Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Big Brother Has Officially Turned Into High School

We all know what went down yesterday. It was something we all wanted and waited for. Today though, today everything just looks ugly and mean.

Ronnie has literally spent 24 hours hiding in the HOH. Sure, it's a little bit funny, but I can't help but find it really really sad as well. He was a geek who came into this wanting to play his favorite game of Big Brother. He played hard and fast and managed to fool both sides of the house in a week 1 eviction upset. Why is everyone really mad at him anyways? Because he managed to pull the wool over their eyes? Because he got who he wanted evicted? Because he decided it was better for him to get out an immediate personal threat (Laura) rather than a threat to the whole house (Russell)? Because he lied to everyone to get the outcome he wanted? Yes, Ronnie did every single one of these things, but are they significant enough reasons to banish him to no man's land and taunt him whenever the chance arises?

Big Brother has literally, overnight, turned into a high school cafeteria. A jock and a popular spend their time flirting (Jeff & Jordan). Another jock finds himself oddly attracted to an offbeat (Jessie & Lydia). Another popular spends her days crying and telling everyone how great she is (Laura). A jock waits and lurks for every opportunity possible to pick on a geek (Russell & Ronnie). The HG's have actually become and personified all of the labels they've been given. I see a complete breakdown in all things civil. In what arena of life does a 25 year old man wait to pounce on a 30 year old man by taunting and mocking him endlessly? Only Big Brother.

I have an annoying habit of putting myself in other's peoples shoes in order to understand what the world looks like through their eyes. When I put myself in Ronnie's shoes, I feel sick and anxious. I know I would be completely anxiety-ridden if I was scared to leave the HOH to go to the kitchen to get food knowing Russell was waiting for me. People don't have to talk to him and be his friend, but they don't have to go out of their way to make him feel even more miserable.

Yesterday Jessie was the only one to go and check on Ronnie. I think he even brought him food too. I don't think Jessie has a game plan or anything. There's no ulterior motive to his actions. I think he just genuinely feels bad for Ronnie. Could this be the advent of a kinder gentler manbeast? Maybe, just maybe, Jessie was bullied when he was a kid.

It was the land of big open skies and vast amber waves of grain. Big green tractors spotted the countryside and a young skinny boy spent his days skipping rocks on the pond behind his farm. Jessie was a momma's boy. He loved his family and his mother doted on him ironing his jeans and having an apple pie waiting for him when he'd come home from school. Jessie was little in stature - tiny, in fact. His big brothers , grown and away at college, called him "Squirt" and would spend summers trying to teach young Jessie how to play tackle football.

With his brothers gone during the school year, Jessie's days were long and difficult. Gunther Dupree, the school bully, had taken to waiting for Jessie every single day on his way to school. He'd trip Jessie, pounce on his skinny little frame, and take his lunch money every single day. The one day Jessie tried to fight back, Gunther had twisted Jessie's arm behind his back so hard that it made him cry. Betty Sue had been walking by and saw Jessie whimpering for help. It was the most humiliating moment in his life. Ever since then Jessie would have his money in his hand ready for Gunther. It was better to get throught this daily ritual as quickly as possible.

Jessie was 13. His voice was still high and he only weighed 80 lbs. He was always picked last to play in gym class. His stomach was so nervous all the time that he couldn't even eat the left over dinner roll he'd stuffed in the bottom of his school bag. He hid in the bathroom at lunch time counting the minutes until the school day was done. All Jessie wanted was to grow tall like his brothers and have big muscles so that the Gunther's of the world would never ever be able to push him around anymore...

Ronnie made several long trips to the Diary Room where I have no doubt he may have cried and spoken to an onset psychiatrist. My money is on the shrink giving Ronnie a few Xanax to calm his anxiety. Whenever we saw Ronnie on the screen (which was rare) he was a little dazed with his hair mussed. He spent a lot of time sleeping which leads me to the conclusion that someone must have given him something. Knowing what I know of Ronnie, he's always thinking and his brain goes a mile a minute. Seeing him resigned and exhausted doesn't fit with his personality. The lucid Ronnie would still be in his room hiding, but he'd be nervous, antsy and possibly pacing. Sleeping all day and night just strikes me as unusual.

I'm almost scared for Ronnie when Thursday comes around. Can you imagine what that HOH lockdown is going to be like for him? Most of you probably think that he made is own bed and now he has to lie in it, but I don't know you guys... I just can't help feeling sorry for the guy. Next week he won't have the HOH to hide in. It's going to be MISERABLE for him. He's lost this game. That's a given. He will be out of that house as soon as his humanly possible. He knows it. I don't think he's in the HOH making elaborate plans to stay in the house. I think he's given up.

In this next clip, you see the HG's bash Ronnie outside while Russell taunts him inside. Ronnie, who is shaking, asks where a bottle opener is and Russell throws it on the ground. Outside Jordan asks Russell to be so mean to Ronnie that he makes him quit. Really Jordan? This from the girl who claims she can never be mean to anyone?

This post will probably make me very unpopular today, but I think what Russell is doing is going above and beyond the parameters of human decency. Ignore Ronnie, talk about him behind this back, pretend he's not even there... these things I have no problem with. It's the evil malicious hurtful personal digs that really rub me the wrong way. Ronnie lied to everyone, but he was never malicious about it. He never hoped someone suffered as a result of his lying. His head got too big and he got caught. He'll go down as the most hated HG in BB history. He's going to be a laughing stock when he gets out of the house. To me, that's enough retribution. The childish bullying is ridiculous and, quite frankly, disgusting.

OK I've said my piece about that. Let's move on...

Late last night while in bed together Jeff says that he and Jordan should make out for the cameras. Jordan laughs and says no. No?!? Jordan you are so disappointing. Don't you know that there are scores of lonely unhappy women waiting with bated breath for you two to get it on? A little kiss is no big deal. Maybe some of Jeff's brains will seep into you during the transfer of saliva. Hey, it's worth a try.

The big plan for Thursday is for the Brains to throw the HOH so Ronnie isn't immune. The only problem is that the HG's have been talking about it for hours on end that they are now sure that BB will alter the competition so throwing it is impossible. Whoever wins HOH is going to nominate 2 pawns. The plan is to backdoor Ronnie. They've worked out the percentages and the best scenario of getting Ronnie out is to backdoor him.

Some HG's want to draw straws to determine who the pawns will be. This is more stupid than Jordan not being able to tell time. Someone fairly innocent like Jeff will get the short straw and in a weird turn of events Ronnie will win the POV and Jeff will end up going home. It's better that whoever gets HOH puts up people that they wouldn't mind getting out of the house just in case the Backdoor Ronnie plan doesn't work.

In my twisted mind I kind of hope Russell goes on the block and ends up leaving. There's almost a beautiful poetry to the bully going out before the victim. Russell's bravado is immature and undeserved. He's permanently stuck in his role as a schoolyard bully and it's pathetic to watch in a 25 year old man.

I think Russell's antics might even be getting to the other HG's too. Late last night some of the NBK were discussing that both Casey and Russell need to lay off Ronnie and let him come down to get some food without being harrassed. Casey was a big disappointment for me yesterday. As a teacher, I'd expect him to be a little more sympathetic to the victims of bullies. Instead he's kind of become Russell's partner in hate. Casey cites Ronnie's treatment of Michele as his reason for liking to see Ronnie suffer. It's no secret Ronnie doesn't like Michele but I've never seen him do anything outlandish to her. Ronnie holds zero power over Michele and Michele has pretty much done her own thing in the game thus far.

Jessie and Lydia canoodled a little more last night. I really think they might like one another. Nothing will come of it when they leave the house, but any showmance is better than no showmance at all. I think the Natalie/Jessie/Lydia love triangle could possibly turn into something in the coming week - at least that what other players are hoping for. Dividing Jessie and Natalie is important to the Dumb 5 (their name for themselves, not mine), but is it as important as getting Ronnie out? I'm not sure. I have a feeling that all might not go according to plan in regards to Ronnie next week. It would not surprise in the least if he stays in for the next few weeks.

The big question then would be: If Ronnie does stay in the house will he change the way he's playing the game? Does he have any chance of winning back some comrades? Will Russell's evil tactics piss people off more than Ronnie's evil tactics? What do you guys think? Has Ronnie's ship already sailed? Is he a complete lost cause in this game?


In quite possibly the greatest ruse ever in BB history, Russell has just run up to Ronnie's HOH apologizing and saying that it was all an act. Russ and Jessie want to SAVE Ronnie but need to keep it on the down low.

More on this tomorrow as story develops...


  1. I totally agree with your thoughts on the Ronnie situation. I was glad he got called out and happy to see a shakeup. But this is too much. Someone should show him a little compassion. I hope he can get some good wishes via twitter. Are people just mad that his plotting was just more successful than theirs?

  2. I also agree with what you said about the way the houseguests are treating Ronnie. Enough is enough, he's been punished by being called out and now they are just being bullies. He was just playing the game after all. The more they bully and talk smack about him, the more I empathize with him. They're taking away the satisfied feeling I had at first when he got called out.

  3. I agree also! I feel bad for him seriously I think Russell needs to sit back and realize how close he was in being evicted.

    A week can change especially if Russ continues people will hopefully realize that this guy is going to make everyone's life miserable in the house. I rather have a beaten up Ronnie in a house than a pissed off Russel.

    If Ronnie leaves next week I hope he gets some good consuling. He will need it.

  4. Unfortunately I don't have time to read all of your blog today. More than yesterday though. But I agree that what Russell is doing to Ronnie sucks. I heard a little bit of the taunting last night on Showtime. I felt like smacking Russell. He is a bully and a jerk. Someone should set him straight. But I'm sure no one will in fear of rocking the boat.

  5. orry, but I don't agree. I don't think Russell is being so bad, and I tink Ronnie deserves a few days of teasing. He really psychologically tortured the HGs for what..16 days? e was absolutely driving them crazy. Russell is venting his anger and frustration in a way he is familiar with, and as long as its not violent I say "Go for it" Ronnie shouldn't have dished it out if he couldn't handle th repercussions. ~Jo

  6. Heh! Bullying???? Are you kidding me? Bullying is unjustified actions to one who is not deserving! Sorry I strongly disagree, Ronnie has it ALL coming to him! WTG! Casey! yes as a teacher he does KNOW REAL bullying, which this is not, this is PAYBACK in a game for which Ronnie chose to play in this direction and Ronnie has been cruel to others! BTW.. other HG's were not depriving him of eating, he had his room stocked AND access to the kitchen, Ronnie KNOWS NOBODY could physically touch him! Reap and sow Ronnie! If I find out production is behind him staying, this 11 season follower will be gone!

  7. Interesting comments everyone. Payback or bullying, it looks like we all had the wool pulled over our eyes. Russell and Ronnie are working together and it's all a big act. LMAO. They fooled me for sure!

    Major analysis and more details to come tomorrow!