Thursday, July 5, 2012

Frank: Good Ship Lollipop

Our first gentleman caller of the day is 28 year old Frank Eudy from Arkansas. Frank is currently unemployed and enjoys going to the beach, exercising and being around people. The most difficult part of being in the house for Frank will be keeping that luscious mop atop his head camera ready. Bouncy tendrils like Frank's require care, love, and a photo of Christoper Atkins a la Blue Lagoon or The Pirate Movie. You've gotta respect a guy who's willing to shun the modern fashions in favor of a coif that enticed Kristy McNichol.

Frank has an interesting approach to Big Brother. Putting together a carefully crafted band of ne'er-do-wells, he believes, is his ticket to the end. His merry band of thieves would consist of a good ole honest southern boy, an unflappable tower of strength, someone who knows the ins and outs of the game, a "baller" who'll win competitions, and a friendly point runner calling the shots. Frank, of course, would be the shot caller. Instantly, I'm intrigued by his thought process and get this... no mention of Jeff or Jordan anywhere!

I'm excited about this one! Let's meet Frank. Please to enjoy:

I'm getting a very strong young Matthew McConaughey vibe from Mr. Eudy. It's the accent and laid back confidence that draws you in and makes you want to hear more. That flotsam and jetsam hair of his all wispy and aggressive yet at the same time gentle is Frank in follicle form. His hair is him. He is his hair.

What's this? He's prepared to lie and manipulate? Oh happy day! *glitter falls from the sky* It's interesting he cites Dan and Boogie as his immediate influences. If the mentor rumors are true, will Frank turn to starstruck jelly and ditch his own plan for planetary domination? See, that's why I don't like mixing new people with old people. The organic flow of personalities is interrupted and things just get weird. Weird and stifled. Stagnate and festering.

Overall, he's got a good head of hair on his shoulders. He's thought the game out logically and isn't looking to torpedo through the summer as a one man band. It'll work in his favor that he's not uptight, is open-minded, and is ready to embrace what's thrown at him. As far as first impressions go, I'm not crinkling my nose and gritting my teeth like I have so far today. I realize there's a tinge of the Hayden in him, but Hayden had about as much charisma as a piece of fairy poop whereas Frank is a happy go lucky guy who doesn't need to hide behind a helmet on his head.

What do you guys think? Are you drawn in my the Frank charm or do you want to sneak into the house in the thick of night and snip off his curls one by one?

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  1. Frank is worried about missing the new season or Breaking Bad while he is in the house. Also as you mentioned he didn't mention Jeff. Plus his father wrestled under the name Sid Vicious. I think I like Frank.

  2. Someone who plans to be two-faced? For deception? Careful manipulation? I see him being an early favorite, despite his hair.

  3. I thought I was drawn in, but knew I was when he said his father was Sid Vicious. I was a big fan in my wrasslin' watchin' days.

  4. well its nice to see that he wanted to be on the show and tried 3 times. Everyone else I watched so far seemed to say " oh it just kinda happend and a friends friend sent me somthing and told me to try out." I like him because he isnt a douche like that Shane person.

  5. He seems the most legit so far, but to be fair that isn't too hard.

    Please let him be smart. Please let all the sports metaphors not be empty. PLEASE BB GODS LET THE BOY BE INTELLIGENT. If he is...well this season might just be watchable.

  6. When I saw Frank's interview I made a purring sound with my tongue and referred to my girly parts until my 18-year-old daughter slapped me on the arm and shrieked, "EW!!" But I don't care. That hair! That smile! Those manly hands! Pure cougar meat.

    And I liked what he had to say. He was laid back, confident but definately not cocky and I think he's a leader. This might be the very first HG I've ever liked prior to the show.


  7. His daddy's Sid Vicious? Oh hells yah. I hope he doesn't end up in a sloppy, slurpy showmance with all his pretty curls. He seems like the type that will end up booed up. Nothing wrong with being booed up but they end up spending 95% of their time sucking face under a quilt which is tres boring.

  8. I think I like this guy. Laid back and friendly, with a bit of charisma, he could make a lot of friends quickly.

    I loved his answer on why he would want to win HOH week 1. It pretty much forces you to talk to everyone right away and get to know them. Helps to decide who to align with later.

    I also like winning an early HOH. You can gain a lot of favor with the house if someone sticks out as kind of an outcast and you get them out. You can eliminate someone potentially before the house splits and not reveal all your cards too early.

  9. I'm in love and I don't care who knows it. This guy is TOTALLY Cougar meat, Jen! I feel like Kristi McNicol must've felt the first time she saw Leif. But not so sure about Dan n Boogie as role models. I don't think BOogie would've won without Will's huge assist and
    doing that girl dirty at the end of All Stars. But that's all irrelevant now. I just hope he's more than just a hairdo. If he's as thoughtful and smart as his answer to the HoH win question, he might be a contender!!!