Saturday, August 1, 2009

HOH Executive Offices Are Open For Business

It looks like we've got ourselves a real honest to goodness HOH. The boardroom is open and we've got a lot to discuss. Lets get to it.

For the first time this season, Russell has set up the HOH Executive Offices. He held meetings all day long with each and every HG trying to get a read on where their heads at and, more importantly, comparing all their stories. That conversation the other day - the one where Casey and Russell eavesdropped on Kevin, Lydia, and Ronnie plays a HUGE roll in who Russell decides to nominate. Personally, I'm not sure why he places so much importance on one of thousands of conversations, but he does and, as a result, old alliances are broken and new ones are made.

The magical moment chatters are excited about is the birth of a partnership. Jeff and Russell have joined forces. These boys want to work together from here on out. They see one another as kindred souls who can take out the evil nuisances in the house. Jeff describes his relationship with Russell like this, "I think we have a lot of similarities. We both try super hard. We both push the envelope. And more important than any of that we both come from the same Catholic families." Apparently, Russell's letter from home (the one I noted yesterday as being very cool) really touched a chord with Jeffy Pooh. It rubbed him the right way in his happy place and now he feels satisfied with his decision to let Russell have HOH. They end their conversation with a few pats on the back, an ass grab (ok I made that up), and a hot tongue kiss (ok so I made that up too). My imagination, for some reason, tends to turn everyone into slap happy gay nymphomaniacs.

Next up is the man most of you affectionately refer to as The Rat. Ronnie marches in and he's not wasting any time. He sees a bus coming down the road a piece at 80 miles an hour and it needs some victims as far as he's concerned. He launches into an attack on Kevin claiming he threw the HOH and told everyone he could have hung on longer. He says Jordan told him Russell was talking shit about him. He claims Michele is trying to mend bridges with him and probably can't be trusted. He likes Chima and thinks she's solid (he's only saying that because he sees how tight Chima and Russ have become) - "Chima embodies the consummate survivor." Ronnie likes Jessie and Natalie and his allegiance will always be with them and Russell. He likes Lydia on a personal level, but says she sucks up to whoever is HOH. In the end, he wants Lydia and Kevin on the block. They both won prizes (Kevin - $5000, Lydia - 42" Plasma TV), absolutely cannot be trusted, and they spearheaded the campaign to backdoor Russell. Lydia changes week to week and is unpredictable throwing things out of proportion (when Russell accidentally hit her in the head with the ball) while Kevin is more logical. Both are a threat and they need to be evicted. Ronnie says he'll vote however Russ wants him to.

Michele is up next and right away Russell tells her that Ronnie threw her under the bus. Clever Russell. Ronnie actually didn't throw Michele under the bus all that much at all, but Russell is on a mission to get as much dirt on Ronnie as possible. Russell's main gripe with Ronnie is such a weird one. He is very nervous to have Ronnie in the Jury House. He thinks that Ronnie will NEVER stop playing the game and will campaign actively to make sure that Kevin, Russell, Jeff or Michele absolutely do not win Big Brother in the end. This line of reasoning kind of bothers me. First, you have to get to the Final 2. That's not easy to accomplish. Someone like Ronnie is a zero threat physically and if it came down to Russell and Ronnie in the final 2, Russell would clearly win. Instead of trying to get rid of Ronnie, it might be wiser to keep the most hated person in the game by your side.

Russell is basing his whole mission to oust Ronnie totally and completely on that conversation he eavesdropped on. My issue with that is this: It's a known fact that Ronnie is a liar. Who's to say that he wasn't lying to Lydia and Kevin in that conversation? If Ronnie really wanted Russ out of the game, he would have backdoored him when he had the chance. I think Ronnie likes having the jock types looking after him. It's the people that can't protect him physically that he really has issue with. Maybe he sees himself as being smarter than the jocks and mental threats are more concerning to him than physical ones. Why else does he hate Michele so much? She's never done anything to him, but he REALLY dislikes her. Or Lydia. Lydia was someone who wanted to keep him in the game. Clearly, Ronnie has a plan for whom he wants out of the game and the order in which he'd like them to leave. I have no idea what his logic is. He lies too much for me to get a read on him.

Kevin, sweating like a whore in church, is the next one in the boardroom. He's nervous, he's fidgety, he's inarticulate, he's stumbling, he's stammering... what the fuck? Where's the Kevin I know and love? He's nervous and awkward and not making any sense whatsoever. He pulls it together a little bit when he tells Russell about his experience in high school. Kevin says he was feminine, thin, and weak, but he surrounded himself with strong people so no one would mess with him. He says he did the exact same thing when he entered the BB house. He'd never turn on Russ and Jessie because he respects their strength and feels safe with them. Russell begins to quiz him on the conversation he overheard and Kevin's answers match up with what Russ heard. That's the magic ticket Kevin. You are now safe. Whew!

Russell tells Kevin that Ronnie made a good case for him to go on the block. Ummm I just relistened to that whole conversation and Russell, my man, you are one hell of a liar. In each of these mini meetings he's having, he's basically turning everyone against each other and in the process creating little pseudo mini alliances with each and every house member. If the HG's ever compare notes, I really don't think they'd bother to confront Russ on it. His temper has them all a little uneasy and no one wants to get the treatment Ronnie got last week.
Kevin swears on his life that he's never talked game with Ronnie. He says he's even too scared to talk Star Wars with Ronnie because he knows even that conversation won't end well. Russell laughs and Kevin is back in the game! His charm and his wit are his strongest attributes. It disarms people and makes him seem nonthreatening and likable. He just can't take so long to get himself warmed up next time. His nervous energy seriously almost sunk him with Russell. They conclude the conversation agreeing not to put one another up from here on out.

Jordan, paunchy and overfed, gets her turn next. Seriously, homegirl needs to put down the food. She can't fit into her jeans anymore and she's beginning to waddle when she walks. She's fiercely loyal to Jeff and tells Russell that Jeff hasn't filled her in on the deal that they made during the HOH. Russell assures her that she's safe and that he and Jeff want the same person out of the house. Once Ronnie leaves, the house atmosphere will change. The lies and backstabbing will stop. Dream on Russell.

Lydia is next and she knows she's a possibility to go up. She tells Russell that if she's on the block, then Russell won't have her vote to evict Ronnie. Keeping her off the block assures Russell that he gets one more definite vote to evict Ronnie. This doesn't bother Russ at all. He's going to use Kevin for that guaranteed vote. Kevin won't vote out Lydia if she's up against Ronnie. Lydia starts ratting out everyone saying that Chima wants to go to final 2 with Natalie, Ronnie lurks everywhere and could win the game, and that Jordan may not be as naive as she portrays herself to be. She doesn't bad mouth Kevin at all which makes me happy. She calls Kevin level headed and observant. She tells Russ that she's adores Kevin and would never say anything bad about him. She jokes a little about Russ and Chima and Russ insists he'll never do anything sexual while he in the house. He's a commercial real estate broker and hooking up could affect his career. Wait a tic... I thought he was a professional fighter. Maybe this is why no one can ever find any info on him in a professional fight. He's too busy appraising industrial properties and changing lock boxes to beat some ass.

After all this negotiating and making pitches, Russell nominates Ronnie and Lydia. Apparently, the speech he makes is a good one and very anti-Ronnie. His goal is to get Ronnie out, but already there's some dissension in the ranks. Natalie and Chima want Lydia gone while they have the chance. Chima tells Russell she'll vote how he wants, but right now I'm not really sure I believe her. Once Natalie gets in her ear, there's no telling what she'll ultimately do. Natalie has already been working on Jessie to get Lydia out demanding that he never talk to her anymore.

Now yesterday I claimed that Russell was after Jessie. I would have been right had Russell not stuck his head up his ass over that ridiculous conversation he overheard. Had that conversation never happened, Jessie would be on his way out. Ronnie ruins everything! Sure, Russell could still have it in the back of his mind to get out Jessie. He plays with his cards close to his chest so he could still surprise us all.

Although, last night, Jessie expressed some deep concern regarding getting rid of Ronnie at this juncture. He has Ronnie wrapped around his finger and it behooves him to keep Ronnie in this game a little longer. If Jessie continues to bitch and the slop continues to wreak havoc on his precious body, then I could still be right about my "way out" prediction. I'm not throwing in the towel on that just yet. Anything could happen between now and Monday. My only hope is that Kevin or Lydia wins the veto and Jessie starts throwing tantrums. Someone somewhere, perhaps Lydia, will turn on Jessie and report his grumblings about evicting Ronnie to Russell.

Already Jessie, Natalie, and Chima are planning to put up Russell and Jeff next week. Russell needs to know this information pronto. I don't care who tells him - Ronnie, Michele, Lydia, or Kevin - but someone needs to get him this information before the POV ceremony. If I end up being right about the whole Jessie going home this week, then I want some massive props, tweets, and glowing reviews of my intellect plastered all over the internet. If I'm wrong, I'll blame it on Bloodydove, Grimace, Hoodedwarrior, and Jediaces. When in doubt, blame a man. ;)

I'm in somewhat a good mood today so here's something for all of you Jeff and Jordan fans. BB11_Unleashed says watching Jeff and Jordan is like showering in Sprite. So refreshing! That made me laugh so here is your "refreshing" clip of the day. Turn off your television, pause your ipods, put away your knitting, get your hand out of your pants... oh wait cancel that last one. Ignore the tiny fluttering fairies that will very shortly adorn your personal area because here are Jeff and Jordan briefly kissing. You hear that? It's a choir of angels. Actually, Jeff is a total pussy and can't really seal the deal and Jordan is too busy dreaming about cookie dough to fully commit, but here it is anyways so enjoy:

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  1. if jesse goes home this week then leaving the week before jury house will be known as a "jesse" btw you forgot about america choosing squid for the have nots and jesse was sulking over his plate, playing with his food. I'm from the San Francisco bay and a hardcore mixed martial arts fan and ive never heard of Russell as a cage fighter. Great blog i read it everyday.

  2. I don't really care who goes, Ronnie or Jessie. What I'd really like to see is Jess win the POV, would he dare to use it? But I believe that's one comp he'd throw. But my happy visions of Ron on his knees, crying, begging to Jess 'take me off block' cannot be dismissed. He does. Jeff puts them both back up. Aww, sweet bliss.. Great blog!!

  3. I'd like to see Kevin win POV and him take Lydia off. I'm curious as to who Russell will put up instead. I would do a happy dance if it were Natalie or Jessie. Natalie has gotten under my skin and I want her out soon. I'm tired of her telling people what to do. She acts like Jessie's mother or nanny or something. Annoying!

  4. Welcome hubzilla and thank you. Squid and Wizard talk is coming tomorrow. Some days I have so much information to cover that I forget the silly things.

    Yaya... Jessie has already begged Russell to throw the comp to him today. I agree that it will be interesting to see if he'd use the POV if he won it, but at the same time I really want that "possibility" of him going on the block to still be out there. I refuse to give up on my theory until absolutely all hope is lost. ;)