Thursday, July 5, 2012

Jenn: America's Sweetheart

This is 37 year old Jenn Arroyo. She is from Brooklyn, NY and used to play bass in a femal metal group called "Kittie". She likes to lift weights, crush skulls, and snort coke off of newborn babies head. Alright, so I might have made up the part about lifting weights.

Jenn also enjoys journaling and turning her stream of conscious ramblings into hardcore hair flipping anthems. She has no real plan as far as the game goes and is more of a fly by the seat of her pants type of a gal. She'll just go in the house, be herself and let the other Housguests frolic into the complicated labyrinth that is she. If they like what they find, great. If not, she'll bite their heads off and use their upside down skulls as flower pots.

If Big Brother makes her famous, she'll record a full length album and go back out on the road. The dusty road of dank motels, late night diners, and sticky beer covered floors of battered hole in the wall clubs run by a 50 year old aging metalhead named Jimmy whose one great love in life is his tropical fish and taking underage girls out for a spin on his Harley after the last customer leaves for the night in a close second. Or so I've heard.

As someone who is drawn to the eccentric and barfs at anything cookie cutter, I'm ready to like Jenn right off the bat. Let's see if she's as bad ass as I'm hoping she is. Please to enjoy:

First off, I loooove that she's not a hardcore fan. In recent years hardcore fans have made the worst players. They're too aware of us watching them on the Live Feeds. They're too rigid in their plans. It's no wonder she's going in and, for the most part, letting whatever happens happen. She's not too naive though that she doesn't understand the importance of an alliance and I think her age will work in her favor as far as sniffing out the other players' authenticity.

(photo taken from NY Body Art)

America's new sweetheart rocker lesbian with a heart of gold! Confident and no nonsense, Jenn is my early favorite. I like everything about her and I'll like her even more when she trashes the kitchen and threatens to shove those green plastic chopsticks up someone's nose. It'll be very Watts in Some Kind Of Wonderful.

What do you guys think? Are you ready to take a walk on the wild side?

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  1. She was recruited because of post on a friends fb wall. They need to scour the BN for the BB15 cast. Now that would be worth watching.

  2. I think her and jojo will join Newyorker powers or end up hating eachother.Thanks BB for gifting us with a rocker dyke!I like t&a dont get me wrong but this person seems a little more cerebral than the other females I've seen so far.

  3. Ah, Watts. Remember those red, leather, fringed gloves she had? I thought those were so cool that I made myself a pair after watching that movie and then I thought I was cool.

    I like Jenn for 2 reasons: As you said, she's not a super fan and she's not going into the house with blueprint strategy. I think that might work for her. And I like her because she said she'd actually try to win the first HOH.

    So I don't hate her.


  4. Like her. A lot more interesting then i thought she would be. I see her hooking up with Evel Dick post season. LOL

  5. Okay. As a lesbian I know I am supposed to enjoy that haircut. I'm supposed to see it out on the street and be filled with that warm fuzzy feeling that reminds me of oral sex and whiskey. But I really hate that haircut. I can't see past it. I am the worst kind of shallow.

    I like that voice though. I could do with that voice. Hmmm. Maybe I'm not that shallow or maybe my ears are more important than my eyes when it comes to these things. I'm in. Let's do this Jenn, let's do this.

    1. Don't you think she sounds like KatVon D?

    2. Their accents are pretty different, but they have the same deepness to their voices.

  6. I'll do her. Also..I'm thrilled to death over the strong NY presence this year.

  7. Love Kittie's older music! I'm psyched to see her on there- let's hope she does some awesome shit. I just worry they will vote her out b/c she's "too weird" or something.

  8. Oh she's totally gonna tell someone off. I'm counting on Jenn to bring the arguing and the drama.

  9. Her and JoJo both SI girls, opposites, they might slug it out. She's in Suicide City now.

  10. She's definitely original, not sure I like her chances though.

    Tough to say, will she come off as uniquely likable or just be the oddball?

    I think it could also work against her that she seems to know nothing about the game at all. Couldn't even name a former houseguest.

    Maybe I'm wrong, I'm just not sure who she'll naturally align with. Won't be boring as long as she lasts though.

  11. I'm so happy to see some INTERESTING, non-actress/model type characters this year. Perhaps it's the tats, but I do see her as getting into fisticuffs at least once this summer. Wouldn't it be funny/fun to see her beat down the spray tan girl? If she could go all the way, I think that would make for an interesting summer. Unlike last summer, post-Danielle's exit.
    Go Jenn, Rock out!

    -- Leigh