Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The End Of The Affair

So, it all comes down to tonight. We've spent 10 weeks wading through the jungle of BB12 misfortune. We suffered harrowing night after night of doldrum nothingness. We watched as the love of our lives slipped through our fingers like boring tasteless tap water. I used to pine for Big Brother. I once scratched at it's door and peered through it's peephole taking pages upon pages of scrupulous detailed notes. That love affair is over now. I no longer stalk my BB12 twitter feed. I don't think I once clicked on Jokers all season long. In all honesty, I've just waited... impatiently... for today.

So here we are. Finale night. Truthfully, I'm more interested in who wins America's Choice than I am with who wins the entire season. The interesting people left too soon and the uninteresting overstayed their welcome. We're left with three morons who wax poetic all night long about the fame and fortune that'll never come. How I would love to see their faces when it hits them that all their dreaming and fantasizing was all for naught. Maybe one by one they'll read this here little blog and I can help them all come to their mushy dulled senses. I don't know. *shrugs shoulders*

I know I slacked off this past week, but, seriously, can you blame me? I'm only human. If I were some superhero with powers to repel boredom, I might have stuck it out and blogged the inane conversations taking over the house the past few days. I fear I am not that strong. I am weak and I have since found another lover. Survivor is it's name and that's where all of you lovely readers can find me every Thursday - at the Bitchy Survivor Blog. On Mondays you'll be able to enjoy my rantings over at the Bitchy Amazing Race Blog. While Big Brother may be over, my heart, much like the Titanic, will go on. I will continue to find reality people to ridicule *shakes fist to the sky* so help me god.

I want to thank each and every one of you for checking back here daily, commenting, and generously supporting this blog. You guys make it all worthwhile. If you haven't already, please join the Bitchy Network and take part in discussions about all sorts of wonderful and ridiculous TV shows. If anything scandalous goes down in Vegas, I'll be reporting it all at the Bitchy Network. My spies are in place and gossip will be bountiful. With Ass Licker and Hyena Fuckface in a room together, sparks are bound to fly.

Thanks for the love, the hate, and the laughs. I'll see you next year to do it all over again for BB13.

Love and other indoor sports,
Colette Lala

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