Thursday, September 3, 2009

A New Day, A New Rumor

Greetings Rumor Seekers! Gossip Girl here. Seriously, this Pandora's Box thing will never die. It only gains more strength as each day passes, but since I'm getting tips by email and twitter now I'm totally putting on my latest Diane Von Furstenberg, a fabulous ribboned headband, and some neon tights that don't match anything. OK now I'm ready to dish. This new incarnation of the rumor began for me Tuesday night. Via Twitter someone sent me, BB11_Unleashed, and Chima Simone (I know... totally weird) a tweet pointing out how Russell's opening credits were not of him leaving the house (like on Sunday), but were of him still in the house. Hmmm interesting. I chalked it up to CBS making a silly mistake and went about my day.

THEN I began to hear how the $10,000 in the Pandora's Box was the $10,000 that Russell won. He had essentially "bought his way back" into the game. Ridiculous. I'm not buying this for one second.

The newest rumor, the one all the chat hags are DYING to hear, is one that definitely caught my attention. Typically, I don't go around willy nilly posting the crap everyone is saying online and if I do, it's only to make fun of it and belittle all who believe it, but this one was different. This one sounded legit. I was told it came from someone who knows someone who knows someone in AG's little curly world. Well, that's good enough for me right? I mean, that's akin to gospel at this point. I read the new info, sat on it (literally, I sat on my laptop... hoping osmosis would trigger my bullshit radar so to speak) for a few hours, researched it, teased it, fluffed it up and made it pretty, and then decided it was all bullshit. I analyzed the shit out of this thing because I don't want to be made a fool of and I don't want to falsely give hope to my readers. Hope? Did you see what I did there? Ohhh I'm so naughty.

After much discussion, research, and going back and forth on this, I'll go ahead and post it. Although I'm sure at this point other sites are already posting their derivation of it. In fact, that's what pissed me off about this whole thing. I thought what I had received was privileged information when, in fact, it looks like it originated from a message forum comment. Did that comment come from someone "official"? I doubt it. I think, like all things BB this season, it's merely conjecture. I'll go on record saying that I don't believe it. If it turns out to be true... well, then you heard it here first and I'll demand you address me as BB Gossip Girl from here on out. If it's not true, I told you so and I knew it all along.

Here we go. Come to your own conclusions. I'd love to hear what you guys think about this in the comments.

As I described here in the story of Pandora's Box, opening Pandora's Box releases EVIL, but at the bottom of the box lies HOPE. Kevin chose to release the evil and he was subsequently handcuffed and prevented from taking part in the money grabbing merriment. The key represented hope. Jeff used the key to free Kevin and allow him to get some money for himself. The key is not done working it's magic yet. Jeff, who will be evicted tonight, will be instructed to hand the key off to a Juror allowing that Juror to reenter the house. Since the Russell titles were weird on Tuesday, the rumor is that Russell will be given that key to come back to the BB house and resume play. Apparently, when Chima was expelled the sponsors did not get the Double Eviction they were promised and they were not pleased. Those bitches want their Double Eviction and they will now get it Sunday, September 6.

OK that sounds kind of believable right? Well, not so fast sparky. Let's work through this together. Let's say that Natalie had found the key. She's safe this week. She's not going anywhere. She wouldn't be able to hand that key off to an evicted Juror. Did AG invent the whole "hand the key off to a Juror" thing after she realized Jeff would be leaving? Possibly, but I doubt it.

The other red flag standing out to me is the thing about the sponsors. When Chima left, the ratings soared. Although... that was on a Tuesday and the Double Eviction was supposed to happen on a Thursday. I never pay attention to who advertises on the show, but are the Tuesday and Thursday night people so different that one of them would cause a stink over not getting a Thursday Double Eviction? Possibly, but again I doubt it.

Allison Grodner said all along that Pandora's Box was a "responsibility" not a power. Does this mean it's up to Kevin to decide who will come back? Maybe he just decides whether or not someone will come back at all. Did his "responsibilty" end as soon as he chose to open Pandora's Box?

ALSO Russell has been out of the house for a week now. I don't think BB has ever had someone out of the game that long only to have them come back. When Krazy James came back it was only a matter of minutes, BUT what if the HG's had decided to bring Alex back instead during BB9? Where had he been hiding out? Did they keep locked up in a hotel room? Has Russell been locked up in a hotel room somewhere? Did he ever even make it to the Jury House? Sure, we'll find out in 7 hours, but like Veruca Salt I want to know NOOOOOOOOW!

OR is Allison Grodner simply scared that Russell will bash in Jeff's face so in an effort to save her Golden Boy she'll send Russell back into the game? HA! I invented this one myself. Spend enough time wallowing in Rumorville and they just sort of begin coming to you.

So while the new rumor sounds good in theory and the hinky opening credits on Tuesday definitely back it up, I'm thinking it's all wishful thinking on someone's part. Personally, I think Pandora's Box is over. Golden Boy is going home and no one is coming back. Fans are so fucking desperate for Natalie or Kevin not to win this thing that they'll invent anything to calm their minds.

That's it. That's all I got. What do you guys think? Do you buy any of this? Do you think Russell is coming back?

Today's recap will be up in a little bit. I wanted to post this rumor business first because I know some people were waiting on it.

"You know you love me. Ex Oh. Ex Oh." - Gossip Girl


  1. Spotted: Lala slumming around the rumor mill. Does L have what it takes to separate the real dish from the desperate dreams of the artificially hormoned? I'll be sure to keep you posted.

    You know you love me,

  2. I have a feeling Russell's coming back, if not what is the"evil" that kevin unleashed? what is the twist? Julie told the house guest that there will be surprises, but she told america there will be a twist....idk guess we find out tonite.

  3. as far as advertisers go: the tues night ads are different from the sun and thurs because tues is on in the 9:00 timeslot and sun/thurs is in the 8:00 the tues night ad can be a little bit more 'racy.' having said that, i have no clue about sponsors really caring about the double eviction...they just want #...and with the chima drama, they got it....i dont want russell back, i dont want nat nor kev (sorry lala) to win...and i want jeff to i am hoping there is something to the key/box twist, but not if doesnt benefit jeff...i know most dont want bb to intervene, but i do, in this 1 instance...hypocritical, i know, but i am only god, have you looked at jeff...i mean seriously...he is a speciman, and oh, so yummy!!!

  4. I think it was just a mistake. If there was ANY possibility of someone coming back in the game they would have teased the HELL out of it to get more people to watch. I call bs.

    Sometimes a key is just a key. Sorry Jeff lovers, he's outta there. Thank the LORD.

    Go, Kev-o, Go!

  5. I noticed the thing with Russell's name not being blanked out at the opening credits as well, (on Tuesday's show; not sure if it was also like that on Sunday but I would assume it was) and for the rest of that episode I was looking for something that would indicate that Russell might be returning. By the end of the show, I was ready to throw my remote through the TV and curse all things CBS and Allison Grodner Productions for giving me false hope, as I was completely satisfied by the end of the episode that the Pandora's box "twist" had run its course and Russell would not be returning. (I actually liked Russell. He reminds me of an inflated, roided out, punch drunk, egotistical version of myself. Okay, so we're nothing alike...nevertheless, I was still rooting for him to win the cash. It's been a snooze-fest in that house since his eviction. I love Kevin, but the Brooding One that has become his shadow consumes all the good energy and fabulous vibes that he emits.) What made me come to my conclusion most was that the voice-over at the end of the episode made absolutely no mention of any further twist, or gave any indication that anything else would come of the Pandora's Box. This is Big Brother, and if there was anything that could have been mentioned there to entice more people to watch Thursday's show and give all the Jeff-obsessed a glimmer of hope that he might just stay around another week, it would have been. (honestly, I don't even think the producers even bothered to look up the myth of Pandora before doing this...) I'm hoping so...I'm craving a shakeup to this final five like I crave that first hit of smack in the morning.

    Oh, how long was Sharon out of the house for before coming back in near the beginning of BB9? I know it wasn't quite a week, but it was several days, no?

    -Vito in Cow Town

    P.S. LOVE the blog! I discovered it recently and it has quickly become a part of my late-morning routine.

  6. As much as Allison might want it, she can not do anything gimmicky(Key) to save Jeff. It would be unfair. America already helped Jeff, with the "Magic Power". He screwed up, sayonara Jeff. Russell ain't coming back. I know that some think Kevin and Gnat deserve a Nobel Prize for lying. I don't. Gnat and Jordough, would be the least deserving final two in the history of BB. I'm hoping for a Michele/Kevin final 2. At the moment, I want Michele to win. Sorry Lala. If this upsets you, I'm sure that Mr. O'Shaugnessy can put a smile on your face.

  7. The key crap is over. AG said it was not 'game-changing'. Bringing someone back is game changing. The intro for Russ was messed up on one show, not two. So that's what it was... a 'mess up'. When James came back... Alex and the others were all sequestered seperately...
    (or by couples...(Parker & Jen together... etc...)because they knew they were bringing someone back. So if Russ went to the house with Lyd/Jes... he's not coming back... But who knows if he even did.

    I say it's all just wishful thinking. No one is coming back and Jeff is done. It's over Jeff. It hurts. Wah. Get the hell over it.

    The only surprise we're gonna see is Nat actually trying to win a competition. But yeah, that probably won't happen either.

  8. Spotted: D at the hardware store buying chains and foam insulation for a secret rendezvous this evening with a sharp dressed little person. Can he restrain himself from doing the damage he wants to and return O back to L's arms safely? Or is tonight O's last night of life? I'll be sure to keep you posted.

    You know you love me. Ex Oh, Ex Oh,

  9. Well at this point the show has aired. I hope everyone noticed that Russell went to the jury house and learned Natalie is really 24. That's it folks. He knows too much. Rumor dead. THANK GOD! Everyone looked into this WAY too much.. uh Pandora's Box unleashes is the root of all evil people. that's it. over.

  10. Hey Lala...looks like Pandora's Box isn't over with after all. Julie said it would be revealed Tuesday. My guess is Jeff comes back..UGH. I don't think he deserves to, nor do I think Russell deserves to either..but, who knows. As the show always says "EXPECT THE UNEXPECTED!"