Monday, June 22, 2015

Vanessa: The L Word

GinaMarie, is that you? Nope. In fact this is 32 year old Professional Poker Player Vanessa Rousso from Las Vegas. She's wearing harem jeans, neon pink suspenders and a wiggedy whack hat. From the photo alone, I'm prepared to despise her.

Please to enjoy:

(Video Courtesy of Big Brother Network)

You know what? I'm kinda liking Donatella. I can sense she has life experience unlike some of the other children cast on this season. I'm impressed with her to the point that I'll even forgive her that wiggedy whack hat. I also love the idea of a Professional Poker Player in the house... and now the obvious question is - Does Da'Vonne know her? How big is the poker world? I personally have no idea, but I definitely like the idea of the two of them teaming up. Both are strong women with maturity and definite opinions on life. None of that flighty itchy giggly unsure phoniness from these gals. I feel confident in assuming we'll gets lots of drama from Vanessa. But it'll be conniving manipulative drama. Ooohhh my favorite kind!

And better yet, homey here has a girlfriend. Fantastic! As a passionate fan of The L Word and all things Shane McCutcheon, I am predicting exciting and fabulous things from Vanessa. She's a tough broad and I dig it. I'm always looking for a lady to run the house and steal the title of the last HG standing. Could Vanessa be my girl? I sure hope so!

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  1. I follow poker a bit, so my opinion may be biased, but I see zero chance of her going completely unrecognized by all the other houseguests. She's probably one of the top 5 female players over the past 10 years.

    Definitely one of my faves I'll be rooting for along with Austin, John, and maybe Audrey, but I'm afraid her being a millionaire will be reason enough (unjustly, in my opinion) for some others to bounce her. Hope I'm wrong.

  2. Ahhh...Shane. How I miss you. :)

  3. She's already crying about missing home...this does not bode well for her...

  4. There is ZERO chance Da'Vonne doesn't recognize her, unless she is lying about her poker skill that she alluded to in the first episode(which I think is the case). Anyone who is any good at Poker has watched the pros, and anyone who has watched Poker knows Vanessa Rousso. She is one of my favorite poker players.