pretty young girl. Period. She will still be the Queen B of her little group and continue to spread her hate and act like she is doing nothing wrong. I believe that people can change but they have to want to. If she can sit on that bed and talk to Candice the way she did and then 20 minutes later cry about how she is not racist and how she has never said a derogatory thing to anyone...she doesn't want to change. She has no reason to want to.

  28. I am a blonde haired, blue eyed caucasian female raised in one of the richest towns in South Florida (one town south of Amanda actually). My parents are pretty conservative but ANY hate speak about ANYONE was forbidden in our house. On the rare occasions it was heard, we were talked to at length about how our actions, words, and even thoughts could really hurt another person. We were also taught that we weren't born better than anyone and if we wanted to be good people, we had to work for it. Aaryn's parents did a poor job instilling any sort of ethics in her and one day (sooner rather than later thanks to her behavior on national Tv) she will realize that her silver spoon won't get her very far.

  29. First time to your blog and I want to thank you. It broke my heart
    watching what happened that night. I worry about Candice and Howard safety. Hopefully more people will come here and read what really is happening in the Big Brother House.