Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Victor: Hashtag #Is #Not #A Lothario

Next up is 25 year old Gym Manager Victor Arroyo from Slidell, LA. Victor, quite humbly, describes himself as "smart, sexy, and fit." I think we'll be the judge of that, Victor. Not you. There's a little bit of a Latin Eric Bana vibe happening except you went and ruined it all by putting your hair behind your ears and matting it down in a distinctly unappealing way. Plus, shall I tell my lovely readers what your life's motto is? Get ready to be inspired ladies... "Get my money, develop my body, and get women." Yeah, soooooo... a-douche! Excuse me. I sneezed.

Victor is disappointingly horrible. He says that more than anything else in the world, he loves women. The only thing is that he is never satisfied and is always looking for the next girl to talk to. No, you don't love women. You love yourself and you are incredibly insecure. You mask it with all this nonsense talk and faux machismo. I wanted a cool Latin hottie in the house, but you sir are not it.

(Photo via Instagram)

All I need to know about you, good sir, I have learned from the above photograph. He hashtagged #not. Then he hashtagged #even. #Shoulder I can see having some relevance, but #day? Duuuuude, you're the worst. Look, I'm a fitness addict too. I devote myself to a healthy active lifestyle, clean eating, and all that crap, but I will never hashtag the word #day because it is a futile exercise in douchebaggery. I'm almost scared to see him in motion.

Ok he's not as horrible as I imagined. He looks straight into the camera and I can appreciate that sort of confidence. Victor's personality is definitely much better in person than it is on paper. On paper, I was ready to stab the guy, but he's quite personable. He thinks his managerial skills as well as his physical attributes will serve him well in the game. He also hopes he never loses at anything which means it is going to be so awesome when he loses a comp! Very Caleb I think. He'll blame the comp for favoring bigger feet or lighter weight or something like that. It'll be everyone else's fault that Victor loses, never his own. Tee hee hee.

Naturally, Victor is single and has no problems getting involved in a Showmance. If that doesn't work out, he'll just go ahead and flirt with everyone anyways. Surprisingly, when it comes down to it, Victor would rather lose the money and have America love him, than win and be hated. The guy he presents on paper wouldn't feel that way. I'm getting the sense that the bravado and the creepy lecherous comments might all be an act. In that case, Victor could hold some promise. I'm not ready to write him off quite yet. Let's wait and see how he acts once the game begins.

Do you think Victor is as awful as his bio? You need to Live Feeds to make a decision!

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  1. He reminds me of a certain someone from BB16 who looked oh-so-fine, as long as his mouth was shut.