Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Allison Grodner Explains It All

I'm borrowing from a phrase I saw on twitter not too long ago. I'm totally "geeking out" on BB11 today (thanks Hope Davis)! When it rains it pours when it comes to Big Brother. We get zilch in the info department for months and then, all of a sudden, new reports come flooding in.

Courtesy of, I bring you an in depth interview with Allison Grodner (BB Executive Producer). She pretty much reiterates everything we've already heard today with some new juicy nuggety details. For example, an HOH canNOT nominate someone within his or her own clique. Interesting. Also, she never said "jungle theme" when referring to the third room. Hmmm, I wonder who made that up. Looks like America will once again have a big say through online voting. You know I'll be totally pimping my choices for all votes here at the new and improved Bitchy Big Brother Blog.

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  1. So far I'm a little disappointed in the theme of the house. I guess we'll see where they take it.

  2. I wasn't too crazy about the cliques at first, but finding out they can't nominate anyone in within their own clique will most likely heighten any animosities within said clique. I'm indifferent to the eco/green/crunchy tree hugging decor. It's been done on ANTM. Sticking a high maintenance bitch in the punishment third room ought to be funny to watch as well.