Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Big Brother 11 Cast Revealed!

The wait is over! Here are your Big Brother 11 cast details:

Laura - Young brunette female reminiscent of BB8's Jen Johnson

Braden - "Eye candy" according to Alison Grodner, 25 yr old surfer dude

Kevin - Token homosexual male, 29 yr old graphic designer

Lydia - BISEXUAL FEMALE! Thank god! 24 yr old make-up artist

Casey - "The Dad", 41 yr old 5th grade teacher and DJ

Jordan - Young blonde female, 22 yr old waitress

Russell - "Tough Guy", 24 yr old mixed martial arts fighter

Natalie - "Tough Girl", 24 yr old Tae Kwon Do champion

Jeff - 30 yr old advertising salesman from Chicago, single

Chima - 32 yr old freelance journalist

Michele - "Smart Girl", 27 yr old neuroscientist

Ronnie - "The Geek", 30 yr old married gamer, photographic memory

Mystery HG - Oh dear god no. Rumors are either Sheila or Michelle. Not good!

So, my readers, old and new, will you be watching this year? Are you getting the feeds? Me? I keep the feeds year round in the case that a spontaneous season pops up suddenly. Hell it worked during that lackluster Winter Season.

Initially, I wasn't sure if I'd keep up the blog this year, but who am I kidding? I live for this damn show and my snarky witticisms are a Big Brother tradition. Why would I deny you of that? I'll probably move the blog to a blogspot address so everyone can read and comment (and here it is!). Multiply is just too limiting. This year we'll also have Twitter which will come in very handy when something dramatic goes down on the feeds. I'll tweet the drama for all to enjoy. Join now so you don't miss a thing!

First impression based on the photos: Lydia is my early favorite. How can she not be? She a sexy bisexual with ink in an artistic industry. Call me crazy, but Natalie and Lydia... do you see it? I do. It can happen. Fingers crossed. Ronnie and Michele could team up early and win the whole damn thing. A photographic memory doesn't strike me as exactly "fair" in the BB world.

Jordan and Laura will either hate each other or become besties. Either way I hope they get into a cat fight over one of the douchey guys. Drama. I want it. I expect it.

Braden could be trouble as in ANNOYING. If he's a pretty boy who knows he's pretty he'll be number 1 on my list. Russell could pull a Jessie (BB10) and just be an obnoxious meathead. Maybe they want him to hook up with Natalie and have intense fighter sex, but I'm already pulling for Natalie to go the gay way so I think I'll put Russell with Kevin. The more gays the better.

Would it kill Big Brother to cast a sexy Latina? Seriously, we always get our token gay and our token African American, but I want my token Latina from now on.

So what do you think guys? Chime in. Don't be shy. You no talkie, me no postie. Let's make this a banner year folks!



  1. First off, I think the piece on the Early show was way too short. When do we get our tour of the house? And I hope Laura doesn't act like Jen. I might have to jump through the television and strangle her. I don't think Braden is "eye candy" Jeff is far better looking. Maybe for eber's sake Kevin will be another Josh. Casey seems to look like he'll be fun, but I'm afraid he'll be the first to go. Is Russell another Jesse? Dear God I hope not. And how is Ronnie gonna live without his games?

  2. You should see the Media Day Footage. Go to and you'll be able to see the whole house including HOH.

  3. I saw it but it wasn't a good look at everything. I want the Alison tour. or I guess I could just wait till next week.

  4. i agree about a token latina , they should cast chuy from chelsea handlers show. or perhaps george lopez' kid or maybe charro.


  5. Chuy from Chelsea Handlers show? AHAHAHA! I love it!

  6. isn't jen from bb8 half latina?