Friday, June 19, 2015

Da'Vonne: You In Danger, Girl

Next up is 27 year old Poker Dealer Da'Vonne Rogers from the land of fruit and nuts - California. After being lulled into a comatose state earlier today by that wooden peg Clay, I have especially high hopes for our first (and only?) sister of the season. Give it to me, girlfriend!

Please to enjoy:

(Video Courtesy of Big Brother Network)

Sassy from the start, Da'Vonne is bubbly and full of personality. Her dead granny turned her on to Big Brother and now, thanks to a Ouija Board, some hemlock, and a little mugwort, Dead Granny used the power of the spirit world to infiltrate Big Brother casting offices and get her granddaughter on the show. So far, I like what I'm hearing.

HOWEVER, Da'Vonne also has a brat. Or some brats. She's a mother and she wants people to know that she's a mother because she thinks pooping a baby out of your hoo-ha brings sympathy from the fellow HG's. Personally, I hate mothers on Big Brother. I don't care about your incubi of viral plagues. I don't care about how you left them for the summer (it was your choice!). I don't care how little Billy is finally going to Kindergarten and you're not going to be there for it. Children are meant to be locked in cages and then set free when they're 18.

But then Da'Vonne wins me back a little because the girl actually wants to PLAY the game. Dead Granny didn't go through all the trouble of rattling her chicken bones for Da'Vonne to just sit there and coast through the summer. It sounds good in theory, but the more Da'Vonne talks, the more super specific her game plans become. She's got it planned to where she wants to be 3rd place in the first HOH, have 2 friends, 1 pillow on her bed, 45 minutes of pool time. Just stop. Stop your planning. None of it matters.

Overall, I think I like her. She's articulate, has a good sense of humor and she just introduced me to the phrase "ride or die main apple scrapple." She could be fun, right?

What are you waiting for, slacker?


  1. Amen to you BB Mom comment. It seems to be the easiest way to win HOH mid-season. "I let blah blah mom win so so could see pictures of her kids and get their crayon drawing of flowers" BULLSHIT! They signed up for this and it only seems to recharge them and their whining. \

    That being said she is actually one of my favorites. I hope she doesn't go all Brittney on us.

  2. I support the whining because it works. I'm sure there are plenty of moms that extended their stay in the house because of it.