Saturday, July 18, 2009

"From forth the loins of these two foes" - Shakespeare is in the house bitches!

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It was a long exhausting day of what seemed like interminable competitions and ceremonies. The feeds were probably down for more than a total of 6 hours over the course of the day. Let's clear up some loose ends and then move on to the magic. Late night BB was very intriguing. Lots to discuss.

First was the Have/Have-Nots competition. The Populars lost and they are pissed. Laura and Jordan were crying while Jeff consoled them. It sounds like the competition got really ugly with lots of little jabs and negativity thrown around. I'm not sure if the Have/Have-Nots was coupled with a Luxury competition or if they were separate, but Dan was the host, prizes were won, and punishments were given. Casey won a movie viewing with Chima and Natalie has to wear an army green bikini.

This brings us to nominations. Christ on a cross were live feeders pissed off about this one. It's Jeff and Laura bitches with Russell being the last to receive his key. Ronnie puppets were burned in effigy. Riots broke out in the streets. "How can the beloved Jeffy Pooh be on the block?" the frigid old hags who adore him asked. "He's so perfect. Haven't you seen him when he wears his glasses? He's like a precious porcelain puppy that you want to lick clean. Let's cancel our feeds and stuff our faces with pound cake!" Oh shut up you ridiculous crones. I realize he's given you masturbation material for the next several years, but he's really not that good of a player. This is a game we're watching after all. Either play the game or the game will play you. Jeff is letting the game play him at the moment. I like him too. I don't want him to go. I want him to get off his ass and start playing hardcore. He needs to dig in and lie and deceive and manipulate and figure out a way to stay in the game. There's nothing I hate more than an HG who gives up.

This brings us to BBAD. Jordan, sweet Jordan, is so unbelievably clueless. She believes anything anyone tells her and is, as a result, constantly shocked and surprised. Laura has been telling her over and over again that she is the main target, but Jordan is convinced they're trying to backdoor her instead. Ronnie pulls Jordan into the HOH and informs her that she is safe for at least the next 3 weeks and that there is no scientific tool in existence that can measure the hatred the Athletes have for Laura. She is their target. They want her gone yesterday. Jordan bats her long lashes, opens her pretty blue eyes and says, "Really?".

You see Jordan was brought up to give people the benefit of the doubt. Her mother instilled this mantra in her from a very early age. Sure, the boys oogled Jordan all the time, but that's only because she's a natural beauty. Who wouldn't be sniffing around Jordan all the time? She had to learn to take it as a compliment instead of what it really was - creepy men getting overly excited. Wilting Pines Trailer Park hadn't seen someone with a face like hers since Crazy Mariana Dufresne. Mariana was a legend and her ghost can still sometimes be seen out on Wilty Lake with her flaming red hair blowing behind her. Mariana just wanted the boys to leave her alone. She wanted to row her boat and smoke her unfiltered camels without a boy sneaking up on her every 5 minutes. Everyone had warned Mariana that her inflatable boat wasn't sea worthy, but Mariana knew better or at least she thought she did. The black waters of Wilty Lake swallowed Mariana that night and to this day you can sometimes hear her singing faintly in the wind. Mariana's story was Jordan's bed time story. It taught her to trust everyone and to never ever ever take inflatable boats out onto Wilty Lake.

Russell knows Jordan is overly trusting so he takes her into the storage room to have a little pow wow. Russ just wants to clear the air. He wants to assure Jordan that he doesn't hate her at all and that she has no reason to be scared of him. He just has a scary face he says. That's all. Jordan says that she feels weird when she walks by Natalie and Lydia. She feels like they all hate her and talk about her all the time. Russ just doesn't understand what it's like to be Jordan and have everyone get quiet whenever she walks into a room. Russ gives her a hug and assures her that he likes her. Little do they both know that Natalie was eavesdropping outside the door.

Jordan goes out to rejoin Casey, Laura and Jeff. She tells them about her convo with Russell. Russell shortly thereafter, having turned over a new leaf or being scared shitless over getting his key last, goes out and offers Team Jeff some wine. He joins them on the couches and begins his carefully planned soliloquy explaining how he'd just like to be able to hang out with everyone and not have to talk game all the fucking time. He knows Team Natalie is inside wondering where his loyalties lie, but he doesn't care. He just wants to be able to enjoy himself after 8 pm. Team Jeff warily begin to loosen up around Russ and together they all bitch about how some people NEVER stop playing the game particularly Natalie.

Natalie, the fiery latina who will never pick her own fight but involves herself in everyone elses, has run upstairs to Jessie to tell him that Russell is now deeply ensconced in an alliance with Jordan. While eavesdropping she heard her name mentioned and something about Russ wanting to be friends with Jordan and that was it. A new alliance had been born . This girl can weave a tale of lies like no other. Actually, I have to take that back. In Natalie's mind she really truly thinks that Russell has an alliance with Jordan. They were in the same room together for crying out loud! That's evidence enough for her.

One of the main recurring themes in the house so far is that whomever you talk to must be in an alliance with you. This ridiculous idea is perpetuated by Chima and Natalie. They firmly believe that if you are on opposing sides that you should never ever ever look or talk to one another. It's this moronic way of thinking that's made the house as divided as the Capulets and the Montagues.

So Natalie is ratting out Russell and Manbeast Jessie is just sitting and listening. I think maybe Jessie questions Natalie's sanity, but he's so cautious this year that he'll never say a thing. Jessie is so scared of going home that he's not picking fights with ANYONE. He stays away from his house enemies as much as possible. He's learned that making a big fuss over the tiniest things will get your ass evicted. I realize that most BB fans really loathe Jessie, but I'm finding it really interesting how he's getting Chima and Natalie to unknowingly do all his dirty work for him. Jessie is the king of cool sitting back and letting the drama unfold all around him. He's never to blame for anything. He never points fingers. Stories can never be traced back to him. As long as Natalie and Chima keep acting like psychotic spider monkeys Jessie is sitting pretty for a few weeks.

Back outside Russell has a new group of friends. Jeff and Casey are so through with the unnecessary drama that they've pretty much thrown their hands in the air and said, "What the fuck! Might as well have fun while we're in here." Russ and Jeff let bygones be bygones and they clink their wine glasses and laugh gaily about their disdain for Chima. I'm going to do something here that's going to anger some of my readers, but I have to give Russ props. He is ALWAYS playing the game. Don't doubt for one second that him going outside bitching about his alliance wasn't part of an elaborate plan. He is the only one in the game (save maybe Ronnie) that is playing completely devoid of emotion. Laura tried to play that way but the reins that are her heart strings got in the way (Did you see what I did there? I said REINS.). Russell doesn't care one fig for any of these people. He's going to align himself with whomever is going to get him to the next week. He sensed a possible mutiny in his own alliance so he's now laying the foundation in case he needs to jump ship.

Russell at one point went back inside to get something and as he passed Chima and Natalie at the kitchen table he said jokingly, "Are you guys still talking game?" Lydia, who was in the bathroom with Jessie and Kevin, thinks Russell is being a smart ass to her so she shouts, "No! I was sharing a story about something in my life!" Russell goes off! He says, "I wasn't talking to you bitch! This has nothing to do with you!" Blah blah blah. Knowing Russell, I know he made that much more loud than it needed to be just for dramatic effect.

It's pretty hysterical. Watch it for yourself:

Russell is slimy and he's definitely got a game plan, but he's beginning to intrigue me. Everything he does and I mean EVERYTHING has a purpose. He's so determined to win this game that he's got extreme tunnel vision. I don't think I can remember a player so blatantly without a conscience in this game. I still maintain he was touched by a priest and it'll all come out at some point, but until then I'm definitely keeping a closer eye on him.

Later Jessie, Jeff, Russ and Casey are all playing pool. They're being silly talking in some atrocious Scottish or Irish accents. They're having a hysterical time laughing and joking and finally relaxing (except Russell, he's always planning). Natalie was out in the hot tub and you should have seen the look on her face. I sat up in bed laughing so hard because I know Natalie's inner monologue must have been going a mile a minute. The little hot tamales brain was going so fast I think I saw smoke coming out of her ears. What was Jessie doing playing pool with those guys? Everything good in the world Natalie believed in crumbled and turned to dust at that very moment.

Meanwhile, Lydia was crying and complaining to the DR about how mean Russell is. Oh Lydia shut up!

The big question is: If Laura or Jeff come off the block, who will go up as a replacement? Will it be Jordan, Casey or Russell? Has Russell burned enough bridges to become a solid target? Is he setting someone else up? Maybe someone like Lydia? This POV is huge. Personally, I wouldn't mind if noms stay the same and Laura goes home. I just don't like her at all. She's doing nothing for me in terms of game play, entertainment value, or inspiration. If she gallops off into the distance I'll be one happy gal, but since I want her gone so bad she'll probably stay. It happens every season. Whoever I can't stomach stays around for weeks and weeks and continues to torment my precious life. I have one word for you. Keesha.

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Friday, July 17, 2009

I'd Like To Thank World Of Warcraft

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Scandal. Scandal. Scandal.

When Braden's Beaner fight got bleeped last night, I was so frustrated. Non live feeders on Twitter couldn't grasp what the big fight was all about. They were terribly confused. Then Chima swooped in like a rabid turkey vulture to straighten it all out by calling Butter Face Braden a bigot on national television. The sky parted, a choir of angels sang a Michael Jackson song, and all was right with the world. For those who missed it, Chima also revealed that Braden had called Julie Chen a whore. *bites knuckle dramatically* To make this even more delicious, Les Moonves (grand poobah of CBS and the Chenbot's husband) was there on the stage! I ask you, does it get any better than that? That topped Chelsia's speech by a mile.

So it looks like we have a new HOH bitches. How the hell did Ronnie pull that off? I don't think I can even be mad at the little rodent. Something about his win had divine providence written all over it. I thought I would have been livid, but instead I just laughed and laughed shaking my head muttering to myself, "Really? Did that just happen?"

Ronnie bugs me immensely. He's sneaky, he's duplicitous, he's annoying, he's manipulative and he just might be the greatest player to enter that house. As much I dislike him, I've really got to hand it to him. He pulled off the greatest first week ruse ever and has even managed to nab the HOH for a finale. I'll break down the beauty of what Ronnie achieved over the course of this post.

The live feeds turned on within 10 minutes of the live show ending and it turned on with a bang. Cat fight! All the bitches were fighting and clawing at each other's eyes and hair. No, not really, but Chima was hooting and hollering a piece. Her voice can cut glass so you can see how one could easily assume the girls were trying to kill each other. Chima is safe this week and she has no problem whatsoever calling out all the bitches who pissed her off last week. Bless her heart.
(It's come to my attention that Chima is's Slut Of The Day. Check it out!

Chima screamed at Michele for voting against her team. She attacked Laura for being a big fat lying horsey face. Natalie jumped in because, well, because she's Natalie and that's what Natalie's do. They jump into situations that have nothing to do with them and they kick and flail about making a lot of unnecessary noise.

Meanwhile Ronnie, all puffed up and walking around like he has an imaginary crown on his head, can't wipe the smirk of his face. Someone get a brillo pad because his gloating is eating away at the part of my brain that contains kindness and goodness. He's light as air blowing kisses to all his new subjects. The Athletes don't help the situation much with all their ass kissing. The next hour was filled with lots of, "We knew you could do it brah!", "You're the man Ronnie!", " Can I suck your dick after he does Ronnie?" Oh it was a regular love fest with Ronnie fanning the flames with an occasional and completely false, "I can't believe I did it!".

While that suck fest was going on, Mr. Ed was in the other room regretting every single ridiculous move she's ever made in the house. National Velvet has come to the realization that perhaps that outburst in the HOH last night wasn't a great idea after all. OK. I have to say it. I just have to. Allow me this one moment of joy... I TOLD YOU SO!!! You never, and I mean NEVER, waltz into a band of gypsies and threaten and gloat and taunt and whinny the night before an HOH competition. This is just common sense. How smart are you feeling today Laura? What's wrong Black Beauty... saddle on too tight?

Take a wild(fire) guess who is enemy #1 and is almost absolutely positively going on the block? I'll give you a hint: You don't have to be as smart as her to figure it out.

While Laura was trying to get her upper lip over her teeth, Natalie was busy throwing Casey under the bus. She wants Laura and Casey on the block. Unfortunately, Ronnie seems onboard with that idea. I like Casey. I don't want him on the block. I had a feeling that when he decided to vote out Chima that things were going to be an uphill battle for him from here on out.

Casey is more worried about the world thinking he's a racist right about now. Chima's speech saying that if you vote to keep Braden then you're a racist didn't sit well with Casey at all. He teaches at a school that's 80% black and he's extremely concerned that he's offended his students. Personally, I don't think Casey has anything to worry about. It would be ridiculous for anyone anywhere to assume he was a racist now.

Team Braden has finally come to the realization that they have a rat in their misdt. Really geniuses? The fact that the other side has known every move you were going to make didn't tip you off to that before? I like Jordan, Jeff and Casey but I sometimes have to wonder what game they're playing. Did I not say that Jordan telling Ronnie every single damn thing that's on her mind would come back and bite her in the ass? She just really isn't very bright at all. Last night she's finally realized that she's pretty much the reason Ronnie was able to infiltrate their world. She was so eager to nab Ronnie's vote that she didn't bother to question his loyalty. Ignorance is partly to blame, but her hasty game play has also completely fucked over Jeff and Casey.

In a rant in which the fourth wall was broken, Jordan told America that Jessie is disgusting. She insulted him and had a grand ole time trying to humiliate him to the Showtime viewing audience. That is, until she called him gay and a fag. I think it was "the fag of America" to be precise. Oh Jordan. *shakes head* Michele, who had previously come out as bisexual, told Jordan not to say "fag" and then she walked away in a huff. Jordan turned to her cohorts and said, "I think Michele is the rat."

Michele remembered a singular moment when she had been out with Debbie's gang. They were leaving an extremely friendly female establishment called Ruby Fruit's. Her hair wild from the heat of 300 women dancing cheek to cheek, Michele was giddy on mojitos and tripping over her black patent leather stilettos. Debbie's friends Sally, Babs, Lucky and Tweety had fawned over Michele in her canary yellow dress. She was high on compliments and unfamiliar wandering hands cupping her breasts while swaying to Ani DiFranco's 'Shy'. No one had made her feel as loved and as carefree as the Ruby Fruit gang. Michele had finally found her niche. Her head cloudy and a cheeky grin plastered on her face Michele felt on top of the world. She felt invincible... until some oily rednecks walked by and upon seeing Babs and Tweety, handsome robust women, holding hands shouted "Fag!". Ever since then she's always hated that word.

Michele goes inside to cool her jets and decides to confront Team Chima. Chima is fuming that Michele voted against her own teammate. Natalie is once again jumping in and shouting over and over again that Michele was never her target. Michele is tired, annoyed and coming to the realization that anything fun about being in Big Brother is about to disappear. One of the guys who complimented her is gone and it looks like another person who can tolerate her boring personality will also be leaving shortly.

That brings us to the big HOH reveal! Ronnie got his HOH room and it was filled with photos of his wife (Ronnie tried to awkwardly convince everyone that she looks like Denise Richards), play doh, candy, a bubble gun toy type of thing and a letter from home that moved Ronnie to tears. It was actually very sweet. My favorite part was when his wife said that she had been watching the feeds when Ronnie was in the pool and that he was looking good. Ronnie shouted "Yeah!" and high fived Russell and Jessie, his personal trainers, for whipping him into shape.
Thanks to Shea at Clipser for the clip!

Where does that leave us? Team Jeff knows Ronnie is a rat. Team Chima tried unsuccessfully to convince them that the rat was Casey, but said rat is in power and all teams have no choice but to kiss his ratty ass. Seabiscuit is foaming at the mouth and probably needs a salt lick. She's trying to convince herself that if she goes home at least she played with dignity. Whatever you need to tell yourself Rachel Alexander. Why don't you go ahead and tell yourself that you're smart and pretty again too? It's been about 10 minutes since your last reminder.
Ronnie sent out his first tweet in which he thanked his World Of Warcraft server. I have no idea what that means. I don't speak Geek.
Today is a big day. We have the Have/Have-Not's competition and the nomination ceremony. Be sure to check back tomorrow to find out how it all went down in glorious bitchy detail.
P.S. I have discovered that when you google Braden Bracha my blog comes up repeatedly on the first page. LOL I'm gonna have one pissed off douchey surfer poet after me.

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Thursday, July 16, 2009

A Horse Is A Horse Of Course Of Course

Do you know what CBS is doing right now? They're frantically editing and reediting all the game talk leading up to tonight's eviction. The HG's are cutting this vote very close and could quite possibly make tonight's eviction a doozy.

Here's what we know: Jordan and Jeff want Braden to stay in the game. 2 nights ago they got Laura on their side. Yesterday they got Michele to cross over as well. 2 more votes and they've got it locked up. This means that they have to convince Ronnie and Casey to join their crew in order to evict Chima.

Ronnie the Rat is still playing both sides. He has everyone convinced he's voting their way. Ronnie has pledged his allegiance to Jordan, but not so fast chicky. The Rat has other plans up his sleeve.

Most of the early evening was spent securing Casey's vote. Apparently, Russell doesn't care for Casey at all. He plans on getting rid of him in the near future. Well, the feeling is mutual buddy. Casey can't stand your galavanting and intimidations. Upon hearing Russell may take out Casey soon, Casey agrees to switch to Team Braden as long as they promise NOT to put Jessie on the block. Casey has a soft spot for Jessie (don't we all?) and wants to make absolutely sure that Team Braden won't put him up before he commits his vote 100%. Team Braden makes the deal and it's looking like they've got their 6 votes to keep Braden. When they share the news with Ronnie, he's overjoyed. Why? We'll get back to that later.

All this talk in the house and the sneaking in and out of rooms has Chima suspicious. She knows something is going on and she's a little worried. Natalie made it her mission to try to eavesdrop on everyone's conversation throughout the night. Team Braden knew what she was up to and tried not to say a word around her.

In the midst of all this game talk we have a new partnership on our hands. Laura and Jordan and their 4 ginormous boobs have breathed new life into the Popular Clique. They're super buddy buddy now. It looks like Laura has gotten over her initial jealousy of Jordan and has decided to actually play the game now and use her voice. Chatters are liking Laura now. They call her smart and the "one to watch". She's suspicious of Ronnie and isn't she a brainiac for figuring that out? No. Give me a fucking break. Russell knew Ronnie was up to something on like Day 3 and he's not impressing anyone. Why is it when Laura figures out what Russell knew all along she's suddenly a genius? Remember that Hypocradar I told you about? Well, it's beeping pretty loudly now.

Laura is a lot of talk. We've heard for hours on end how great a competitior she is, how smart she is, how strong she is, how much of a threat she is, how pretty she is, how big her boobs are, etc. Wax poetic if you ask me. I have yet to see her prove any one of those proclamations. Oh alright her boobs are big. I'll give you that. I'll keep my eye on her, but I'm not going to jump to conclusions simply because she's all nicey nicey to Jordan now.

In these next clips, Laura confronts the Athletes saying that she's voting for Braden to stay because he's on her team. She says that she doesn't want the Athletes to boss her around anymore. I have zero problem with Laura doing her own thing and voting her own conscience. More power to her. I even kind of like her for standing up for herself, but why in the world does she walk into the HOH and attack 5 people the night before a new HOH is crowned? She makes a big dramatic scene where she declares over and over again how smart she is. Who is she trying to convince by the way? Who goes around telling everyone how smart and pretty they are? LOL I'm sorry, but she's just so ridiculous to me.

There is ZERO strategy being played in storming into the HOH yelling at everyone telling them all how smart she is. Who does that in week 1? That's the least smart thing she's done thus far! If she has a problem with Jessie bossing her around, then she should have said something to Jessie several days ago instead of making a big scene in the HOH in front of a bunch of people the night before one of them could get the power. Jessie actually makes a good point when he tells Laura that all she's proven to everyone in that room is that she's a liar (in clip 3 or 4). She pledged she'd keep Chima and now she's gone back on her word. Actually, I want to thank Laura for her little outburst. All she's accomplished here is that she's moved the target from Jordan to herself. She's managed to turn Chima and Natalie against her when they really had no problem with her. Thank you Laura. I want Jordan to stay in the game for a while and you just did me a huge favor. Bless your heart.

An invisible line has been drawn in the house (and in the live feed chats) and it has to do with the house blondes. It's Lydia v. Jordan. All the homely women bored in their marriages at home are madly in love with Jeff and dreamy Jeff is tight with Jordan. Therefore, anyone siding with Jeff and Jordan is infallable, smart, and can do no wrong. Anyone siding with Lydia is disgusting, evil, and hideous. A pretty moronic way to look at the game if you ask me.

For the record, I can tolerate both Lydia and Jordan for the time being. The way they're playing is vastly different and I can appreciate them both for who they are as individuals. Having said that, there are also things I don't like about each one of them. I'm not going to like or hate someone simply because of who he/she is friends with in the house. It's way too soon to commit such loyalties to one side or another now anyways. I need to see what happens when the Athletes aren't in charge before I pledge my loyalties to one side over another.

OK so now Team Braden thinks they have the 6 votes to evict Chima, but do they? Remember I said Ronnie was thrilled to see that Casey had crossed the line? He has a reason to be thrilled. Ronnie has no intention whatsoever of evicting Chima. He wants Casey to vote to keep Bradon. The vote will go to a tie, Jessie will have all the power and he'll evict Bradon. After the vote shocks the hell out of the HG's, everyone will be wondering who didn't hold up their end of the bargain. Will it shake their concentration for the HOH comp tonight? Possibly. I think Ronnie's plans go deeper than that though. I think he wants to rat out Casey and make him enemy #1... or does he?

Later in the HOH Ronnie fills Jessie in on Team Braden's efforts to evict Chima. Ronnie claims that Russell is partly to blame because he insulted Laura earlier saying she needed a muzzle and was fucking dumb. LOL. Ronnie expresses his concern over Russell saying he's really rubbing the house the wrong way. Jessie explains that they need to stay in tight with Russell in the case that he wins HOH. Ronnie goes on to also express his concern for Lydia. Ronnie's seed planting knows no boundaries. Jessie assures him he doesn't need to worry about Lydia.

I see what Ronnie is doing here. He's planting seeds in everyone's brain making them all suspicious of one another. He's making himself into a "go to guy" of sorts. Ronnie wants everyone to trust him but distrust everyone else. Kind of a ballsy move. Yes, Ronnie is super annoying. Yes, he drives me crazy with his constant game play. Yes, he physically resembles a rat more and more as each day goes on. BUT if he successfully manages to put Russell and Jessie against one another, I might just have to shake his hand. I'm thinking a lot of his seed planting is meant to have more of a long term effect as opposed to an immediate "shake the house up next week" kind of thing. At least, for his sake, I hope that's what he's doing. If he ruffles too many feathers too soon, his plan will implode and he'll have the whole house after him (something I'm DYING to see!). In short, Ronnie is a rat, but he's creating drama.

I added a new poll to the blog and, as of this morning, 90% of you want Braden to stay in the house. I seriously haven't even voted in my own poll yet. I really don't know who I want to stay. It's a moral dilemma I'm facing I think. Braden turned me off so much during that Beaner Fight that I'm really finding it hard to reconcile wanting him to stay. On the other hand, I don't want Chima or Russell to get their way. Chima's laughing is wearing down my poor ear drums and she's contributed nothing to the entertainment factor in the house. So who do I root for? I hate them both.

One thing is for sure. This HOH is going to be a nail biter. I definitely do not want Ronnie, Laura, Chima, Natalie, or Russell to win. Anyone else will be ok I think. Tonight, after CBS, the house is going to be on fire and all the drama will be reported here tomorrow.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Sex Fort Mysteries

Here's all I have to say about the CBS show: Memo to Laura... you are NOT pretty! The end.

Did I say that this week would be boring until Thursday? What I meant to say was that this week would be anything but boring. Get one hand free dear blog readers because we've got our first BB love session.

Before I get preachy, and I most definitely will, because I HATE what was happening on Twitter and the live feed chats last night, I'll just list the straight facts of what went down. I'm going to approach this like an NCIS agent. Hey I watched an episode last night and another when I woke up this morning so I feel I'm 100% qualified.

Lydia and Jessie were in the HOH room preparing to take a nap. They then made a fort out of the comforter and some canoodling took place.

In the first clip you will see Jessie getting into bed without shorts on. He says something about wanting his shorts, but gets into bed without them anyways. Lydia says something along the lines of "We can make out in a tent" when they're fashioning their fort. Jessie then asks Lydia to remove her sweatshirt. She does and confesses to Jessie that he makes her blush. She tells him, "You're handsome, fun and rad."

In this next clip is where the magic happens. We hear some heavy breathing and what appear to be kissing noises. There is ZERO movement and we are shown a perfectly still foot (Lydia's) hanging out from beneath the covers. We are repeatedly shown the back of Lydia's head under the top of the covers. No blow job you ridiculous speculators out there! At one point I think she may have put her hand on Jessie's raisins. I can't be sure. Next we can surmise from the under the cover movement that Jessie's arm is wrapped around Lydia's waist. His hands do a little roaming maybe touching a boobie or two.

In this next clip Lydia comes out from under the covers and Jessie tells her to retrieve his shorts. Remember, he had wanted his shorts before he ever went into the fort. I speculated, in the chats, that maybe he needed (hint hint) a change of shorts. That was wrong on my part. I admit it. I had missed the pre-fort conversation and I'm woman enough to admit a mistake when I make one. Lydia looks frustrated and maybe a little mad. I interpret this as that she wanted to snuggle some more, but Jessie asking for his shorts put the kybosh on that.

In the final clip, they both come out from under the covers and attempt to take a nap.

That's it. That's all.

Yesterday I was in the Live Feed chats watching this as it happened. Everyone, including myself, was speculating as to what may have gone down. I heard everything from hand job to blow job to full out sex. I thought maybe there was a chance of a hand job since Jessie had asked Lydia to get him some shorts, but after reevaluating the clip I'm sure nothing of the sort happened.

For the next several hours Lydia had been labelled a slut, a whore, disgusting, ClamLydia (I'm looking at you Grimace! LOL), gross, desperate, etc. Someone said she'd surely given Jessie herpes. Why is it whenever 2 people hook up on Big Brother everyone rushes to call the girl involved a slut? Lydia has known Jessie for 9 days. She snuck under the covers and maybe fooled around a little bit with him. This hardly makes her a slut. To quote from J. Peterman on Seinfeld (and I'm paraphrasing a little), "Who hasn't snuck into the copy room to take a bite out of a love newton?" Lydia's behavior only illustrated one thing: She's a normal 22 year old with a healthy sexual appetite.

Some people have a bullshit radar. Others have gaydar. I have a finely honed Hypocradar. Acts or phrases of a hypocritical nature make me very angry. The vicious, and yes they were vicious, attacks on Lydia's character in the Live Feed chats last night were above and beyond hypocritical. People were screaming what a vile whore she was. Really? That's what you deduced from seeing NOTHING under the covers? And I suppose no one watching the live feeds has ever in their entire life canoodled with someone they've known for 9 days. I must be conversing with a bunch of nuns and monks online everyday. I had no idea!

BUT, "Lydia said she'll hook up to further her game" you say. Lydia is already off the block. She doesn't need Jessie to save her anymore. If she was using sex to further her game play, then why in the world would she make Jessie her first target? He can't be HOH next week you ninnies!

The only strategic value I can possibly see coming out of this hook up is if Lydia's intention is to pit Russell and Jessie against one another. If this is her master plan, then she's a fucking genius. I have mad respect for a move like that. Never has a woman used her feminine wiles in such a clever way to further her game. It doesn't make her a slut. A girl sucking a guy off in the back of a car for a couple rocks of crack is a slut. A girl wanting to make a man jealous is not.

Let me tell you a little story. Back when I was dating men, I was dating a guy and found out he had cheated on me. When said ex was out of town, I went out and slept with his best friend knowing that his best friend would eventually tell my ex. He did tell my ex. My ex was mortified. He tried to get me back. He was jealous of his best friend. It made his life a living hell and I just sat back and laughed and laughed. It was the sweetest revenge. Come to think of it, I've repeated similar scenarios like that more than a few times. It doesn't make me a slut. It makes me shrewd. It makes me feel better. You fuck with me. I fuck with you. It's as simple as that.

Russell and Jeff have definitely fucked with Lydia. They put her through hell this first week. Maybe have even cost her the game. I have no problem whatsoever with Lydia getting her revenge on them. I'm not even sure this is her plan. At this point it's too hard to tell.

Another theory is that Lydia actually likes Jessie. I know it's gross and I don't get it either. I really wanted to see her hook up with Jordan, but to each her own. If she really likes Jessie, then, once again, there's nothing wrong with her wanting to hook up with him. I love the showmances. I think they make BB viewing fun. For some reason BBUS fans get all uppity and start pinning scarlet letters on any women involved in a showmance. In BBUK, the fans love their romances. They rush to make sure the man isn't using the woman instead of the other way around. As a matter of fact the last guy evicted on BBUK was evicted because they thought he was using the girl he was involved with. I'll never understand how Americans can't wait to call a lady a slut. Does it make you feel better to label someone a whore? Are you just not getting laid at home and you're secretly jealous? It's definitely a cultural thing to accuse the woman before all the facts are known.

I saw the same thing happen with April last season. I had no problem with April sleeping with Ollie. I had a problem with him never using a condom and rolling over as soon as he was satisfied. I was annoyed that April got no pleasure out of their sexual encounters at all. Ollie's horrible lovemaking is what offended me the most not the fact that April slept with him.

Here's a conversation that happened yesterday between Kevin and Lydia. In it you hear Lydia tell Kevin that she did not kiss Jessie on the mouth. She says he kissed her neck and grabbed her ass. She copped a little feel to "gauge" what Jessie what packing. Her description actually fits what I saw happen under the covers. I have no reason to think she's lying. She says something I can't understand about Jessie wanting his shorts. I think maybe Jessie could have been aroused. Lydia is giggly and girly. She says she likes Jessie. Could this all be just an innocent crush?

After all the drama of the sex fort it was difficult to focus on anything else, but I was able to catch a juicy game related tidbit. It looks as if Laura has crossed back over to the "good" side. She told, er I mean LIED, to Jeff and Jordan when she revealed that Jessie tried to recruit her. What a stupid sack of horsey shit. Laura offered herself to Jessie. We all saw it on the CBS show. Anyways, Casey joins in the conversation and they discuss how ridiculous Russell's intimidations are. And this is where I had my Oprah AHA moment. I've figured Russ out. He's pulling an Evel Dick. Dick won by being a bully and Russ thinks he can do the same exact thing. I hate it when new players come into the game and emulate past players' game play. We see it all the time with people trying to throw comps like Will. Get original morons! Being a copycat doesn't make you a winner. It makes you an even more pathetic loser.
Later the HG's got a little drunk and played some games. Here you see Michele trying to play Red Light Green Light but she keeps falling down and this is my whacky HG video of the day.

Note to readers: It is impossible for me to cover every single thing that happens in the house. My blogs are long enough as it is. If you want robotic reports of when the HG's eat or take a shit go to Jokers. I write about what I feel I need to comment on. I make up insane back stories about the HG's. That's my schtick. That's why I have almost 5000 hits here. I offer my unique take on what's going on in the house and hopefully it entertains my readers.

Thank you so much to all of you who come back each and every day. I appreciate your loyalty like you wouldn't believe. Thanks for spreading the word and making this my biggest season yet! Love you all bitches.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

The Great Beaner Debate

Late last night I received an email from a dear friend. Here's what she said, "found out my cuz is a fan of BB. he went to your blog. said the name of your blog was an understatement. ha!". Unicorns and rainbows shot across the sky when I read that. And here I thought I was being too nice. Let the daily massacre begin!

Another lazy day in California began with nothing too remarkable to report. The HG's wiped the sleep from their eyes, stretched their tired limbs, and were ready to attack the day with their characteristic aplomb. The day's conversations quickly turned to Lydia and what a hypocritical hose beast she's being. Russell noted that ever since he took Lydia off the block she never talks to him anymore, never rubs his rippling deltoids, never hints at showers promising blow jobs. Braden joined in the Lydia gossip saying that everyone in the house needs to get her out sooner rather than later. He said, "she'll cut your heads off while you're sleeping." And with that the tone of the day was set.

Lydia has totally changed since she's been taken off the block. She's confident, bitchy, and a little too arrogant for her own good. She's turned on everyone who's tried to help her out and has aligned herself with the Athletes. Yet I'm still remaining middle of the road on Lydia for the time being. I have a theory that if she was never nominated this first week that she'd still be everyone's favorite and never would have turned into the Sybil she became. I'm giving her one more week before I let her have a piece of my mind. That's all you're getting Lydia. Rarely do I give second chances so use this week wisely.

Some of the HG's have been noticing that some of their clothing has gone missing. Does this have something to do with a future comp? I think so.

So it's hot and sunny and some of the HG's are lounging outside. Braden has an inkling he's up shit's creek so he's determined not to leave the house without sinking whoever stood in his way and retelling over and over again his less than impressive resume. He's taken to rattling off his accomplishments, as well as his sexual conquests, repeatedly to anyone who'll give him the time of day. Boy wants to be a star. That's what he came in for. Well, Braden you got your wish!

What happened next still puzzles me. Braden, Lydia and Kevin were sitting in the BY and Braden was telling Lydia what a hypocrite she's been and that she probably wouldn't have gone home had she stayed on the block. Now she's done for. She's sunk her own battleship and she's going to have one hell of a fight staying in this game from here on out. So far, Braden is right on the money... well, until he brought Kevin into it. Braden told Lydia to get another tattoo on her ass and then told Kevin to get one on his cock. That's all she wrote. Fit hit the shan.

Please to enjoy:

Braden, Braden, Braden... you ignorant fuck. For those of you not in the know, yours truly just happens to be a beaner herself. My mother is 100% Mexican, I was raised in Cali, my grandmother hardly spoke English and called me mija. Don't let the blonde hair and green eyes fool you. I identify as Mexican. I always have. As a Mexican, only my mother (or other relatives) can EVER call me a beaner (she used to call my brother and I "little beaners" when we'd love to eat my grandmother's Albondigas Soup). The beaner rule is the same as the N-word or F-word rule. You don't say it unless you are one.

Braden assuming Kevin is a Mexican is beyond ignorant. Just because he's brown and in California he's Mexican? How fucking moronic can you be? Judging people on the color of their skin or ethnicity is just wrong. When Braden said, "What are you? You're just a Mexican from San Diego." he meant that as an out and out racial insult. It astonishes me that some people in the chat rooms said, "Oh, he just said it out of anger." If I ever said to someone, "Oh your just a colored fella from Mississippi" I would be labeled a racist and rightly so! What is this, 1960? The fact that that's the first insult Braden could come up is a glaring insight into his character. He's obviously had those thoughts before. Don't fool yourselves into thinking this was a one time thing with him.

Oh and Braden saying, "I'm fucking white and American!" Seriously?!? Seriously, did he just say that? Someone get the KKK on the horn because I've got a bang up new member for them. Braden you are a racist idiotic piece of shit and I hope you will forever have to be looking over your shoulder in fear. You better pray a Mexican angrier than me didn't see your little performance yesterday. Amber got crucified in the press over her antisemitic remarks and I'm thrilled I was able to get your tasteless remarks highlighted on dlisted yesterday. (

After that outburst most of the house distanced themselves from Braden. Kevin and Lydia went a step further telling Jordan that if she ever talked to Braden or Jeff again that they'd never talk to her. While Kevin and Lydia have a point, they have no right to tell Jordan who she can or can't talk to. Jeff called Braden's remarks highly inappropriate and I genuinely believe that Jeff was mildly horrified by the things Braden's said. Jordan didn't witness the fight in the backyard so she'll need to make up her own mind as to whether she wants to associate with Braden from here on out.

When Kevin and Lydia were confronting Jordan, Jordan fought back. She screamed to Lydia that she's never done anything to her to warrant being attacked or talked about (and she's right). Kevin interjected calling Jordan "too sweet" and saying the game will eat her alive. I'm sorry Kevin, but since when did being sweet become an evil attribute? I'm really on the fence with Kevin here. Who the hell does he think he is criticizing someone for being too nice? It's laughably ridiculous. He's obviously threatened by her or else he wouldn't give two shits what Jordan does. Kevin, like Lydia, you are also on 1 week's probation with me. Straighten up or you're toast.

Witness all the mayhem for yourself:

So much drama. Ugly drama too. Thankfully, Michele in her canary yellow hooker dress was there to brighten my spirits. This off the shoulder ruffled number is Michele's favorite ensemble. She remembers the day she bought it. It was 1996, her first year of college and her first time away from home. Michele and her roommate Debbie had gone shopping at the Salvation Army one day. Debbie was a unique girl... shaved head, combat boots, and a pierced eyebrow. Debbie had told Michele that she was a lesbian and Michele smiled thinking "lesbian" was akin to being "diabetic". She assumed Debbie would just give herself a few shots everyday and her lesbian condition would be kept under control. Little did Michele know...

It was a sweaty day in early September. Michele was still trying to fit in and Debbie made it her personal mission to help Michele out. They scoured the racks at the Salvation Army for hours finding only a striped purple tube top with the bottom all stretched out and a vintage army jacket with sweat stains under the pits. The girls were getting tired and were ready to throw in the towel until Michele spotted it... just a tiny glimpse of bright yellow peeking out from under a ripped feathered silk robe. Michele held the dress up to the light on it's simple wire hanger, the sun already beginning to set outside shot magnificent rays of red and pink illuminating the yellow dress like it was the second coming of Christ.

Debbie gazed upon it's magnificence. The girls looks at one another and smiled. No words needed to be said. They had found what they were looking for...

To be continued...

Image via Hamsterwatch

Monday, July 13, 2009

Butter Face Braden Beachcombing In Bonsai With Bubkis

Good morning BB fans!

First things first, let's talk about that CBS show last night. WOW. Lots of interesting tidbits I never would have gathered from the feeds. How cool was that "Have/Have-Not" comp? Very original CBS. Every season the comps get better and better so well done.

What a brat Chima was! She didn't exactly throw a fit as previously reported. Instead she just pouted and TOLD EVERYONE she's used to a lifestyle of luxury. Uh bitch, you don't go announcing to the whole house in the middle of a competition for a cash prize that you live the charmed life and won't put up with anything less than stellar. I hate you and your shiny face. Does all that clown work really pay that well? I mean, you must save money on wigs and prosthetic noses right?

Chima went up as a pawn? Who uses a pawn in the first nomination? Had Chima really done something heinous, keeping her in the house would have been a red flag that she was in an alliance with the Athletes. I'm annoyed Natalie even suggested the whole "pawn technique" in the first place. So unnecessary. I can't blame Ronnie for refusing to be the pawn either. Nobody is that stupid (well maybe Chima).

So Jessie has been lying by blaming Jeff for Lydia's nomination. Sneaky Man Beast. He fooled me. It looks like I have Russell to blame for the nomination (Lydia) that's changed the entire course of the game.

Sad sad horsey Laura. You know I actually think she really did find Jessie hot. I don't think she was lying about that at all. Laura's issue is an interesting one and it's one I saw coming a mile away. For those of you who read my blog commenting on her pre-show interview you'll remember how I pointed out that ugly girls who think they're hot are the worst. "You have to keep pushing them down with the palm of your hand because they're tenacious little monkeys." When she was sitting on the couch asking the group who the hottest guy was I totally thought she was setting herself up to get a compliment by asking the follow up question of who the hottest girl was. Didn't you guys think that? I figured she nixed the hot girl question idea because Jessie seemed nonplussed by the hot guy compliment.

Anyhow, Laura's problem is that she's realized she's not the hot girl at all (clearly Jordan is) and now she has no idea how to play the game. She was counting on her looks to be an important factor in her game play. Turns out, no one is impressed. What's a horsey big boobed girl to do? Sit around and be boring all day. That's what.

Jordan is by far the beauty of the house but she's also the house idiot. Yesterday she thought egg whites were the hard outer shell of an egg. LOL Deep down I don't think she's that moronic. I think she's probably played the dumb blonde in that hillbilly town of hers her entire life. It's become natural for her to act ditzy. It's gotten her far. It's gotten her those new bubbies of hers. I can picture her in her waitress uniform (similar to Sookie's in True Blood) in that truck stop restaurant she works in. Her legs long and tan, giant blue eyes, and new bubbies straining against the thin cotton of her t-shirt. The men, the regulars, probably smack her on her ass as she walks by. Her only response is to giggle. Giggling is what she does best. The sweaty fivers she gets for tips she keeps under her bed in a shoe box. She was saving up for a trip to Californ-I-A, but fate stepped in and flew her there for free. Now, she dreams, now she'll go to New York when she's done with Big Brother. She'll stand in Time Square, mouth open wide marvelling at all the tall buildings. A homeless person will ask her for a dollar. She'll give him a fiver. She knows what it's like to have to struggle...

(more on Jordan's adventures as the season progresses)

OK so yesterday was the big veto ceremony. Did Russell take down the nomination he tried so hard to make happen in the first place? You bet he did. Lydia is off the block, ladies and gentlemen. Butter Face Braden went up in her place. Early estimations don't look good for the poet surfer. It's looking like a 6-4 vote for Braden to leave. Lydia has crossed over to the dark side now and Kevin, that asshole, gave Chima his "word" that he wouldn't vote her out. Blog regulars know how I feel about people giving their "words". I hate it! Keesha's "word" kept Libra in the game all the way to the Jury House last season. I think promises have no place in BB. They only cause problems.

Apparently, the veto ceremony is a funny one. Braden said, "I got vetoed." or something and all the HG's cracked up.

So Braden is on the block and how did he react? He's goin' surfing bitches. That's how he reacted. He assumes he's leaving and, since he's given up his apartment, he has big plans to go to Australia and surf his troubles away. He's got a $1000 in his bank account, a bohemian heart, and Bonsai Beach in his sights. Wait a tic... hold up! $1000? 3/4 of that will be spent on airfare (a super cheap flight transporting livestock and kool-aid). Braden says he'll stay in hostels once in Oz. Correct me if I wrong, but I'm a bit of a seasoned traveller and you can't stay in hostels if you're over 26. Butter Face is 28. Alright so Braden's plan isn't perfect. The best laid plans rarely are.

As mentioned earlier, Lydia has officially crossed over to the dark side and I don't care for it one bit. She's all up in Jessie's junk now telling him whatever he wants to hear. She's now taken to badmouthing Braden. She doesn't like it that Braden calls her "Lyds". Only her mom can call her "Lyds". Braden doesn't know that! Just tell him you don't like that nickname and move on. My niece called me "PeePee" for a while so I locked her in the basement until she stopped. Problem solved. Lydia also claims that Braden tried to kiss her. Braden didn't try to kiss her in a romantic way. I think it was just a friendly surfer thing. Lydia is hating people based on the silliest nonsensical reasons. She should try hating them for their physical attributes like me. ;)

Not much else happened that's worth reporting. Braden made a soft pitch to Ronnie and Michele to stay in the game, but they just laughed at him as soon as he left their room. I'm warning you now: It may be boring until Thursday UNLESS Braden finds his balls and puts up a fight.

A word on Michele. I don't have a problem with her per se, but I do have a problem with her 99 cent hooker outfits she's been wearing every night. Every single night she puts on a hideous ill-fitting polyester get up of some kind and her plastic black hooker heels. She looks like she's ready to star in one of those Hookers At The Point documentaries they're always showing on HBO. I think it started because she wanted to dress up one night. The boys obviously lied when they complimented her on her outfit, but she took it as truth so now she's wearing a new hooker outfit every night. Maybe her husband forces her to wear sweats all the time. Late at night when he's asleep (passed out on Boone's Farm) she sneaks into her bathroom, pulls her hooker clothes out of the hiding spot above one of the squares in her ceiling, and poses in the mirror while painting her face with a paint-by-numbers set her husband got her one christmas. She has a fantasy of one night mustering up the courage to crawl out of her window and hitching down to the local honkey tonk. She wonders what it would be like to bump uglies with a man named Harlan...

No clips today... I think the youtube clips are preventing my posts from showing up at the Big Brother Network so I'm running a little experiment today.

A quick shout out to chazhu. Thanks for your kind words yesterday. It was good to see you in the chats.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Ronnie Is The (Square) Root Of All Evil

Few things in life make me as happy as a complete and total Big Brother backyard breakdown. I knew it would happen. Everything I cited yesterday was a contributing factor. How did I get so brilliant? I was blessed. What can I say?

OK, so yesterday Russell was in the BY showboating for the ladies doing push-ups while in a handstand (that was not a joke.... he seriously was doing that). Jeff comes out and hops on their rickety Elliptical machine. Russell yells something about "technotronics" (This is the word Jeff misspelled in the POV comp. Remember how Russell and his cronies think Jeff threw the comp?). Technotronics was all Jeff needed to unleash.

Here's what ensued:

I know what you're thinking. Natalie is a fucking liar. Who is she kidding saying that she doesn't talk or lie? Girl is on crack. Oh and did she grab her crotch during that fight? As a fellow Latina, I understand her getting hot under the collar, but there's no need to grab your junk. There's no grabbing junk in Big Brother!

Jeff did call Russell a "faggot" which I have a big problem with. I hated it when Perez Hilton did it so I have to hate it when Jeff did it. Why do people always resort to gay slurs when they lose their temper? Is it that hard to think up an effective insult?

A lot of things were finally explained yesterday. It has been extremely difficult to figure out exactly why Chima and Lydia were ever nominated in the first place. Well, it turns out Jeff is, in a roundabout way, linked to it. Those first few days in the house were crucial in explaining how we got to where we are today. Hopefully, tonight's show will clear some more things up, but here's what I can gather:

Jessie won HOH. He asked everyone who they would nominate if they were HOH. Jeff said he would put up Chima because of that hissy fit she had over losing the food comp. He also said that he would consider putting up whoever dropped first or second in the HOH comp. Michele dropped first in that competition so Natalie, in turn, ran to Michele and told her that Jeff wanted her out of the house. Natalie is a little backstabbing snake for turning against someone in her own clique like that.

Jessie asked Jeff who he was tight with in the house that wasn't in their clique. Jeff said he was close to Jordan and Lydia. Jessie said, "Great! Let's make an alliance with them and we'll be 6 people strong." Jeff casually mentioned to Jordan that the athletes wanted to work with her and Lydia. Apparently, it was too casual because Jordan didn't ever remember it happening (until late last night) and Jeff never bothered to report back to Jessie with their answer. Jessie interpreted no response to mean that Jordan and Lydia weren't interested and, as a result, Lydia was on the block. Somewhere in there, Natalie thought Lydia was after her and all of Natalie's constant bitching definitely contributed to Lydia's nomination as well.

OK now why is Russell so pissed off at Jeff? That clash started well before the POV Technotronic incident I think. Here's a theory: Russell and Jeff both like Jordan! Jordan wants nothing to do with Russell thus hurting his ego and manhood. (To see Russell's manhood, click here, very NSFW: Russell, in turn, is a jealous little bitch and is taking it out on Jeff.

With all that pre-feed crap outta the way, we can move on to yesterday's complete mindfuck. As of yesterday morning, Russell was going to use the POV and remove Lydia from the block. Braden was going to go up in Lydia's place. (Natalie started some completely inaccurate rumor that Braden is the mastermind behind the opposing alliance) The plan was in motion. It was gonna happen... until Ronnie came to town.

Ronnie, the creepy chatty dork, ran to Jordan and told her about the plan to put up Braden. He wasn't supposed to do that! Jordan went and told Braden of the plan. Braden told Jeff and word spread like wildfire. It gets back to Russell that Braden knows he's going to be backdoored. Russell is LIVID. He knows Ronnie is responsible and he confronts Ronnie. Ronnie was shaking in his shoes. You could tell he was scared shitless. He lies to Russell, denies any wrongdoing, and promptly runs around the house to everyone telling them not to tell Russell that he told them about Braden going up.

This whole time Russell knows something isn't right with Ronnie. He's the first one in the house to suspect that Ronnie is a HUGE part of all the rumors circulating. No one before Russell ever suspected Ronnie so I've got to hand it to Russ for figuring it out. Russ talks to Jessie bitching about Ronnie's big mouth. Ronnie interrupts the convo and Chima comes with him. Chima starts blaming Lydia for spreading the Braden rumor and Russell begins to suspect that maybe it was Lydia all along, and not Ronnie, who has been spilling the beans. I HATE CHIMA! Dumb bitch ruins everything! If it wasn't for her, Ronnie would have been caught and manhandled in ways I can only imagine. Thanks to Chima, Ronnie is once again off the hook... for now.

Ronnie is working both sides of the house. As of late last night Jordan is still telling Ronnie all of her secrets and it kills me everytime. I find myself screaming at the screen, "Noooo Jordan! Don't tell him anything!" Sure enough EVERY SINGLE THING Jordan tells Ronnie gets retold to Jessie and his cohorts with whatever clever embellishments Ronnie feels like throwing in. Ronnie literally, spends the entire day running back and forth between alliances pressing everyone for info and then telling the opposing alliance everything he's learned. Russell almost caught him, but Chima fucked that up.

Remember how yesterday I recapped the conversation where Ronnie told Chima that she could throw HOH to him and he'll "get blood on his hands" for her? Well, you're not gonna believe this, he said the SAME EXACT THING to Jordan, Braden and Jeff! Clearly, Ronnie wants that next HOH. He's telling everyone in the house to throw the competition to him. Oh he makes me so angry. Fists clenched, lips pursed A-N-G-R-Y. I canNOT wait for Ronnie to be found out. Oh and it's going to happen, believe you me. He will get caught and it won't be pretty. He'll probably cry and I'll probably laugh. I'm counting the days.

Last night, Casey hinted that he's onto Ronnie as well. He said to Russ at one point as Ronnie walked by, "You need to watch out for him. I'd be very wary of anything he says. He scares me." Good on you Casey, as the Australians say, good on you!

It's at this point in the post where I have to eat my words. Like every other season before, my first impressions were completely off the mark. Casey, whom I thought would be annoying and intolerable, is impressing me immensely. He's playing the smartest game so far. He's not a floater because he has definite opinions yet he's coming across as if he hasn't committed to a side yet (and no one is threatened by it!). He sits back and observes everything that goes on, lets it sink in, twists it around in his mind, analyzes it, and then keeps his conclusions to himself. He doesn't react instinctually. He waits. He's calm. I can appreciate these traits because I'm the complete opposite. I'm hotheaded and jump to conclusions way too quick. I admire in other people the qualities I lack.

Braden is... *coughs* growing on me. There was a point last night when he was sitting with Jeff outside talking about how Michele is such a cool chick because she always has something to offer, is funny, smart, and so incredibly nice. It made me feel tingly all over hearing 2 guys appreciate the finer qualities in a woman. They made fun of Laura because they said she has nothing to contribute to a conversation other than comments about herself. I was captivated by the converstaion because I'd obviuosly given neither guy the credit they deserved. It's also surprising to see Braden not completely flip his lid after finding out he may be backdoored. He was cool as a cucumber not getting emotional at all until the nomination actually happens.

Here's some of that conversation last night:

Lydia, Lydia, Lydia... how do you solve a problem like Lydia? She's clearly doing ANYTHING she can to stay in the house and I'm not sure I can fault her for that. The problem is she's turning on her friends in the process. Last night Lydia, Jessie, Natalie and Jordan had a converstaion in the HOH room about Jeff. Lydia sided with Jessie and Natalie and tried to convince Jordan that Jeff is a bad seed and will not stick up for her in the long run. That's fine. Lydia can believe (incorrectly) what she wants. She's just trying to survive BUT as soon as Jordan left the room Lydia badmouthed her and that completely turned me off. Jordan is the only person who's been 100% loyal to Lydia and as soon as Lydia sees that turning on Jordan can possibly help her, she does it without a care in the world. I still want her to stay in the house over Chima, but if Braden still goes up I can't honestly say that I want Lydia to stay over him. At least Braden is loyal and doesn't float to where it's most convenient.
Oh one more thing! How could I forget the completely awkward possible romance budding between Natalie and Jessie? I shit you not. Jessie was in the HOH room trying to reveal something to Natalie. He got so weird and shy and then covered it up by telling her she had a good body. I think ever since he found out that Natalie is really 24, he's kind of digging her now. Sure they're awful wretched people, but I think it would be so entertaining to see a man beast romance happen. Truthiz321 in the chats has taken to calling Natalie, Manalie. LOL. Manalie and the Man Beast. I like it. That brings me to my whacky clip of the day:

So that's where we are. Alliances are crumbling. More answers are coming to light. New heroes are emerging. Romances are budding. It's a hell of a start to a new season. I don't think I can remember a BB season that was so insanely gossipy from the getgo. Figuring out the truth is like wading through a pool of shit trying to find a diamond. It takes work and it stinks!
I think a lot of questions will be answered during tonight's broadcast and we'll finally see who exactly is telling the truth. I have a feeling Natalie and Chima will come across as complete bitches tonight and I'm looking forward to it!
Who have you guys changed your opinions about? Anyone impressing you yet?