Saturday, June 18, 2016

Tiffany: Literally Literal

Last one! This here is 32 year old High School Teacher Tiffany Rousso. If that last name rings a bell, I have two words for you: Medication Time! Yup, this is Vanessa's sister. Glancing over Tiffany's profile I notice that she is incredibly succinct. She's quick to the point. Three words to describe herself: passionate, smart, and sincere. Hobbies: playing basketball, wakeboarding, paddle boarding, painting, singing, and playing guitar. Life's motto: "Live with urgency!" Boom. Done. She is not like her sister at all. Had Vanessa filled out the same questionnaire, it would have to be downloaded in the form of an e-book, published in 16 parts, and littered with footnotes. Perhaps Tiffany won't have to see Nurse Ratched every morning like her sister did. Perhaps Tiffany doesn't have two entirely different personalities (pre-med and post-med). Perhaps Tiffany won't drive us all batshit crazy. Perhaps.

Right out of the gate we notice that Tiffany is calm. She does sound a bit like her sister and her mouth and neck have distinct Rousso traits, but she seems lovely. Jerf, on the other hand, is a giant tool. He asks Tiffany what her favorite Big Brother seasons are and she replies, "10,12, and 13." Jerf is all, "But I'm fishing for something!" Tiffany replies, "Well, it's hard to pinpoint one favorite season. They are so many different characters that stand out." Jerf thinks she's trying to compliment him for some reason so he thanks her by slapping her with his index card. Finally, he switches tactics, "Who do you KNOW in Big Brother?" What happens next is interesting. Tiffany immediately becomes visibly uncomfortable. Jerf reassures her that no other Houseguests will see this interview.

After a pause, Tiffany is either playing dumb or is genuinely confused. She asks Jerf, "You want to know who I know? Like who I've met?" What game is she playing here? WE CAN SEE YOUR LAST NAME. Finally, she says that she's met a lot of people from last season because her sister is Vanessa Rousso. Jesus Christ, that was weird. I still can't figure out if she's slow and moronic or trying to be covert.

Now that she has admitted that she is related to Vanessa, we need to know how she plans on dealing with that information. She says she's not going to come out and say it, but if someone confronts her about it, she won't lie. Jerf, however, thinks that the Houseguests might be able to suss Tiffany out because she and Vanessa have similar man-yer-isms. Manyerisms. *sigh*

When it comes to playing the game, Tiffany hopes to be far less emotional than her whack job sister. While Vanessa was indeed emotional, Tiffany thinks that she played one of the best games ever in Big Brother history. We all have our issues with Vanessa's game play and her personality, but I won't disagree with that statement. Vanessa was indeed a master manipulator. We may not have liked her crying, hissy fits, lies, and psycho babble, but the bitch got shit done when she needed to and she was an integral part as to why last season was so fucking fantastic. No one wants a nice normal sane person in the house. What fun is there in that?!

Tiffany acknowledges that she is incredibly competitive so throwing competitions could be difficult for her - even if it is in her best interest to do so. She hopes to lay low for the first few weeks (Boo!) and not win too much - especially the first HOH.

This next part may seem innocuous, but I think it explains a lot about Miss Tiffany. Jerf asks her what her greatest life accomplishments are. Tiffany says that last year she started a new SAT Prep business. Jerf says, "I took that!" Obviously, he's talking about SAT Prep in general. I mean, we all took the Princeton Review. That's what he's talking about. But Tiffany thinks he's referring to her specific class - the class that she teaches - the business she just started. Only when Jerf explains to her that he took an SAT Prep class when he was in high school does she realize what he's talking about. Why do I point this out? Well, remember earlier when Jerf was asking her who she knows in Big Brother and Tiffany was like, "You want to know who I've met?" I think she has a hard time understanding jokes, sarcasm, innuendo, etc. She's incredibly literal. I don't think she's on the "spectrum," but she does that thing that autistic kids do - where they take everything at face value. In Tiffany's case, I think she either doesn't have much of a sense of humor or isn't very bright. Since she's a teacher and now has an educational business, let's hope for everyone's sake that it's not the latter.

Just as I was ready to wrap up this post, Jerf asks Tiffany if she wins the $500,000, will she dangle it over her sister. Tiffany asks him, "What do you mean dangle?"

Friday, June 17, 2016

Glenn: A Bronx Tale

This is 50 year old Glenn Garcia from the Bronx, New York. I'm sorry, but what the hell is this guy doing in the house? I have no problem with casting older Houseguests as long as THERE ARE MORE THAN ONE. Sticking him in a house with a bunch of 20-somethings isn't exactly fair. There needs to be at least a 40-something female to give him someone to relate to. I feel like he's going in with a million strikes against him. Well, there's nothing I can do about it. This is Glenn and he's a former Police Detective turned Dog Groomer. Glenn's hobbies include deep sea fishing, traveling, and playing with his daughter. His motto in life is, "Life every day like it's your last because, one day, it will be."

Glenn is jovial with a great laugh, sweet as can be, and has a killer New Yawk accent. Since one of my favorite documentaries of all time is The Seven Five I have a major soft spot for NY City cops. There's a "thing" a NY City cop that is unique to just them. It's an attitude. It's a swagger. It's that brotherly camaraderie thing that only a few occupations lend itself to. Here's more to love about Glenn - he says he'll do whatever he has to do to win the game. If he has to flirt, he'll flirt - even though he has a fiance back at home.

Glenn says his greatest asset is his versatility. He can blend in easily with all different types of age groups. That's good, but you're only going to have to blend into one and that's "early 20's." For his downfall, Glenn cites his mouth. Apparently Glenn has the tendency to "blow up" if someone gets under his skin. Thank god! There was a teeny tiny part of me that worried he'd be a useless bore like Derrick, but no way! He was a NY City cop. They're a different breed. He's not going to lurk in the corner quietly and think he's smarter than everyone else. He'll be a mover and a shaker. He's from the Bronx - he says this a lot - and being from the Bronx, there's no second place. Second place - even getting $50,000 - is a loser.

While I worry a bit about Glenn's social game and ability to relate to the others, I'm going to keep my fingers crossed for him. I think he's going to be fun to watch and, hopefully, he'll stick around long enough to bring us hours of entertainment. Good luck Glenn because you're gonna need it.

Natalie: Single As A Pringle

Next up is 26 year old Event Coordinator Natalie Negrotti from Caracas, Venezuela. Natalie describes herself as altruistic, athletic, and beautiful. Some of her many many many hobbies include painting, cooking, baking, eating, napping, online shopping, doing hair, painting her nails, tanning, dancing, going on dates, playing with puppies, pageants, decorating, having tea, watching puppy videos, bargain shopping, etc. Bitch, we didn't ask for everything you've done over the past year. We just want to get a sense of who you are and "napping" doesn't exactly do that. Jesus Christ! I like making breakfast in the morning then brushing my teeth and working out, checking my mail, replying to emails, putting on mascara, trying to find the right shoes for this outfit... Oh my god, shut up!

I'm almost scared to see what she's like in person, but nonetheless! "I love pink! Pink and glitter are my two favorite colors!" Pipe down chachi. Christ, she's annoying. So Natalie likes Big Brother (aside from the nonglitter walls) and used to watch it with her Aunt. I still feel like she's a recruit, but I think she's watched a little more than the other recruits. Anyhow, Natalie's strategy is to create an all girl allowance. That is not a typo. The unique part of Natalie's game plan is that her all girl allowance won't turn catty or mean. Her all girl alliance will be, and I quote, "a really nice one." Can someone please ram my face into the end of an ice pick?

Natalie is not just single, my friends. She is SUPER single! She declares, "I am single as a Pringle!" I swear to god I'm not making any of this shit up. Well, she's got the mental fortitude of a Pringle, that's for sure. Here's something interesting, Jerf says that he always tries not to say "single, ready to mingle," but now he's going to say "single as a pringle." Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't he been with Jordan for like 7 years? And aren't they married? And expecting a baby? The words "single, ready to mingle" shouldn't have been anywhere in his vocabulary for more than 5 years. Unless...

As for downfalls, Natalie declares that she has no patience. I'm with you on that, sister. She's also girly and energetic which might bug some people. Yup. On the plus side, she says she's physically fit and should do very well in the physical comps which could intimidate others.

Look, she's really annoying and unnecessarily whiny at times, but... but, but, but, a part of me wonders if it's just interview jitters. She's poised and she's very cute and I think maybe there's a part of me that wants her to turn out to be normal and not such a spaz. I get a sense that she's pretty together and probably not so sweet. Only because she said like 10 times that she's really sweet. Mmm nah. If you were really that sweet, you wouldn't keep announcing it to people. I want to stick Natalie on the back burner because I'm getting a vibe that she could be one of the stronger females in the house. I also think, out of anyone, she might be a good showmance candidate. I guess we'll have to wait and see!

Jozea: Must Be My Lucky Star

Next up is 25 year old Los Angeles Make-Up Artist Jozea Flores. Jozea was told to describe himself in three adjectives. Instead, he chose to say he is, "funny, outgoing, creative strategist, and a visual genius." A rule breaker from the get go. I like it! Jozea enjoys going to the gym, hiking, and doing yoga. Three things I love to do. This is getting better and better. For Jozea's life motto he says, "If you can trust the ground you live on and take all the risks in the world there is to take, you should have no problem achieving your goals." Now THAT'S a life motto! Good work Jozea.

Jozea immediately looks us straight in the eye and introduces himself as a "Celebrity Make-Up Artist." He won't give up any celebrity names, but he definitely wants us to know he doesn't work the Clinique counter at Nordstrom's. Jozea has only watched the last few seasons of the show which means he's a recruit, but he's quite taken by the "amazing" (he says "amazing" a lot) opportunity to manipulate one's opponents. Jozea says he has a lot riding on this game so he plans on pulling out all the stops and playing super hard. I like it!

Dimples for days, Jozea is cute. I sense an edge in him. He has absolutely no idea what he's in for, but there's a fierce competitor inside him that gives zero fucks about anyone who gets in his way. Plus, he dresses like 'Lucky Star' Madonna. I say we keep an eye on Jozea. I'm predicting lots of talking behind people's backs, lying, and an unflappable ability to cut people loose when the need arises. Don't let me down Jozea!

Michelle: Collects Her Toenails

Next up is 23 year old Nutritionist Michelle Meyer from Washington Township, Michigan. Michelle likes to cook, read, go on Reddit, WATCH THE LIVE FEEDS, work out, and sell stuff on eBay. Weirdly, her life motto is, "Be underestimated!" The point she's trying to make is that she wants to be smarter and stronger than people expect her to be only I'm not so sure going through life acting like a weak dummy is the best way to do it. I get what she's saying. I'm just not sure it qualifies as a life motto.

First off, she raises the roof. You guys know how much I haaaaate roof raisers. If you are a roof raiser, it is not too late for you. Simply keepsyour hands down by your sides and remove this gesture from your repertoire. The whole world thanks you. Michelle strikes me as young, a little unsure of herself, and really really nerdy. She's a BIG fan of the show and has even watched the International versions which, quite frankly, makes for a not so great Houseguest. The super fans are always too aware, too self conscious, and scared to be themselves. The ideal Houseguest, in my esteemed opinion, is a fan who only watches the CBS show. Those people tend to be cocky, competitive, and blissfully unaware that the Live Feeds capture their every move.

During her interview, Michelle is stunned to discover that she's actually sitting in the real Diary Room. Jerf asks her what she thinks about it all and she launches into a long drawn out thing about the lights and cameras. Even Jerf gets bored so he cuts her off and then she promptly snorts. She's a weird one, this Michelle. Not unlike another Michelle I can recall somewhere in the dark cavernous recesses of my mind. I feel like Michelle has pervy skeletons in her closet and weird fetishes. She's probably a Furry and chats on message boards with men who dress like babies. I just get that vibe from her.

Unfortunately for us, Michelle is a shouter. A screechy voiced Hayden Moss ready to terrorize our days and nights. I LEFT BEHIND MY DOG AND MY SISTER. ALSO THERE'S A CARCASS IN THE BACK OF MY CLOSET. I PLAY WITH IT SOMETIMES WHEN I'M LONELY. She probably sets fire to feel emotion. Maybe her freakiness will offset the fact that she's an uber fan. Keep an eye on this one, I think she'll shock us... with her scab collection.

You need the Live Feeds to see this freak in action!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Paulie: Band Of Pussy Brothers

Here we go, the big Stunt Cast. This is 27 year old DJ Paulie Calafiore from New Jersey. If something strikes you as familiar about Paulie, it is because he has a brother who threw away $500,000 called Cody. There are two things Paulie loves: martial arts and musical instruments. His favorite martial art is Krav Maga and his favorite musical instrument to play is the guitar. Paulie describes himself as "passionate, driven, and quick-witted" and his life's motto is, "A comfort zone is a comfortable place, but nothing ever grows there."

I was going to compliment Paulie on his not so run of the mill life motto until I discovered that it's actually one of those silly quotes people post on their Instagram accounts. There are literally dozens of variations of the photo above. Oh Paulie.

Then again, I also found this. Oh Paulie! That can't be the same goofy guy in the official Big Brother picture, can it? Ladies and gentlemen, the miracle of Photoshop. Alright, enough picking on the Stunt Cast, let's find out what this Paulie character is about.

Personally, I didn't care for Cody. I found him to be a boring follower and that was way before he made the dumbest decision in Big Brother history and gave away $500,000. Anyhow, here's Paulie. He's very much like his brother in the way that he speaks except he likes to emphasize important talking points quite emphatically with his hands. Nothing wrong with that. I do it too. Obviously, Paulie has a big decision ahead of him - does he tell his fellow HG's that he is Cody's brother or does he keep quiet? Paulie plans on feeling out the environment first BUT he also happens to have the exact same tattoo as his brother and it says "Calafiore." He thinks a big fan in the house would notice it, but I wonder. I've been watching Big Brother for 200 years and I'm not sure I'd honestly make the connection, but who knows. I'm kind of a dumb ass. Now, I know some people HATE Stunt Casting, but I am not one of those people (unless it has something to do with a legitimate famous person and the HG is a negligible relative). I will enjoy wondering if Paulie will reveal his secret or if someone else figures it out before he gets to spill. I loved the whole Twins Twist last year too. It was fun!

When the conversation turns to strategy, Paulie wants to play the exact same social game that Cody played because he thinks Cody had the best social game in Big Brother history. I instantly wanted to poo-poo that and laugh at how moronic it sounded, but when I stop to think about it, he's kind of right. Cody was an untalented, not too bright, douchy follower and, you know what? It got him to the end. Then he gave away a half a million dollars. And just like his brother, Paulie is more comfortable leaving any crucial decision making to another HG who's not such a pussy. I hate that. The cautious game doesn't appeal to me because it's not entertaining and what's my life motto? ENTERTAIN ME.

Overall, he seems nice enough I guess, but Paulie is kind of a bore. He's too willing to play the Pussy Game and I don't mean that in a Leonardo Dicaprio kind of a way. Plus, the guy rambles about literally nothing. He talks in circles and never reaches his destination. It must be in the Calafiore gene pool. I definitely don't want to see the other HG's being awestruck by this guy and following him around like a puppy dog back like we saw in that wretched Coaches season. That was brutal.

Zakiyah: The Early Favorite

Next up is 24 year old Charlotte, North Carolina native Zakiyah Everette. Finally, some glamour! Zakiyah is a preschool teacher who enjoys dancing, eating, cooking, modeling, and any form of designing or creating. Ok, ok, I can work with that. You know me, I'm drawn to the creative types. Buuuut... her life's motto is, "You only live once!" That's as original as, "Everything happens for a reason." By the way, stop saying that. You're not dropping any pearls of wisdom on the people around you. You're not inspiring us with your deep personal philosophies on predestination. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor here. Erase that phrase from your lexicon.

Let's reluctantly see what Jerf can wrangle out of Zakiyah. Immediately, Zakiyah looks straight down the camera and confidently announces her name and occupation. She's assertive, she's poised. I could like this girl! And hold on to your gonads kiddies, Zakiyah has actually been a fan of Big Brother since season 3. She has a lovely disposition, nice energy, and she's genuinely excited to be there - unlike that carpet fiber Corey.

Zakiyah is single and homegirl is ready ta mingle. She announces right out of the gate that she's totally onboard with a showmance. I haven't found any eligible men for her yet, but maybe when I get further down the list? Zakiyah also has no problem using her looks and flirting in order to get what she wants out of the game. Hallelujah! She's genuine yet you can tell she won't take shit from anyone. She's sweet and possibly whip smart as hell. Lying, stealing, and cheating are simply part of the game she agreed to be a part of and she's totally cool with that. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I may have my early favorite.

I have high hopes for Zakiyah. I tend to be drawn toward strong powerful women and Zakiyah is tickling me where I like it. Let's hope she doesn't disappoint!

Corey: The Human Snooze Button

Next up is 25 year old Texas native, Corey Brooks. Corey is a Baseball Coach and lists "getting sick bro pics" as one of his hobbies. Come on! What are you people trying to do to me this morning? Yesterday, everyone was so promising. Today I've got this douche canoe telling me that his life motto is, "Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get!" Stop that right now! You are a horrible person for writing that down and knowing that it will be made public. Corey clearly doesn't have a creative bone in his body so let's just get this interview over with as quickly as possible.

Corey. Talks. Like. This. He. Is. Like. Wallpaper. Flat. Matte. Wallpaper. With. No. Distinguishing. Patterns. When asked if he is a Big Brother fan, Corey replies, "Uh yeah. I've watched it off and on." Then no, you are not a fan and you are a recruit. Another winner from Robyn Kass, ladies and gentlemen.

Corey is easy on the eyes and, yes, he's single, but he's just so blah. So so blah. I look at him and I think of a drab carpet. Or maybe a doorknob. Plain white rice also comes to mind. When asked what he'll miss about the outside world, Corey says his roommates. Then he goes on to talk about all 25 of them. Like we care! It's like when someone else tells you their dream from last night. You stare at them vacantly and think to yourself, "Shutupshutupshutupshutup."

Corey thinks he'll be a physical threat in the house because he's a physical guy. He's competitive and, you know, physical, so yeah, that might be threatening. Somebody please shoot me in the head. As far as downfalls go, Corey says that he's probably too nice. Gah! There's that awful word again. I am telling you, if anyone ever describes you as "nice," it is code for boring as fuck.

Corey sucks. He is everything that this house does not need. He's awkward in front of the camera, he tells mind numbingly boring stories, and he has zero charisma. I don't know about you, but I'm totally cool with him going home first. So mote it be.

Bridgette: Perfectly Nice, Perfectly Awful

Meet 24 year old California native and Traveling Nurse, Bridgette Dunning. There's not much to say about Bridgette because she was either in a hurry when filling out her bio or homegirl wasn't able to think of anything interesting to say. She likes to do yoga, run, read sci-fi books, and go to comedy shows. The three words she uses to describe herself are: optimistic, energetic, and awesome. What a nightmare. And her life motto is "follow your heart." *yawn* I'm already bored.

Let's see if perhaps we can gather more information on Bridgette from her interview. First off, Bridgette smiles a lot. A lot, a lot, a lot. She describes herself as a big fan of Big Brother and thinks it's "ca-razy" that she's sitting in the Diary Room being interviewed by an enormous doofus. With only a few sentences out of her mouth, I'm getting plain, humdrum, normal, and the most horrific of words... NICE. She's perfectly nice and that, my friends, is perfectly boring.

Bridgette leaves behind a boyfriend and a cat named Hercules. Being a Traveling Nurse, Bridgette is able to adapt to new environments quickly and oh my god I'm so bored right now. As if sensing the demise of my soul, Bridgette decides to finish me off by saying, "I'm a really bad liar. Tee hee hee." Naturally, Bridgette doesn't like bullies or when people pick on others fucking hell I want to die. She also thinks condescending people are icky. One thing she can't imagine happening is that America will hate her. I HATE YOU. I hate you with a burning fiery passion that begins in the pit of my stomach and radiates to all of my nether regions.

I'm sure she's swell in real life and that's fine, but that does nothing for my summer. Next!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Victor: Hashtag #Is #Not #A Lothario

Next up is 25 year old Gym Manager Victor Arroyo from Slidell, LA. Victor, quite humbly, describes himself as "smart, sexy, and fit." I think we'll be the judge of that, Victor. Not you. There's a little bit of a Latin Eric Bana vibe happening except you went and ruined it all by putting your hair behind your ears and matting it down in a distinctly unappealing way. Plus, shall I tell my lovely readers what your life's motto is? Get ready to be inspired ladies... "Get my money, develop my body, and get women." Yeah, soooooo... a-douche! Excuse me. I sneezed.

Victor is disappointingly horrible. He says that more than anything else in the world, he loves women. The only thing is that he is never satisfied and is always looking for the next girl to talk to. No, you don't love women. You love yourself and you are incredibly insecure. You mask it with all this nonsense talk and faux machismo. I wanted a cool Latin hottie in the house, but you sir are not it.

(Photo via Instagram)

All I need to know about you, good sir, I have learned from the above photograph. He hashtagged #not. Then he hashtagged #even. #Shoulder I can see having some relevance, but #day? Duuuuude, you're the worst. Look, I'm a fitness addict too. I devote myself to a healthy active lifestyle, clean eating, and all that crap, but I will never hashtag the word #day because it is a futile exercise in douchebaggery. I'm almost scared to see him in motion.

Ok he's not as horrible as I imagined. He looks straight into the camera and I can appreciate that sort of confidence. Victor's personality is definitely much better in person than it is on paper. On paper, I was ready to stab the guy, but he's quite personable. He thinks his managerial skills as well as his physical attributes will serve him well in the game. He also hopes he never loses at anything which means it is going to be so awesome when he loses a comp! Very Caleb I think. He'll blame the comp for favoring bigger feet or lighter weight or something like that. It'll be everyone else's fault that Victor loses, never his own. Tee hee hee.

Naturally, Victor is single and has no problems getting involved in a Showmance. If that doesn't work out, he'll just go ahead and flirt with everyone anyways. Surprisingly, when it comes down to it, Victor would rather lose the money and have America love him, than win and be hated. The guy he presents on paper wouldn't feel that way. I'm getting the sense that the bravado and the creepy lecherous comments might all be an act. In that case, Victor could hold some promise. I'm not ready to write him off quite yet. Let's wait and see how he acts once the game begins.

Do you think Victor is as awful as his bio? You need to Live Feeds to make a decision!

Bronte: Don't Pull Her Fingers

Next up is 26 year old student Bronte D'Acquisto. Bronte hails from Colorado, but currently resides in San Diego, CA. Bronte likes to do a variety of things like run, solve math problems, stretch, and buy hair accessories at the mall. I shit you not. She actually put that down on her bio. Wow! We've got a live one here. 26 years old and she's doing her hair like JoJo from Dance Moms.

A quick internet search of Bronte revealed something quite interesting. She once sent a private video to Mike Rowe on Facebook. What could this possibly mean? Does she know Mike? Is she simply a fan? Does she sometimes gather roadkill in order to make taxidermy masterpieces? I don't know, but I really hope it's the latter.

(Photo via Model Mayhem)

Other than a really old profile on Model Mayhem with not much in the way of photos or friends, Bronte's online presence is scant compared to that of bearded Paul. It appears as if she had an agent back in Colorado before she set her sights on the bright lights of Hollywood. I think it's safe to say she was cast as a recruit.

And now I begrudgingly turn to the Jerf interview in hopes of gathering more information.

OH. MY. GOD. The only way to describe Bronte's speaking voice is to say helium induced old lady hesitancy with a twist of cartoon mouse. She likes to rub her hands together a lot while gazing at the world around her with awestruck surprise. She is a trembling wide-eyed ball of insanity. Even Jerf can't hide his WTF expressions.

After frantically waving to the camera to squeal "hiiiiiiii," Bronte tells us that she wants to be a Mathematician because that's her dream. But, what about the acting and the modeling and the... oh wait, never mind. I just imagined Bronte walking into a casting call and reading for a role. Yes Bronte, go with Mathematician. Those are a quiet, thinking lot.

Jerf, like the rest of us, is stunned to hear about Bronte's math dreams so he asks, "What's 9 times 9?" Bronte looks him dead in the eye and replies, "9 times 9? 89! I'm really bad at math in my head." Whaaaaaat? She wants to be a Mathematician, but she's really bad at math. Oh yeah, we're going to have fun with her. Flummoxed, Jerf cries, "But you're a Mathematician!" Bronte quickly replies, "I can do it on my fingers." She can do it on her fingers!

"Bronte, would you kindly explain Fubini's Theorem for integrable functions?"
"Hold on, let me get my fingers!"
She then breaks all of her digits into 18 parts trying to make the pretty squiggly symbols in the equation.

In regards to Big Brother, Math Wizard Bronte has seen season 16 and half of season 17. Yup! Recruit. Bronte is single and is either trying to get a piece of apple unstuck from her molar or is eating the inside of her face. She does an odd thing with her mouth like when Madonna was sucking on a lozenge and talking at the same time in Truth Or Dare. Anyhow, Bronte espouses the benefits of love in one's life while at the same time saying that showmances are bad for one's game. But in the end, all Bronte really wants out of life is money. She isn't driven by boys or fame. All she wants is money.

Bronte is batshit crazy and because of that I have high hopes for her bringing drama into the house. As long as she doesn't shrink into the corner and get swallowed up by the more outgoing personalities or get intimidated by the bright lights, she might be a troublemaker. She's so money hungry and focused on her goal that there's a chance homegirl could slice some throats. Fingers crossed!

You NEED to see this interview. Seriously, it's mind blowing.