Friday, August 2, 2013

Pill Envy

Did I win? Did I mutherfuckin' win? Yeah, baby! Sta'en Island, yo! New Yawk represent muthafuckas! Youse think Nick is proud of me? I'm sure he is. Me and that kid, we had a connection, man. When I wear his muthfuckin' hat, I get like his juices and smells in my head, yo. What's that cawled. that thing where you can tawk to people with your brains? Telemundo! Oh man, me and Nick we got that telemundo shit, yo. This is fuh you, Nick! Now I gots my hair dye and I can shave my fuckin' twat without standin' up. Damn, yo! This is gonna be a great week! And youse can totally have a honeymoon in my bed. Nick's dead skin cells are up and crawling around in our bed downstairs. We tawk awl night about shit, you know. That kid, man, I miss him. I'm telemundo-ing you my love right now, Nick. Peace! Let's recap muthafuckas, shall we?

Oh dear baby Jesus, save us all. VaGina (GinaMarie) has won HOH and now she's going all Tony Robbins on us and shit. But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's take a peek back at the Endurance competition...

So, the feeds return and we see the Houseguest's trotting along on their giant rolling pin. The only audio we hear is Spencer going into cardiac arrest. Fat man on a rolling pin is a recipe for disaster especially when the rolling pin pauses and switches directions. Kaboom goes Spencer, Candice and Helen. Shortly thereafter, Elvira (Elissa) joins them and she is PISSED. Production must have promised her HOH and, well, it didn't quite pan out.

As we fast forward through time and space, we find ourselves left with the final 2 of McCrae and VaGina. VaGina begs and pleads with McCrae to let her have HOH. She needs her hair dye, yo! McCrae understands, but he wants to seduce his lady in the privacy of the HOH room. VaGina tells him he can sleep her bed because Nick's bed is just now giving off musky aromas and it's exciting and awl for her twat. McCrae says, "I really want pictures of my family though."

The two continue on their rolling pins until McCrae finally stumbles and takes a tumble. VaGina then looks around at the empty rolling pin, "Did I win? Did I win? Can I get off now?" Yes, VaGina you may step down. She immediately leaps off the apparatus, grabs her crotch and does a Michael Jackson spin. Sta'en Island, yo!

Her win is then followed by a myriad of Oscar acceptance speeches were she tells us over and over and over again how she's a competitor who won't give up. Plus, she really wanted her muthafuckin' hair dye. Also, during the competition... Candice won $5000, Spencer has to talk into a megaphone until the Nomination Ceremony and Helen won a barbecue party for 4 people.

For the barbecue party, Helen chose Elvira (that's her best good friend), Aryan (because she followed through with her end of the deal as HOH) and the last spot was supposed to go to VaGina. VaGina turned it down because with HOH comes a very annoying selflessness. So now there will be a contest for the last spot. This is all very diplomatic and lovely and all that crap, but one little girl, one little frustrated pony, isn't happy at all.

Amanda and McCrae are sitting in the cockpit when Jessie comes stomping in all huffing and puffing. She is furious that Aryan, of all people, gets to go to Helen's BBQ party. Amanda explains to her that Aryan held up her end of the deal with her nominations last week. Jessie whines, "It's not fair! She gets to have alcohol and I don't!" Andy then enters the cockpit just as Amanda is telling Jessie to go talk to Helen about it. Jessie zips her lips as soon as she sees Andy. Amanda tells her, "It's ok. You can tell Andy." Jessie moans, "But he'll go tell HER!" McCrae laughs and jokes, "Yeah, shut up Andy!"

Amanda calmly tries to explain to Jessie that Aryan basically made Helen HOH last week and was loyal. Helen is simply thanking her by giving her one of the BBQ spots. Andy butts in, "Are you mad about the BBQ party? I totally won't say anything to Helen." Jessie whines (all this bitch does is whine!), "What about my loyalty thing? Aryan gets to have alcohol and I don't!" Amanda again tries to tell her that it's really no big deal, but Jessie is having none of it. "It's a huge deal! A BBQ party with alcohol is a huge deal!" Amanda shrugs her shoulders and says, "Well then, go talk to Helen about it." Andy agrees that Jessie should totally go talk to Helen.

Jessie, with her arms crossed against her chest and the frustration bubbling up inside her, says, "No! I don't want to talk to Helen." Clearly, the girl is insanely jealous. She also doesn't care for the advice that Amanda and Andy are giving her. The bitching and moaning continues for what seems like an eternity when J-U-DD finally walks in.

J-U-DD: "How are you doing, ahummina hummina."
Jessie: "Oh, I'm just great! I came in third in the competition."
J-U-DD: "Well, hummina, I came in sixth."
Jessie: "Why do you always want me to be happy?!"
J-U-DD: "Because you're always in a terrible mood." (Ha!)
Jessie: "Maybe if I had some pills to take, I wouldn't be in such a shitty mood right now!"

Oh no, she di-in't! J-U-DD gets silent (he takes Xanax daily). Amanda (she takes Adderall daily) also doesn't say a word. But she did this...

... and I immediately knew that things were about to get AWESOME!

Amanda then, without a word, gets up to leave. We then get a Production error because even though we can't see her, we can still hear her. Amanda, out in the kitchen area, is overheard saying, "Jessie is having a shit fit." Still, with no visual, we can hear Amanda tell Jessie to calm down if she's so worried about her position in the house. She tells Jessie she needs to stop blowing up about these things (stupid shit like BBQ parties).

Finally, we get the two sitting together on a couch. Jessie is now all fired up and angry that a certain group of people are running the house. Amanda tells her that if it bugs her so much, then she should vote how she wants to vote. Amanda says, "If you're so fired up over people being fake, go up to their faces and tell them how you feel. Go up to Helen's face who didn't invite you to the fucking BBQ party maybe because you were contemplating flipping the house on them and you keep telling them they're in power. So don't sit there and be a little fucking girl and cry about not being invited to a fucking BBQ when you were contemplating flipping the house on the women who can give away a BBQ!" Oh snap! *giggles*

Jessie yells, "I wasn't contemplating flipping the house on Helen... or you! The plan was brought to me, Amanda." Amanda then tells Jessie to go cry in the corner and have a little shit fit under the sheets. LMAO

Jessie then stomps off. Amanda goes into the kitchen area and tells Helen, Elvira and Candice what just happened and why Jessie is mad about Aryan going to the BBQ. Helen says, "I invited Aryan because Aryan held up her end of the deal." Amanda tells her that Jessie is going around the house bitching to everyone about it.

Then, out of nowhere, Candice starts to cry about her precious "Howie" (ugh). Candice cries about how she wanted "her person" to stay and now she's at the bottom of the pecking order. Helen says, "We're not on the top!" Amanda then asks Candice why she wanted to keep a guy in the house who was so bad for her game. Amanda knows that Candice was trying to flip the house to get rid of Amanda. Candice continues to holler in that shrill voice of hers which causes Amanda to snap. Amanda yells, "Wanna know what Howard said to me the other day in the kitchen? He came right up to me..." And then we get FISH.

There is a scandal based on something Howard said ("I want to fuck the shit out you...") and, for some reason, Production is protecting the hell out of him. But don't you worry, bitches. Tomorrow night on the Big Brother Gossip Show we will have ALL the details and behind the scenes juicy nuggets. You won't want to miss it!

The feeds come back and Amanda is still shouting, " protect that fucking guy over these girls who have been loyal to you and trying to keep you in this fucking game the whole time! That's scheming??? Want to know why I didn't tell you that? Because I didn't want to hurt your feelings!" Candice replies, "That would not have hurt my feelings." Amanda says how she feels so stupid for defending Candice in the past now and then she storms out.

McCrae then enters and tells Candice that Spencer wanted Howard to stay in the house as well, but he was smart enough to stay out of it and keep his mouth shut. Everyone in the kitchen then tells Candice how they all wanted her to stay, but the bitch keeps crying. Amanda comes back into the kitchen and Candice says, "I didn't know the dude said that to you!" Amanda tells her that she didn't know what to do after he said it so she went into the DR for an hour because she was so freaked out. She tells Candice that the remark was irrelevant to the game and didn't think it was necessary for Candice to know about it. Amanda continues, "I don't understand why you would try to flip the house when Howard was never really that loyal to you in the first place." Amanda tells Candice how everyone kept telling her she was safe, but she refused to believe them.

Then, THEN!, Helen starts to cry. She tells Candice it broke her heart that Candice tried to flip the house and frame Elvira and Helen. Candice yells back that they're running HOH every week and are constantly upstairs. Helen replies, "Well then go upstairs and start making deals too."

Amanda and others begin to leave the kitchen leaving only Candice, VaGina and Andy behind. Candice tells VaGina about Howard's remark to Amanda. Andy then jumps in and says he saw the whole thing. He says he didn't hear exactly what Howard said because he was whispering really close to Amanda, but that Amanda's body language was really weird. Andy says, "It looked like there was some sort of odd encounter going on." Candice, still in denial, doesn't believe it. Again, don't jump to any conclusions on what you might think I believe in all of this. I have yet to state my opinion. However, I'm still being called a racist day in and day out. *sigh* Tomorrow night, folks. Tomorrow night on the Big Brother Gossip Show!

Apparently, more fighting continued throughout the night, but, for some reason. Production blocked a huge chunk of it. I've got to a shake a tail feather and hit the road, but I'll definitely be looking into it all later. Look for possibly Candice, Spencer or Jessie to be nominated for eviction today. And, to mix things up, I'm voting HELEN for MVP! Homegirl needs to be knocked down a peg.

So, what do you think of VaGina being HOH? Why is Jessie such a bratty little kid? How great is the Big Brother Gossip Show going to be tomorrow night? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Paranoia Will Destroy Ya

"Panic is the sudden realization that everything around you in alive." - William S. Burroughs

I have to get keep this relatively brief today so let's simply cover the facts. Spencer has used the POV to remove himself from the block and Candice has gone up in his place. This means that Howard, Candice and Amanda are up for eviction. Howard is the target who should have gone home last week, but Production reached out, interfered and kept their favorite token (the one that gives a controversial season some sort of meaning) safe. If you'll recall, J-U-DD would frequently come out of the Diary Room mumbling things like, "Ahummina I don't think they want Howard to go on the block hummina." And so, long story short, a very boring and uneventful player is finally on the block where he belongs. He is the intended target for the week, but wait! Here comes Spencer...

Spencer, Howard's best good friend, believes he has devised a plan to save Howard and get rid of Amanda. Earlier, Spencer spoke with J-U-DD and Andy promising them a shiny new alliance with himself, Howard and Candice. Andy and J-U-DD wisely decided to let Spencer think he has the game by the balls. In actuality however, they ran back over to their side of the house and told everyone about how Spencer is doing anything he can to save Howard and get rid of Amanda. Naturally, this infuriated Amanda and paranoia began to set in.

After the POV Ceremony, Amanda became visibly upset and worried that someone in her own alliance could turn on her. Everyone, McCrae included, advised her to tone down her game for the week and stop playing so hard. Easier said than done. All Amanda does is strategize. She's good at it, she's convincing, she targets people targeting her and she has pretty much run the entire game since week 1. Obviously, this is threatening to others... namely, Spencer.

Speaking of Spencer, he feels like he has this week all locked up. After the POV Ceremony, he tells Howard that they have the votes to keep him in the game this week - J-U-DD, Andy, VaGina (GinaMarie) and Jessie. The plan is for J-U-DD to tell Jessie to switch her vote at the last minute on Thursday. Spencer will then pop up during the live show and make a speech to Aryan about how Amanda is running the game. Somehow, this is supposed to make Aryan break the tie in favor of Howard. Let's break this down, shall we?
A) The only vote Spencer might actually have to save Howard is VaGina.
B) Spencer isn't on the block anymore. There are no speeches to made by him during the live show!
C) Andy and J-U-DD are masterfully playing Spencer like a fiddle.

Andy, who I think is in a great position so far game wise, knows he needs to keep this Spencer ruse going all the way up to the live show. He quickly meets with Jessie and tells her everything about how Spencer is trying to flip the house, how Andy and J-U-DD are fake playing along and how J-U-DD is supposed to go to Jessie on Thursday and tell her to evict Amanda. Jessie listens to all of this and wonders why she's always out of the loop. Andy tells her that's the point! She's supposed to be out of the loop. But in the case that she actually hears something about Spencer's cockamamie new plan, Andy needs her to keep pretending she's out of the loop until Thursday. On Thursday, right before the live show, Andy will tell Spencer that they don't have the votes after all and it's probably best he just evicts Howard so he doesn't get a bigger target on his back next week. Hearing this, Jessie nods and agrees to play along. Andy believes that on Thursday the vote will be either 7-1 or 8-0 to evict Howard.

Up in the HOH, Amanda is frustrated because she thinks people are playing too far ahead. Instead of getting rid of targets people (HELEN, HELEN, HELEN) are obsessed with filling the Jury with potential votes. Amanda tells Helen and Aryan that they have an army. Evicting one of their troops now (like herself) will only dissolve the giant alliance they have and put the house into a tailspin. She says it is ridiculous for people to start planning for final two right now.

As far as MVP goes, Amanda is still certain that Howard was the one who nominated her. Between Helen spreading rumors about Howard being Danielle's (BB3) sister and others saying he was a well known football player, Amanda and others think Howard must have a large fan base. Aryan, on the other hand, thinks Candice could be MVP because she was on Oprah's network (OWN) and Oprah has the biggest following in the business. Aryan also worries that after Howard leaves, people in the house will side with Candice. Helen tells her that Candice is her friend, but she's the worst player in the house so there is no way in hell she plans on playing this game with her. Helen then advises Amanda to tone down her game this week. She says Amanda is a huge player and needs to lay low. Amanda nods and says she will - not bloody likely!

And then something magical happened. Elvira (Elissa), willingly and without force, went up to the HOH room to talk to Aryan. For the moment, the two can actually be in each other's company without Elvira snapping her neck open and releasing the demon that lives inside of her. The two sit pleasantly on the HOH bed as Aryan fills Elvira in to Spencer's plan and how Andy and J-U-DD are fake playing along. She also tells Elvira how Howard was acting ridiculous after the POV Ceremony and telling people that if Candice leaves the house, he'll self evict. Aryan says Howard is using reverse psychology on the house in order to save himself (not just save himself, but get rid of Candice!).

Elvira wonders aloud if Howard has the Comb d'pa. Aryan giggles and corrects her, "Coup d'etat!" I waited with bated breath for Elvira to shove Aryan's extensions up her nose, but nothing happened. Whew! Elvira must be back on her meds again. Aryan then tells Elvira that she is sure Elvira will win HOH next week (so am I!). Elvira replies, "Hnmm mnmm, I want to see my little boy, unh. He's such a treasure. He's like my biggest investment in life. I don't have a social life because of him, hnmmm mnmmm. The little bastard... I mean, treasure. He's my investment banking treasure, hnmm mnmm. I want to bite him and gnaw on his flesh." Aryan nods and says she hopes that Elvira gets to see her family because she feels the same way about her pets. Only, she actually has a social life. Again, I waited for Elvira to remove Aryan's tongue with some tweezers. She didn't! We're making progress, folks.

And then we had a little controversy. Or, at least, I did. On twitter. Aryan, J-U-DD. McCrae and Amanda are talking about Howard when Aryan says that Howard uses race as a reason to win the show. I agree with her. Now, before you jump on me and start calling me a racist yet again, allow me to explain myself. BEFORE THE SHOW BEGAN, let me say that again... BEFORE THE SHOW BEGAN, Howard talked incessantly in his pre-season interviews about wanting to be the first African American to win Big Brother. Every other word out of his mouth was either "God" or "African American". Listening to it, my Big Brother Gossip Show co-hosts and myself laughed and rolled our eyes thinking this guy was going to use the race card while he was in the house. In Howard's defense, he didn't use it too much in the beginning of the game. BUT, when all the race stuff was being spewed and the DR conversations were race, race, race, race, then, yes, race became a dominate force in the house. And how could it not?! For a solid week the Diary Room did nothing but asks the Houseguests about race. Obviously, Aryan got wind of it, became upset, and, I think since then, has successfully begun to censor herself from saying things that might be construed as racist.

And because I didn't disagree with Aryan or have no desire to attack her any longer and ruin her life, I was then called a racist. Someone even said that because of people like me, people die. *scratches head* So because I don't hate Aryan and don't want to go out of my way to destroy her any more than people already have, I suddenly hate black people and may or may not be a serial killer. How people like this tie their shoes in the morning is a mystery to me. But there you go. You can't reason with crazy so I'm not even going to try.

I will end today with a new sort of paranoia. It mumbles in the darkness and often makes no sense.... it's J-U-DD! Amanda, Helen and Aryan are all convinced that J-U-DD is a secret brainiac who could quite possibly be the next Dan Gheesling. You see, J-U-DD confessed to Amanda that he invented the lie that Eyebrows (Kaitlin) wanted Helen out of the game. It came to him while he was in his solitary confinement and actually played a role in Eyebrows' departure. The girls sit in a feverish tizzy talking about how J-U-DD could quite possibly be brilliant. Amanda begins to wonder if he's been MVP all along instead of Howard and Helen begins to rethink her plans of who she wants in the Jury. The paranoia rose to such a feverish pitch that J-U-DD could seriously be in danger sooner rather than later. That in itself isn't a big deal. What is a big deal is if J-U-DD catches wind of this speculation before Thursday. If he hears that the women in his alliance want him out of the game, he could very easily jump over to Spencer's side. The girls still have Andy so I don't think Spencer will ever get the votes he's after to evict Amanda, but it could definitely tip the scales a little next week and leave Jessie wondering where the hell to go.

So, does Spencer have a chance in hell to save Howard? Is VaGina lying to the girls or the boys? How long until Elvira's meds wear off and she remembers she's supposed to hate Aryan? Comment it out bitches and have a great day!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Thorny Balls

(What is wrong with this picture?)

A passing comment. A mumble on the wind. A teeny tiny little droplet of syllables. So seemingly harmless yet, over time, it can grow thorns. Razor sharp little daggers to pierce the soul and let all the happiness ooze out leaving a lifeless wet noodle in its wake. If you dwell on it, the burrs will multiply and stick clinging to your hair, your sweater vests, your comfy woolen socks... Best to shake off the ugly and smile a toothy grin. Best to pretend you never heard it at all. Best to hold your head high... and your middle finger higher. Let's recap, shall we?

The day began under a lazy haze. After an eventful POV Saturday night, the Houseguests happily slept away half of Sunday. Of course Helen has been up since the crack of dawn prancerizing hither and thither and being all around awful. J-U-DD and Elvira (Elissa) are somewhat early risers as well. And this is where we begin... outside listening to, "Hnmm mnmm ahummina hummina hnmm mnmm."

J-U-DD and Elvira are discussing who they'll be friends with after this season ends. J-U-DD tells Elvira that he thinks Aryan likes her now. Elvira replies, "Oh wow! I feel like the luckiest girl in the world now! Hnmm mnmm." And then she rolled her eyes and launched into another one of her 18 hour long rants about how she would never associate with someone who says derogatory remarks... "I'd never be friends with someone like that, hnmm mnmm. It's all about people's character. Just because they go from mean to nice doesn't change who they are, unh." Pot meet kettle. If we tally up our score cards of people who have said mean things in the house, Elvira would be champion of the universe.

In addition to hurling insults with unparalleled aplomb, Elvira is a master whiner. And we are once again treated to her bitching and moaning about how all the girls in the house are so mean to her. They always talk about her, hnmm mnmm, and say like the meanest things. Mind you, this is coming from the girl who told Amanda to her face that she was disgusting and J-U-DD that he was a crazy ridiculous liar. Speaking of J-U-DD, listening to this his eyes kind of glaze over and we all smile happily to ourselves knowing he's floating along that Xanax highway of his.

Evira then asks J-U-DD what he thinks of Amanda. J-U-DD says he really likes Amanda. Elvira replies, "Hnmm mnmm, people in the house are saying you want her out." J-U-DD brushes the cobwebs out of his face and asks, "Who said that? I never said that." Elvira tells him that like 3 people said it. J-U-DD asks her if it was Candice, Howard and Spencer. Elvira tells him no and then asks, "So you never said Amanda made you mad by picking your nominations?" J-U-DD tells Elvira that Amanda didn't pick his nominations at all. Amanda wanted Howard on the block, but J-U-DD never nominated him. This may sound relatively innocuous, but here is what you need to know. Helen was the one going around the house telling people that J-U-DD was all broken up and shattered that Amanda was running his HOH. It was Helen, Elvira's best good friend, that has been spreading these lies. Is Elvira starting to suspect that Helen isn't 100% trustworthy? Will the two eventually turn on one another? I hope so!

Aryan then comes outside - which is Elvira's cue to run away and hide. J-U-DD asks Aryan who she is going to put on the block as a replacement nominee (Spencer won POV). Aryan tells him she is definitely putting Candice up, but she doesn't really care if Candice or Howard goes home. J-U-DD mumbles that it would be silly to get rid of Candice right now because Howard is a much bigger threat and can win HOH next week. I am inclined to agree with J-U-DD on this. Production will do whatever they can to save and protect Howard. And if by some miracle he survives the week, expect next week's HOH to be a "Name that book in the Bible" comp.

Inside, we find Helen and Andy in the cockpit. Like I discussed on the Big Brother Gossip Show this weekend, Helen has one thing on her mind and that is JURY. Jury this, Jury that, hurry hurry hurry, let's get these people to Jury. Her entire game strategy is stacking that Jury with people who will vote for her to win. So, when you wonder why Howard is going before Candice it's because Helen doesn't trust Howard to vote for her to win. Helen's worry after Howard is Spencer and how he could possibly vote were he to get to Jury.

Helen asks Andy if he thinks Spencer knows about the deal she made with Aryan (if Aryan won HOH, she would let Helen's alliance pick her noms). Andy tells her that Spencer absolutely knows about the deal because Aryan told him about herself. Helen then asks Andy if he thinks Spencer will go after her if he wins HOH. Andy tells her that he doesn't think so. He also tells her that he can control Spencer because they're really close (Ha!). Helen brings up Jury again and worries about letting certain people get too far. Andy then tells Helen that he wants Elvira out sooner rather than later. He doesn't like the fact that she's a loose cannon. Helen nods and says, "For sure", but honestly she wants Elvira there for the long haul. Helen not only knows she can win against Elvira, but she knows that Elvira is most likely a Jury vote she's got in the bag.

Helen then tells Andy that it was Jessie who came up with the plan to keep Aryan safe. True, Jessie was anti-Eyebrows (Kaitlin), but Helen is the one who told Aryan that if she won HOH, the alliance should control her nominations. Helen loves taking credit for huge moves that Amanda makes, but she hates taking credit for shady moves she makes herself. Personally, I don't find anything wrong with Helen wanting to control Aryan's HOH, but it really chaps her ass that Spencer and others now know about it. Speaking of Amanda, Helen is obsessed with Amanda and McCrae NOT going to Jury together. She doesn't want Amanda voting for McCrae to win over Helen. Again, and totally out of nowhere, Andy says how much he wants Elvira out. Helen automatically nods and mumbles, "Sure, sure." She's totally lying.

Andy then tells Helen that J-U-DD was upset with her yesterday for feeling bad that Howard was crying after nominations. J-U-DD became convinced that Helen would flip and save Howard. Helen nods absently, but she is really still deep in thought over building her ideal Jury. She tells Andy that they have to get rid of Aryan because the longer she stays around, the stronger she makes Amanda and McCrae.

And here is where things gets interesting. Here is where I cleverly reference back to my opening paragraph. For some reason, Helen decides to tell Andy that there are people in the house that think he is floating through the game. Andy asks her who is saying that. Helen tells him J-U-DD and other people. Helen then tells him that people have also said how Andy constantly pops into everyone's conversations. The strained look of hiding pain that flashed across Andy's face in that moment was miraculous. In one split second we caught a glimpse of his entire being crumbling. All the bones and gristle and ginger parts began to buckle, but he quickly snaps out of it and declares, "I'm happy people think I'm a floater. You have to choose when to make a strategic move and now is not my time."

So, yes, Andy is happy to be called a floater. In fact, he's so happy he immediately corners J-U-DD in the Storage Room and tells him how much he loves people thinking he's a floater. Up until this point in time, I think Andy was convinced that he is a hardcore gamer. To hear the word floater attached to himself is freaking him out something fierce. But, Andy is Andy. He'll dust himself off, accept the floater label, and tell everyone it was part of his grand master flash plan all along. Before Andy scurries off to tell more people how much he loves being thought of as a floater, he tells J-U-DD to stay on Candice's good side in case she gets HOH next week.

Outside, we find Helen and Spencer in the hammock talking about Candice. Helen says that Candice isn't helping Howard's game at all. In fact, Candice threatened Helen the other day in the cockpit and Helen just can't let it go. Apparently, Candice was trying to push Helen to make a deal to get her alliance to keep Howard. When Helen didn't respond, Candice told her that if Helen doesn't get her side of the house to save Howard, she'll go after Helen and her friends and take them all down. Helen complains to Spencer how she was surprised and appalled that Candice would threaten her like that. Helen says that she told Candice ok just to get her to shut up. She again tells Spencer how it really ticked her off that something she thought as her friend, Candice, could threaten her and treat her so poorly. Truth be told, Helen threatens people everyday!

The afternoon continued lazily and we now find Helen and Aryan in the hammock. Aryan is upset because all weekend long Candice has been bringing up the race stuff. Aryan apologized to Candice last week for flipping her bed and Candice forgave her. But now that Candice and Howard are in trouble this week, race is all that Candice can talk about. Aryan tells Helen how when she found out that people thought she was racist, she cried so hard that she couldn't breathe. She says she has nightmares about it every night and extremely scared to leave the house because a rumor like that could make her unsafe in the outside world. This is true. And no, I'm not saying Aryan should be completely absolved for what she has said. BUT, I wonder if CBS making Aryan the racist poster girl for the season has indeed put her in danger. Look, we all know she is going to have a miserable time the second she leaves the house. And, believe me, she'll learn a lesson so fast it'll make her head spin. If I think back to all the racist comments made over the season, I find VaGina's (GinaMarie) much more offensive than Aryan's. For the most part, Asshat (Jeremy) and Bouffant (David) have emerged from the scandal unscathed. It strikes me as incredibly unfair that Aryan will be walking into a nightmare. and taking all the blame for every hateful thing ever uttered in that house. Yes, VaGina lost her job too, but I don't think she'll be getting 1/100th of the ire that Aryan has coming her way.

Listening to all of this, Helen admits that she only ever heard Candice and Elvira's side of the story. She tells Aryan that she understands that the comments probably weren't made out of malice, but that sometimes people don't understand how others could be offended by their comments. Helen says this is especially true in a house like Big Brother where all people are looking for is took a comment and twist it something that could get you evicted. Helen tells Aryan that at one point the house was so against Aryan that if she said hello, people would attack for it. The conversation ends with Helen telling Aryan she is glad she has gotten to know her better now.

The day continued fairly uneventfully. We had Andy telling more people how happy he is to be a floater and Aryan organized another nail party in the HOH (to keep Helen happy). That's where I'll end this for today. This afternoon expect Candice to go up in Spencer's place. Will she lose her shit and cry all day? The magic 8 ball says yes.

So, what do you think of Helen playing her game around the Jury? Have you begun to warm up to Aryan at all? Will Andy stop popping into conversations now? (that last one was rhetorical) Comment it out bitches and have a great day!
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