Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Queen Of Racism Has Left The Building!

I don't know why I'm shocked, but I am... CHIMA SIMONE HAS LEFT THE BUILDING! The queen of all things racial and all things dead animal has left the Big Brother house. Did she get kicked out or did she quit? No one really knows, but let's recap what led up to last night's surprising turn of events.

The day started out peaceful enough. Chima denied Russell was ever a Catholic and insists he's really part of some extremist radical Muslim group. Just a typical Friday morning in Chima's racist world. By the way, I'm going to be EXTRA mean today because I hope that racist cunt from hell reads this. Chima, you disgusting ignorant little piece of filth, Lebanon has a HUGE Christian population and has had since the year 1 A.D.. I know this because I went to Catholic schools all my life and many of the students were Lebanese with very strict Catholic upbringing. I remember in the 80's praying in school for a student whose family was trapped in Beirut. Just because you don't understand something and are too fucking ignorant to ask questions and do a little research before opening your stank ass giant lipped vaccuous mouth doesn't mean it's evil. For someone who prides themself on being a "strong woman", you are weak and pathetic and disgusting for using the language you did and making the accusations you did in the house. You are an embarassment to your family. Your grandmother seemed very lovely with a good head on her shoulders and even she was ashamed of you... your own family! I'm wondering if you actually thought America would side with you when you called Russell a terrorist. Are you that stupid to think that any part of you is the least bit likable?

Chima's nonsense yesterday morning didn't stop there. She also called Jeff anti-women - I'm assuming this is because, oh I don't know, Jeff played the game and made Chima essentially powerless. Chima, precious, if you had won the Wizard Power (although you never would because America loathes you with a passion), you would have used it in a heartbeat! Don't fool yourself into thinking that you wouldn't if it could have helped your game in any way. You're just mad that Jeff pulled a fast one on you and that your HOH reign was essentially a farce. You sat up in that tower of yours mouthing off on Russell nonstop for a week gloating about how you were going to send him home and, in the end, none of your talk amounted to anything of value. AHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Do you have any idea how happy America was that you were powerless? While you were perched on your throne of shit gloating, we were sitting at home laughing our asses off at how pathetic you were. Thanks for the good times you racist piece of shit.

I have many African American readers and not one of them has EVER come to your defense. The consensus was always that you brought shame to yourself and your heritage. Sure, it's sad you were raped and almost killed, but that doesn't mean that you are now exempt from being judged. It doesn't give you carte blanche to act like a psychotic little hose beast who can criticize an entire nation of people. Hey Chima, come here a second, I want to tell you something. Did you know that Braden now has to have a bodyguard everywhere he goes because he called someone a Beaner on national TV? It's true. He said it himself the other night on blogtalk radio. I'll bet you live your life in a pretty scary paranoid way after what happened to you when you were in college. Guess what buttercup? Your life is about to become your own personal hell. Not only have you offended Muslims, but you've offended Catholics and the Lebanese. I'm forgetting a group or two, aren't I? Oh yeah... AIDS patients and MEN. You thought the Big Brother house was hard? LOL. Wait til you encounter the real world my dear. You have NO idea what lies ahead of you.

OK so yesterday was the Have/Have-Not competition and instead of being placed into winners and losers, the HG's played to win food for various days of the week. They won food for all days except one. Kevin and Lydia have to take cold showers and the whole house won a grill. Now I'm wondering, as I'm sure all of you are, if the competition went this way because of Chima threatening to leave if she was a Have-Not. Honestly, I don't know. I wouldn't put it past Big Brother to try to make her happy. They did it with her HOH luxuries and they did it after her mockery of a reign. I want to know what makes that ugly little troll of a racist so goddamn special. Seriously, why is making her happy so important? America hates her, I hate her, and vile behavior should never be rewarded. Anyhow, when the competition was over the HG's were greeted with a smaller dining room table and it was very exciting for everyone. The changing of the tables are big milestones in the house.

In anticipation of the pending nominations some people decided to bite the bullet and go talk to the freak residing in the HOH. She's wearing latex pants (no doubt left for her with all her sex toys in the HOH gift basket) and hooker heels. Russell told Michele to put up Kevin and Chima. Michele just nodded and stuck her fingers in her ears while making a puffy face. She rubbed lotion all over her shiny pants and worked herself into a frenzy with her butt plug. Russell just sat and watched with a horrified expression on his face.

Later Natalie went up to the HOH and was thoroughly pissed off to find out Michele was putting her on the block. She grabs her crotch a lot and snarls through strands of drool. She tried to make a plea for safety but it was peppered with so many uhhhhs and ummmmms that Michele just ended up sitting there confused playing with her nipples. Natalie kept bringing up the fact that Michele shouldn't forget how Russell called her crazy only a few days ago. She tells Michele that she's willing to go up next to Russell if she has to. She says, “You haven’t screwed me thus far in this game. I’m going after the people who directly screwed me and those are Jeff and Russell. I’m not even going after Jordan. She hasn’t done anything to me yet.” Michele assures Natalie that she is NOT the intended target at all and that she's giving Natalie a chance to win POV and remove herself. Michele says if she wanted Natalie to go home, she'd just backdoor her.

Next it's our resident racists turn. Chima claws her way into the HOH all lips a blazing. She begins by kissing ass in a totally pathetic and transparent way. Michele just cuts to the chase (she's got a vibrator she hasn't used yet on deck and she's very antsy to break it in) and tells Chima that she doesn't want Russell to go home yet. Russell has promised her safety next week and she's going to go with that. Michele says, "If I get Russell out, Jeff will come after me." Chima replies, "Jeff won't go after you, he'll come after me." Chima goes on to tell Michele that Russell thinks she's nuts and calls her Cuckoo Bird, "He doesn't want a woman to win. He doesn't even like women. He's a misogynist." Chima compares Michele not putting up Russell to the cast of BB8 not putting up Evel Dick. They were scared to put him up and he ended up winning. Chima thinks the same thing will happen with Russell.

Chima is relentless. She goes on to say that Michele was "Team Get Russ Out as of yesterday up until it didn't happen". Chima says if Russ stays in the house he will convince Jeff to go after Michele. His M.O. is to "divide and conquer". He did it with Ronnie and he'll do it with Michele. Chima could actually be right about the "divide and conquer" thing, but it doesn't really matter because she'll always be a cunt rag to me. She tells Ass Licker that if she wins HOH next week she will go after Jeff and Jordan simply because Jeff used the Coup D'Etat. Why is she playing so personal? Yes, she should go after Jeff and Jordan. Everyone should go after them. Strategically, it's the smartest move, but Chima does nothing strategic. Every decision she makes in the house is based on who's pissed her off that week. Michele ends the conversation with a very funny line, "No matter what happens this week, I’ve enjoyed our time together and I’m sorry”. Amazingly, Chima didn't get the hint and went on to being utterly shocked and angered by the nominataion ceremony.

Michele nominated Chima and Natalie for eviction. Chima took the news well and acted with utter grace and dignity. She threw all of Jeff's clothes on the beds in the splish splash room and, from what I understand, had one hell of a tantrum we were not privy to. She's the epitome of all things inspiring. I wish I could be like her and kick and scream when I don't get my way. Little girls around the world (except Lebanese ones, Muslim ones, HIV+ ones, and Middle Eastern ones) should look up to Chima as their role model in hate. We should all have ratty dead carcasses attached to our heads and greasy faces. Chima Simone, you are truly one of a kind... the singularly most hated female in Big Brother history. Congratulations!

After the noms, Chima was busy hiding underneath a blanket threatening to quit while Natalie searched the rule book for a technicality that could save them all. Chima mutters, "They all know I fought off a serial rapist murderer. Don’t think they don’t know that.” WTF? What the hell does that have to do with anything? Oh shut up you miserable cow and drown yourself in that wretched weave of yours. So yeah Natalie is flipping through the rule book and apparently, it's against the rules for an HOH to tell an HG that they are going on the block prior to nominations. Really? I'm quite positive past HOH's have told people they were going on the block. I wonder if this is a new rule. Michele did, in a roundabout way, tell Natalie she was going on the block and Natalie was determined to bust her on it. The whole digging through the rule book thing really put a bad taste in chatters' mouths. They interpreted it as Ragamuffin and Racist being sore losers and trying to weasle their way off the block due to a technicality. These are the two princesses who also want Jeff and Russell to hit them so they'll get evicted. Class acts, I'm telling you. How about just playing the game you worthless pieces of crap? You signed up for this show. You knew people got evicted every week. Why are you so shocked and bothered that it's now happening to you?

Chima moans about how if she doesn't win POV she's going home. She threatens to quit and Natalie and Lydia, assure her that even though one of their group is going home this week if they win HOH next week they have an opportunity to even out the numbers. Thank you ladies. Thank you for talking numbers and strategy and not giving up like your little racist leader over there under the blanket. While all this is going on by the way, you can just tell that Kevin is getting sick of Chima's antics and is so ready to jump ship. I think it's too late for him to form anything lasting with the other side quite frankly. He should have jumped over last week. He waited too long and it's going to bite him in the ass.

Meanwhile up in the HOH, Ass Licker is busy telling stories about how she's always embarassing herself in naked and filthy ways. All her life, apparently, her clothes have popped off in family photos, people have caught her with her pants down on videotape, and she's been publicly humiliated several times over. Render me unsurprised. Years ago her husband read a poem dedicated to Michele onstage at a comedy club. It started out very sweet and romantic, but then turned into a filthy graphic pornographic sex limerick of sorts. Michele was mortified (oh you know she loved it) and all the people in the neighborhood started calling her "Dirty Girl". Upon hearing this, Jeff and Russell start cracking up. Michele snorts and scratches herself shouting, "I’m not a dirty girl! I wasn’t back then! It was like a self fulfilling prophecy!” Oh please Michele, you've been sticking things up your ass ever since you were old enough to walk. Barbies, legos, Rubiks Cubes... they were all up your ass. Your mother had to take you to the proctologist all the damn time. Instead of school photos, she has a collection of pictures that look like this:

After Michele's Tales From Pervert Land, Jeff goes downstairs to discover his clothes strewn about the splish splash room. He calmly takes them all and puts them back in the drawers. After his last trip he turns to the Red Room (with Natalie, Chima, and Lydia in it) and says, "Don't touch my shit again." Natalie says, "Who are you talking to?" Jeff replies, "You know who I'm talking to."

Later Chima continues to be the poster girl for female maturity, she's on the warpath only this time Big Brother is her target. The HG's got a mini golf set in the BY and Kevin tries to encourage Chima to come out and try it. BB tells her to put on her mic and she ignores them and flips them off. Natalie and Lydia proceed to spend an hour hogging the mini golf set and not letting anyone else play. Production is still yelling at Chima to put on her mic so she picks it up and mouths into it, "You can suck a dick." and then places the mic down next to her. Big Brother tells Chima to go to the Storage Room and exchange her mic. She says she's not going anywhere and Kevin, bless his heart, goes and gets her mic for her. Kevin knows she's being a total pain in the ass and by her acting like a psychotic freak it reflects badly on him. He's never taken part in the childish antics and has vocally raised objections to his alliances actions. He's kind of stuck though at this point and I guess he's just trying to make the best of a really shitty situation.

During all of this there was a silent battle going on for the washing machine. Jeff wanted to wash his clothes but the others have been monopolizing the machine all day. Lydia had her clothes on the "whitest of whites" setting earlier (a super long cycle) and ran it twice. Now Chima wants to do laundry as well as Jeff. Chima has planted her ass on the washing machine and is not budging. She only gets up to hog the putt putt game. She says she won't let the others practice at all for the rest of the night, "There's no way in hell they're getting to play." Kevin then comes out and hands Chima her new microphone. Want to guess what she does with it? It's pretty good. She throws it in the hot tub! LOL Natalie tries to retrieve it with a skimmer but the feeds go to fish. Here's a photo of Chima tossing her microphone in the hot tub and a photo of Natalie trying to get it out:

Inside Jeff and Jordan are discussing this season's cast and they come to the conclusion that they have the biggest bitch in all of reality tv history: Chima. I am inclined to agree. Maybe Omarosa is tied neck in neck with Chima. Jeff has come to the realization that he will probably never win this season of Big Brother. There is no way Lydia, Chima, or Natalie would vote for him to win and you know Jessie won't either. Maybe if he goes up against Russell in the Final 2 he has a chance, but who knows? He says he'll tell Natalie the secret of Lydia and Jessie hooking up if Lydia messes with things just one more time. If Jeff and Jordan make it to the final 2, Jordan will win and that kills me inside. It makes my no-no numb and defintely not ready for fun. I have a really horrible feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that someone completely undeserving is going to win this game.

Moments later Chima is talking to Lydia, Kevin, and Natalie. She says, "Natalie I’m thinking if I win by some fluke, I’m taking you off because I think I’m going home seriously. I’m over it.” Natalie replies, "No you're not." Chima then starts to bitch that someone ate her cheetohs and she goes marching around the house asking everyone who ate her cheetohs. She comes back to Red Room and figures Russell must have done it so she goes over to his drawers (after Lydia directed her there) and takes out his fedoras. Natalie is saying over and over again, “You don’t even know if he ate them Chima. You don’t know if he did it.” You think Chima cares? Hell no! She takes Russell's hats and goes to the Have-Not room to wrap them in a blanket and hide them in a storage area. Here's what it looked like:

And that's it. That's all we see of Chima. We get a tiny bit of chatter where she accuses someone of stealing her pineapple juice and then we get fish. When the feeds come back Chima is gone and everyone is left scratching their heads. Did she quit? Did she act like a child hiding things and breaking equipment because she knew she was going to quit all along or did Big Brother finally get fet up and kick her ass out? I have no idea. What does this mean for the Jury House? A tie is possible now in a final vote. Will they bring Ronnie back to vote even though he's been home and matriculating in the real world? Will America get a vote? I'll bet BB was scrambling last night trying to figure something out.

The HG's have been instructed not to discuss the details of Chima's absence. They don't even know if a replacement nominee has to go up. I'm assuming one will and that Thursday's double eviction will be cancelled. That means Kevin or Lydia will go up. Hopefully, Natalie is the next to go, but I'm thinking it may be Lydia instead. Lydia cheered Chima on and made a lot of enemies these past few days. Maybe she will be better off tucked away in some fancy house with her Manbeast. She let me down big time this season and she's not even playing strategy anymore. She's officially out of my good graces. I gave her chance after chance after chance, forgiving her of just about everything, but that's it. No more. I'm done with you Lydia. I'll wish you happiness and just say, "You were a HUGE disappointment.". I still don't think you're a slut and I'm sure you have a few redeeming qualities, but you really don't belong in the game of Big Brother. I had such high hopes for you. I bid you adieu and wish you well.

I know I still owe you, dear readers, an all Jeff all the time photo spread. I've been saving up pictures for you guys and will let you drool all over them in the very near future. I was planning on doing it today, but you can blame Chima for the delay in all things Jeffy Pooh. Bitch ruins everything, doesn't she?


This is according to jokersupdates and justtvnuts. I have no idea if it is accurate, but I'm just passing it along to you guys:

"According to someone at Joker's Updates who supposedly has ties to Allison Grodner Productions, this is what happened in the BB House while the feeds were off. This is a rumor!

Mike: Hey Guys, can you all come into the Living room please? We need to have a house meeting.

Production speaks

AG: You will be paying for the mic pack Chima, this will come out your Stipend.
Chima: You know what? f* this s*. I’m outta here. love you, nat–you too Lydia. *throws something* (her mic?)

She presses the diary room button, it doesn’t go green, she tries to pull the door open (EVERYONE is in the living room sitting down btw) and Chima says “don’t f* with me, open this damn door. NOW!”

Then Nat and Lydia want to leave with her, but production asks them to remain a moment..

AG: Everyone, PLEASE calm down!

Lydia gets up and tries to open the DR door, bangs on it, crying.

Chima was SCREAMING at AG! The entire control room was told to record everything in case something happened. Security may have been there too.

Chima is the first BB USA contestant to ever QUIT
No eviction this week
America will be voting as the seventh vote at jury
Chima has forfeited her stipend and will not be at the Finale
This will be shown on TV Tuesday "

This was taken directly from justtvnuts and I have no idea if it is valid.

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  1. Just wanted to say, thanks for the blog. I really enjoy it every day. It's really hard when I'm at work and I'm laughing so hard I can no longer control the expression on my face...usually people don't have that much fun at work.
    Oh and if Final 2 ended up being Jeff and Jordan, I don't think Jordan would win. I think they all feel like you do, that she hasn't done enough to earn it.
    Anyway just wanted to say thanks.

  2. yeah i think that the beloved "jeffy-pooh" still has a chance with his stones and his toona to win the game. Even though Dan was hated by some of the jury last year for backstabbing, even they recognized he was strategically superior.

  3. Amazing post as always. I was like a kid at Christmas when I woke up and saw that Chima had quit! And then reading your take is like getting that extra surprise present. Probably the happiest day of my life.

    Really hoping they let Mich put up a replacement nominee instead of just letting Chima being the evicted HG this week. That seems to me it would be too easy on the rest of Jesse's girls. I'd really love to see the Manson 2009 gang go COMPLETELY out of control if Nat and Lyd were on the block together, maybe they would both run to the jury house together to be w/ the manbeast.

    Any video clips of the night? You're usually the only site I can get the vids to work.

  4. THANK YOU!!!
    Chimas was so digusting. I'm glad you called her on it. At the end, she made me so sick.
    Love the blog

  5. Ur best blog to date! Chima is a nut case! I hope Nat goes out the door next. She can go pick her nose for Jesse in the jury house and drive Lydia mad.
    My only regret is that they didn't let us see Chima's complete meltdown!
    Thanks again, great blog!! I look forward to the next one.


  6. BEST BLOG EVER!!! You are the best LaLa! I am so happy that bitch Chima is gone, no more hearing that laugh and seeing her face. I have enjoyed reading your insightful blogs all season, but this one about Chima aka cunt rag is the best!

  7. I think I can sum up my complete agreement with one simple fact: Before I read your blog, before I even logged onto it, the last thing I said was "She's a fucking hose beast!"

  8. One correction. Chima threw her first mic in the hot tub, then when Kevin went to get the replacement out of the storage room, she put it on for just a minute, then took it off. When BB started calling for her to put it on, she refused and shortly thereafter, we started getting the fishies as her struggle with production started.

    Love your bitchiness, since you spread it around so evenly.

  9. Thanks anon for the mic correction. She was such a psycho last night hemming and hawing all over the place that I'm sure I got the order of events wrong in my notes.

  10. Chima didn't quit, it is reported that she was asked to leave. Either way, she is GONE!! WOOOOTTTTTT WOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!

  11. A song keeps repeating itself in my head since I heard the news of Chima's departure. I keep hearing "Oh Happy Day!" over and over again. (Of course, it's the gospel version)

    I would like to thank Michele for making this moment possible by nominating the bigot, but all the credit should go to Chima and her self-loathing existence. BB casting unearthed completely deranged creature from the dark abyss when they found this one.

  12. What a night, Lala. Circus finally had to send me to bed. We were discussing how many dishes you were going to break cause you went to bed early. That racist bitch deserved to go, was really angry we didn't get to see. Great blog & pics.
    I did think Chima was sitting on dryer for more reasons than pissing off the others. A hot, vibrating dryer does wonders for the nerves.

  13. Great post as usual... I am shocked and amazed and giddy at Chima leaving! But I must submit my complaint about you leaving out the Jeff pics. I woke up this morning as excited as a kid on Christmas, and nothing.

  14. An official statement from CBS seems to confirm that Chima failed to comply with BB mandates: “Chima has been evicted by the producers from the Big Brother house for violating the rules. She will not be part of the show’s jury. Her eviction will be addressed on an upcoming broadcast of the show.”


  15. Hats off to you Lala for another (not surprising) great blog. I don't know how u do it but babe you do it wonderfully.

    I can hoenstly say that I am ecstatic that the bitch of all bitches, hate to even type her name in fear of she just might love to see her name in print anywhere, good or bad, is FINALLY outta there and I do not care how it happened. Although, I would get some, make that a lot of pleasure, if BB kicked her ass to the curb. Where her and her big lipped mouth can make some money for the money she DIDN'T get from BB. Hell, she may just make her money by people giving it to her so she'll leave!! One can dream can't they? LOL

    I just wonder what in the world her dad must be thinking. I've had several family members who have served our country, most recently my son who was also a Marine. He is my only child and the only reason he enlisted was because he WANTED to go fight for our country. This was 2 1/2 years ago & he was only 19 at the time. As proud as I was that he made such a big selfless decision, to go fight with honor for our great country. As I said he is my only child so you can maybe imagine the emotions and thoughts going through me. Yes, by all means, I was very proud of him, but no matter how old he is he's always gonna be my baby.

    The point I'm getting at is that if you're a Marine, well simply put Marines DON'T quit let alone act a fool. They are very disciplined and very set in their ways. And the diva who admitted to being a Marine BRAT, has probably made her dad's hang a little low. I know those who have children sometimes think that their child can do no wrong. Well I can say that I do live in the real will be kids and that includes making mistakes and bad decisions at times. But as parents we should know, that once they become independant adults, that we have done the best job that we could have and all we can do is hope & pray that they put all things taught to them to good & proper use.

    Anyway, I totally agree with you Lala, I truly believe that her grandmother is disappointed more then we know and more then she let on in her interview. In my opinion, we all have one & it doesn't mean ours is right, but if, and thank goodness I'm not, I were her family&friends I truly would be ashamed and embarrassed. Especially from a parents point of view.

    Not sad to see her go AT ALL. I'm looking forward to the game getting back on track *fingers crossed*. After all there still is a short, stinky, unkempt "18" year old, who doesn't know how to put a tampon in *shaking head* is still roaming the BB house. She was spot on to play as an "18" year old because she damn sure acts like one.

    One final note, I have to say I am EXTREMELY disappointed with the live feeds. This has been my first year to get them, just had BBAD for the seasons I've watched. The main reason I never got them b4 was because I'm on disability and really can't afford it. And trust me they DO NOT give anyone enough to live on. I'm really thinking about cancelling.
    If I wanted to watch fish all day I would go buy a damn aquarium!!

    My mind is ready to explode...sorry again for the long comment.

    Keep up your continued great work.

  16. Oh, one last thing...I definitely think she owes a multitude of people she SHOULD apologize to. Will she? I am not holding my breath on that one. But I do, with all my heart, am saddened by her awful remarks, which are numerous as anyone who watches knows. I think the Twin Towers was the icing on her cake and something, someone, somewhere needs to address that. Be it CBS, the BB crew the corner office, I feel for all who lost loved ones in the 9/11 tragedy, and I'm sure some of them do watch BB or at least they did...

  17. I did not like Chima as a player. I probabbly would not like her in real life. I do feel bad for her in as much as she has so much unresolved anger that she more than likely self-sabotages (sp?) everything in her life. It was painful to watch her behavior. She really does not know how to navigate her life. Interestingly, the night they were all playing that game, she said one of her biggest fears is falilure, and fali she did at the BB Game. Hopefully for her, she will get the help she needs.She crossed to many lines and burned her bridges.

  18. i think mich got the latex hot box pants from lydia

  19. We have not heard the last of Chima. As you mentioned, she and Omarosa have a lot in common. Of the two, Chima is definitely the worst. By the way, Omarosa is now studying to become a minister. HALLELUJAH !! Chima will be talking dirt about the show until the day she dies. Would not surprise me if she wrote a book about her experience on BB. At this point, I am hoping that Jeff wins. Do not really like anyone else in the house. Jordan drives me crazy. She can't really be that moronic, can she.? My 3 year old nephew can already tell time. The Jessie(Man, Myth, Legend) obsessed Lydia and Gnat, are not playing with a full deck. I'm praying that Jeff informs Gnat about Lydia and Jessie's oral workouts. Kevin is just another annoying token gay. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Don't know what to make of Michele. She is just strange. Not as strange as Ronnie, who really made me feel uncomfortable. Russell started out as Jessie's Mini-Me, but now seems schizophrenic. If I was locked in a house with any of them(except Jeff), I would kill myself. Love the blog. I enjoy laughing out loud.

  20. one word. SPEACHLESS! ok, a few more words lol! WOW! OMG! WHOA! and GOOD RIDDANCE YOU SKANK ASS BITCH!
    another great post love! i can't wait to see what happens next! thank you for all of this!

  21. Well Big brother is just a game..
    And who knows Chima might be the nicest person you could ever meet...The house just probably brought out the worse in her,..It wasn't ok For Chima going off on Russell always no wonder why he gets pissed I would of as well...
    She should know that it's a game only a game,,And everyone saw the episode when Chima confronted Michele and we all knew Russell wasn't lieing...Chima you believed the wrong chic...Anyway I don't like Chima'a attitude on the show it sucked...But give her a break..God only knows what that show does to people seriously..You walk in normal ...You walk out CRAZY........
    So stop hating ,,don't you find there is already enough hate in this world....

  22. I think Chima is a classy woman..BRAVE she has been through alot in her life time..