Thursday, July 2, 2009

Ross Matthews Does The Men Of BB11

Ross Matthews, hilarious gay who frequents Chelsea Lately, will now be hosting a weekly Big Brother version of his show Inside Dish. Now I love him on Chelsea Lately (and hopefully he'll squeeze in some BB references on his future appearances), but I must admit I've never seen his little dog and pony show. It looks like it'll be on so never fear, dear readers, you won't have to hunt for it. I'll post it weekly here at the new and improved BITCHY BIG BROTHER BLOG.

Speaking of how rockin' the new blog is, you'll notice some lovely ads for your shopping pleasure appearing over the next few days. How official am I, right? Well, click on them you silly kids! If you haven't subscribed for your feeds yet, get them via MY ads and contribute to my wine cellar fund. Totally kidding. I don't have a wine cellar, but hey, that's not a bad idea!

AND hopefully I have another BIG announcement in the very near future. It's super exciting. Alright enough chitchat, let's get this show on the road! Here's Ross Matthews interviewing all the men of Big Brother 11. Enjoy!

UPDATE: Big announcement is here! The lovely folks over at the have agreed to add me to their link list! This is huge guys. They have a GREAT site on all things Big Brother and I encourage all my readers to give them support this season. You'll find them on my Blogroll list as BIG BROTHER 11. Give them a click and check out their site!


  1. Once again sitting an office so watching videos for me right now. But you are cracking me up!! When I do sign up for live feed (hopefully today if I get the time), I will def do it through your page. Don't want you to get too bitchy. :)

  2. I'd go ahead and sign up this weekend. I think there are a bunch of deals going on. Several of my lovely ads are featuring live feeds so click on them already! We're gonna have to decide soon what chat room to claim as our own. I heard they improved the feeds and the chats this year especially the Quad Cam. I'll sign in to Real Player and see what's going on.