Thursday, July 2, 2009

Bitchy Blog's Early Favorite: Lydia

Lydia Tavera, my early favorite, already has a fanpage! Be sure to stop by and show your support:

I really hope she's cool. Like, seriously, I REALLY REALLY REALLY hope she's cool. It would be such a drag if she let's me down. I realize I'm overly excited at the fact that she's bisexual, but hey it's been a long time since the lesbian/bisexual fan base really had someone to root for. It looks like I'm not alone in my adoration for her either. jokersupdates is doing an early ranking of favorites and my girl, Lydia, is #1!

I think her cuteness, totally chill attitude, and unpretentiousness has rubbed Big Brother fans the right way. All this from a tiny little clip of her on The Early Show! Come on, you have to admit that the fact that she's a Special Effects Make-Up Artist totally ups her coolness factor as well.

I'm making it official right here and now. The Bitchy Big Brother Blog is officially endorsing Lydia! I'll overanalyze her game play, watch her like a hawk for any girly flirtations, and probably ignore any cracks in her personality for the first few weeks.

Anyone else out there a Lydia fan? If not, which BB11 Houseguest is your early favorite?

Image via jokersupdates


  1. Looking forward to your unique insight! Haven't seen all the houseguests so haven't picked a early favorite yet.

  2. im not picking a favorite my favs are always the first to go lol

  3. My daughter and I picked Lydia as our favorite from the first episode, she seems way cool and like she'll really play the game.

  4. hey Ms Lala!!!!! just got out of jail so pardon my slackalacking!!!