Thursday, July 5, 2012

Ian: Proof Of Life

Just look at that photo. Look at how his eyebrows all at once pierce the sky yet at the same time hide in shame. Bless his wiggedy whack haircut. This, my friends, is 21 year old Ian Terry from Pittsburgh, PA. Ian is a student at Tulane University and an avid rider of bikes. A grueling bike ride is good for the soul, Ian insists. Naturally, this is what I assume he rides based on looks alone:

Reading his bio, I'm almost picking up on a Cochran vibe (Survivor). He has a very specific plan for Big Brother which includes joining an alliance of six yet being only the 4th strongest in that alliance. Strongest at what? Coffee drinking? Knitted cap wearing? Comic book reading? Figurine playing?

Ian is scared of deadly animals (because they're dangerous) and vomiting (because it's painful). There's something simple yet complicated about the lad, isn't there? His life's motto is to "kick butt and chew bubblegum" and, like Elton John, he collects eyeglasses. *shouts "Sing Tiny Dancer!"*

Let's see if he's adorable or creepy. Please to enjoy:

Right off I'm going to say thank you to Ian for looking directly at me while speaking during the opening. "My name is Ian. I'm 21. I go to Tulane University and these are my kidnappers. They've been treating me well and giving me plenty to eat. Mom, dad, I love you. OK, you can continue your interview now." This isn't the jungles of Venezuela Ian. Although, hold today's newspaper up to your face so I know you're still alive.

Shifty-eyed and insecure, Ian is likable in that geeky underdog way. You want to root for him because he sleeps with a humidifier and has a million stomach ulcers (I completely made that up), but you probably shouldn't root for him because I can envision him being carried through the game. He's a follower rather than a leader and I suspect his need to be accepted will get in the way of making moves that are the best to further his own game. Although I LOVE that he thinks he'll find romance. Good for you Ian! Why not, right?

An all around likable guy, but I'm not predicting any magic here. Unfortunately, he's not as "Cochran" as I had hoped.  What do you guys think? Will Ian melt your heart or bore you to tears?

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  1. He had me a 'chin up'.

    The second I saw him I thought "Cochran" but as I continued to listen to him I came to pretty much the same conclusion you did. I think I'll even go so far as to predict that he'll be the first voted out.

    I think he's darling and I'd like to see him go far and while he seems to have good knowledge of past seasons (always a plus in my book)I don't think that's going to carry him anywhere.

    This is only the 2nd one I've watched and if someone doesn't say, "Hell yes I'd be the first HOH! BOOYAH!" I'm going to get pissed off and it's way too early for me to be getting pissed off. I don't appreciate it.


  2. He gives good interview, but he's probably going to be the awkward kid. Not in an asslicker type of way. He might well be the smartest guy in the room and up for anything. The models and jocks probably won't let him prosper. And all these people claiming to be lifelong fans of the show....BETTER GIVE ME SOME DAMN GOOD GAMEPLAY.

  3. for some reason I imagine him sitting outside cracking alot of puns.

  4. For some reason he reminds me of a house cat. I dub him "cuddle-bumpkins".

  5. Nice guy but he's uncomfortable lying" and "here to play a nice game" I don't see him lasting to long. LOL at his comments about Russell. If he only knew.

  6. I want to do him.

  7. He makes me think of Mort on Family Guy. "I might get a rash!" "It's very dry!"

  8. I like the kid, but don't like his chances in the game.

    He definitely could play strategically, but he just seems to awkward, he may just not be able to fit in. He's nervous, and I think he'll be a terrible liar. Also seems a bit fragile. He could crack under the pressure of the house.

    His best chance is to have an alliance adopt/pick him up because they need another number and the other side doesn't worry about him because he's so non-threatening.

    Also loved that he's open to romance. Something tells me Ashley, Danielle, Jojo, and Kara won't be fighting over him.

  9. No. Want to be honest in this game???? Has he SEEN this game? He seems humble enough, but I can't shake the Ronnie comparison. I soooo hated Ronnie. I love that he thinks a showmance is possible. But hey, if Eric did it, he probably can too. I predict he'll tie his self-worth to friendships in the game, get played, and get evicted early.