Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jodi: Snake Charmer

Next up is 42 year old Jodi Rollins from Calipatria, CA. Jodi is an outdoorsy gal who works as a server in a fine dining steak house. She's not very verbose on paper as her bio is quite scant. What we do know is that she's married and wants to go in the house letting everyone else underestimate her.

Jodi, too, is scared of snakes. So far every Houseguest has listed snakes as their number one fear (except for Ian who put down all animals in general). This, of course, brings me to my next genius idea: The Snake Endurance Challenge! We plop the HG's in a 15' X 15' hole that is 15' feet deep in the ground. Line the hole with snakes and watch the magic unfold. As a bonus, Big Brother places a live snake in a different HG's bed every night just for shits and giggles.

"Ian, stop tickling my feet!"
"I'm not!"
"Well then Frank, get your curling iron out of my bed!"
"My curling iron is right here on the night stand!"
"Oh... my... god.... SNAAAAAKE!!!! THERE'S A SNAKE IN  MY BED!!!!"
It's so good, right?

Let's learn a little more about Jodi because I feel as if we're almost strangers. Please to enjoy:


I'm bored. There's no gusto. There's no oomph. There's no cha cha cha jazz hands. She's a nice lady with a nice plan saying nice things. Nice is a 4 letter word in this world, baby.

You know I'm bored when I can't even think of a fanciful way to turn her into a character. I need to be inspired! Titillate me or I'll end your post just as quick as this.

*gets ready to push stop on video at about 6:00 mark* 

Hang on... is she making fun of dumb ass ditzy girls? That's what I want to hear Jodi! Give me some sass. At least she won't suffer fools gladly. That's a step in the right direction, but I don't care for how she sneered the word "Bitch". Around these parts we hold a Bitch in high esteem. She's placed on a pedestal and her foot is rubbed for luck like that statue of St. Peter in St. Peter's Basilica. Show some respect Jodi.

What do you guys think of Jodi? Is she blah or a silent killer waiting to pounce?

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  1. Sweetheart...your shirt doesn't fit. As a busty lady myself, that is something you always have to pay attention to. This is basics here. If she can't even dress herself for an is she going to dress five step-kids?

    Honestly, I find her boring. But, I have been proven wrong before. Let's hope I'm wrong.

  2. I think Jodi has 'Floater' written all over her. Like you said, she's nice. Nice and boring. And I shudder when I think of what the haters will do to her since she is a curvy lady. I think comparisons to Khalia are inevitable. And while she may be nice I do not like that she too would throw the first HOH. I'm so sick of hearing that from these people.

    Plus she's a feeds-watching superfan. I think BB could have done better than this one. She seems really, really boring. Very vanilla.


  3. I actually thought she came off as controversial in the interview I watched, but I don't think any of her sass will carry over. I'm thinking Kalia 2.0 in the house even though I think her interview has promise.

  4.  Kalia is that you? Nobody wants to "walk the line" nor " co mingle" with you. :::vomit::::BB, if your going to have a token, can they at least be hot? Or a guest from the maury show?


  5. I say, ehhhhhhhhh.

  6. I don't see much here either. She'll be the house mom, if she cleans the house they won't target her early.

  7. She called Lawon a dummy. a promising note, half way through. And she has no respect for floaters. Though, I submit that floating is a valid form of gameplay, despite it's passivity and lack of drama, especially if after the halfway point the floater pulls a Rocky 2 and starts swinging with the left hand!! But, I digress, and I don't see her getting very far. Cites Kathy as someone she loved. Oy. Over and out.


  8. Jodi got on my nerves.. this white washed fat black monster never married and was so desperate for the white man she married one with 5 children???? What a joke

    1. I'm with Lala, open a vein

    2. I liked Jodi , she was refreshing with certain zestiness that unfortunately never got a chance.

  9. Lala, how do I get the app you mentioned? I'm already a season pass member.

    1. There is no app. You can access feeds from iPhone/iPad/iTouch by accessing the SuperPass website.