Thursday, June 16, 2016

Zakiyah: The Early Favorite

Next up is 24 year old Charlotte, North Carolina native Zakiyah Everette. Finally, some glamour! Zakiyah is a preschool teacher who enjoys dancing, eating, cooking, modeling, and any form of designing or creating. Ok, ok, I can work with that. You know me, I'm drawn to the creative types. Buuuut... her life's motto is, "You only live once!" That's as original as, "Everything happens for a reason." By the way, stop saying that. You're not dropping any pearls of wisdom on the people around you. You're not inspiring us with your deep personal philosophies on predestination. Trust me, I'm doing you a favor here. Erase that phrase from your lexicon.

Let's reluctantly see what Jerf can wrangle out of Zakiyah. Immediately, Zakiyah looks straight down the camera and confidently announces her name and occupation. She's assertive, she's poised. I could like this girl! And hold on to your gonads kiddies, Zakiyah has actually been a fan of Big Brother since season 3. She has a lovely disposition, nice energy, and she's genuinely excited to be there - unlike that carpet fiber Corey.

Zakiyah is single and homegirl is ready ta mingle. She announces right out of the gate that she's totally onboard with a showmance. I haven't found any eligible men for her yet, but maybe when I get further down the list? Zakiyah also has no problem using her looks and flirting in order to get what she wants out of the game. Hallelujah! She's genuine yet you can tell she won't take shit from anyone. She's sweet and possibly whip smart as hell. Lying, stealing, and cheating are simply part of the game she agreed to be a part of and she's totally cool with that. Ladies and gentlemen, I think I may have my early favorite.

I have high hopes for Zakiyah. I tend to be drawn toward strong powerful women and Zakiyah is tickling me where I like it. Let's hope she doesn't disappoint!


  1. She's smart, confident, and gorgeous. She is SO screwed.

  2. She's smart, confident, and gorgeous. She is SO screwed.

  3. She also said she has a problem with mouthing off so maybe watch for temper tantrums. That may be entertaining but it may or may not influence HG to align with her.