Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dominic: Head On A Spike

Dominc is a 25 year old model from San Mateo, California and he's a giant douchebag. I am exactly 45 seconds into his interview and I'm already annoyed. Douchey McDoucherson is 100% on Big Brother to get famous. That cocky eyebrow raise and furrowing of the brow is only appealing if your name is Chuck Bass. Alright, I'm going to press play again, but I do it with great reluctance. Wish me luck.

"My only roommates are my mom and dad" *eye wink* "It's gonna be ca-razy. It's gonna be intense." Oh shut the fuck up. I hate you. Die.

Look Mario Lopez, you're making me twitch. How long did it take you to hand pluck those eyebrows anyways Phony McPhonerson? I swear to god, if you talk to the camera one more time, I'm telling everyone you have crabs Wilmer.

Ok, that's it. *throws hands up in the air* Dominic's favorite Houseguest is Enzo. No one's favorite Houseguest is Enzo. No one!

It literally pains me to watch this guy.. His bravado annoys me. His fauxhawk annoys me. His stupid shoes with the white laces annoy me. I want to take his face and smoosh it between my fingers until his eyeballs pop out and land somewhere where I can then squish them with the heel of my shoe. I want to watch the blood drain out of the stump of his neck while his face turns an ashen gray color and his fauxhawk wilts. The only way I will ever enjoy watching this kid if his head is on a spike outside my front door scaring away the neighbor kids.

Yeah, so, this guy sucks. Torture yourselves for all I care:

Doesn't he make your innards quiver with hate? Comment it out and let me know.

P.S. He has crabs.

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  1. I think you are wayyyy to harsh, it isn't that serious it's juss a t.v. show

  2. Why is his face so shiny? Is that supposed to be sexy? Shiny not seeing it.

    I didn't get through the whole video because I was too busy looking at everything you pointed out in the blog. So as of right now he sounds like the teachers from Charlie Brown...and has weird facial expressions...and a shiny face.

    I thought everyone who ever admitted to Enzo being their favorite died a very horrible painful death? I guess one was missed. ;)

  3. I think we need to start importing our HG from elsewhere...this is just getting sad.


  4. Lala you are AMAZING. Too harsh my ass. It's called Bitchy blog for a reason. And, as usual, this post perfectly bitchy. Look forward to your take on the other people as well...especially Porshe...I can only imagine what you have to say about that one lol

  5. Oh no my Ned Stark! still sad about that! lol

    I hold out hope for Domnic he looks like he could be a liitle weasel if so I hope he is a good one


  6. Ha Ha @ Anonymous, it's not called the "Super Sweet Kind Words" blog! This is only the beginning of the summer, wait until later when she has watched them eat and be generally disgusting for about a month. THEN she gets bitchy.

    Lala, you had me at "His favorite Houseguest was Enzo" Kill me now.

  7. I'm pretty sure that my eyes rolled back in my head and I lapsed into a brief coma after he first opened his mouth. I sorta woke up,heard him say Enzo,and I blacked out again. Dominic...fuck off and die.In a fire.Now.

    Can't wait to see what you think of the others and the possible duper-duos. hahhahahahahahaha

  8. Its official, BB13 is on, and lala has found her first victim. Oh how I have missed this blog all year. You rock Colette Lala!!!!

  9. OMG
    I watched these interview just before coming here and I had picked him as a favorite! I usually agree with your analysis so maybe better check my temp. I guess I just thought he was fairly normal and after Enzo last year, I was hoping for someone that didn't make me puk. But then he said Enzo was his favorite??? I missed that in the interview so now that does change my mind. I still think he might gloss his way to the end because he sure glossed me!

  10. Bahahaha!! Perrrfect, LaLa! Yes, Dom...(wink), we don't get that having parents as roommates means you're still living with them! I thought Enzo was Enzo's only fan?