Friday, August 21, 2009

Jeffy Pooh's Masturbation Gallery

OK so I've been putting this off for week's now, but now that Jeffy Pooh is actually HOH I can't wait any longer. Here is the Jeff photo gallery that I (stupidly) promised you all. Enjoy!

Don't say I never did anything for you. I'll ease you in gently and end with a bang. I want to see millions of thank you's in my comments for this shit.

Here is Jeffy Pooh thinking. He looks so serious yet so smoking hot... (I'm totally being sarcastic. I'm going to act like a Jeffy Pooh fan for the rest of this torture.)

Jeffy Pooh in long sleeeves is just as dreamy as Jeffy Pooh in a tank.

Jeffy Pooh likes to stay in shape. He's so all American!

Here we see Jeffy Pooh and his tongue. Oh my! I wonder how skilled he is with it...

This one features Sporty Jeff kicking back and dreaming of all you ladies (and men). He's making love to every single one of you in his mind.

There's nothing like a tan man with a gold chain nestled in between in pecs!

And what pecs they are! The more to throw you around the bed with!

Jeff in profile. Check out that nipple! Who wants to tweak it?

Your no-no's are tingling right now, aren't they?

The best is yet to come ladies (and men).

He's looking right at you thinking up new sex moves in this one.

Enough with this teasing. Let's get to the money shots!

Ignore the Ass Licker in this one. I told you she was always trying to sneak a peek.

You've all exploded haven't you?

Maybe Jeffy Pooh will loan you his towel to clean up with.

There you go. That's it. Was it good for you? Which one was your favorite?


  1. He's not really photogenic.

  2. Thanks....
    Does he really not do ANYTHING at all for you? When I look at Jeff, I'm reminded of the line from Billy Crystal in When Harry Met Sally...
    Sally: "Well, maybe he didn't think I was attractive."
    Harry: "I don't think it's a matter of opinion...clearly, you're very attractive." Makes me wonder what does do it for you....

  3. With men, I prefer the bad boy rocker type. Longish hair, a sexy pout, some tattoos and maybe some black leather pants. Someone with demons inside struggling to get out.

  4. Hes gorgeous! My fav was the 4th down, i love that shirt, its the one he wore on the thursday he used the CDT. When he told Jess and Nat to "ENJOY" i lost it LOL sorry Im a big Jeff fan!
    Thanks LALA!

  5. I agree with the last poster...when he announced the 'coup~de~do' power...and said "welcome to the party"...i wanted to attack the tv screen!

  6. What is this? The ladies are turning on Jeffie Pooh? I'm stunned. I thought you all worshipped the ground he walked on. Don't tell me I paused on him shirtless for nothing.

  7. OMG, thx so much for the Jeff pics. Yes, I'm one of the many who is totally in to him.

  8. DA-ROOOOL....Honey Chile! It WAS good. You are the Queen.

    Now, he may not be some things but, honey, he's got "IT".

    I 100% agree with you, Miss Thang ain't for him. Yes, she may be sugary sweet, but give her a day without carbs and let's see what emerges. Now. Then. Perhaps that was a bad idea.

    Seriously love your blogging and thank you from the bottom of my... oh, how would Michelle say it...on second thought,never mind. You know I appreciate the time you spend and the way you have with words. Gucci-eee!!


  9. He's a nice looking guy. The smoking upsets me though. I hope he kicks it when he leaves.

  10. I am sorry, LaLa...but Jeff is HOT! Damn, that boy is fine. He is funny, and he cooks! Although, I am not pulling for him to win (anything but an all-access pass to my no-no place lol) I have to admit he is smokin'. He will be even better looking when he finally drops that story-telling dolt and plays for himself. IMHO.

  11. Hi Lala,..I don't know why but my last post about Jeff got deleted. Although I find Jeff very cute and with a nice BODY, I have seen nicer looking men out there. I like men with longer hair to begin with. Jeff does have some nice pretty green eyes though, and his physique is awesome as well.

    As far as BB giving Jeff preferential treatment because of what he got in the HOH room, I do not agree at all. Chima got everything she wanted in her HOH basket as well, and we know where she ended up. So I really don't think you can judge by that, IMO.