Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Important BB19 Dates

With BB19 right around the corner, here are some important Big Brother dates you need to know.

Premiere Week Schedule

6/19 -- Cast Reveal
6/21 -- House Reveal
6/24 -- Big Brother Gossip Show Premiere Episode @ 9pm
6/28 – Two-hour Big Brother premiere @ 8/7c on CBS
6/29 – Thursday’s Big Brother episode @ 9/8c on CBS
6/29 – Live Feeds open after the 9PM PT episode ends
6/30 -- Big Brother After Dark Premiere @ 1am on Pop
7/2 – Sunday’s Big Brother episode @ 8/7c on CBS

Make sure you're all signed up and ready to go on CBS All Access. I would advise watching all of the cast interviews before this Saturday's Big Brother Gossip Show Premiere where we will be crucifying analyzing each of the new Houseguests. 

Monday, June 19, 2017

Watch The BB19 Live Feeds In Style

For years I've been promoting the Roku as the THE way to watch the Big Brother Live Feeds in style and comfort. No more hunching over a small computer screen. No more crap sound quality. No more watching your Big Brother Live Feeds like a caveman.

The Roku allows you to watch Big Brother 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week on a glorious big screen. I have personally used a Roku for years before CBS All Access even existed. I use it for Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Vudu, Fandango, fitness channels, movie channels, and my new favorite Acorn TV. As a fan of British and Australian television, Acorn TV is a gift from the gods. I can watch any number of UK comedies, dramas, wonderful detective series, classic British miniseries, films, documentaries, and even reality shows all at the push of a button and all on my Roku. I've only named a handful of my favorite Roku channels, but there are literally thousands of channels to choose from. THOUSANDS.

The good news is that the fancy schmancy Roku 4 is on sale! If you still can't splurge for the more expensive Roku 4 box, go ahead and get the Roku Streaming Stick. I personally own one of each. I keep the box in my living room and I use the stick in my bedroom or take it with me if I travel. As someone who travels quite a bit, the Roku Stick is a miracle. I am never without my favorite TV/Movies. With streaming TV revolutionizing how we are entertained, I think the Roku, like water and air, is something you cannot live without. It also makes the perfect gift. What dad wouldn't love getting a Roku for Father's Day?

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