Wednesday, June 29, 2011

BB13 Twisty McTwisterson

The internets are all a kerfluffle over a new snippet that aired on Entertainment Tonight Canada yesterday. The phrase "dynamic duo" was muttered by one Miss Julie Chen and now the giant guessing game has begun. The indoor furniture is outside. The outdoor furniture is inside. What does it all mean?!?! Probably nothing. The decor very rarely has an effect on the twist. As Daniele Donato noted yesterday on Rumor Control, the Alice In Wonderland house theme of BB8 had nothing to do with the "living with someone who hate" twist.

Anyhow, the clip is below, but if you paid attention to my post yesterday called 'Inside The Big Brother 13 House' you would have found a HUGE hint to this year's twist embedded inside. As most Big Brother fans would also make excellent private detectives, I was a little surprised only one very clever tweeter picked up on it. Good job anonymous tweeter! Gold star for you.

Please to enjoy:

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  1. The title of the first picture was priceless. Thank you for that.