Sunday, July 26, 2009

An Awkward Day After That Tasted Like Bananas

Happy Sunday BB fans! I went ahead and got BBreloader so you'll notice a lot more pictures from here on out. I'm screenshot happy bitches!

Yesterday was the all important Veto Competition and, good news, lot's of prizes and punishments were given out. The players were Jessie, Michele, Jordan, Casey, Chima and Jeff. Jessie walked away $2500 richer (believe me, I know how much this pisses you all off), Michele got a trip to the Bahamas (I think), Casey won a Margarita Party for the house, and Chima may or may not have gotten a unitard (reports are conflicting and there was no sign of it last night). The funniest outcome has to be Casey's banana suit. He has to wear it all day everyday except when he showers and sleeps. That thing is going to STINK by Tuesday. He plans on working out in it. Ewwwww! Finally, the all important veto went to Michele. She was thrilled of course and blessed me with another one of her unique cocktail dresses.

It was a lazy Saturday in her University town, the kind of Saturday that screamed "Antiquing!". Debbie's friend Manuel had delighted in showing Michele what precious tchotchkes can be unearthed during a long day of yard sale hopping. Over the past few months she'd managed to collect 4 incomplete sets of Russian dolls, some fine mismatched china, and a handbag made of ostriche feathers, but nothing would rival the gem she managed to pick up today. The little old woman who lived in the huge Victorian on top of the hill was cleaning house. Her parrot Ferdinand had finally passed on and she no longer had use for all of her collectibles. She knew that she'd be joining Ferdinand soon enough in that big bird cage in the sky.

Manuel dragged Debbie and Michele to the old lady's estate sale. Behind the folding bird-themed card table Manuel discovered a rack of clothes. Dress after gorgeous dress lined the rack. Something other than their musty moth ball smell triggered something in Manuel. He'd seen these dresses before! He searched his memory fast and furious trying to remember who had once worn all these masterpieces. He looked at the label on one of the jumpers and read "Property of MGM". Of course! Only the patron saint of gays herself had worn each and every one of these dresses. Mary Richards... this was the ENTIRE collection of dresses worn by Mary Tyler Moore on the Mary Tyler Moore show! As it turns out the little old lady was the wardrobe mistress and she swiped the entire closet when the show went off the air. Manuel smiled his cheeky grin. He knew of the perfect girl to do these get-ups justice. Her turned to Michele and with a single solitary finger beckoned her over...

After the POV was over Lydia was decidedly grumpy. No doubt her unsatisfying tryst with Manbeast Jessie has left her aching for some sort of release, but something else had been gnawing at her all day. Something that's been gnawing at everyone in the house. It was small, loud, annoying and about as pleasant as an outbreak of herpes. Thy name is Natalie. Lydia wants that bitch gone once and for all. She's sick of Natalie always in Jessie's ear. She's tired of the cock blocking and the crawling into bed with Lydia and Jessie. That little rodent needs to be put out of her misery and Lydia wants to be the one to do it.

Yesterday afternoon in the HOH Lydia and Kevin had a nice long talk about strategy. They both want Jordan to stay in the house and they agree that Casey should go home before Ronnie. Lydia is obsessed with how her alliance with Jessie will play out. Will he turn on her and treat her the same way he did Angie on BB10? Kevin advises that whenever there is a male/female partnership that the female ALWAYS get the fuzzy end of the lollipop. The men never have to suffer for screwing over the females and Kevin advises Lydia to watch her back.

Kevin also thinks that Natalie's cock blocking is unintentional. He blames her youth and ignorance. He has no doubt that both Natalie and Jessie want to make sexy time together, but they can't because she has a boyfriend. Lydia doesn't get mad at this statement at all. She just sits there and nods. My first reaction was, "Oh shit... Lydia is gonna rock Jessie's world tonight!" I mean, that's what I'd do. If another girl was breathing down my neck competing for a certain man's affection, I'd show that man that I was irreplacable by showing him a night he'd never forget. I was so hoping that Lydia was thinking the same thing.

In the end, Kevin and Lydia agreed that they need to break up Natalie and Jessie as soon as possible. Jessie is harder to manipulate with Natalie always whispering in his ear. They also agree that they need to keep an eye on Russell because they never know where his head is at. All in all it was a good conversation and anyone thinking that Lydia and Kevin aren't playing are just plain wrong. Lydia is most definitely manipulating Jessie. She's using him to further her game and I admire her gumption. Kevin, on the other hand, is playing everyone. He and Lydia are very loyal to each other , but some people like the very astute BB11_Unleashed on Twitter think that Lydia will backstab Kevin in the near future. I'm not so sure I agree. I think Kevin might be the one to do the backstabbing. I'm making an early prediction here and now that Kevin makes it to the Final 4.

Last night Michele changed her outfit again and then made garlicky meatballs for everyone. Kevin didn't care for them at all and Lydia bitched about their taste while simultaneously helping herself to 3 servings of them. Casey, yellow and sad, sat back watching everyone else with a defeated look on his face. He's beginning to realize that something is probably up with Russell and Ronnie and that a fast one may have been pulled on him after all.

Those of you pissed off about Russell saving Ronnie can find solace in this next piece of info I'm about to share with you. Russell is saving Ronnie this week to make Jessie look bad next week. Russell's grand master plan is to send Jessie home AGAIN during the 4th week. LOL I've got to hand it to the kid. He's sneaky, perverse, duplicitous, evil, conniving... everything I admire in a BB player. Russell is growing on me more and more everyday. He's so hard to read and always keeps me guessing. I like that in a Houseguest. I'm also predicting that he will make it to the Final Four.

My fellow BB Lobby 1 troublemakers, Bloodydove and Jediaces, are also predicting Russell makes it to the end. Viewers may not like him and he may not be as dreamy as Jeffy Pooh, but he's playing the best game hands down. You gotta respect that. I'd also like to add that Jediaces very cleverly coined the term "Two Pump Chump" when referring to Jessie's sexual prowess. I know he's reading this and he gets a chubby every time he sees his name in print so there you go Jedi... have a blast.

Last night was fairly tame all around. Lydia and Jessie played that "awkward-day-after-sex" game where they pick on each other and flirt with others. Jessie was giving Natalie a lot of attention which, in turn, made Lydia make sexy comments to everyone BUT Jessie. I know that game they're playing well. It's like you hook up one night with someone and it wasn't all that you'd imagined it would be but you know you'll see them the next day and you know it'll happen again and you know it'll just be sad, but you do it anyways because, like seriously, what else is there to do? Sure, who hasn't been there a few times? What Lydia should do is have a phony girly heart to heart with Natalie and spill the beans. She should lie and tell Natalie her night with Jessie was AMAZING. Can you imagine how psychotic that would make Natalie? I get giddy just thinking about it.

Chima and Russell were also getting a little cozy and that partnership just really makes me ill. Russell doesn't feel the slightest bit of attraction to Chima, but he amuses her. I'm not into this coupling at all because I really don't think Chima will put out in the end. Seriously people, stop wasting my time if the magic isn't going to happen. Same goes to you Jeff and Jordan. If there's not at least a kiss in the very near future then I'm done with the both of you. Lala wants her drama bitches so serve it up or go home.

I will end this post with what I hope is a vision of foreshadowing. The lovely ebersolebe tipped me off to a questionable moment between Jeff and Jordan that took place about 4 am this morning. In this next photo, that's Jeff lying on his back and that's Jordan's arm up under the covers near Jeff's Mr. Happy region. If she wasn't giving him a handie, then she was awfully close. All this touching and rubbing has to lead somewhere, right?

If you have a tip or a clip you think I might have missed, feel free to contact me on Twitter or via email ( Provide a time and description and I'll look into it. If I use your tip in the blog, you'll get massive props and be the envy of all your friends.

Here's your whacky video of the day... Ronnie is "White and Nerdy":

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  1. Oh, Lala, Jedi and Bloodydove will be popping their corks today. I agree with you on Chima. She figures she has no chance at comps and needs a comp daddy to carry her through this game. But she won't put out for it. Lydia is playing her game, but needs to quit pouting and finish Nat off. You're so on bout Casey, he blew it by not taking his own advice and keeping his mouth shut, like Kevin, he's playing cool and calm and I believe every move he makes is planned. I'm looking forward to Michelle's reaction when she reads your blogs, Love ya, girl, Charliesyaya

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. yeah,...that delete was me....sunday am typing skills ==> fail. lol

    during jeffs adorable story of the march of the about 3:10 he does squeeze jordon between his knees & rolls up ..puts his arms around her & nuzzles her looks like its gonna be a full on kissyfest...but she pulls away......poor jeffy ...

  4. Love the blog babe.
    I must say, this season's lab rats are one of the most boring groups on record. I could be mistaken, but I believe my sofa is smarter than Jordon. Dear God, how does she survive in the real world?
    Russell, though often entertaining, has some serious mental issues, good for television, not so hot for BB's liability insurance. Ronnie has a crush on Jesse, and is so far into the closet he smells like mothballs. I mean the musical of Legally Blonde for his CD pick....break out the toe shoes! Chima is a first class bitch, okay, third class, and Michelle is a lab rat that ate one too many meds.
    Kevin is one of the biggest gay yawns I have ever seen, I mean what, was West Hollywood closed on audition day? I want to swat that annoying little shrimp Nat. Lydia has troubling taste in men, tats, and clothing. Casey..well, let's just say the banana outfit works for him. Jesse is still the same tool he was and always will be. And Jeff is just too normal for BB period.
    So those are my comments on our remaining lab rats. I hope things will get exciting, but I am not holding my breath. It should be fun when Jesse's group has to eat their own...I wait for the day.
    In the meantime, your comments will as always be more interesting than the show.
    Keep up the good work!