Saturday, June 20, 2015

James: Hillbilly Asian

Next up is 30 year old Retail Associate James Huling.

Please to enjoy:

(Video Courtesy of Big Brother Network)

A self described "Hillbilly Asian," James is a delightful study in contradictions. He may talk slow, but his wit is quick. Glance at him swiftly and you might think he's reserved and shy, but get to know him a bit and he proudly calls himself a beast. Pass him on the street and Bobby Lee comes to mind, but sit and listen to him and he's all Caleb, baby.

He's likable enough, but I'm not getting inspired as I sit here. He says all the right things yet my response is to shrug. Nothing to love, nothing to hate. Nothing. I got nothing.

Feeds, feeds, get your feeds.


  1. I like this guy! Nice interview. I added James to my BB17 Favs along with Jason

  2. James will surprise a lot of people with his personality. He's not good at interviews, but an awesome guy irl.

  3. Well Bitchy BB... You were WRONG!!!! He's amazing all the way around.

  4. AMEN TO THAT TRESA!!!! James was the show & still is as far as I'm concerned!!!! What is left in the house at this point are nothing more than circus freaks, sad, but true....